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Quote# 118674

[ On a post written by Matt Walsh that says 'true christians' shouldn't vote for Trump: ]

Matt Walsh, a blogger , writer, speaker, and professional lier fits u’r agenda Not a truth sayer but a TRUE LIER, 99% of this article is all made up bull by left wing socialist with a communist agenda, people like u Matt is the exact reason I quit going to church after seeing church being turned into a DEVILS DEN, I am a firm believer an God fearing man and Donald Trump WAS God SENT to digg this country out of the Burning hell an destruction the socialist Democrats have put it in, and I’d bet u contributed to there cause when u voted for the current Muslem in Chef communist B.H.O. two times,
I could care less what u and u’r followers who agree with your STUPIDLY think, but all of u need to remove your heads from your asses so u can see through the **** before u’r eyes, DONALD TRUMP IS THE ONLY HOPE WE HAVE LEFT TO SAVE OUR GREAT COUNTY.

screwdriver, The Blaze  8 Comments [5/2/2016 5:57:29 PM]
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Submitted By: KittyKaboom
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Quote# 118669

Matthew 23:15, “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” Did you read that... “TWOFOLD THE CHILD OF HELL!!!” If you are in the flesh and have never been born-again, you are a child of the Devil. But if you have been born into a satanic religious group that uses corrupted seed, then you are still unsaved and twofold the child of Hell. Our Baptist churches today are filled with members who are two-fold the child of Hell!!! Is your Baptist Church or non-denominational church or Presbyterian church or Methodist church or Catholic church is using the revised corrupted Bible versions? If so, you've been corrupted! Get out of that hellhole!!! You're much better off not attending church at all, than to fellowship with a corrupted religious crowd that uses corruptible seed!!! 2nd Timothy 4:3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.”

I have a local Independent Baptist Church down the street from me, associated with Pensacola and the Bob Jones University crowd. I am THE ONLY ONE in the entire church to take a stand for the incorruptible King James Bible. Everyone over there has the sick mindset that the new Bible versions ought to be tolerated, and catered to. This is a very important matter. In fact, there is no matter that is more important!!! Do you know that God magnifies His Word above all His holy name? Psalms 138:2, “I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.” God's name is only as trustworthy, good and holy as His Word!!! A man is only as good as his word. And likewise, God is only as good as His Word! When men pervert the words of the living God, they make themselves, and the readers of those corrupted words, twofold the children of Hell. The new fake Bible versions are getting people born into Satan's family.

If you're not aware of the issue, let me shock you! The word “repent” in the Greek (metanoeo) means “a change of mind.” The King James Bible does no injustice to use the word “repent” (as some Bible scholars allege. They say that metanoeo should have been transliterated, i.e., carried over, so as to avoid the confusion caused by the word “repent.” Albeit, if you rightly divide the word of truth, you'll discern the correct meaning). Having said that, the new revised versions do horrible injustice to the Scriptures by changing “repent” to errantly mean, to “change your hearts and lives.” That is works for salvation! That is human effort! That is corruptible seed! To be born of corruptible seed is to be born of Satan!!! Throw your modern Bible versions away! Get you an incorruptible King James Bible!!! The King James Bible is not “a version,” it is God's Word!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 7 Comments [5/2/2016 5:56:22 PM]
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Quote# 118668

MATT.24:37 = But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.
All I know, is that millions of unbelievers n scoffers/mockers will die horribly, similar to the Great Flood of Noah.
.......But take heart n be cheerful that just b4 this happens, many thousands of Christians will be persecuted/prosecuted or martyred by the liberals-dominated US govt n other worldly govts, just like what the prophets, apostles n disciples of Christ/God had experienced.

disqus_O2BUmbLecp, Christian News Network 4 Comments [5/2/2016 5:56:11 PM]
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Quote# 118666

Christians are great at saying “God is first,” but they rarely think about what this actually means. One thing it means is that our Gods’ preferences and pleasure should be considered infinitely more important than our own. If Jesus says that it pleases Him to torment souls forever in Hell, then you express your loyalty to Jesus by aligning with what He wants. If Jesus says your grandfather spat in His face one time too many, thus Gramps is now going to be roasting forever in Hell, that’s your opportunity to honor your Lord by deciding that what He wants is more important than your loved one having some positive experience in eternity.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 0 Comments [5/2/2016 5:54:37 PM]
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Quote# 118663

Owners of a trendy vegan eatery in Los Angeles are on the receiving end of death threats after an avid advocate of the eating style outed them for slaughtering and eating meat in their home.

According to the LAist, Cafe Gratitude owners Terces Engelhart and husband Matthew are under attack based upon an admission they made on their blog a year ago that — after 40 years as vegetarians and 12 as vegans — they were once again eating meat at their Be Love Farm in Northern California.

On April 21, vegan advocate Leilani Münter tweeted: “Dear Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre, Sage – we hear BeLoveFarm is killing animals. We’re upset, to put it mildly. Signed, your vegan fan base.”

Reaction was fast and furious with vegans raging at the couple while calling for boycotts of the couple’s restaurant as well as two others that they are affiliated with. According to the couple, despite assuring fans on the restaurant that it still “100 per cent organic, plant-based cuisine,” they have received death threats.

Fans have also taken to Yelp to trash the restaurant’s reputation, with one reviewer comparing the owners to child molesters.

“It’s like a child molester operating daycare facilities, and why would anyone in good conscience ever want to come back to such a place of hypocrisy!?” Marie from Marina Del Rey wrote.” This is no different from you posting your dog’s photo announcing that you’re going to skin him and eat him. YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMCH (sic) AND I WANT TO VOMIT ALL THE MEALS I HAD AT THIS PLACE!”

“I will no longer dine at Cafe Gratitude,” Anna C. of Redondo Beach chimed in. “The owners of Cafe Gratitude also operate a for profit animal slaughtering business call “Be Love Farm.” Love?? the f-ing irony. How do you go from ethical plant-based choices to making money on the #1 cause of climate change, raising cattle and slaughtering them for meat?!”

Despite admitting that she had eaten at the restaurant for year, Vered B. now says everything about the restaurant she enjoyed over the years now “sucks.”

“This is a relevant review,” she wrote. “The food sucks. The service sucks. The food is unoriginal, doesn’t taste good, and is overpriced.”

According to the LAist, a protest is scheduled outside the restaurant Friday night.

Marie, Anna C., Vered B. and others, Raw Story 7 Comments [5/2/2016 5:49:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 118660

[ Holy crap, bill-11b. I’m disappointed in you.
Tubman helped people oppressed by slavery to escape to the north, a key figure in the underground railroad. She is an American hero and a champion of the cause of freedom. And yet you say that choosing her is “pandering”. Well, I don’t care if it’s pandering or not. It’s a good choice. I’m not going to complain just because she’s a black woman. That would actually be racist.
Also by your logic about morality, and having wars to conquer new territory, then I suppose today the US could declare war on Canada, and if we won then that would be ok. If might makes right then there is no such thing as morality because you have the right to do whatever you want as long as you can get away with it. You really don’t want to follow what you have said to its logical conclusion. I guess you don’t believe in unalienable rights. Or I guess if I can extort some free crap out of you then that’s my right. And you call yourself a conservative.
Frankly I’m disgusted.

What protects our right to free speech? A loving government that just LOOOOVES having citizens speak out against it?

What protects our right to trial by jury? Just because it’s a neat idea on a piece of paper?

NO. The threat of citizen violence against the government via the second amendment is the only thing that prevents that government from trampling our rights.

Look at how much regulation the government does of our daily lives. We don’t do anything about besides vote, and when that doesn’t work, what are our options? Accept the status quo, or grab the pitchfork and musket. Thus far we’ve accepted the status quo.

But the only reason the BoR still exists is because “the people” have the collective threat of violence on our side to prevent the government from burning the constitution and doing whatever they want to us.

As for invading Canada, yes. If we as a people decide thats what we want to do, then we should. They have in their own rights to fight back, and if they win, guess what? We’ll likely lose land and have to pay some sort of war reparation. If we win, we get their land. That is literally how war works.

As for Tubman, why does Jackson NEED to be replaced at all?

Putting a black woman in his place is blatant pandering.

If the treasury said “We’re looking into making a $25 note, and we’ll be going with Harriet Tubman” then that’s great, go for it.

But to erase one of the nation’s founders, and in his place put a racially and sexually pandering figure, is progressive politics at it’s finest.

I don’t understand how people don’t see that for what it is.

bill-11b, tumblr 5 Comments [5/2/2016 5:48:25 PM]
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Quote# 118659

Hindutva group’s flex against non-Hindus triggers controversy in Mangaluru, removed

MANGALURU: A flex banner allegedly put up by a saffron outfit warning non-Hindus against setting up stalls during annual fair at a temple in Surathkal was removed after it stoked controversy.

The notice purportedly put-up by Hindu Jagarana Vedike's local unit at Sri Maha Ganapathy temple, Ganeshpura, Katipalla read: "It will hold its annual fair from April 19 to April 23. During the fair, non-Hindus are prohibited from opening their shops."

According to Ningaiah, temple executive officer, said the HJV activists had not consulted temple authorities before putting up the notice and he was not aware of such a warning. He said participation of non-Hindus in the annual fair is a kind of tradition here and every year, they erect stalls and participate in the fair. "We never opposed it," he said.

After like-minded people alerted temple authorities, a complaint was filed at Surathkal Police Station claiming that such posters trigger communal violence. Ningaiah said based on complaint, police have removed the flex from the temple premises.

Condemning HJV move, a devotee said the vedike has no business to interfere in the temple affairs. "Temple administration has the right to allow or disallow non-Hindus. Why should Vedike interfere," he questioned.

Four years ago a similar controversy was stoked during a saffron outfit organizations convention held in the city. Organisations had organized various games during the event for public but it restrained people participating from 'non-Hindu' communities.

M Chandra Sekhar, City Police Commissioner, said at present temple authorities have filed a complaint but no section have been registered. "We are recourse to legal opinion on how the persons can be booked for stirring enmity and based on experts advise police will go ahead," he pointed out.

Hindu Jagarana Vedike Activists, The Times of India 2 Comments [5/2/2016 5:48:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Arceus
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Quote# 118656

The age of feminism is over, thankfully. The comments here that support feminism are from the rats that refuse to leave the sinking ship, thinking there’s sustenance still to be found there somewhere. Sorry to disappoint, but there is nothing nutritious left.
Men the world over are waking up to the damage wrought by rampant feminism and they’re shocked to realise it all happened while they were asleep. Well, they’re asleep no more. Bleat all you like about feminism being about this or that, but the truth of it’s evil is written all over the once noble institutions of the world and the wishful bleatings of solipsistic girl-children can’t erase it. It is done. The cailphate is establishing its power base once more and Sharia law is spreading.
Feminists have destroyed the family and have eschewed child-bearing in favour of credentialism and the illusion of success, killing their unborn children and robbing men of their will to be fathers and husbands. The laugh is on you, Western feminists, as Western birth rates have at last fallen below their replenishment rate and the Muslims are laughing all the way to the maternity wards.
The best you can hope for, Western women, is to abandon feminism entirely. Abandon that idiotic notion of ‘equality’, as it will never happen. All it has earned you is the disrespect of men and an increasing number of women the world over. Feminism doesn’t make you strong. It doesn’t make you powerful. It doesn’t make you free. And it sure as hell doesn’t make you equal. It just makes you despicable.

autism420, Kiwi Farms 3 Comments [5/2/2016 5:45:23 PM]
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Quote# 118651

Chimpanzees Throwing Rocks: Religious Ritual or Testimony to God’s Design?

Do chimpanzees throwing rocks at trees prove they engage in religious ritual? Well, various media reports on one such study would certainly have us believe they do! The media has been buzzing with this story, and since we keep seeing news reports about it weeks later, I thought I would comment on the story.

Are Humans Animals?
Researchers studying chimpanzees in West Africa discovered a previously unknown behavior: chimpanzees, particularly the males, throw rocks at trees and into holes in trees. This throwing is accompanied by, among other things, hooting. These researchers suggest that perhaps this is evidence of ritualized behavior in chimpanzees. They also believe chimp behavior can shed light on human ancestry and how we supposedly developed religious rituals.

In a blog post, one of the researchers involved in the study says, “It could be more symbolic than [a dominance display]—and more reminiscent of our own past. Marking pathways and territories with signposts such as piles of rocks is an important step in human history. Figuring out where chimps' territories are in relation to rock throwing sites could give us insights into whether this is the case here. Even more intriguing than this, maybe we found the first evidence of chimpanzees creating a kind of shrine that could indicate sacred trees.”

Now from this study and the accompanying blog post, the media went wild with the idea that this somehow proves that chimpanzees have some kind of proto-religious belief that gave rise to religious rituals in early humans. Of course, this belief is nonsense. We aren’t related to chimpanzees, so their behavior teaches us nothing about what our supposed ancestors did. Humans were created in the image of God from the very beginning with both intelligence and knowledge of God. This knowledge did not need to evolve over time from some kind of ape-like ancestors.

The observational evidence shows that some chimpanzees hoot and throw rocks at holes in trees. The idea that it’s an example of proto-religious behavior or ritual is simply an interpretation (and a false one at that) of the evidence—and certainly not the likeliest interpretation. Those involved in the study note that there are other interpretations of the evidence, such as that this behavior is a display of dominance (chimps have long been known to drum on hollow tree roots to assert dominance) or that it serves as a communication function.

Now I don’t think that these chimps are throwing rocks at trees in some kind of religious ritual, but whatever this behavior is accomplishing, we can be sure that it has nothing to do with our supposed evolutionary ancestry! Because God created chimps—like many other creatures such as dolphins, dogs, and crows—to be intelligent, this somewhat creative display of dominance or communication is not surprising. It’s another example of animals using what’s in their environment to accomplish a task.

Scripture does poetically talk about animals knowing their Creator and creation praising God but never in the context of ritual or shrines; therefore it seems highly unlikely that these chimps are recognizing God in their behavior. Humans, alone made in God’s image, are the only beings in God’s creation capable of communicating with Him and having a relationship with Him. However, the psalmist writes,

Praise Him, sun and moon;
Praise Him, all you stars of light!
Praise Him, you heavens of heavens,
And you waters above the heavens!

Let them praise the name of the Lord,
For He commanded and they were created. . . .

Praise the Lord from the earth,
You great sea creatures and all the depths;
Fire and hail, snow and clouds;
Stormy wind, fulfilling His word;
Mountains and all hills;
Fruitful trees and all cedars;
Beasts and all cattle;
Creeping things and flying fowl. . . .

Let them praise the name of the Lord,
For His name alone is exalted;
His glory is above the earth and heaven. (Psalm 148:3–5, 7–10, 13)

All of creation—from the moon and stars to the insects and fruit trees—praises and proclaims the glory of God. Instead of seeing some kind of evolutionary significance to chimpanzees throwing rocks, these researchers should join with all of creation giving praise to the Lord Jesus Christ who made the earth and everything in it for His glory.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis 34 Comments [5/2/2016 3:55:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: Arceus
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Quote# 118649

Look how many things once considered evil {not that long ago} are now celebrated as good:

Sexual promiscuity {living together without marriage, children out of wedlock},

The homosexual agenda

Experimenting with drugs

Climate change as "settled science"


Animal worship vs human preservation

Satan has managed to link these and other major deceptions into one big, interdependent "truth". People under 30 know nothing else. This is their religion and anyone who challenges it will be punished

BarbT, Rapture Ready 25 Comments [5/2/2016 3:28:23 AM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: Arceus
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Quote# 118648

Why do Christians still listen to Beyoncé?

And just like that Sasha Fierce is back in the news again.

And once again, it's mostly Christian women who are supporting and defending her. There are several key reasons why a Christian has NO business under the sun supporting Beyoncé or her music. I'll try to keep this short and simple.

[1.] Sasha Fierece, the alter ego Beyoncé goes by, is the name of an actual witch, who wrote a book on conjuring demons titled 'The Book of Shadows.' Did you know that? Look it up. Certainly you didn't think she came up with that name out of thin air, did you? She was already familiar with that name - because 9 times outta 10 she's been initiated into witchcraft by now - having studied that book on occult spells and conjurations of demons. And from the looks of things, it seems many of those spells have worked on many of you too.

[2.] She has a church complete with her own religion and worshipers. Duh! How much plainer can it get! Now what 'Christian' goes around starting a church where they themselves are worshiped in place of Jesus Christ??? And for those of you who say she had nothing to do with it: why doesn't she sue those who started the church then? After all: doesn't she own the name? Why doesn't she try to get it shut down then - Hmmmm? Just something more to think about.

[3.] Christians don't go around twisting, gyrating and shaking their bums seductively on stage (or elsewhere), attempting to seduce and stir up lust in others. That's something that only WITCHES do. *Hint**Hint**Wink**Wink*

In witchcraft, you don't induct others into your coven via raised hands or filling out an application. You get inducted through sex.

So when you see a so called 'Christian' blatantly using her sexual assets as a tool for self-promotion, you're probably witnessing a witch evangelizing on behalf of Satan.

[4.] I spoke about this in my ebook Diva Goddess Queen: Breaking The Power of Soul Ties, Lust and Sexual Demons. *You can download it here: divagoddessqueen.com*

You have to understand something about practitioners of the occult: they are BIG on numerology.

Numerology is the belief that numbers and the spirit world are linked to each other: and it is believed that numbers have the power to influence spiritual events on Earth. This is why you'll find strange things that take place where certain numbers show up commonly on the calendar.

For example: Hitler staged his suicide on a day that coincided with the number 3. His death occurred on April 30th 1945, at 3:30pm. According to occult teachings that deal with numbers, a combination of 3's provided the most favorable time for him to die. Notice the triple 3's in the date and hour of his demise: the 30th of April provided the first 3; followed by 3 o' clock in the afternoon at half past (30 minutes after) the hour. Hitler basically timed his death to coincide with occult numerology, believing it provided a spiritual benefit doing so.

You can always tell when something occult is behind certain events that take place on the world stage, by knowing the numbers that are popular with occultists who use numerology.

This is why the timing of her self-titled album Beyoncé is far from a coincidence.

Not only did Beyoncé release her last album at the stroke of midnight on the highly occult witchcraft holiday of December Friday the 13th in 2013, like a good little witch; but it just so happened to also be a very special Friday the 13th date in and of itself. For one: it was the last Friday the 13th in the year. Secondly, if you add up that day you'll get:

12/13/2013 = 1+2+1+3+0+1+3 = 13

Now, take the number 13 and finish adding up the number, and here's what you get: 13 = 1+3 = 4. Which is Beyoncé and Jay-Z's favorite special number... 4. Ponder on that.

Bottom line: Christians have no business supporting, listening to or allowing themselves to be entertained by witchcraft or sin.

When you break the word 'entertain' down to its basic meaning, it literally means to allow something to enter and take residence within.

The reason why so many of you fight over Beyoncé and other secular artists, defending your right to listen to that type of music is because you've already allowed the demons they've been broadcasting to enter you: and those demons now reside in your psyche, dictating SIN over righteousness.

If you were truly filled with God's spirit, you wouldn't be able to comfortably entertain secular music simultaneously.

Mack Major, Eden Decoded 27 Comments [5/2/2016 3:06:47 AM]
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Quote# 118647

So, do we need any more proof that trans activism is really conservative in nature, or is having Donald fucking rich asshole agree with them enough to convince everyone? Because seriously, if Some rich asshole is on your side, you’re almost definitely not on the right one.

(Relatedly, anyone else find it completely fucking disgusting that everyone continues to boil the North Carolina law down to “WAAH they won’t let men in the women’s bathrooms!!!” when the law also literally made it legal in North Carolina to discriminate against gay and lesbian people on the basis of sexuality? But I guess who honestly gives a fuck about gays and lesbians, there are men in dresses whose feelings might be hurt!!! PRIORITIES!!)

xwishyouwould, Tumblr 19 Comments [5/2/2016 3:06:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 118646

‘These Freaks Are Going To Get Us All Killed': Rick Wiles Warns Target Restroom Policy Will Spark Nuclear War

Far-right radio host Rick Wiles devoted the first half of his “Trunews” program on Monday to railing against Target’s policy of allowing transgender people to use the restroom that matches their gender identity, warning that the retail chain’s bathroom policy has helped turn America into Sodom and Gomorrah, which God will now destroy through a nuclear war with Russia.

After reading from a statement about the bathroom policy from Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder, Wiles bellowed, “How about if I just urinate on your floor? How about that, Molly? Because you’re defecating on this nation.”

He said that the restroom policy and Target’s decision last year to stop putting gender-specific signage on kids’ toys are both part of a “revolution” being carried out by modern-day Nazis.

“Our minds are being captured, Doc, by perverts,” he told his co-host Doc Burkhart. “This is what happened in Germany. The Nazis were perverts. They took over Germany. It was a radical, socialist, homosexual movement called the Nazi Socialist Party. They’re now in control of America, and sane people better rise up and oppose it quickly. This is just the beginning.”

“It’s either shut down Target or their type is going to shut down this nation, because there’s no end to their insanity and their immorality and their wickedness,” Wiles declared later in the program.

Reading from a Business Insider article about an increase in Russian submarine activity, Wiles connected the dots.

“Doc, God is going to use the Russians to bring down Sodom and Gomorrah if there’s no repentance in this land,” he said. “Listen, these freaks are going to get us all killed. They’re going to get us all killed.”

“When there is a nuclear war, we all die,” he explained. “Now, those of us who are saved are going to go home to be with the Lord. Those who are unsaved are going to burn in hell. But we’re all going to die in a nuclear war thanks to the sodomites that are in control of this nation right now.”

“Show me one country in history that has gone down this road and survived,” he said. “There’s not one example. There’s not one example in thousands of years of human history of a nation turning from God and becoming a sodomite nation and then going on to be great. Not one nation.”

Wiles has told Trunews listeners in the past that thanks to gay rights activism, the U.S. could get destroyed by a nuclear strike from North Korea.

Rick Wiles, Trunews (vie RightWingWatch) 20 Comments [5/2/2016 3:06:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Kuno
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Quote# 118645

If I am a Navy Seal I am 100% immune from prosecution. Ya wanna know why? Because if I were a Navy Seal - then I would be one of the best people on the planet. Statistically, you'd stand a better chance of being a wealthy Hollywood movie star than you would being a Navy Seal. Call me patriotic; call me insane; call me when you don't honor a Navy Seal with an almost godlike status. Those folks represent all that is right with humans and the world.

["As members of the US Navy, any Seal member is as responsible to obeying UCMJ as well as Geneva Conventions. Your post shows your complete and utter ignorance."]

tnproud2b, Daily Kos 21 Comments [5/2/2016 3:02:07 AM]
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Quote# 118643

[Regarding Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas]

"Save Christmas from what or whom?"

Save Christmas from the secular humanist/liberal/generally evil people who try to suppress it.

"Christmas is at zero risk of disappearing"

Are you kidding me? Most corporations (i.e. that includes stores, restaurants, all forms of media, advertisers, tv shows and filmmakers, etc.) suppress the word Christmas and/or try to remove Jesus' birth from its meaning. They are certainly trying to make Christmas disappear, and they have largely succeeded in making it disappear from anywhere inside of the ungodly spaces that they control.

Navaros, IMDB 17 Comments [5/2/2016 2:59:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 118642

Mole people

I hate to admit it, but I’m addicted to YouTube. I’ve been watching videos about the elites and their plans to usher in the New World Order, a.k.a. the Antichrist system. I’m convinced from God’s own Word that these ARE the end times. Society has never been so messed up and deprived of morals as it is now. Children growing up in this generation don’t stand a chance of making it to Heaven unless they are raised by Godly parents who fear Him. Everything is so backward and abominable anymore and sin is pushed so much that we’ve become hardened to it. We don’t flinch, or cringe, or blush. This is total depravity at its worst, and I’m talking now, BEFORE the saints are raptured out. You think it can’t get any worse? WAIT AND SEE

One thing about these underground cities they’re building. They stretch for miles and miles, dug out of the earth in the middle of nowhere. These people are smart, and they’ve made preparations for the mass chaos that is about to ensue after Jesus calls out the church. They can live underground in these bunkers and facilities for years, staying out of sight of the unfortunates who are on the outside being killed by the plagues of Revelation. They will be that much closer to Hell in those underground places. Yes, the population WILL be massively decreased– but it won’t be by THEIR hand, it will be by the hand of a just, holy, wrathful, vengeful, and all-powerful God.

Goodbye to their plans for world domination. Goodbye to their much sought after state of godhood. Goodbye to their evil, sick, twisted, demented ravings. They will beg and plead and cry for mercy, but there will be no mercy. They will perish out of the earth, and none can deliver them out of God’s almighty hand.

kingjameswriter1965, I Hate The Internet But I Love Jesus 21 Comments [5/2/2016 2:59:38 AM]
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Quote# 118641

It's true. Prince is dead. The era of Purple Rain has come to a sad end with the popular music star dying at the young age of just 57. He had recently cancelled two shows due to health problems, reports TMZ, raising questions of what actually caused his death.

For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, Prince's music was a mainstay of pop culture. He was obviously an extremely talented, pioneering musician with a unique view of the world, but I lament the fact that he didn't live long enough to join the rest of the country in peeing all over the women's toilet seats at Target stores.

You see, Target has just announced the most bizarre politically correct "inclusive" policy which allows men with penises to walk right into the women's restroom and pee standing, without even raising the toilet seat. They call it a "transgender friendly" policy, but what it really means is that, as the blogosphere explains, "dudes with d##ks" can walk right into women's restrooms and pee all over the toilet seats because women's restrooms do not have urinals. (Yes, biology matters when you're eliminating urine.)

Now, any pervert, weirdo, whacko or nut job can walk into a Target store and declare, "Hey, I'm suddenly a woman!" and urinate all over the women's toilet seats. Apparently, progressive women fully approve of all this, because they want to be "inclusive" which obviously includes squatting in some dude's clammy pee puddles.

Personally, I don't care if you think you're a man or a woman, but if you have a penis, use the damn urinal in the men's restroom. But thanks to Target's P.C. insanity, I guess now the women who use the restrooms at Target can count on enjoying the inclusiveness of splatter and bad aiming skills of distracted men who are so giddy at the thought of using the women's restroom that they can't hold still.

The word "target," after all, means aim for the water, not the rim. But who cares anymore when it's all devolved into an insane society of mentally ill conformists who can no longer make any sane judgment calls on anything at all. To relate a completely absurd example, one day soon, some deranged dufus who says he self-identifies as "Greedo the Gorilla Turd-Flinger" is going to smear the walls of the women's restroom with feces, after which Target will issue a nationwide press release declaring how "inclusive" they are to accept such progressive practices, stating something like, "We embrace people who self-identify as turd-flingers to use all our restrooms to dispose of their precious feces... and even the check-out lanes, for that matter!"

Clean-up on aisle nine! Clean-up on aisle nine!

Mike Adams, Natural News 21 Comments [5/2/2016 2:59:00 AM]
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Quote# 118640

vegans are closer to God - why meat eaters (the ungodly) see them as pompous

- being higher up on the sidereal food chain, having chosen to align with energy renewal that is more directly connected with God's source
- their DNA vibrating at a higher, lighter frequency - easily integrating the simple light geometry of fruits and vegetables directly into their open pineal glands and kundalini channels
- free of the common crisis found running rampant in the cellular reproduction attempts of the man who continues to consume the dead flesh and blood of once walking and speaking beings. free of demons.
- free of chronic gastrointestinal inflammation caused from the acidic condition of rotting flesh in the intestines, and free from having to pass uric acid, lactate, lesion-prone, hormone loaded, rotting "meat" (whatever the fuck "meat" is these days) through their asshole on a daily basis.

.. would likely be seen as "pompous" to an angry, bacon-eating asshole. The vegan seems condescending to the asshole, because technically the vegan is condescending and lives in a higher dimension of existence. It is not a negative thing to the vegan, the vegan would likely welcome the asshole in for a bean pie, whereas the asshole would just spew at the vegan for being skinny or gay. The Breatharian would seem condescending to the vegan if the vegan still had negative ego projections (more of a meat-existence program), but it's all good to the vegan if one wants to just live on air. Of course the herniated bacon eating asshole just wants to tell the vegan and breatharian to fuck off from their lower state and condition of being.

There is no problem as far as I am concerned. Things all just going along according to where people are at in life. Breatharians, vegans, and bacon-eating assholes all just getting along, singing campfire songs and passing on the all-beef hot dogs or vegan marshmallow smore's.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 26 Comments [5/2/2016 2:58:34 AM]
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Quote# 118638

It is heard time and time again that logic and reason are the foundations of an humanistic world view. By that same reasoning, creation is the logical and reasonable choice.

Let's examine.

These are the 2 choices most agreed upon.

1) Everything is a the product of chance where nothing created everything randomly. Our own existence is a "miracle" and unexplainable by modern scientific analysis. The only rules that exist are the laws of space, time and physics. Moral accountability is subjective and unfounded, thus anything goes. This path eventually leads to permanent destruction for everything in a world where nothing really matters in the first place.

2) The universe as observed by us, was created by a superior inter-dimensional being that has laid out rules for mankind which are to guide us to an absolute good and away from an absolute evil. This creates a system for accountability, spiritual growth and a life where all can Love. The same creator promises to destroy evil once and for all. Destroying this fallen world that was used to be an example to those that would rebel against these absolute rules for life. The promise of eternal life and happiness is present.

To summarize,

Choice 1 is a life of no importance/meaning, no good/evil, no life beyond death.

Choice 2 is a life of extreme importance/meaning, a life guided by absolute Love, and the hope of resurrection and eternal happiness.

Logic would dictate that the 2nd choice yields the best example for life and the hope to see wickedness destroyed and an eternal paradise.

We will examine the reasons why this logic cannot be accepted by secularists and then delve into which world view specifically is the correct choice.
There can only be one correct view after all. It is only logical.

Great White Prepper, Godlike Productions 18 Comments [5/2/2016 2:57:43 AM]
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Quote# 118635

Consider the 1984 demonic film by occultist, Stephen King, titled Children Of The Corn. The film depicts a small rural town in which the children murder all their parents. Children quote Bible verses frequently, mocking God and blaspheming the Bible. One man is crucified in the corn field, as a scarecrow, mocking Jesus who died for our sins. The children often mention “sin” as they kill the parents and adults, shouting “praise God” throughout the sicko film. The murderous children often claim to be seeking and doing “God's will.”

Clearly, Stephen King in reality is a very twisted and sick individual, controlled by Satan. The movie is evil to the core, a total mockery of Christianity. Stephen King hates God and the Bible. In one sensual scene, two naked teenagers are shown having sexual intercourse while 6-8 year old children watch and are visibly excited from what they see. This movie is still popular on television today, even being remade in 2009. The original low-budget $800,000 film has made Stephen King nearly $15,000,000 in box-office profits and continues to generate evil profits. The clear intent of the film is to destroy people's faith in Christianity, portraying Bible-believing preachers as sick-minded fanatics who promote hatred, killing and mayhem with the Bible. The wicked world hates Bible-believing preachers!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 25 Comments [5/2/2016 2:56:19 AM]
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Quote# 118633

Parliament Speaker Ismail Kahraman sparked outrage late on April 25 by suggesting that the principle of secularism “must be removed” from Turkey’s constitution, as even members of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) voiced disagreement.

“As a Muslim country, why should we be in a situation where we are retreating from religion? We are a Muslim country. So we must have a religious constitution,” Kahraman said in a conference titled “New Turkey and New Constitution” in Istanbul, stressing that “as a Muslim country” Turkey’s constitution should be religious.

“A description of secularism shouldn’t be in the new constitution. France, Ireland and Turkey have constitutions that include a description of secularism. But everyone interprets it the way they want to. That shouldn’t be the case,” he added, suggesting that the charter should “cohere with society.”

However, the next day Kahraman stepped back from his remarks, saying he had “expressed his personal opinions on the new constitution” and stressing the need to provide a “clear definition of secularism” in the new constitution.

Ismail Kahraman, Hurriyet Daily News 39 Comments [5/1/2016 4:29:33 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 118632

Feminism is being used by the NWO/CIA/Pentagon/etc. as a military psychological weapon to control society

feminism as a military psychological weapon to control society

[link to famguardian.org]

feminism as a military psychological weapon to control society

Message To All so-called Patriot Americans: You Can't Handle The Truth

1. Current US child support laws were actually invented in the former communist Soviet Union.

2. Current child support laws are communist infiltrations into the united states of America.

feminism as a military psychological weapon to control society

Amerika the 4th Reich:


First thing communist countries do is put the women to work to take over the family unit. Increasing the workforce decreases wages - Economy101 - basic simple concepts of supply and demand. Women in the workforce doubled the workforce which decreased wages - (which was deceptively hidden thru deflation/the devaluing of the dollar).

(example: Let's say I own a factory. I have 500 employees knocking on my door everyday looking for work; I can then decrease wages and say, "If you don't like it there's the door. I have 500 ppl knocking on my door everyday looking for work." On the other hand, if I cannot find enough ppl to work in my factory, I would have to increase wages (if I can still make a profit.)
Read again from top now and Continue)...

That is why in the 1950's, the avg. American family lived fine on one income but today the avg. American family needs two incomes just to get by. Women in the workforce; feminism, just created more Taxpaying Slaves for The State resulting in the enslavement of the average American family unit.

Feminists are being used ... they have complained about power control freak men, husbands ... only to have it replaced by a Power-Control-Freak Totalitarian Police STATE. Create a (so-called) problem just to justify the excuse for more power to solve it is the oldest Dictator ploy in the book.

Either Fathers own their children or the STATE OWNS the children. Law of the Jungle; women look for the best Provider -- when the best Provider becomes the STATE (i.e. the Welfare State), she then marries (into) the STATE and now the STATE OWNS her children.

"Who owns the youth owns the future!" - Adolf Hitler ... thus the US Dept. of (in)Human(e) Services; Division of Family Destruction. Either the man/husband/father is the Head of His Household ... or the STATE is the HEAD of your Household! Attack the Family Unit = weaken society ... thus more STATE CONTROL. Cut the Head (man of the household) out - thus more STATE CONTROL = own the children thus more STATE CONTROL - breed ignorant society thus more STATE CONTROL.

Feminism = weaker men; weaker men = LESS RESISTANCE thus more STATE CONTROL.
Patriarchy = Men own their wives ... it's called a family unit ... it's called morality.

Feminism/matriarchy = everyone having sex with each others' women while still remaining "friends" like a bunch of ANIMALS! Feminism/matriarchy = village = socialism = tribalism = lowest form of civilization = NO SURPLUS = Deficit = Slavery.

Patriarchy = family unit = efficiency = prosperity = Individual Rights = opposite of socialism = Surplus = free time for great works/inventions ... i.e. immigrants who come here and prosper come from patriarchal family structures because Patriarchy = family unit = efficiency.

Name me one time when Government Sponsored Propaganda was not Totalitarian in Nature. Feminism is Government Sponsored Propaganda - to weaken society; weaken the family unit; weaken it's men ... for more STATE CONTROL.

Multiculturalism = everyone different (immigrants not "Americanized") = NO UNITY amongst society = Divide & Conquer/LESS RESISTANCE thus more STATE CONTROL.
Homosexuality + abortion = population control.

Population control techniques deployed at Americans + allowing more illegal immigrants into the country = higher % (of society) of a working slave force - cheap labor.

Racial Eugenics in AmeriKa:
The #1 Group to benefit from Affirmative Action are white women (thus) they are using mathematics to keep a large percentage of minority men DOWN
"He who rules mathematics rules the Universe"
This is the mathematics of racial eugenics.
This is the mathematics of the New World Order.

AmeriKa Today has 1/3 of the entire world's prison population and 78% of Amerikan prisoners are black men, and that is not even counting latino men.
If these black men were all let out of jail, there would not be enough jobs for them all.

The Shadow Government who is truly in Control of AmeriKa, wants and needs all these minority males in jail so that they can give half the good jobs to white women.

I am going to expose this evil to Non-White AmerIka. I am not against white people, I am against the evils of feminism, I am against having all these minority males living horrific lives in jail at the expense of the AmeriKan Feminist WHITE WOMAN.

Even after DNA proves that he is NOT the biological Father, Judges in the US still force thousands of men to pay child support even with the DNA evidence in front of them !!!

Thousands of men in California ALONE are being forced to pay child support AFTER DNA Proves that He is NOT the Biological father:
[link to www.abcnews.go.com]

Not even Saddam Hussein would force a man to pay child support for a child that is NOT his !!!
Feminism is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

"First You Get the Women, Then You've Got the Children, So Follow the Men" -Adolph Hitler

"The `perennial' father is a menace to society and must be treated as such. Like the mental defectives and those afflicted with certain hereditary diseases, he should, after due warning, be rendered incapable of further parentage." -W.J. Ruth. "Population Control For Unemployment." Birth Control Review, Volume XVII, Number 5 (May 1933), page 134.

In the Book of Genesis, when Satan attacked Adam and Eve, he attacked through the weaker vessel: the woman. Just like The STATE is doing today, attacking us through feminism, through the 'woman'. Falsely "empower" the woman for her to make the wrong choices that way to weaken the man to control him. This is how evil attacks man, who was made in the image of God.

In the Book of Exodus, Pharaoh of Egypt decided to kill all the male Israelite infants to weaken the Israelites militarily. This is nothing new. Think about it ! ! !

Statism is Antichrist plain and simple. God should be the King and Head of an individual man, and the man/husband should be the head of his household, not the Anti-Christ STATE.

In this last century alone, governments around the world have killed over 500 million people of their own people. All this government sponsored propaganda about Domestic Violence is just a smoke screen to divert attention from the real abuse: Government Abuse Against It's Own People. This is the real Domestic Violence.

The Bible depicted governments as Beasts; in Daniel and Revelations. Look at old Nazi film; their Armies marching like ants mimicking the Animal Kingdom and therefore subhuman. Individual Freemen become just another cog in the Wheel of the Predator Beast State which becomes the Alpha Male which today IT is doing this through the propaganda of feminism. By feminizing society and thus emasculating it's males for more State Control.

"To disobey tyranny is to obey God." - Thomas Jefferson

Paying child support kills children by Funding/Subsidizing the #1 KILLER of children: single-mother-households:
Children from single-mother households, compared to children of two-parent families where the biological father is present, are more likely to go to prison by 20 times, to commit suicide by 5 times, to have behavioral problems by 20 times, to become rapists by 14 times, to run away by 32 times, to abuse chemical substances by 10 times, to drop out of high school by 9 times, to be seriously abused by 33 times, to be fatally abused by 73 times, to be one tenth as likely to get A's in school, and to [per Lenore Weitzman] have a 72% lower standard of living.

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it." - Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861 (1809-1865)

Question to America:

America used to be free. Not anymore. America has turned into Amerika.

Question to America:
1. I steal your car.
2. You take me to Court and the Judge 'gives' me custody of your car.
3. On top of that, the Judge now says you must keep paying the monthly payments, insurance, and overall maintenance of the car.
If you refuse to 'pay', you are labeled/vilified into a lowlife scumbag dirt bag criminal and thrown in jail surrounded by violent criminals.
And to make matters even worse, the government pays/sponsors for a massive government Nazi-like propaganda campaign, brainwashing society, convincing them that if you don't accept/pay for this, with a smile on your face no doubt, that you are than a scumbag dirt bag lowlife 'deadbeat' who belongs in jail surrounded by murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc.

Question to America:
What exactly happened here?
Explain to me what happened here, because this is exactly what they are doing to American Fathers.

If the British had this current System some 200 yrs. ago the American Revolution would have never happened. Benjamin Franklin had like 13 bastard children, he would have ended up in jail as a 'deadbeat' dad.
The rest of our Founding Fathers would have been forced to 'attend' Anger Management Courses.

This US Media Propaganda Machine would have called the Protestors of the Boston Tea Party a bunch of 'nuts' and/or anarchists.

Feminism is a military psychological weapon to feminize/emasculate society for more State Control by weakening the State's Main Competitor: Men

The US Federal Government is the Biggest Deadbeat: $5.7 TRILLION on the National Debt - (financial-future of 'our children').

The STATE Kidnaps children from their Fathers than demand ransom/extortion deceptively called 'child support.'

Maxim of law: The children that belong to the mother are those of slaves and animals. But the children that belong to the Father are those of Freemen.

That is why the Slave Masters used to separate the black slave Father from the black slave mother and child to weaken them to better control them. Divide & Conquer: this is nothing new.
And now they are doing it to men today in Amerika: 2008

Even after DNA proves that he is NOT the biological Father, thousands of men in America are still FORCED to pay this ransom/extortion deceptively called child support even with DNA EVIDENCE PROVING he is NOT the Father:
[link to www.abcnews.go.com]

Why aren't former Enron Execs forced to pay child support to all the familes who lost their money?
Why should Corporations have more rights then Individuals?
The Constitution spoke of Rights of the Individual (not of the rights of Corporations)

Women today can dump their babies off in garbage dumpsters and go to jail, but when they get out of jail (they are than not forced to pay child support)

Women today can dump their babies off in Police Stations and Hospitals and not be prosecuted for it (a new law now) And these women are not forced to pay child support...

Women can also give up their baby to adoption (orphanages)... and not be forced to pay child support. Women can dump THEIR responsibilities...

Why can't men ?

Society today promotes, advocates, and supports homosexuality while at the same time promote, advocate, and fully support destroying heterosexual males with alimony and child support... this is SATANIC !!!

"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle! Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." - Thomas Paine

All Praise and Glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

the Only True God - The Creator of both the Heavens and the Earth in the NAME OF JESUS THE CHRIST

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 22 Comments [5/1/2016 4:26:00 AM]
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Quote# 118629

A video posted online on Wednesday reportedly captures a group of police officers harassing a gay woman inside a public womens’ restroom, ultimately ordering her out believing her to be a man.

According to Complex, the video showing the unidentified woman’s encounter with the officers was posted by blogger Tamara McDaniel.

“This is a girl, and you guys are harassing her because she’s a d*ke,” the person filming the encounter can be heard saying, as the footage shows a woman wearing a red shirt, scarf, and black cap being questioned by the officers.

“You’re a man?” a male officer asks.

“I’m a f*cking female,” the woman in the cap replies. “Do I have to tell you again?”

“You have ID?” the officer asks. When she says she does not, he orders her out, then pushes her toward the exit. A second officer is then heard calling her, “Sir,” causing the person filming to protest, “That is a f*cking girl.”

McDaniel alluded to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump while posting the video, writing, “Is this what ‘Make America Great Again’ means? This makes me very sad and I want no part of this irrational fear.”

Unnamed cops, Raw Story 29 Comments [5/1/2016 4:13:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 118628

An Omaha man who stole and publicly burned his lesbian neighbors’ rainbow Pride flag was found guilty of felony hate crime charges on Wednesday.

According to Omaha.com, Douglas County District Judge Duane Dougherty was unmoved by 24-year-old Cameron Mayfield’s insistence that he didn’t know what a rainbow flag stood for when he snatched it off the women’s porch, lit it on fire and paraded back and forth in front of their house as it burned.

James Martin Davis, Mayfield’s attorney, said that his client mistook the pride flag for a “spring ornament” in what he termed a “drunken prank” on March 1, 2015 and not a hate crime.

“Just because the victims are gay doesn’t make it a hate crime,” Davis insisted to the court during Mayfield’s trial.

Prosecutors pointed out that over the course of the 300 yard hike from Mayfield’s house to the home of victims Ariann Anderson and Jessica Meadows-Anderson, Mayfield passed any number of flags and banners that he could have snatched and burned, but chose not to.

Omaha.com reported that Mayfield “hopped a front-yard fence, jumped up to yank down the flag, hopped back over the fence and rushed home. He got a gas can out of his garage, drenched the flag, set it on fire, then walked 300 yards back to the couple’s home.”

The victims said the late-night attack was terrifying. As Mayfield menaced them from the street, they frantically checked their doors and windows, thinking they were about to be attacked in their own home.

In a statement to the court, the couple — who were married in Iowa in 2011 — said, “Had the man who burned our gay pride flag burned our Husker flag, we would have still called the police — but we wouldn’t have felt as threatened,. We wouldn’t have wondered ‘what’s next?’ What became so clear to us after Saturday night, is that the intent really does make a difference. Seeing him waving that burning symbol of a controversial, and inherent part of our being(s) as a minority, in front of our house as a clear message, made it scary. It made it an attack as opposed to a prank.”

Judge Dougherty said that Mayfield’s sentencing will take place in August.

Cameron Mayfield, Raw Story 21 Comments [5/1/2016 4:13:32 AM]
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Quote# 118623

Cape Town – Special prayers directed at Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town cleansed convicted killer Aljar Swartz of his demons, a reverend told the Western Cape High Court during sentencing proceedings on Thursday.

"There was a day when I engaged in special prayers for him, where I invited the congregation [in Rondevlei] to stand and to raise their hands towards Pollsmoor Prison and we all then united in prayer, not only for Aljar, but for all inmates of Pollsmoor Prison, including the staff as well," Methodist Reverend Cecil Begbie told the court.

Speaking during arguments in mitigation of sentence, he said he had met Swartz about five times and it was clear that he was demon-possessed.

Swartz was recently found guilty of the premeditated murder of 15-year-old Lee Adams, as well as three counts of incitement to commit murder.

He admitted to beheading the teenager in 2013 so he could sell the body parts to a sangoma.

Pollsmoor Prison turned down Begbie's application to perform an exorcism. The defence would have filmed it.

Begbie, who had been a minister for almost 50 years, said he was left with no other option but to call upon congregations and the international community to pray for Swartz.

A radical change had then taken place in Swartz, he said.

Relatives of Adams, dressed in the teen’s favourite colour purple, shook their heads at the testimony.

Swartz apparently shared a "very special experience" with the reverend when he visited him in cells at the high court.

"There was a moment about three weeks ago when he felt as though he was standing under a waterfall and pure clean water flowed through his whole body and after that experience. He felt he was totally set free of all demons," said Begbie.

"That means the almighty God, who is not restricted to walls of prisons or prison bars, actually administered to him supernaturally as a result of all prayers. I could also then sense that, yes, there was a radical change in Aljar."

Swartz was able to sleep properly for the first time in years. He experienced tremendous peace of heart and mind, Begbie said.

Prior to this experience, a spiritual counsellor at the prison had led Swartz "to accept Christ".

After seeing him this week, Swartz told him he wanted to apologise to Adams’ family, his school and the court.

Listening to Begbie, Swartz stroked his beard and appeared unmoved.

Judge Elize Steyn told Swartz's lawyer, Sheriff Mohamed, that she was not going to allow him to lead evidence on "magic, witchcraft and all other things".

"How many times in South African law has the court allowed 'the devil made me do it?' The court has never accepted it."

She said she would make a note that it was Begbie's view that Swartz was no longer possessed by demons.

Cecil Begbie, News24 15 Comments [5/1/2016 4:11:03 AM]
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