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[From "A Template For The Future: Turkey Holds Mass Trials Accusing Journalists Of Terrorism"]

I obviously don’t like Erdogan and hold him as an enemy for his hostile actions against Europe, but at the end of the day I RESPECT him far more than I respect many of the weak beta males dominating Western politics.

Erdogan, knowing he had enemies within his own regime, helped to formulate a coup against himself (not technically confirmed but almost certain) that was crushed within twenty-four hours – a catalyst for a purge the likes of which we should hope to emulate one day in our own nations.

Following this, Erdogan turned on the Turkish media, which by a quick study of the facts seems to be inundated with much of the same subversion and Fake News that we in America have grown to understand quite clearly in recent months and years.

But the Turkish Final Solution of the Media Question does not consist of angry tweets at 4 AM, nor does it involve a constant reshuffling of Executive personnel tasked with battling corrupt talking heads day in and day out.

No, it involves brutal beatdowns by loyal military and police, arrests by the dozen, and treason trials that aim to prove that the accused journalists are equivalent to bloodthirsty terrorists.

Brilliant, Reccep.


I can just imagine rats like (((Jake Tapper))), (((Wolf Blitzer))), and (((Rachel Maddow)))) claiming the same as they are hauled into courts in the most humiliating way imaginable – I wouldn’t even let them have belts for the far-too-large pants that would be issued.


This could be done rather easily (or with a serious effort) here in the States if those in power (yes, Trump, I’m talking about you) actually decided to shatter the treasonous media for their despicable actions.

It could probably best be done by pushing an “Un-American Activities Act” or something of the sort – much like what was done back in the middle part of the last century to root out Communists and their sympathizers throughout the country.

Now that would be something helping to #MAGA, that’s for sure.

Marcus Cicero, Occidental Dissent 7 Comments [7/27/2017 6:35:20 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

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(Commenting on an article posted entitled "The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans" [https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimdobson/2017/06/10/the-shocking-doomsday-maps-of-the-world-and-the-billionaire-escape-plans/#6ebb75524047], and in response to another member who wrote, in part: "I've had suspicions about something like this for a long time, although my idea of their reasoning has been different." BOLDFACE mine)

To Robert, if you became a Christian, you would never have to worry about how the earth will come to an end. You wouldn't be around to watch it happen. You would be raptured out of here before the wrath comes.

The earth isn't going to be destroyed by an Asteroid. People won't need to worry about don't need to worry about finding a rich man or woman to help you get into a bunker. They wouldn't let you in anyway, unless you wanted to be their slave, but I am sure they already have someone in mind for the jobs they will dish out.

The earth might get hit with some HUGE hailstones that have fire attached to them, but the plagues and loss of water will kill people long before the hailstones start killing people. People will want to be killed by that time.

The rich man's water and food will never last long in their bunkers. Especially when the Anti-Christ finds them and takes away everything they have in those bunkers.

During the first 3 1/2 half years of the 7 year Tribulation period...... people will be celebrating that the Christians are gone, so they can become socialists, communist, Muslims, homosexuals, pedophiles, prostitutes, whatever they want to be, but when the Anti-Christ and his followers takes total control of the world and the people have to take a MARK on their forehead or right hand in order to buy and sell things go down hill REAL fast .

It is going to be very bad for those left behind during the LAST 3 1/2 years of the tribulations.

During that time..... comes the wars...where all nations will turn against all nations, especially the Jews, then comes the lack of electricity, cell phones, computers where technology will no longer work due to each nation using their electromagnetic pulse weapons against the grids .....then comes the plagues like they saw during Moses Day.. plagues that will devastated the whole earth....with frogs, locusts, knats, flies, boils/sores, lifestock dying, darkness, plants dying, earthquakes, hailstones with flames of fire, intense heat, no water.....Mark 13, Matthew 24, Luke 21, Rev 11, Rev 16......then there will be BLOOD in the seas, lakes, rivers as well as blood flowing down a 200 miles canyon that is as high as a horses bridle, right outside the city of Jerusalem. Some have estimated this much blood would require 1 BILLION people destroyed all at once in this one area....THOSE people are the armies who are standing outside of Jerusalem ready to attack the Jews and Jesus and his army......... Rev 14:20....

Millions and millions of people if not BILLIONS are killed, thrown in jail or die from the plagues, earthquakes, hailstones.

They will WISH the Christians were still on the earth, due to the fact that Holy Spirit IN the Christians is what was holding back the Anti-Christ and the end times tribulations.

2 Thessalonians 2:4-7
He (Anti-Christ) will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.6 And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. 7 For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he (Holy Spirit) is taken out of the way.


dlo_3us2001, Realabortiondebate 6 Comments [7/27/2017 6:06:25 AM]
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Fellow objectively facially average incels, what the fuck is wrong with us?

Blame social anxiety, autism, social retardation, etc.?


Blame height, weight, frame, etc.?


Blame voice, thin wrists, thin neck, etc.?


What the hell is left to blame? At least if I was straight up ugly I would know what to blame, it's just frustrating suffering and not knowing what to blame.

Averagecel, /r/incels 9 Comments [7/27/2017 4:11:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Dark Side Award

Fear the revenge of Darth Incel!

Quote# 129797

Never forgive the people who have wronged you.

Keep your hate close to you. Nuture it. Furnish it. Don't let them win.

dilapidatedincel, /r/incels 23 Comments [7/27/2017 4:11:09 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Why are they tip toeing around the elephant in the room? Transgenderism is a mental illness. We simply cannot have known he/she’s running around causing all kinds of disruption with a known mental illness in our armed forces. They do remember the key word is “armed” in armed forces right?

I bet there aren’t any tranny’s who are not seeing a shrink. They are all confused about their gender which is the first thought they have in the morning and that continues until they fall asleep then they dream about it. Tranny’s are and will always be preoccupied with their gender confusion. They have no place in the military. If some company wants to hire them in the civilian world; good for them. The military is not a social experiment.

Boomer, Free Republic 14 Comments [7/27/2017 3:36:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129792

Yes, great news. Transgenderism is a mental disorder and should be treated like it. We cannot have folks in the military battling their own demons when trying to battle Americas. We need to call it like it is.

Furthermore, homosexuality is a mental disorder as well. Doesn’t mean we should trample their rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but we shouldn’t act as if it is normal. It is not.

It is against God, but even if you didn’t believe in God, it is against natural law. If anyone disputes this fact, present them with another. If all of civilization decided to turn to homosexuality rather than natural relations, that civilization will after a period of time cease to exist thus halting all homosexuality. Pretty simple really.

servantboy777, Free Republic 14 Comments [7/27/2017 3:36:18 AM]
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Abortion is always a sin...

She wont be in danger or her life in jeopardy...

she is more likely to die from an abortion or have her body so screwed up she cant ever get pregnant again or has miscarriages...

She doesn’t need to “bear a child” they can do a C-Section...

the point is she can have counseling and recover from the rape with her soul and mind intact but if she murders her baby she will have to live with the blood of an innocent child on her hands...knowing she sinned against God...

murdering one child in a vain attempt to “save” another will not work...

she might be young not but one day she would know just what she did and it would destroy her...

as for her body it was old and mature enough to get pregnant so it is old enough to carry that child...

plus even though shes 12 she may be my size or bigger...

I was 5’ 2” 110 LB when I had my children...

and kid you are not “strongly opposed” to abortion at all...

and you call the baby a “fetus” pro-life people don’t call an unborn child a fetus...

the girl is carrying a BABY...

Toss your own covers much ???

Tennessee Nana, Free Republic 9 Comments [7/27/2017 3:36:15 AM]
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Quote# 129790

Trannies —— it is said -— HAVE always served “under the radar.” Fine. Let them stay that way.

As long as their deviance is undetectable, and Uncle Sam doesn’t have to pay for their program of surgical deformity and hormonal derangement.

And if their weird sexuality starts to show (in weird appearance or weird behavior) and creep out their fellow military members -— out they go. Out, out, out.

Mrs. Don-o, Free Republic 10 Comments [7/27/2017 3:36:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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plumbcrazy7 • a minute ago

For one thing this is owned by George Soros with that said the Agenda is a world Government and everyone getting a chip and their hand or forehead! A world with out Christians! This is What the God of Heaven and Earth say about this subject!

Romans 1:26-2:1

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For
their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to
nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and
were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless
acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their
error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them
up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled
with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are
full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips,
slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of
evil, disobedient to parents, ...

plumbcrazy7, Media Matters For America 2 Comments [7/27/2017 3:36:02 AM]
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Submitted By: DiarrheaMan

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When halfway to the tree, the Lord materialized before my eyes. He stood before me beaten, bruised, His garments stuck to His wounds that were still open, gouges in His skull, swollen fingers, and swollen face.

I cried out in alarm. I did not know what to do or how to help. I was in shock. I sank to my knees, for all the strength left me. My hands covered my face.

“Anna,” He said, “this is your Husband, too. I still bear wounds from the faithless in the world.”

I could not look at Him.

“It is all right, Anna,” He said. “It is all right.” He took both of my hands into His and helped me to rise. “Look at Mc, Anna,” He continued. He had changed and now looked as I usually see Him. “I am both—what you see and what you saw. You need to know that you are marrying into both, one but both.”

“I do not know what to say,” I whispered.

“Say nothing,” He said. “What is there to say? But you need to know Me as both so that you do not wed blindly.”

“What does this mean?” I asked.

“Those who are one share all,” He said. “You wish to drink deeply, to share fully, to know even as you are known. This too is part of the knowing, the sharing, the being one. There are not many who turn from their own interests to seek the interests of God.’ But those who are called and chosen to live in God desire to share the sufferings of the Godhead.”

It was as though I was struck dumb.

He continued, “I realize that you are in shock. Therefore I will not ask you now if you are willing to share My sufferings, My sorrows.”

“Lord,” I said, trying to face the reality of what I had seen, “make me willing. I want to be one with You. I would deny You nothing, nor would I turn away from You because there are sorrows to bear—as long as we are together.”

“Do you mean this?” He asked.

“Yes, Lord,” I said.

“Behold,” He exclaimed, turning to face the tree of life and gesturing in its direction.

The Wheel of Fire

A huge, gold ring began to spin before us. It was as tall as the Ferris wheels that are part of the world’s fair exhibitions on Earth. It spun rapidly, bursting into flames.

I realized that the flames were fiery seraphim, hundreds, no thousands, of them. Their flames were as intense as blowtorches. But a figure similar to a man’s was at the core of each torch. Each seraph had six wings. With two they covered their eyes, with two they covered their feet, and with two they flew. A unique and pure music came from their midst.’

“Who will ride the wheel of fire?” the seraphim called. Their voices had a strange sound, as if their words were passing through some medium to which we are not accustomed on Earth.’

I realized I would need a greater spiritual maturity than I now possessed if I would desire to share the burdens of God. I did not know what this would mean. But evidently this fire was a first step if I wished such maturity I turned to Jesus, “I want to ride the wheel, my Lord.”

He smiled. “We will ride it together.”

I called to the seraphim, “We will ride.”

Jesus took my right hand, and we started forward. The closer we came to the wheel, the hotter grew the flames with which it burned. The sound of thousands of blowtorches was formidable. But through the flames I could hear an adoration of God that was of such purity that it startled my senses.

As we arrived at the fiery wheel, a seraph beckoned for us to enter the flames. The seraph spoke to me. “Few wish to ride the ring of fire. They want the ring of gold but not the ring of fire.”

I looked at Jesus. Then holding tightly to His hand, we both entered the fire. It was extremely hot among these flaming seraphim.

A seraph gestured for us to sit down. We did. The wheel began to turn. We went up as if the fiery ring was actually a huge Ferris wheel.

Anna Rountree, The Priestly Bride 9 Comments [7/27/2017 12:45:41 AM]
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Quote# 129783

Suddenly I heard someone clearing His throat in order to call attention to His presence. I looked up. Jesus was sitting in the large apricot tree. “My Lord,” I said in amazement, “what are You doing up there?”

“I am up a tree, Anna,” He said.

I laughed. “What are You doing up a tree?”

“You want Me up here,” He replied.

“I want You up a tree?” I laughed, for I thought He was joking.

“Yes,” He answered. “I am localized, and you know where I am. You can come to the base of the tree and ask Me questions, and then go about your life. I am in a portion of your heart, but I do not have free access to the whole garden.”

I was cut to the quick. I swallowed hard. “Come down, my Lord,”

I said. “Forgive me. These mysteries are so exciting. . .well, forgive me that...”

“...that you have begun to use Me?” He asked, jumping down from the tree.

“The very thing I have hated, I am doing,” I said.

He walked toward me. “What do you want of Me, Anna? Information? There is a vast supply. Is that what you want?”

“No, of course not,” I replied. “These mysteries are so...”

“...titillating?” He asked.

“Well, they are . .

“...seductive?” He added.

“Yes,” I affirmed.

“But they are part of Me—and you have been given all of Me. It seems a poor exchange.”

“Oh, my Friend,” I continued, “forgive me. I love You and want to be with You. I want You to have access to the entire garden.”

“You are called to know mysteries, Anna, but not to use Me,” He said.

To Still the Soul

I was speechless. When years before I had decided to pursue the Lord earnestly, I withdrew my senses from the overstimulation of worldly input. I felt that I needed to still my soul if I wanted Him to come knocking at my heart.

The withdrawal from keeping myself entertained with the world was exceedingly painful. But now the Lord was saying that I had replaced the worldly with spiritual entertainment—desiring more and more spiritual knowledge—a subtle and less objectionable substitute, but still a substitute for Him. I did not know what to say. I was stunned.

He took me by the arm and guided me gently to the rim of the fountain. “Sit down,” He said quietly. He sat beside me. I looked into His face. The beauty and clearness of those eyes were beyond compare. He took my hand and held it.

A True Friend

“My Anna,” He said, “be a true friend to Me, as I am to you. I want you to desire My company. I am a King, but I desire to be with you, as any lover would long to be with the one he loves. I do not command your love; I humbly ask for t. I do not dictate that you be with Me. I long for you to seek Me. Therefore I wait for you, Anna.”

I dropped my head. “Lord,” I said, “I am selfish. I am using You for my own pleasure.”

Even a King

He lifted my chin. “Anna, look at Me,” He said. “Even a King wishes to be loved for Himself, not for the gifts He bestows.” He smiled at me. “If you do not enjoy being with Me now, why do you believe you will enjoy My company for eternity?” He looked down at my hand. “The pursuer wants to be pursued also,” He said gently.

He looked up and then over to the gate. “Have you ever thought of standing at the entrance to the garden with the gate opened, waiting for Me?”

“No,” I replied.

“You have expected Me to travel the entire distance to you. Do you not think I would be pleased to have you waiting, with part of the distance covered so that we might see each other sooner?”

“Yes,” I said quietly.

He smiled at me. “Come, My love, let us walk.” He helped me to rise and put His arm around my waist. We began to walk the path that circles the garden. “I have called you to Myself;” He said looking down at me. Few understand what this means. Would you like to know, Anna?

“Yes,” I said tentatively. “I say this in fear and trembling because I fear not getting something I want.”

He laughed. “I know this. What does that say about our relationship?”

“It sounds like I do not trust You,” I said. “That is what it sounds like,” He agreed. “Is it true?”

“Yes,” He replied.

“Well, Lord, help me!” I pleaded. “I want to trust You.”

“My wonderful girl,” He said, “My love. Do you not understand? My desire is for you. My passions burn with eternal fires. No mere tear could quench them. It would take the tears from eternity, and still the fire of My passion for you would not be quenched. Why would you not trust the One who loves you as I love?”

I could not answer. I did not know why I did not abandon myself to God. I shook my head. “Who am I to deserve such love?”

“You are chosen for Me by My Father,” He said earnestly “With wisdom that is beyond wisdom, He has chosen you.”

“Then increase my desire to be with You,” I said, “to desire You more than an anointing or spiritual knowledge or...” I could not think fast enough to enumerate. I shook my head in frustration and then blurted out: “I love You.” I clung to Him, burying my face in His chest. “You are the dearest Friend I have.. . love You!”

He placed His arms around me lovingly. “My own,” He said. He dropped His head back and laughed as in pain mixed with joy. Then, bringing His head to mine, He spoke softly, “Anna, Anna.” There was great pain in His voice. “Please do not do this again.” He held me trembling. ‘Anna, do not do this again.”

I had hurt Him deeply by treating Him presumptuously, casually—like someone with whom I had to deal in order to receive that which was my primary interest. But He loved me. He wanted my company and wanted me to desire His. That which is the deepest desire of every human heart was mine, and I was seeking secondary rewards.

My heart began to break. The pain was excruciating. The garden responded also. The smell of myrrh flooded the area. I glanced at the myrrh tree. Red tears of the aromatic gum were slipping from the heart of the wood.’

I pulled back, holding Him at arm’s length, looking into His eyes. “My God, my God,” I said. “I am not worthy of You. I cannot even respond correctly to the depth of Your love. Ishi, if You do not give to me a love that matches Yours in intensity.. .“ The pain in my heart was so severe that I could not finish the sentence.’ With all that was in me I pushed past the extreme pain to cry out, “Oh, please help me to love You as You love me. I am willing, Lord, but I cannot do this myself. You must do this through me! Please!”

Anna Rountree, The Priestly Bride 5 Comments [7/27/2017 12:45:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 129781

NoDragQueensinGovernment • in a few seconds

Drag Queens have no business in the armed forces. The only place these confused males should be tolerated is in a gay parade. They are awkward and scary for some adults and they truly scare children. Allowing a dude in high heels, stockings and makeup to flaunt around in the military is ridiculous nonsense and I'm very happy Trump put a dead stop to this insanity

NoDragQueensinGovernment • in a few seconds

Since when has it been an "American" staple of having cross dressing drag queens, males who think they are women in soldiers uniforms? Absolutely never. It's always the actual unAmericans, trying to lecture us about what is American. You are enemies of America, there is nothing "American" about you left wing extremists, you are all allied with and support anti American maliciousness.

NoDragQueensinGovernment Messed are the Bleak • a few seconds ago

Drag queen weirdos have been banned, and plenty more disgusting left wing degeneracy will be undone through Trump's 8 years. Get used to groveling and whining on a left wing extremist website, because we aren't stopping, we are barely even warmed up.

NoDragQueensinGovernment Messed are the Bleak • in a few seconds

You are the triggered snowflakes, we are the ones triggering you weak enemies and stomping you when you are down.

NoDragQueensinGovernment Messed are the Bleak • a few seconds ago

And you say that, while hiding in a safespace behind pixels... Easy, when the threat of an enemy such as myself who has every intention of opening up your throat from ear to ear in a real encounter, isn't quite there.

NoDragQueensInGovernment, Media Matters For America 10 Comments [7/27/2017 12:43:53 AM]
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Submitted By: DiarrheaMan

Quote# 129780

The Resurgence of the Tiger Dad: Fathers Pushing Their Daughters – for Whose Good?
by Yue Xin

The phenomenon of the ‘tiger mother’, a strict mom who pushes her children to be successful, became popular through the 2011 book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. Recent trends seem to signal a reevaluation of the stern, disciplinary father. On social media, many wonder why these fathers are pushing their daughters, and for whose good they actually do it.

The hashtag “Chinese piano girl stuns American audiences” has occupied the top searching lists on Sina Weibo, with many users praising Anke’s talents and hard efforts.

“Having just learned to play the piano for two years and four months, Anke now is able to play the pieces of grade 10 [the highest level before the ARCT],” Chen’s father Dongzhi Chen proudly told a reporter. He determinedly expressed his goals to train Anke to be a piano master and “the second Lang Lang” to China.

This is also what Anke told NBC’s host Steve Harvey when he asked the 5-year-old about her future dreams. But later, when he asked her the question “How did you start to play?”, she replied: “Dad wanted me to.”

Since her American television adventure, Anke has returned to her tightly scheduled life that revolves around the piano. She practices 4 hours a day, takes master’s classes at the Central Conservatory of Music, goes to concerts, and has dinner with fellow piano players. In the evenings when she has dinner with her dad, he makes her watch piano concerts on the computer.

In the Pear video, Anke initially almost seems to be a carefree girl- running around her dad like a butterfly. But the video report also shows how her father continuously sternly warns and commends his daughter to “listen to your father”, stop “fiddling around,” “stop wasting time and play the piano,” or to “show a happy face.”

The video also includes a short scene where Anke goes downstairs hoping to play with some friends, only to find herself alone: “My friends have probably all forgotten about me,” she says as she silently watches other children play on the basketball field.

Subtitle: “Don’t give me a bitter face.” (Screenshot of Pearvideo.)

“It’s very possible that she will hate me in the future. But I think it is the only way to realize her life values,” Dongzhi Chen says in the video: “I know this is the hardest route for her and I’ve expected the worst. But I believe if she can play the piano well, she will be smart and successful in doing other things too.”


Being a student of conservatory of music was a dream of Chen himself, but it did not happen because Chen’s family did not have the money for it. He explains: “Therefore, I want my daughter to continue to explore the ultimate beauty of music for me.”

Chen’s story resonates with that of China’s highest-grossing Indian film Dangal (?????). In this true story, a former wrestler has the unfulfilled dream to win a gold medal for India. He swears to train his future son to achieve this dream for him. But when he only has daughters, he decides to train them instead to become India’s first female champion wrestlers.

Chinese film poster of Dangal.

The film has received much praise from Chinese audiences. The movie received the high score of 9.2 out of 10 on Douban.com, a popular Chinese reviewing website for films or books.

The great popularity of Dangal in China is not coincidental. China and India share some common cultural characteristics. Both countries attach importance to filial piety, emphasize patriotism in sports, and promote “painful education” (????). The latter is especially visible in Dangal, where the father makes his daughters get up at 5 AM every day for training and makes them cut off their long hair.

State-owned news media Xinhua recently published an article about family values that can be learned from this film. The article says: “These Indian girls had no choice of life at all. It was their father who forced them and offered them new possibilities. In the perspective of gaining skills and obtaining knowledge, education is painful and is against one’s own instinct […] Parents need to lead their children and show them the way, as they don’t have the ability to judge for themselves.”

On Sohu, a recent article that received nearly 20 million views called on Chinese parents to “form a community” with their children. It said: “The medal is a joint achievement shared by father and daughter. Studying is a process of co-operation.”


In the Pear Video interview, the reporter asks Anke’s father if he will provide his daughter with more choices in the future. He answers: “She can have many choices, but this road [that I chose for her] will be doomed to fail if that happens.”

Anke’s ‘tiger dad’: “I hope she will pursue music all her life.”

Chinese parents have a long-standing reputation for being strict, and for making huge sacrifices for their children’s education. Anke’s father is no exception; he is so determined to train a child music prodigy that he seems to be ready to deal with any hardships that might come. But why are these ‘tiger dads’ so desperate to push their daughters to become superstars?

Socio-economic reasons play a major role. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, 76% of China’s urban population will be considered middle class by 2022. With this explosive growth of the emerging middle class, many Chinese parents see education as a crucial factor to improve the social mobility of their children.

For girls, this is especially important. The traditional patriarchal culture in China has negatively affected the social status of women throughout history. In contemporary society, their roles as wives and mothers are still often prioritized once they have babies. But as an indirect consequence of China’s one child policy, daughters have come to play a more important role in the family, generally receiving more parental attention and a better education than in the decades preceding the policy.

The role of the father in being the one who makes the most important decisions on children’s education comes from a long-standing tradition. An old Chinese saying “strict father, kind mother” (????) describes parenting in traditional Chinese society, where fathers are the stern disciplinarians who have more to say about their children’s education and than the mother. The mother’s role, traditionally, was defined by the persisting idea of “men rule outside, women rule inside” (“???,???”); meaning that women should be confined to the ‘inside’ sphere of family and home, occupying themselves with the household, while men deal with the ‘outside’ world of work, finances, community, etc.

The Chinese cultural concept of ‘mianzi‘ or ‘face’ also plays an important role. Representing a person’s reputation and prestige, parents gain ‘face’ when their children succeed. An ‘unsuccessful’ child would be a father’s shame.

As Anke’s father tells Pear Video: “If she would end up with a nine-to-five job, such as working in a musical instruments store, I would consider it a failure.”


One comment, receiving the most likes, said: “If this little girl is truly happy to play the piano, and she sure seems to be very gifted and willing to do so, I don’t think there’s any reason to criticize her father.”

Others also praised Dongzhi Chen, writing: “This dad is really awesome. Anyone who has kids will know that you can never force a child to do something. The media always wants to point out [these stories about] fathers who will force their own dreams upon their children, but the fact is that if the kid doesn’t want to do it, it won’t happen – no matter how she is pushed by her dad. The reason why this girl is so good now is because of her father’s guidance and education.”

But there are also those who oppose to the father’s parenting style: “I really hate this kind of parent. It’s fine to lead or guide your kid if she excels in some areas, but I feel disgusted that he just sits there and acts like he’s the kid’s almighty God.”

Some disapprovingly say: “He already has himself, why does he need a second person like him?”

There are also commenters who say that watching Dangal has changed their outlook: “After I watched this film, my attitude towards these kind of parents has changed completely.”

Others agreed, saying: “This movie truly is an inspiration – it is an encouragement for the tiger dad (??).”

Dongzhi Chen, et. al., What's on Weibo 6 Comments [7/27/2017 12:43:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Salami

Quote# 129779

(Commenting on story "Southern Baptist-Owned LifeWay Stores Won’t Pull ‘Message Bible’ After Author’s ‘Gay Marriage’ Retraction"):

The Apocrypha? That is not part of the Bible.

The scholars of the early 17th century employed by King James I included the 14 books of the Apocrypha( Latin Vulgate) in their translated works . Perhaps, further evidence the modern Christian Bible is subjective in nature possessing limited connection to objective reality.

Catholic scholars in an attempt to justify praying for the dead. It is an interesting historical piece, nothing more.
Modern "translations" possess limited connection to objective reality, having to change a sizable percentage of the text to gain copyright.

Are you suggesting, copyright and intellectual property laws are at the root of modifying the word of God? AKA the work of Satan? Interesting take.
The 11th commandment: Thou shalt learn Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, and only read the original source.

They were included from the beginning and separated by Martin Luther and removed completely by fanatics. Basic history 101.

Basic revisionist catholic history.

...right. Which is why MARTIN LUTHER separated the books. Or is he a revisionist too?

The Apocrypha was NOT included in the Hebrew scriptures (which is now referred to as the Old Testament) that Christ himself used and quoted. It was added later by the RCC in an attempt to justify their unbiblical teachings. It was rejected by the Jews. It is never quoted in the New Testament at all as scripture. It is not on any early canonical lists. It was also regarded as uninspired by prominent leaders of the early church.

Nope, it was right there from the beginning at the Council of Nicea.

Nope, Council of Nicea was catholic.

Oboehner, Christian News Network 13 Comments [7/27/2017 12:42:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 129768

If you want to love God, then as Jesus said, you will keep God’s commandments. Therefore, to love God is to love what God loves and to hate what God hates. The LGBT hates God, so they love what God hates and hate what God loves.

Andrew Bieszad, Shoebat.com: Awareness and Action 19 Comments [7/26/2017 11:38:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 129767

The extremist anti-choice group Operation Save America is making national headlines this week as it begins a week of protests aimed at shutting down the last remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky. The group has been testing the enforcement of the FACE Act, the federal law guaranteeing access to abortion clinics; 11 Operation Save America (OSA) members were arrested for blocking the doors of the Louisville clinic in May and the group has now agreed to abide by a temporary restraining order allowing access to the clinic during their protests—a decision that OSA is portraying as a victory.

OSA picked its target carefully: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has also been taking aim at the Louisville clinic and personally met with OSA leadership when they held a planning meeting in February. In December, OSA’s Rusty Thomas wrote to his group’s supporters that he was also planning to “meet with a Congressman who is a dear Christian brother who is serious about restoring his state in righteousness. He has graciously offered his help to OSA in establishing our comings and goings in his state.”

OSA’s goal, however, involves more than shutting down the last abortion clinic in Kentucky. The group has been urging state officials to defy federal law on abortion rights altogether and refuse to enforce the protections of Roe v. Wade in their state. The primary advocate of this strategy is Matt Trewhella, a Wisconsin activist who signed a statement in the 1990s supporting the murder of abortion providers. Trewhella is a fixture at OSA events and spoke at a press conference with Thomas this week. Thomas has said that Bevin praised Trewhella’s book about defying federal laws on abortion rights and LGBTQ equality when he met the group in February.

Speaking to Slate’s Michelle Goldberg about Trewhella’s “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates,” Thomas said, “It just appears that Kentucky may be the first ones who take it seriously enough to cross that line and finally do their duty in the midst of this Holocaust.”

In a press conference this week, Thomas insisted that it was the Supreme Court that had broken the law by ruling in favor of abortion rights: “We are not the lawbreakers. The Supreme Court are the lawbreakers. We are the law-keepers.”

At OSA’s national event in Wichita last year, the group held a mock trial in front of a federal courthouse in which it declared Supreme Court decisions on abortion rights, LGBT equality and the separation of church and state to be “null and void” because they are “not lawful in the eyes of God.”

OSA, which grew out of the protest group Operation Rescue and has a long-running feud with the group that currently calls itself Operation Rescue, is not shy about saying what it hopes will happen if abortion is recriminalized in the U.S. Thomas wrote on Facebook earlier this year that a woman who has an abortion has committed murder and must “face justice just like any other person who commits crimes of this magnitude.” Jason Storms, an OSA member who conducted youth seminars at last year’s Wichita event, told CBS this week that “A mother who has knowingly, willingly, chosen to kill her own child out of pure selfish motives, she’s guilty as a murderer in the eyes of the law.”

Extremist anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ activist Dave Daubenmire has been streaming his daily webcast from the Louisville event. He was a featured speaker at OSA’s event in Wichita, where he declared that “the only thing standing between tyranny and liberty is a Christian, heterosexual man.”

Despite OSA’s extremism, their mission of closing the last clinic in Kentucky seems to appeal to less bombastic anti-choice groups: the large anti-choice legal group Americans United for Life tweeted about the protests this morning.

Operation Save America, Right Wing Watch 11 Comments [7/26/2017 11:37:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 129766

What I wanted to discuss instead is where youth organisations would be without those who genuinely love children, and who can keep their hands off them. The keeping of their hands off them is important. I see very little wrong with window-shopping. Touching is a totally different matter.

Today we are prurient. We insist on knowing what others do with their genitalia. News media fantasise about what might or might not have taken place, what might or might not take place.

So where would the different youth movements, those for boys, those for girls, be without those who love children, potentially those who have fantasy liaisons with some individuals, but who never touch?

Timmy, It's Only Me From Across The Sea 10 Comments [7/26/2017 11:37:20 AM]
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Quote# 129765

(Someone holding a sign reading:"Don't be comic conned. Your life is not fiction. Get real with Jesus.")

Anonymous, Facebook 23 Comments [7/26/2017 11:32:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 129759

[Commenting under "A good question about prison nation ... dodged"]

Maybe I can get some traction here with my ideas:

I produced the following under the basic theory that any convict chosen for rehabilitation deserves enormous resources dedicated toward that end, while those not so chosen deserve nothing more from society..

The basic plan goes as follows:

1) Upon felony conviction, of whatever level ranging from first degree murder to passing bad checks a new quasi-jury pool is chosen. These panel members, unlike the guilt jury, come from localities where the crime did not occur. Also unlike the guilt jury they are not actually convened into a sitting panel.
The size of the pool is inversely proportional to the severity of the crimes of conviction, though never falling below a minimum threshold.

2) Each member of this new pool is approached in turn, one at a time. They are not told their order within the pool. The pool member is presented facts about the convict, though some material is held back (race and name as race proxy being two that come immediately to my mind). A defense representative will be part of this process to ensure that no improper information is conveyed. If any such information is conveyed then the results of that pool member are disqualified if adverse to the convict.

3) The pool member is asked whether they wish to rehabilitate the convict. If the answer is "yes" then the convict is placed in the pool member's home in some form of legal guardianship and is once more considered to be a juvinile for legal purposes. A stipend calculated to make the convict's presense and rehabilitation financally neutral shall be paid in order to negate at least most cost-benefit analysis from the pool member's mind.

4) If all pool members say "no" the convict is placed in prison where they are given a chance for a normal set of appeals. When those appeals are exhausted the convict is executed, not for the crime of conviction, but for being considered unfit for living within society.

5) Upon completion of the term of legal guardianship, the the convict is returned to full civil status with no restrictions whatsoever on their liberty.
The only time the prior conviction can be discovered through legal means is during a subsequent penalty determination.

This system is intended for use only in felony cases, misdemeanors should be reduced strictly to incarceration/fine with no other effects outliving whatever term of probation is also given. Also no actual juvinile is to be placed in this system, though many juvinile cases make the natural parents appear as a significant issue.

I realize the distance requirements of step 1 would be far easier to acheive in the federal system and large states like California and Texas than smaller states. I believe this could be overcome by setting up some form of convict exchange. I include this step for the purpose of removing the convict from
an familiar environment, and hopefully make it at least somewhat more difficult to establish contact with whatever criminal element exists in the new location.

This system would also reduce the value of plea bargaining, the remaining options being immunity or a negotiated pool size larger than contemplated for the criminal category.

I also realize that current precident would not allow the above system to be implemented and that amendment(s) would be required to effectuate that change.

Soronel Haetir, Sentencing Law and Policy 15 Comments [7/26/2017 9:49:27 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 129758

To think, our Orwellian society could have had
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength

And instead wound up with
Men can be women
Women can be men
Children can consent to sex


der-prinz-aus-stahl, Tumblr 12 Comments [7/26/2017 9:49:20 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 129753

I will take lectures from American “conservatives” on what unhealthy or racist motivations there were for Brexit when they’ve put up with new flags, new anthems, pan-American Parliaments in Bogota & Montevideo, having laws struck down by a court in Havana, a free movement zone stretching from Anchorage to Buenos Aires and repeatedly being left with the bill for a currency union between Canada, Bolivia, Mexico and Haiti.
Please, do feel free to tell me how this is motivated by racism when you have lived under that system long enough to know what it’s like. Until then, a period of respectful silence would be appreciated.

fukuyamasutra, Tumblr 8 Comments [7/26/2017 8:11:59 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 129751

The Anti “Halalification” Crusade of Chinese Netizens
By Manya Koetse

The “halal-ification” (????) of food products in China has been a hot issue on Chinese social media over the past two years. Discussions on the spread of halal food in China broke out again this week when food delivery platform Meituan Takeaway (????) locally introduced a special halal channel and separate delivery boxes for halal food. What especially provoked online anger was the line used by Meituan to promote its new services, saying it would “make people eat more safely” (Literally: “Using separate boxes for halal food will put your mind at ease.”)

The image of Meituan’s promotional campaign for halal food that went viral on Chinese media: “Make you eat more assured.”

Many netizens said the measure discriminates against non-Muslims. They called on others to boycott Meituan and to delete the app from their phone. In response, the topic ‘Is Meituan Going Bankrupt?’ (#????????#) received over 3.7 million views on Weibo, with thousands of netizens discussing the issue under various hashtags.


A popular Weibo imam called Li Haiyang from Henan wrote a post in March titled “Raising Awareness about Islamic Dietary Law” (“?????????????“), in which he discussed the importance of national standards on halal food in China. Li Haiyang, who is part of China’s Henan Islam Society (?????????), wrote that all Muslims should follow the classic rules and abide by their beliefs, of which Islamic dietary laws are an important part, and that the PRC cannot discriminate against Muslim ethnic groups by refusing to legally protect Muslim halal food.

At the time, the imam’s post was shared over 500 times and besides much support, it also attracted many comments strongly opposing the imam’s views. A typical comment said: “China is a secular country ruled by an atheist Party, and firmly boycotts Islamic laws!” Despite backlash, there are multiple accounts on Weibo dedicated to informing people about halal food, such as ‘China Halal Food Web’ (@??????? 3100+ fans) or ‘Halal Cuisine Web’ (@?????, 3950 fans).


In the halal food debate on Chinese social media, the term qingzhen fànhuà (????) is often used – a new term that popped up in Chinese media in 2016. It basically means ‘halal-ification’ or ‘halal generalization,’ but because qingzhen also means ‘Islamic,’ it can also imply ‘Islamization.’

And that is precisely what is at the heart of the discussion on the spread of halal food on Chinese social media: those who oppose the spread of halal food in the PRC connect the normalization of Islamic dietary laws to an alleged greater societal shift towards Islam. The spread of ‘Islam’ and ‘halal food’ are practically the same things in these discussions through the concept of qingzhen.


On Baike, Baidu’s Wikipedia-like platform, the page explaining the term qingzhen fànhuà ???? says: “The term [halalification] originally only referred to the scope of the specific diet of [Muslim] ethnic groups, and has now spread to the domains of family life and even social life beyond diet, including things such as halal water, halal tooth paste, and halal paper towels.”

Advertisement in Ningxia public transport for halal paper towels.

The Baike page explains that halal products are hyped by companies that are merely seeking to gain profits. It also says that halalification is “not good for national harmony” and “not conducive to the healthy development of Chinese Islam.”


The ‘No Halal Web’ account wrote: “This already is Muhammed’s Shanghai.” They later stated: “In the Islam world, the demands of Muslims are not as simple as just wanting a mosque, they want their environment to be Islamic/halal.”

Verified net user ‘Leningrad Defender’ (@???????, 254465 fans) posted photos of a segregated ‘halal’ checkout counter at a Jingkelong supermarket in Beijing’s Chaoyang area, wondering “is this even legal”?

‘Halal’ checkout counter at a supermarket in Beijing’s Chaoyang area.

A Weibo user named ‘The Eagle of Great Han Dynasty’ (@????001) posted a photo on July 20 showing a bag of infant nutrition from the China Family Planning Association that also has a ‘halal’ label on it. He writes:

“What is the Family Planning Committee doing? Why is this halal? This is Jilin province, are we all Muslims? What is behind this, can the Committee tell the public? This is financed through the state, the public has the right to know!”

Infant product by the Family Planning Committee that is labeled ‘halal.’

Others also responded to the photo, saying: “State-financed products should not be religious.”


One of the key arguments in the debate is not so much an opposition to halal food in itself, but an opposition to a normalization of ‘halal food’ (with the complicating factor that the Chinese qingzhen also means ‘Islamic’ and ‘clean and pure’), which allegedly discriminates against non-Muslims and increases social polarization. Many netizens said that if there are special boxes for food for Muslims, there should also be special boxes for food for Buddhists, Daoists, atheists, etc.

It is not the first time that the separation of facilities/services for Muslims versus non-Muslims triggers online discussions in China. In September last year, the introduction of special “Muslim-only” shower cabins at a Chinese university also provoked anger about alleged “Muslim privilege.”


A female netizen from Beijing wrote:

“Why are so many brain-dead people opposing Muslims these days? How does Meituan’s separation of halal food hinder you? What do you care if your yogurt is halal? If you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat it. There are plenty of people who will. Use your brain for a bit. Not all Muslims are extremists; just as not all people from the Northeast are criminals.”


One young female writer says:

“(..) Under the current national policy of protecting ethnic minorities, Muslims enjoy special privileges in the name of national unity. If this continues for a long time, the inequality inevitably will spread to other domains of society. Today it is about separate boxes for food; tomorrow it might be about separate seating areas in restaurants. And what’s next? Segregated neighborhoods? Trains? Airplanes? It might seem like a trivial matter, but if you ignore this, then those who are privileged now will go on and get greater privileges. The distancing of Muslims will only grow. I’m not saying this to alarm you. It’s self-evident that unequal benefits and the privilege of an ethnic group will eventually create conflicts between the people.”

They later say: “What we want is national unity, not religious solidarity. (..) You have your freedom of religion, which app I use is my freedom. Separate boxes and other special services will ultimately be reflected in the costs, and I do not want to pay religious tax. Luckily I have the freedom to delete this app and stop using it.”

No Halal Food, et. al., What's on Weibo 23 Comments [7/26/2017 8:10:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Salami

Quote# 129746

One can only wonder whether the judgment of God will fall on the nation of U.S.A.

The depravity of the Roman Caesars and the Roman Empire included God forbidden sexual acts, as Obama’s abominations and his ’sodomization of America’. That was one aspect of Rome’s cesspit of iniquity, with the added perversions of the Babylonian, Medo Persian, and Greek Empires, which resulted in its fall.

To all of this was added the evil of Emperor Worship, along with the abundant images of the various Caesars and the required oblations to be made, which many Christians refused to perform.

It was not only their flagrant and open sins. Nero in particular, as were others, was guilty of gross persecution and making martyrs of innumerable Christians, particularly from A.D.64-A.D.68. This shedding of innocent blood was not unnoticed by God.

Tacitus, that great Roman historian has recorded an account of the depths of Rome’s evil and depravity.

Gibbon, the 18th century English author of ‘The Fall And Decline Of The Roman Empire’, attributed it to the homosexuality, lesbianism and similar depravities as those of the guilty Obama.

It is evident it contributed greatly to the fall of Rome, on consideration of the Caesar’s and Rome’s rampant homosexuality, same sex marriages even of Nero’s to a boy in the dress of a woman and on it goes. The Book of Revelation reveals that judgment fell on Rome. She did fall, that evil Babylon, the Scarlet Woman.

Will America find its end in like manner. The reproach she has allowed to fall upon her could have this result. Will the hoped for ‘God bless America’ eventuate in a curse she has brought upon herself.

Irene Bonney Faulkes, Real Jew News 15 Comments [7/26/2017 8:09:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129744

Krystle Nichols hoped to avoid diving into arguments centered around a Kalkaska leader’s Facebook activity but quickly found her business immersed in the debate.


Nichols berated Sieting while the room listened and at least six members of the group Great Lakes Three Percenters — a group that states its purpose is to protect Americans’ constitutional rights — patrolled outside, armed with assault rifles, pistols and bullet-proof vests. Group members reported to Kalkaska after hearing rumors and threats that never developed, according to Gary Howell, a member of the group from Zeeland.

Sieting said he was unfamiliar with the group and continued refusing to apologize for his Facebook activity.

He shared his post that called for the killing of “every last Muslim” for historical reasons, Sieting said. He blamed unknown opponents’ “malice intent” in looking for something on his Facebook page they could use to “inflict damage” on him.

Jerrica Temple, a village resident, said the recent attention was an attack on his First Amendment rights.

“They’re not attacking what he’s saying, they’re attacking his freedom of speech,” she said, agreeing with his anti-Islamic post. “I support Jeff wholeheartedly.”


Joyce Golden, a county resident, fears the impacts the argument is having on the village. She joined others who wore shirts asking for prayers for Sieting and President Donald Trump. She wanted to show Sieting support and hopes to see the arguments subside so business can go back to normal.

Kalkaska, MI village President Jeff Sieting and village residents, Traverse City Record-Eagle 11 Comments [7/26/2017 5:13:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: A'isha

Quote# 129743

[Video Description]

Since the first family was micro-Chipped in 2001, there has been a huge campaign to promote and condition society to accept the human micro-chip implants. In 2004 the FDA approved the RFID micro-chip for safe human implantation and ever since then the idea has become more and more accepted.

Believe it or not, the Vatican has decided to use the micro-chip technology to track it's clergy and employees also. wow.

The US Government desperately wants to pass a Law forcing all Americans to be Micro-Chipped by March of 2013. Although that Law temporarily failed, it is certain that in the near future you will be arrested if you refuse to be micro-chipped. Our government, a newly formed dictatorship, will find a way to make it happen.

We might as well have implanted micro-chips, the way we are treating people. They are using palm scanners at schools and chipping the police already. Children are getting expelled from school for not wearing the micro-chips on their bodies so that they can be tracked. Why would the FDA approved a drug that contains a tiny micro-chip inside it, meanwhile the government is trying to illegally FORCE vaccines on the public.

Other Countries and local states are already Micro-Chipping their government officials and making it ILLEGAL to use Cash. Italy and Louisiana have already made it illegal to use cash for simple purchases. Sweden wants to end the use of cash also. Even our retail companies like JCPenny will not be accepting CASH anymore. They are even starting to detain people at highway Toll Booths now for using cash to pay the toll.

There are many companies that will not hire you if you're not micro-chipped for security purposes. If you want to work, buy or sell anything at all, you will be required to have a micro-chip implant in the very near future.

Entire Governments in Other Countries are forcing the RFID BIO-CHIP on their top official. World Leaders are now calling for the widespread mandatory use of this technology. It will be Enforced Eventually by a World Dictator for everyone, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive as his ID Mark on their Right Hand or Forehead. Don't think that you can hide from this. The military is making thousands of tiny insect size "Spy Drones" and "robots" that can run faster than humans to hunt us down.

TOP TRUTHS, Youtube 16 Comments [7/26/2017 5:12:13 AM]
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