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Quote# 122908

Just when you think you’ve heard all possible (and, frankly, impossible) justifications for homosexuality, you realize there’s one more: ghosts. Yup! A paranormal organization is claiming that the vast majority of gay men and women aren’t actually gay – they’re just possessed by someone of the opposite sex.

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SRF), 85 percent of all gay men are possessed by female ghosts, causing them to be attracted to other men. Lesbians are, you guessed it, possessed by males ghosts.

“The main reason behind the gay orientation of some men is that they are possessed by female ghosts. It is the female ghost in them that is attracted to other men,” claims the group on Twitter.

The SRF cite “spiritual research” as proving that “the cause for homosexual preferences lie predominantly in the spiritual realm.”

Here’s how the group breaks down the remaining 15 percent:

* Only five percent are gay due to “hormonal changes”;

* And 10 percent are considered gay because they had “an experience with a person of the same sex as a teenager or young adult that was pleasurable”

Nonetheless, the group believes ghosts overpower the majority of homosexuals. “The ghost’s consciousness overpowers the person’s normal behavior to produce the homosexual attraction,” states their website.

Just in case there’s any doubt that there’s more to this than just science or a genuine belief in the paranormal, here’s what the SRF had to say about gay pride parades:

"Organizing such Parades in the name of human rights and freedom does not indicate that society is progressing. In fact, this evidences its decline. The human race needs to know what is right and what is wrong. Just as we teach children not to play in dirty water or eat mud, we need to educate society what is correct from a spiritual perspective. By failing to do so, we run the risk of a further decline in Righteousness and consequently people in society will become more unhappy."

Spiritual Science Research Foundation, The Gaily Grind 25 Comments [12/8/2016 6:00:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122907

KT’s father worked the night shift as a train dispatcher in Madison, Wisconsin. The eldest of four, KT had a brother here in New York City who had followed her to George Washington University and then worked as an analyst. “Ummmm. He was sick and then he died,” is all she would say when pressed. Michael Troia had aids; his obituary listed three “companions.”

KT, the moderate in this race, couldn’t abide his sexual orientation. Shortly after she discovered Mike had aids, she wrote her parents lengthy, angry, almost Gothic letters in which she outed her brother, blamed her father for his troubles as well as those of her and her other siblings, and cut off contact with her parents. “Have you ever wondered why I have never had anything to do with Mike and have never let my daughters see him although we live only fifteen minutes away from each other?” she wrote. “He has been a lifelong homosexual, most of his relationships brief, fleeting one-night stands.” The father’s behavior had surfaced for McFarland as recovered memory. She said a shrink put her up to writing the letter; reached for comment, her mother, Edith Troia—KT has since made up with her parents—denied the account. “Wouldn’t that make a great book?” she said. “Please be kind. You could be casting dark shadows on this whole race.”

KT McFarland, New York Magazine 8 Comments [12/8/2016 6:00:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 122906

Well technically they are right. Pedolphilia is 'bad' because society has deemed it so. Nature doesn't give a sh*t about what society deems good or bad. Sexual orientation towards children is no different than any other sexual orientation, except that in todays society it has very negative connotations towards it.

flairlon, 14 Comments [12/8/2016 5:57:20 AM]
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Quote# 122905

Many girls are PAST THEIR PRIME at 18. In fact if makeup and pushup bras didn't exist I don't think we would look a twice at any girl past the age of 18. Old women are putting a stranglehold on male sexuality (it is women who petitioned for the govt around 1900 or something to raise the age of consent from 10 to 16... not incremental, straight from 10 to 16. it was a time when women were complaining about EVERYTHING. they just wouldn't shut the **** up and the men were incredibly weak, they even allowed prohibition because of these whining women). And not only do we accept this incredible injustice, there is an army of men who will defend their own freedoms being stripped. They will even mindlessly attack and kill men who oppose this. In fact you are on a higher plane of status if you murder 3 people in cold-blood than if you have sex with one 15 year old girl.

letthemcome, 20 Comments [12/8/2016 5:57:10 AM]
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Submitted By: PETF
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Quote# 122902

A TROLL man im giving you QURAN WA SUNNAH. Learn your deen! Ask the ulama regarding this and see what answer youll get

Salaf us salih , 10 Comments [12/8/2016 5:56:16 AM]
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Quote# 122901

I think sociopaths will always exist, and may even increase in number, and in ability what they want, because of the feminist/manginist revolution. Situations are gonna arise where wives refuse to submit to their husbands, and at that point it's up to the husband to decide whether he's going to hold frame and keep trying to get her to submit, or give up and retreat from the battlefield, and surrender the fight for dominance. (Note that I don't say, surrender HIS fight, but rather, surrender THE fight. Because the outcome of surrendering isn't that he's going to be an equal partner. When there's war, one party to the conflict or another is going to be the occupying power. Enemy troops are going to be marching into someone's capital, and it's only a question of whose capital.)

The husband is not like a boyfriend, who can just walk out and find another woman. His own conscience won't let him do that, if he has a conscience. But the sociopath doesn't care about rules or anything else but his own desires. He will put himself first.

When the husband looks around and sees that he has no moral support in his struggle, but rather than people blame him for the conflict and advise him to submit to her wishes, he will tend to capitulate, just because it's the easiest path. But the narcissist will put himself first because he believes he's entitled to it. Meanwhile, the Machiavellian will realize that putting himself first is the way to win the fight, because he knows how her mind works.

The beta, even though he may have some Red Pill awareness, is just gonna have trouble keeping frame when the world is against him. He will succumb to the temptation to hand in his balls when she tries to break his spirit. Maybe it was a shit test, but there will come a point where he gets weary and doesn't care whether he fails it or not. He'll just want rest.

There won't be anyone to tell his wife, "Maybe you're carrying these shit tests a little TOO far" or to tell the husband, "Stand firm and win." And to the extent there is someone telling him to stand firm, it's probably going to be someone who doesn't matter, like some misogynist on the Internet (as opposed to, say, a member of the family whom the wife complains to about her husband's dominating ways).

After the husband surrenders, his time is limited, but he doesn't care. When she starts banging another dude, that will be his call to rest and relaxation. He can receive the restraining order and divorce papers, which tell him that his duties toward her are over, except for the financial duties of course, but that's just a matter of writing a check rather than listening to her blaming him for everything. Society will continue to blame him, but he can simply refuse to fight their blaming. He can passively allow his spirit to be crushed rather than insisting he's right.

The dude she'll be banging will be a dark triad guy who won't stand for her shit. He'll slap her around and insist on his way, or else he's walking. His dread game will be effective, and they will live happily ever after. The beta schlub, on the other hand, will just put in his time until he dies, and then perhaps be pleased when he's on his deathbed that it's finally over.

The handing over of the balls is a momentous event, like the cop's handing over his gun to the criminals who have him cornered, or the general's handing over his sword to the victorious conqueror, or the speaker of the house handing over his gavel to the other party's leader. The surrendering husband will always remember it, even though it happens with little fanfare, taking place solely in his mind. He will always recall what finally prompted it, after many battles in the struggle for dominance. He'll remember that last fight when he finally said to himself, "I can't do this anymore."

And yet, paradoxically enough, when you can ask your wife and her new guy, "Would you like Smiley Sauce with that?" from the drive-thru window, and tell the Colonel down the street "you know what? I don't care", it's actually when you regain your balls

Raymond Kertezc, Kings Wiki 12 Comments [12/8/2016 5:56:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 122900

Dark triad

The dark triad is a combination of three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Put another way, the "Dirty Dozen" dark triad traits include a desire for attention, admiration, favors, and prestige; the manipulation, exploitation, deceit and flattery of others; a lack of remorse, morality concerns and sensitivity, and cynicism. The Dirty Dozen is a condensed version of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, Mach-IV, and Psychopathy Scale-III.

In practice these traits essentially allude to the following principles which make an alpha male stand out from his beta brethren:

Narcissism - Respecting oneself and putting one's own needs before others' wants. Many beta males do not respect their own needs and go out of their way to try to please others or "be liked".

Machiavellianism - Having street wisdom or good social intuition and being able to make good judgment calls; many betas are naive and take what people say at face value; such as betas who don't read between the lines when girls say they want a "nice guy".

Psychopathy - Not caring about what "society" thinks of you but what you think of yourself, similar to the above, many betas let society or parents decide their own values out of fear of disapproval.

Several mainstream academic, peer-reviewed studies have confirmed that women are sexually attracted to men who exhibit dark triad traits, likely because of women's hypergamous nature.[Sources]

Vinita Mehta notes:[Source]

What might explain this result? Carter and his colleagues offer two possible explanations. First, sexual selection might be at work. This would mean that women are responding to signals of “male quality” when it comes to reproduction. And with respect to short-term mating, women may be drawn to ‘bad boys’, who demonstrate confidence, stubbornness, and risk-taking tendencies. Second, sexual conflict may be at play. The investigators state that “Women may be responding to DT men’s ability to ‘sell themselves’; a useful tactic in a co-evolutionary ‘arms race’ in which men convince women to pursue the former’s preferred sexual strategy.” They note that like a “used-car dealer,” Dark Triad men may be effective charmers and manipulators, furthering their success at short-term mating. The authors are also careful to note that though women rated the DT character as comparatively more attractive, it does not necessarily mean that they would have sex with them.

Kings Wiki, Kings Wiki 16 Comments [12/8/2016 5:55:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 122899

Its the sunnah to marry early. Hormones are raging the age of puberty has already been hit. Marry them off early its for their own good help keep them chaste and protect them from the haram. You refuse to marry them off early then wonder why her and the next door neighbors son ali are sneaking around. You wonder why your son was caught watching porn or masturbating. You wonder why. You wanted your daughter to finish her college education now she wants to introduce her kaffir boyfriend John to the family.

Get them married young and quick fifteen or sixteen is not young according to islam your an adult. Girls this age have mense n sexual desires boys this age can emit semen and have sexual desires. What are you waiting for???

Salaf us salih , 6 Comments [12/8/2016 5:54:36 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: PETF
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Quote# 122894

Mad scientists are tampering with God's creation, developing glow-in-the-dark dogs, pigs, cats, mice and soon to be, humans. Chimeras are undoubtedly being developed in secret, combining human DNA with that of animals to produce freaks of nature. Monsanto and other corporations have already developed genetically modified [GM] crops “FrankenFoods” that cause sterilization, contain insecticides, and cause “Morgellon’s Disease.” The Devil is a fiend. The truth will come out in the years to come if the Lord tarries His return.

With the incredible knowledge that mankind now has, and the evil heart of humanity (Jeremiah 17:9), where will all this lead? Certainly God will only allow men to go so far in their insanity, wickedness and rebellion against Him.


Chemtrails: Death in the Air! (Don't laugh, there's substantial evidence that the government has been spraying viruses and God only knows what else on American citizens from the air.)

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 21 Comments [12/8/2016 5:53:02 AM]
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Quote# 122892

You have convinced yourselves that there is no God and refuse to entertain the idea that there is...The mistake you are all making...including Floo is in thinking that that God and Jesus are an age old myth not worth bothering about and refusing to see a very advanced Deity that is playing out a plan from which they wont deviate.

This is proven by science especially as the Drake Equation positively states there is a strong possibility that other life forms are alive in this universe...many of them living on planets in the Milky Way...and according to other eye-witnesses they have this planet under surveillance.

This possibility automatically means that their level of intelligence is far greater than ours and could see things totally different to us.

The plan appears to be to warn the population on this planet of an impending danger and telling us that there is a way of protecting ourselves...the same way Jesus did from an event that carried the same dangers.

One thing we can be certain of if we accept the science and eye-witness accounts is that these visitors have a leader and Jesus was full of the authority of this leader calling him Almighty God.

If you want to know more about that leader from Heaven you must read the reports left behind by them after they actively interacted with people on this's all in the Holy Bible...but the choice is yours.

NicholasMarks, Religion and Ethics 30 Comments [12/7/2016 9:31:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Nearly Sane
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Quote# 122891

The 9th of November 2016 was a great day. We will remember it as well as our parents remember the first moon landing in July 1969 or the fall of the Berlin wall. Liberal mainstream media—almost a pleonasm—are either stunned or agitating. Some of these crybullies clamour to themselves how “fearful” they are, lament on the “destruction of the West”—a curious expression as it seldom appears under leftist pens—or have difficulties to acknowledge that the man they have despised and defamed every day for months will be the 45th President of the United States.

Outside the US, The Donald’s victory is creating waves, too. So many liberals allegedly connected to the Canadian Immigration website to crash it. In France, the bourgeois bohemians who work in the media, academia and everything that constitutes the big left establishment do the same posturing than their American counterparts, whereas the petits blancs (impoverished, disenfranchised whites) and local “righters” rejoice.

In Brazil, where your humble servant lives, the official media is making some tedious comments that deliver a flabby criticism. Local leftist talking heads condemn the “white protestants” and reality shows in a very cliché posturing that mixes anti-white prejudice with a critique of capitalism, whereas some new traditionalists, among whom some have been avid readers and makers of Alt-Right content, are grateful.

This is our victory.

A pro-Pepe Facebook group has had a substantive discussion about where a red-pilled foreigner considering moving to the US after the Donald won should go. To make a long story short, some have advised potential newcomers to go live in the Midwest, in Texas as long as one stays away from Houston or Dallas, in Wyoming for the gun rights, in Pennsylvania excluding Philadelphia and the urban areas, close to the Appalachian mountains if one enjoys outdoors, while staying away from Illinois. Most of those who participated were whites, but I have spotted some Latino and Arab names. Some made jokes on these names but no fuss.

And here the following question arises. What defines us? Liberals have been shrieking about “xenophobia” or “racism” all the time. Yet, strictly national boundaries are much less relevant than before, even for us, even when we all rejoiced about Trump’s promise to make a wall. All over the world we are rejoicing around the GOP candidate’s victory.

American “Trumpists” undoubtedly feel closer to non-Americans who have been dissenting from the NWO on the Internet and wanted the Donald to pass than to American libtards. A lot of us are OK with having non-whites around: we don’t pander to arrogant, aggressive anti-whites, but that does not mean we would have to be “racists” as the liberal caricature wants us to be. To cut in more personally, I know of no genuine red-pilled or Alt-Righter who would have rejected me as a frog, although I remember some stars and stripes cucks blaming me for daring to speak about American politics without owning a US passport.

So, once again, what defines us? Why are we a “we”? Race plays a role for sure. We struggle to keep the white people from getting dissolved into the acid bath of wide-scale miscegenation and dispossession. We want a right to solidarity based at least partly on race, i.e. on lineage and identity, just like all the pseudo-minority groups out there. We fight the double standard that allows them to be communitarian, tribalistic, nepotistic, without being ever responsible of what they do, whereas we are supposed to keep our heads down and be taught everything by liberal social engineers in a world where we would have no freedom, no future, no dignity.

But even then, there have been Blacks, Latinos, and many women who participated into bringing The Donald to the White House. I have a race-mixed friend who supported Trump all along. This is not to say “I’m not a racist!,” afraid cuckservative-style, but to show there are some and we know it firsthand.

It is no mystery why most of us are white: we are united around a civilization that was primarily built by people of European descent. But there is more, too.

And this “more” that, I think, defines and binds us; this “more” is shared awareness.

We are all aware, broadly speaking, of the same phenomena and trends. We have witnessed the break-up of families and harmonious relationships between men and women. We have been faced with the untold prohibition to make the least critic of feminism, “minority groups” aggressive identitarianism, and with the pervasive omnipresence of these leftist norms commonly referred to as political correctness. We have seen neoliberalism allowing a handful of careless, irresponsible assholes sending the jobs overseas, importing third-world immigration, then force us into a life of chronic unemployment or endless struggles against other low-wage individuals for a small place under the sun.

We saw how conservatism was a sham that never faced the genuine problems. We witnessed societies crumble, conflictual “minoritarian” group identities being crafted by the likes of Soros, and the meritorious worker or professional—whatever his race—getting exploited to the benefit of the lower and upper parasites. We saw the liberal establishment using various social categories like pawns to create horizontal struggles and depopulation.

Of course, some disagreements can be found on this or that particular issue, but we all see the same devastated landscape in lieu of the brilliant civilization the West once was.

André du Pôle, Return of Kings 21 Comments [12/7/2016 9:30:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122889

This article is a very clever word game, reminiscent of Bill Clinton testifying about whether he had sex with Monica Lewinsky. It dodges the actual issue of whether Europe should allow itself to be assimilated by Islamic culture in the name of political correctness or should Islamic immigrants be required to assimilate themselves into European culture?

IT DOESN'T MATTER if it's a burqa or a hijab or a niqab, or how many women actually wear them. What does matter is that Europeans are waking up to the dangers posed by the importation of the Islamic culture into their own, and are taking a stand against it. Wearing Islamic garb is symbolic. So is the banning of wearing that garb in situations where public safety is concerned.

Adam Taylor, Agnes De Feo, and other Islamic apologists actually have the audacity to blame bans on burqas as a cause for women becoming Islamic terrorists. That's like saying gun laws caused the Sandy Hook school shootings.

Daniel Rutschman, The Washington Post 20 Comments [12/7/2016 9:29:49 AM]
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Quote# 118891

With the help from MediaWiki expert Raymond Kertezc, I have launched Kings Wikis, a wiki centered around the themes of masculinity and nationalism. After a one-month beta run, we are now ready for a wider launch with over 300 articles already published. Here are the most developed articles we currently have:

Female Body Types
R/K Selection Theory
Female hair length
Dark triad
Secret Internet Fatty

For a list of all articles, click here.

The goal with Kings Wiki is to have a wiki resource that presents truthful information from a masculine viewpoint. Instead of competing with Wikipedia, Kings Wiki will focus on subjects that are most relevant to our sphere. When these subjects are Googled, the public will be able to easily find our take, especially since Google ranks wikis very highly in their results. I view Kings Wiki as a long-term project to build influence. While it’s not an active destination like ROK, it does have new daily content that will make it worth frequent visits.


Of course a wiki is not possible without users who edit it, so I encourage you to participate in the project by editing an existing page from clicking the “edit” button or creating your own page from simply typing a phrase in the search box and then clicking the red create link. Here is a wiki editing guide to get you started. You can also check out the forum thread on the wiki to participate further. If you create a page, drop the link in the comments so we can take a look.

Roosh Valizadeh, Return of Kings 32 Comments [12/7/2016 9:28:27 AM]
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Quote# 122884

I am praising God today because He got us safely through the month of October. No more devil’s holy day for now. I’m tired of it. Good riddance.

Afterward my daughter berated me for “spoiling” the kids’ Halloween by passing out tracts. She stood there and lectured me about “the kids deserve to have some fun,” and that Halloween, Christmas and Easter are all about kids “having fun” without any restrictions. I only halfway listened to her nonsense, knowing that she’s lost and was recalling all the brainwashed foolishness of the public schools. It’s all mind control with them. I didn’t say much but just endured it until she was finished, and I wasn’t angry at her. What a silly fool she is. She needs Jesus just like anyone else.

kingjameswriter1965, I Hate The Internet But I Love Jesus 25 Comments [12/6/2016 2:01:27 PM]
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Quote# 122882

[Re. Dumbledore]

All across Europe, America, and across the world, schoolroom children are now being sold on homosexuality through their beloved Harry Potter infatuation. Whereas normal children would shun the idea of homosexual sex, they're now forced to seriously reconsider, since one of the beloved Harry Potter' characters is gay.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 27 Comments [12/6/2016 2:00:34 PM]
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Quote# 122881

A Church of Scientology attorney sent a letter to A&E lawyers to remove a teaser for its series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, charging that Amy Scobee, the subject of the first episode, lied about being raped and “acted as the sexual aggressor,” the Underground Bunker reports.

Scobee was just 14 years-old when a 35-year-old Scientology supervisor allegedly raped her and fellow staff members kept mum. In his letter to A&E, Church attorney Gary S. Soter charged that Scobee was 16 during the incident, and therefor within the age of consent. But Scobee insists the Church lawyer is lying.

“One night Darryl said he needed me to work late to help him get some paperwork done. I told him I had to catch the bus at a certain time, otherwise I’d have no way of getting home. He said he would gladly drive me,” Scobee wrote in her self-published book. “That evening when no one was left in the church, Darryl had me perform oral sex on him in the Academy and when driving me home, he pulled off to the side of the road and had sex with me in his car. I was only 14 at the time.”

In addition to insisting Scobee lied about her age during the incident, Soter also argued she was the aggressor. “According to his contemporaneous report, she acted as the sexual aggressor, rubbing up against him and reaching into his pants,” Sotor wrote in his letter.

In a statement, Remini—whose own struggles with the Church of Scientology have been widely reported—said, “Gary Soter should be ashamed of himself.”

“What’s in this letter is so appalling, I don’t even have the words to continue,” she added, calling it “more proof that the Church of Scientology is unwavering in its policy of attacking people who expose it.”

Scobee, whose book Abuse at the Top chronicles her experience with Church of Scientology leaders including the incident that occurred when she was 14, said the letter is understandable given what she knows about the Church.

“It’s typical of a sleazy lawyer defending a criminal cult,” she responded.

Gary S. Soter, Raw Story 8 Comments [12/6/2016 2:00:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122869

[Discussing the film The Conjuring 2]

The facts in the real life case, as in the film, are that a young girl and her family experience strange phenomena in their North London home after she plays with a Ouija board.

Obligatory pneumatology PSA: legends, folklore, and old wives' tales often contain a kernel of truth. The universally negative portrayal of Ouija boards and other methods of communicating with spirits is one nut that Hollywood's blind squirrels reliably manage to find. DO NOT play around with this stuff.

And to head off the skeptic's favorite sophomoric objection: it's not that a mass-produced toy is magic. It's that the chosen end of seeking undue power over preternatural beings and phenomena is inherently evil; not the specific means used.

Brian Niemeier, Kairos 21 Comments [12/6/2016 1:59:15 PM]
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Vulture of the Month Award

Quote# 122859

This is an actual picture of the outside of that building where the deadly fire happened at in Oakland a few nights ago. Note what's painted on the wall outside the window. I talk about this in my ebook 'Hedonism: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds.' I have a chapter in there that deals specifically with truth behind clubs, partying and festivals. Someone may ask 'Why are you using this tragedy to promote your ebook?' The simple answer is because it saves lives! Hate to say I told you so, but had those who were partying read my ebook, they most likely would not have been there in the first place; and perhaps would've saved their lives. Jesus binds all wounds: even the kind caused by tragic loss. I pray the wounds of the families who lost loved ones are healed by the Lord Himself during this dark time. And I hope the rest of you wise up to what's really going on out there - behind the scenes. The spirit world is very very real.

Mack Major, Facebook 21 Comments [12/6/2016 1:58:17 PM]
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Quote# 122854

It's a pretty serious "means of intimidation," and one that is not applied to Black Lies Matter, because they are politically correct.

If the facts of the story are correct, and I will bet they are, the officer cannot actually arrest based on hearsay or even video. He has to actually witness the criminal trespass. However, a criminal trespass complaint can be filed with the police by the owner, and if she has video or other evidence showing that he trespassed, then a warrant can be sworn out, at which time an arrest can be made. If the officer does not see it, and no warrant exists, then no arrest can be made. The reason for this is obvious: I could tell the police that Darciejo kicked my dog and committed animal cruelty and an officer could arrest you if Constitutional protections were not in place. Anyplace else, beside on a sidewalk in front of an abortuary, you would not be arrested if I made such a claim.

This appears to be a very serious civil rights violation.

And we just KNOW that preborn baby killers would NEVER lie about people who slow down the flow of their blood money. (sarc)

Buffer zones were struck down by SCOTUS. However, protesters are not allowed to step on the private property of an abortuary EXCEPT where a public easement exists.

Also, if the driveway entrance coincides in line with a public sidewalk, then protestors are allowed to cross over that driveway entrance, but not stand and block it. In such an instance, the driveway entrance serves as a sort of pedestrian crosswalk, and drivers must yield to the pedestrian / protester, NOT vice versa.

Having been nearly run down by our Dr. Death, abortuary owner, and long-faced deathscorts in such a driveway entrance, I enjoy crossing over it at our abortuary. It's what I like to call a "win-win" scenario: they miss me, I win by living another day; they hit me, I win through martyrdom, and my heirs own the abortuary which will be turned into a CPC after my funeral and judgement award. :-)

WorldGoneCrazy, Live Action News 18 Comments [12/6/2016 1:57:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Jocasta
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Quote# 122833

Let's face it: we live in a depraved and barbaric culture regardless of the killing method. Here's hoping that 5 years from now, maybe 10, surely 20, our country will look back on these days with the same disgust we now look back on the days of slavery and Jew gassing and say "There were actually several thousand women each day who paid someone to kill the child inside of their womb, often with the full support or pressure of those around them - and someone actually DID it for them - in fact, that there were "clinics" set up for that main purpose?!?"

WorldGoneCrazy, Live Action News 15 Comments [12/6/2016 1:56:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Jocasta
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Quote# 122812

This is in response to my previous post, where a debate took place about whether Christians should use modern medications or not as it relates to so-called mental illness. The following are my thoughts on the matter that deal with healing, sickness, medication and the believer in general.

No one here to my understanding is totally against medication. If medicine can cause your brain to operate at such a level that demons cannot use your brain as an effective tool against you: that's better than not taking the medication.

My point is that the believer/Christian/son or daughter of God does not place their trust in medicines. There is a very thin line between natural remedies and unnatural remedies. Most modern medicine falls in the category of unnatural remedies.

Many of the medicines we use came into being when researchers from Ivy league schools went to remote parts of the world and sat at the feet of shamans and local witch doctors to learn their healing techniques. Some of these universities have whole entire floors of buildings dedicated to replicating the healing methods of these occult workers into pills and vaccines that we now use. Do the research.

The biblical word for medicine in the New Testament is pharmakeia: and it means SORCERY. In other words witchcraft, occult power, black magic and potions. Why would Jesus Christ expect His followers to rely on the power of witchcraft or black magic to save them???

And since we're on the topic, one reason for so many sick believers (mentally and physically) is due to them harboring unforgiveness, bitterness and a destructive spirit towards other believers. When you work to destroy any part of the body of Christ you're also destroying your own body in the process.

Another cause for so much sickness among Christians is eating the holy communion while living in an unrepentant lifestyle of sin. Paul clearly taught that these things not only cause believers to be sick and infirmed - it also leads many to an early premature death. *see 1 Corinthians 11:29-31*

In other words: being part of the Body of Christ is a serious matter and nothing to play with.

The Lord has provided the method of healing of choice for the believer. It's called laying hands on the sick and if necessary casting out demons. We are told to call for the elders of the church when we're sick - not call for the doctors first. And the elders come and lay their hands on the sick person, anointing them with oil and praying for their healing. *James 5:14-15*

This is God's healing prescription for the believer.

The problem is that many of those claiming illness don't have a church they belong to in order to call for the church elders. They're operating as renegade Christians with no church home, no pastoral oversight and no elders around them to call on in the time of need.

Remember how the bible says that Satan goes about as a roaring lion looking for someone to devour? (1 Peter 5:8) Just like the zebra or gazelle that wanders off on its own and away from the herd, that's the one that typically becomes the lion's lunch.

This is also happening to many Christians who don't believe they need a church or elders looking out for them. Satan isolates then devours them: mentally and physically.

As believers in Jesus Christ we are expected to use our faith in God and rely on each other, which activates the healing/demon-casting power we need in order to be free from the power of the enemy. And if there are natural remedies we can take to effect a cure, we should pursue those first, before resorting to using pharmakeia.

Mack Major, Facebook 13 Comments [12/6/2016 1:55:19 PM]
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Quote# 122792

If it's not free speech to burn witches, it's not free speech to burn flags.

Vox Day, Twitter 33 Comments [12/6/2016 1:55:01 PM]
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Quote# 122791

Agreed. All societies where men held the cards in divorce (19th century US, present-day Muslim societies) have very LOW divorce rates. Men always put the children first, while women never do.

The only way to have a low divorce rate society is for men to have most of the rights in the marriage, and then rely on the time-tested fact that men are just more responsible and aware of what is best for society.

A statement like this from a woman merely reveals how little they know about history, and how little curiosity they have for it.

Anon, Dalrock 14 Comments [12/6/2016 1:54:52 PM]
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Quote# 120667

Being a creationist for the wrong reason is wrong . . .

Do we feel solidarity with Muslim creationists? The question is largely similar to whether we feel solidarity with those in the Intelligent Design Movement. On one hand, we certainly use many of the same arguments and agree that evolution is an unscientific, by-faith explanation of origins from a naturalistic standpoint. Just as those in the Intelligent Design Movement may generate scientific research we agree with, and just as they may point out societal problems evolution has led to, so also may Muslims.

On the other hand, it is very easy to exaggerate the bond of Muslim and Christian creationists, as the Post article seems to do. The problem stems, first, from a focus on the creationist element of each group’s identity and, second, from forgetting that creationist views are intellectually submissive to religious views. Answers in Genesis is a ministry upholding God’s Word first and foremost—and, because of that, our mission is entirely incompatible with an organization promoting a Koranic worldview. Our position on creation is an outgrowth of a biblical worldview, and our mission is closely tied to defending that connection.

Thus, to even imply that we would find Muslim creationists more like-minded than evolutionists (Muslim or otherwise) misses the point. Any worldview that fails to begin with God’s Word is ultimately flawed, just as any individual without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ remains responsible for their sins before a just God.

AIG staff writer, AIG 15 Comments [12/6/2016 1:54:27 PM]
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Quote# 122876

Yes, they're too many false accusations it seems, plus they want it of course, after leading on men and such for centuries. From the beginning of humanity, before laws, rape only allowed humanity to thrive, unlike murder. Sex gives life, murder gives death, very simple concept thinking literally.

Victor, Yahoo! Answers 19 Comments [12/6/2016 5:52:30 AM]
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