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Quote# 122232

Asian parenting styles, success of and stress upon Asian children in educational systems whether in Asia or the U.S.?

Probably in our overpopulated, environmentally degraded, increasingly technocratic and controlling societies Asian children have a profound advantage. There is some evidence Asian children have not only considerable natural intelligence, those of perhaps especially the Far East are descendants of societies which for centuries stressed social order over individuality, which is to say for centuries the individualist in those societies was at a disadvantage and gradually the Asian type was arrived at to point of stereotype: The intelligent but rather conforming person.

In our societies today whether of East or West, whether authoritarian or democratic--choose your system, your politics--we seem to be moving regardless of label to a world which was something of the historical situation which gave birth to China and other Asian countries, which is to say stress is being placed, when organizing diverse and large populations, on intelligence and conformity more than anything else...You must be intelligent to go far goes without saying, but not intelligent and too individual--you must fit in as easily as possible with other people.

Asians excel at this as anyone has observed having walked on the streets of an Asian city such as Hong Kong or Tokyo. You see thousands of intelligent faces going politely about their business. The U.S. seems to favor this evolution.

Daniel, The New York Times  5 Comments [10/27/2016 4:05:39 PM]
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Quote# 122231

[Observer343: One or two days ago, 3 blades on 3 wind turbines (2 damaged turbines pictured) in Huron County, Michigan snapped off and are (as the local radio host puts it) hanging by a thread. I don’t know why or how this happened. A few days ago, the the turbine blades seemed just fine.]

What to do about this:

1) Investigate for sabotage. Shooting at a blade could weaken it and make it susceptible to losing part of it in overspeed winds, with the resulting eccentric load causing loss of the nacelle. That is a highly likely scenario.

2) Cut off all electric power to the area that is suspected of harboring the saboteurs until someone turns them in. Yah that’s harsh, but too fucking bad, because sabotage of wind, solar, and nuclear generating capacity is absolutely intolerable given the circumstances around climate change.

[Observer343: 1. I kinda doubt someone actually shot the blades. I haven’t heard any gunshots lately, and I would be able to easily here them around here.

2. Dude. O_O That’s extremism.

G2geek, Daily Kos 7 Comments [10/27/2016 4:04:19 PM]
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Quote# 122230

You know how many people in meatspace think my stratospheric IQ is cool? Just about zero! It doesn’t benefit me in life. One more thing. You know how many chicks in meatspace think that Chicago Tower of an IQ is cool? Just about zero! It’s been this way my whole life. No one cares if you’re a brain. Definitely, no one has ever thought that that made me a superior person! I did, sure, but who cares what I think. What matters is society. Society does not treat us brains like we are superior! If anything, it’s the opposite.

So in the real world meatspace of ordinary humans, no one gives two shits about IQ or even intelligence really. All my life, females have been abandoning and scorning us brains in favor of blockhead dumbass hulking caveman, thug and jock types. Chicks don’t even want to screw brainy guys! They want to screw double digit IQ caveman with a club types.

So what good is a high IQ? Sometimes I wonder. But in general, society does not treat a higher IQ group, not to mention individual, as superior to a lower IQ group or individual, assuming the low IQ folks are not so dumb that it’s obvious that something is wrong.

In meatspace, if you bring up IQ, you get resentful stares and attempts to change the conversation. I can’t even bring it up on the Web. I get slammed all the time for discussing my own numbers on here.

It’s funny a guy can go on and on about his achievements with women, in business, in sports and in building up his bank account, and the chicks will shower him with propositions and flirtations like confetti at a parade. But dare mention those two upper case letters denoting intelligence quotient and most of the females will start screaming at you and calling you a braggart.

They’re lying, but women always lie. Thing is, women don’t care about braggarts; if anything, they like them. The biggest braggarts get the most and best women. It’s just that to women, they only give you pussy points for bragging about certain things, like the size of your damned wallet! The size of your IQ has no importance to a female in terms of their libido (in fact, it probably cools them down) so they raise a hissy fit if you bring it up.

Robert Lindsay, Beyond Highbrow 12 Comments [10/27/2016 3:12:25 PM]
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Quote# 122227

AiG’s “Million Dollar” Tracts Are Scaring Secularists This Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and the secularists are out scaring up drama about our unique Dino-Bucks and Noah’s Ark gospel tracts. These tracts look like—as one article pointed out—“fake” one million dollar bills (of course they’re obviously fake!). On the back, they feature what the author calls “some pretty rude messages”—i.e., the gospel.

Secularists are acting as if they have just discovered a secret mission of AiG: to reach kids with the gospel during Halloween! We’ve got news for them: for decades now, we’ve been reaching children with the gospel at Halloween (and throughout the year)! It’s almost a shock to these secularists, as if Christians haven’t been sharing the good news of the gospel with the world since Christ’s death and Resurrection! Actually, I have more news for the secularists: the message of salvation was first given about 6,000 years ago as recorded in Genesis 3:15—and has been shared by believers ever since! So, yes, we’re guilty! We’ve been found out! AiG is sharing the gospel with kids of all ages! And yes, Christians have been warning people about a real place called hell for two millennia, because God’s Word does!

The secularists only want children to hear their anti-gospel message! They want kids to be told they’re just animals in an evolutionary death-and-struggle world, bound for a purposeless, meaningless existence, and then oblivion as they die and cease to exist!

The article states, “Luring [children] with fake money and threatening them with eternal damnation and pain is evil. It’s wrong and it’s abusive.” It’s true that one of our tracts reads, “Have you lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? . . . The penalty for your crimes against God is death and eternal Hell.” But these tracts don’t merely tell children about hell (and certainly don’t threaten them)—these tracts ask the “million dollar question” about what happens after death, and tell people how to get to heaven through a relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s the good news. But you also have to hear the bad news in order to receive the good news. What a horrible person a physician would be if he told a dying person that he’s fine. That patient needs to know the bad news that he’s dying in order to realize he needs the cure! The purpose of these tracts is to give the “cure” of the gospel! (Sadly, these secularists only want to focus on the bad news.)

The article accuses me of thinking that “children are wretched, lying creatures” and of “damning children for celebrating a holiday that [Ken Ham] . . . assumes is pagan.” Well, though I wouldn’t put it in those terms, it’s true that all of us, even children, have sinful natures because of Adam’s Fall (Genesis 3). But neither I nor anyone else can send a person to hell—only a person’s sin of unbelief can condemn him to an eternity without God. The point is that God wants to save us from hell!

Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis 36 Comments [10/27/2016 3:31:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122226

It is my opinion that no religion has the right of nationality. After all, religion is nothing but a belief. To this end, Jews in Germany were responsible for their own imprisonment and death camps.

Billy Ray Wilson , Billy Ray Wilson for U.S. Congress 24 Comments [10/27/2016 3:30:35 AM]
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Quote# 122219


Are you insane??? There’s people running around that look like other people who are dead?? These people have no soul?? What is terribly wrong with this picture?? Truly, our world is headed a thousand miles per hour straight to HELL, and THAT’S HOW SATAN LIKES IT!!!

LOOK at this movie, made in the late 1970’s. Apparently, when WE thought things were going well, THIS was happening.

I have never heard of this movie in my life, nor have I heard of anything like what it is referring to… until recently. I only stumbled upon this last night. Oh GOD HELP US!! SAVE US FROM THIS UNTOWARD, BACKWARD, HATEFUL, SINFUL, SATAN-WORSHIPPING PEOPLE!!!

I hope and pray that this is “just a fictional movie,” like “Star Wars”… or IS IT?? I heard somewhere that what happens in the movies is NOT fiction, but HIDDEN FACTS! Why all the sci-fi movies which have aliens? Why horror movies where gore is the norm? Why all the subliminal messages, if you don’t agree? Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful, and they are becoming rich because we aren’t even aware of what’s going on. They are making superhuman beings. This is the dream of the New Age Movement. I remember “Christians Anonymous”– “No God, no human soul, there will be no eternal life”– and he’s correct, FOR THEM!! NOW I know where that came from! This is the presence of demons. This is the stuff of NIGHTMARES!!

kingjameswriter1965, I Hate The Internet But I Love Jesus 25 Comments [10/27/2016 3:20:36 AM]
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Quote# 122218

(JTA) — French Jews demanded the country’s Republican Party take disciplinary action against a primary candidate who said Hillary Clinton endangers Europe because she is controlled by Zionists.

The president of CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, made the demand in a statement Thursday about Jean Fréderic Poisson, a National Assembly lawmaker whose Christian Democratic Party is a right-wing outlier of the Republicans’ center-right coalition in the 2017 presidential election.

In an article published Wednesday by the Nice Matin newspaper, Poisson was quoted as saying about Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States, that her “closeness to the super funders of Wall Street and her submission to Zionist lobbies are dangerous for Europe and for France.”

CRIF President Francis Kalifat wrote in his statement that “beyond its insidiously anti-Semitic character, this remark reanimates conspiracy theories that we know to be the basic currency of extremists of the most violent kind.”

Poisson, whose party opposes gay marriage and euthanasia, is one of seven candidates competing in the open primaries of the Republicans, the new name of what used to be the UMP party of former presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.

In addition to Sarkozy, whose paternal grandfather was Jewish, the list of primary candidates includes former Prime Minister Alain Juppe and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a former Cabinet minister whose ancestors were Polish Jews but who is not Jewish herself.

“With his revolting remarks, Jean Frédéric Poisson has placed himself beyond the margins of the primary of the right and center bloc,” Kalifat said of the Christian Democratic candidate.

Some commentators believe Poisson will endorse the far-right National Front party of Marine Le Pen if he fails to win the Republican nomination.

Jean-Frédéric Poisson, Jewish Telegraphic Agency 14 Comments [10/27/2016 3:20:29 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 122216

But she [Hillary Clinton] invoked Pope Francis' global warming to feed her agenda but won't invoke his abortion and homosexual stance? Dolan is a traitor to the faith - they want that cash cow called the Refugee Resettlement Program to stay in place and if Trump gets elected - buh bye Elsie the Cow - don't let the barn door hit you on the way out, Your Eminence! These bishops are an EMBARRASSMENT TO THE FAITH AND THE CHURCH WORLDWIDE! Trump - who's not a Catholic but has a running mate who is a baptized Catholic (and I dare say a better Catholic than Dolan!) is surely leading Trump in the faith because word is that Trump has been affected by this campaign personally and they pray together and faith is entering his life more than it has in his past - we need to acknowledge this with Trump if true. It took A LOT of fortitude to do what he did in front of that wolves den and to stand up for GOD and TRUTH - as even Trump said early on in his speech - "...and nobody can compete with God - is that correct? Nobody." turning to Dolan, referring to St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Ave being build by the hands of God vs his 5th Ave property that was built by HIS hands. It was subtle, but forceful too - that NOTHING is above God and nobody is, either - not even Trump. Yes, that IS humble, like he said is one of his greatest traits early on in his speech, too. I don't think people always see that about Trump, but he DOES acknowledge such things, unlike our own bishops and the DEMS who NEVER seem to sin or have need to apologize - just ignore it and somehow that makes it such that it never even happened (or blame it on someone or something else).

And The Angels Sang, Church Militant 21 Comments [10/26/2016 3:34:31 AM]
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Quote# 122215

[Comment on article critical of Cardinal Dolan's distaste for Donald Trump's remarks at Al Smith dinner]

Oh America, what has happened to you?! I can't imagine what Saint Paul will say to you, what kind of letter will be the letter to the Church of America, written by Saint Paul's own hands? What will the Lord, our Lord, will say to you, that offers Himself everyday, in body and soul, in your altars? Have you changed Christ for what?! Just for some coins in your pocket like the worst of traitors? Have you noticed the innocent blood in your hands?! Could you buy your soul with it?! Do you know that you too are suppose to be the bride, the beautiful bride of Our Lord, redeemed with His own Blood? Why do you prefer to wallow in hideous sins within the comfort of your cowardice?! Do you know you are selling the Lord to get Him crucified again?! How much more innocent blood will be spilled? You were suppose to say at the wedding: Yes My God, I love You with all my heart, my mind and my soul. But you are shouting Barrabas! Why are you running like the pigs to the cliff?!

stukov, Church Militant 16 Comments [10/26/2016 3:34:29 AM]
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Quote# 122214

Trump in 2012 on female teachers accused of statutory rape: 'I don't see a lot of damage done'

Donald Trump once dismissed concerns over female teachers having sex with underage male students, saying in a clip that the boys were "going around bragging about it."

In a June 2012 interview with a reporter from the TV show "Extra", Trump is asked what he thinks about "all these teachers having sex with their students." It's unclear which specific case Trump is referencing in the clip.

"Well, I don't think the male students have been hurt by it," Trump replies. "In fact, they're going around bragging about it as I understand it."

"Wow," the reporter says.

"I don't see a lot of damage done," Trump continues, before adding, "But it's a very unusual situation. I would say her husband cannot be happy."

The Trump campaign did not reply to a request for comment.

Donald Trump, CNN politics 39 Comments [10/26/2016 3:34:20 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122213

The 3 Purposes Of Women

When it comes to women, nature bestowed only three roles upon them: reproductive sex, child rearing, and homemaking. A woman who engages in behaviors outside of those three roles is going against her biology and will experience suffering as a result.

Reproductive sex

The primary function of sex is to reproduce. The secondary function of sex is to experience pleasure. Through universal abortion and birth control, we have demoted the function of sex to one solely of pleasure. Sex is now a sterile act between two individuals who are often under the influence of alcohol or drugs and who were paired based on emotional short-term reasons that often come down to entertainment or boredom.

Child rearing

The reason that women excel in child rearing is because their brains are similar to that of a young child. For proof of this, you only need to witness an adult woman interacting with children. While a man may be stiff and awkward with the creature, a woman instantly adopts a child-like personality and voice to create a genuine bond. It’s through this bond that a woman can better sense a child’s needs and communicate with it.


Women have a unique taste and aesthetic that transforms any dwelling from a functional unit to a “home.” They add comfort, warmth, and cleanliness while men tend to focus on more utilitarian and practical aspects of living. A family home that has been touched by feminine hands is one where its occupants will be more comfortable.

A woman who is engaging in sex with a multitude of partners without any concern for reproduction, and who has less interest in child rearing than in surrogate activities like working in an office, dancing in nightclubs, or playing trivia games on her electronic device, and who is unwilling or unable to make a home comfortable for her family is going against her purpose. This may remind you of women you know.

Can happiness be achieved by going against your biology?

The easiest way to answer that question is to examine the mental health of those individuals who have firmly denied their biology: homosexuals and transsexuals. Studies clearly show that these groups are the most mentally ill and suicidal out of the population (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Denying your genetic makeup entails the highest risk of being a loon.

A woman cannot be happy or even content with life if she elects not to reproduce, raise children, or be a homemaker. Is it a coincidence that modern civilization is actively encouraging women to stray far from these three biological roles? Our current society is inverted, as those who rule over us have determined that it’s better to redirect feminine energy into something that benefits their own selfish ends.

Not only are women suffering more than in the past but men are suffering too, because they are forced to interact with broken women who deny their biology. Until we have women embracing their biological roles, this needless suffering will continue.

Roosh, Roosh V 34 Comments [10/26/2016 3:34:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 20
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122212

(part of an article titled "6 Reasons Progressives, Leftists, And SJWs Are (Literally) Hitler")

1. They Both Use A Stupid Looking And Impotent Arm Gesture

The Nazi salute or “Hitler’ salute was a gesture used as a greeting to powerful Nazi officials, and to glorify the German nation under the Third Reich. The salute was performed by extending the right arm to at least eye level, and straightening the hand so that it is parallel to the arm.

The George Soros-funded domestic terrorist group “Black Lives Matter,” which has a great deal of sympathizers and supporters from the political left, has also adopted their own (ultimately meaningless) arm gesture. Conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right simply don’t bother with such try-hard tough and faux-fascist nonsense.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

2. They Both Want Heavy Firearms Restrictions Or Outright Confiscation

In the build-up to Nazi Germany going on the war rampage, Hitler made damn sure that the non-military German populace (Jew and Gentile alike) would be thoroughly disarmed of any projectile firing weapons, as to prevent any kind of civilian insurrection or rebellion against his fascist regime.

Progressives and SJW’s in the United States by and large hate guns, and repeatedly call for heavy restrictions on firearms or outright Hitler, Stalin, and Mao style confiscation.

On the other hand, conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right (including neomasculinists) all respect and value the right to bear arms in order to stymie out-of-control criminality and keep government oppression in check. Not to mention it’s a damn good idea to have most of the population armed as a major deterrent against outside invaders.

Just ask Switzerland, who successfully avoided all of the chaos in Nazi-occupied Europe due to both their mountainous geography and by having the most strapped-up civilian population in all the land.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

3. They Both Blame All Of Society’s Ills On One Segment Of The Population

Despite being responsible for about 95% of all major technological and medical advancements for the past 600 years, and the upholders or creators (along with Northeast Asians) of the most advanced infrastructure, high-income, low-corruption, politically stable, and peaceful countries on the planet (i.e. highly desired for migration for people of all races and colors around the world), progressives and SJW’s almost never have anything positive to say about white males.

Every real or perceived societal issue must be caused by the white man and his “supremacist” outlook on life and his “racist” institutions, and no personal responsibility must be accepted for what plagues the African-American, Native American, or Chicano communities. The finger of righteous indignation can simply point straight back to heterosexual white males, who are “privileged” beyond all comparison.

(But please, keep it quiet that many Asian minority groups are economically outperforming white people and are being imprisoned far less per capita. Ok? You’ll ruin the leftist narrative.)

In similar fashion, the Nazi’s blamed just about everything that caused pain to Germany on the mannerisms, behaviors, and business practices of Jews.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

John Carver, Return of Kings 34 Comments [10/26/2016 3:33:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122211

It was great to witness UNLV's Presidential debate tonight. Great running in to many friends!

Trump ran the table and clearly explained his vision for making America safe and strong again. What a gamble it would be to vote for status quo failed government... more of the same of what dug us into the mess we're in today.

Thank you to superb law enforcement personnel for keeping everyone safe tonight. Incredible job; incredibly tough task they accomplish - with a smile, no less!

Seems silly media sheep are all chomping down on one issue after this debate, at least according to all the reporters who hollered out this same question to me: "What about Trump not accepting the election results?”

More power to Trump for explaining how vitally important the legitimacy of every election is to our democracy within our Republic.

What reasonable person would preemptively accept any and all hypothetical questions and conditions of any hypothetical election? Trump's answer was RIGHT.

Every American's sacred vote MUST be respected and legitimized in today's elections - but they must be FAIR elections. We're in the midst of proof of voter fraud and questionable - even violent - participatory elements in campaigns. That's why state legislators are now cracking down on voter fraud via tighter laws ensuring the security of our elections.

When Trump is pressed on this, it harkens back to all the GOP primary candidates who screamed at Trump to support the Republican nominee - no matter what - and Trump initially responded that he could, depending on fair treatment. That is WISE and INSIGHTFUL! Trump got screwed in that deal when he eventually pledged to support the nominee and then some of his fellow candidates turned tail and refused to reciprocate when Trump won.

Trump learned - why give opponents permission and incentive to act unfairly and cheat? It's shortsighted to commit to accepting the outcome of a race REGARDLESS of unscrupulous cheaters. How totally unfair that would be to the American voter!

Trump gave potential cheaters fair warning that we'll not give them any quarter. We'll hold them accountable. They'd better be on their toes. Cheaters will not win.

Of course Trump will accept the legitimate outcome of a legitimate election! What the heck is so hard to understand about that?

- Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin's Facebook page 20 Comments [10/26/2016 3:32:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122209

2 Thessalonians 2:9-12
9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

What is a more powerful delusion in these days than the theory of evolution, the age of the earth, and all things that stemmed forth from these theories to create the current secular ways of thinking?

Scripture says in the end times there will be a strong delusion sent by God purposely so that unbelievers and unrighteous people will believe a lie.

Now I don't believe evolution and such are all that will be put forth. There will be more to come that will be added to those theories. I also don't believe it's saying that all who believe in the current theories put forth are damned - no, I see it as saying that the final theory will be put forth will be a "believe or don't" type of thing, aligning with most likely the mark of the beast and things of that nature.

I don't see how evolution and age of the earth and other like-minded theories cannot be a part of it really. They're too powerful, too well-known, too believed.

It seems as though there will be final separation. Those who believe the lie, the goats, and those who believe the truth, the sheep. And it appears evolution is a big factor in this separation.


CodyFaith, Christian Forums 24 Comments [10/26/2016 3:32:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
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Quote# 122204

[Apologies if the dialogue was not transcribed properly, as they often speak quickly. A few phrases had to be omitted.]

Speaker in Yellow Sweater: Science as a whole is a product of western modernity; the whole thing should be scratched off, especially in Africa. So if you want practical solutions to decolonize science, we must restart science from an African perspective, from our perspective. For instance there's a place, and they believe that through the magic, the black magic, that you are able to send lightning to strike someone. So, can you explain that scientifically, because it's something that happens....

Audience Member: It's not true.

At this point, many in the audience start laughing.

Speaker in Gray: Sorry. Sorry.

Order is restored, everyone quiets down.

Speaker in Gray: Sorry, I need to address you directly. When we started this, we agreed on certain house rules.

Audience Member: Sorry.

Speaker in Gray: While you are doing that, you are disrespecting the sacredness of this space. And so, I'd like to ask you to first, please apologize.....

Audience Member: Sorry.

Speaker in Gray: to the panel directly, and number two, understand the rules that we went by in this space, because this is not an antagonizing space, and what you're trying to do is collapse the space and make it antagonizing, which we will not allow. This is a progressive space for people to say their opinions.


Speaker in Yellow: See, that very response is the reason I am not in the science faculty, I took science throughout my high school years, and there's a lot of things that I just, um, yeah. But Western modernity is the direct antagonistic factor to decolonization, because Western knowledge is totalizing. They say that it was Newton and only Newton who knew or saw an apple and then out of nowhere decided that gravity existed and created an equation and that is it. And whether people knew Newton or not and whatever happens in Western Africa or Northern Africa, that thing is the only way to explain gravity is through Newton who sat under a tree and saw an apple fall. So Western modernity is the problem that decolonization directly deals with, to say that we are going to decolonize by saying that we are going to be having knowledge that is produced by us that speaks to us and that is able to accommodate knowledge from our perspective. So if you're saying that you disagree with her approach, it means that you are vested in the Western and Eurocentric way of understanding which means you yourself still need to go back, internally, decolonize your mind, and say how can I relook at what I've been studying all these years, because Western knowledge is very pervasive to say the least....... So, decolonizing the sciences would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it. Thank you.

Students from University of Cape Town, Youtube 54 Comments [10/25/2016 2:11:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 32
Submitted By: Nemo
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Quote# 122203

(on the moon)

It shines. It is not a star but a light. No one needs Earth's light on the moon.

Grace Kim Kwon, Christian News Network 30 Comments [10/25/2016 2:10:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: Jocasta
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Quote# 122201

This is the core of the whole matter. Nothingness produces nothing. Productive nothingness is never been observed. Its probability is zero. God created the heavens and the earth - everything in the universe and beyond. Planet Earth contains the accurate records of it, the Holy Bible, just like the signature of an artist on an artwork and also as the Maker's Manual for users' life. And the evidences are unmistakable. The probability is 100%. Atheists just want filthy autonomy against the Creator God, continuing their evil. You won't have your way in His world for long. You are revealing exactly what you are made of in the short lifespan you are on earth by how you regard your Creator God. Read Colossians chapter 1 to find how everything came into being. The universe has a purpose of creation from the Creator God. Repent of your sinful unbelief to get saved.

Grace Kim Kwon, Christian News Network 22 Comments [10/23/2016 7:51:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 16
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Quote# 122200

Yes it was and then on the 4th day HE created lights in the sky. HE created a light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. The sun, moon and the stars placed in the sky were given also so that man could calculate times and seasons. Look at free documentary's online on flat earth. After studying and using my own eyes to look at horizons , the stars, moon and sun, along with historical evidence and the biblical account of Creation ,I know longer believe what the government told me about the world. To me they have taken the biblical account and turned it upside down. Making everything revolve around the sun, which is contrary to what the bible says and what scientists and historical artifacts claimed up until nasa.

ComeOnPeople!, Christian News Network 20 Comments [10/23/2016 7:30:40 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
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Quote# 122199

How Hillary, the most robotic candidate ever, had to be prompted by staff to “smile”

Must. Get. Elected. Must. Say. Anything. To. Get. Elected.

These must be Hillary Clinton’s inner thoughts. She is the most robotic person I’ve ever seen! Every step in her campaign has seemed phony, every motion and emotion seems planned out to the “T.” Her leaked emails show a candidate and campaign that’s beyond “micromanaged, highly scripted, and poll-tested.” It’s clear she’s not a genuine person.

Recently leaked Wikileaks emails tell the sorry, odd tale of Hillary Clinton. Click here to read how she had to be reminded to smile, how it took multiple people and lots of time to get the “right tweet,” and how her staff said she lived in a bubble of privilege.

Do you think she really cares about the people she’s trying to win over?

Do you think she cares our children’s future?

About our military?

Or crimes we have in inner cities?

Do you think she cares about any of us hard working, middle class Americans?

Her team has to pencil in “smile” in her responses!!

I know Donald Trump is far from perfect – we all are – but I would rather have someone in office that fights for what is best for our country – and not someone in office who is so desperately willing to DO ANYTHING to get elected.

Do these professional politicians really think the American people don’t see behind their smoke screen? Does Hillary really think that those of us who work “menial” jobs to put food on the table – jobs like I have had in coffee shops, baby sitting, hardware stores, commercial fishing, etc. – believe for one second that her decade’s long – privileged lifestyle – connects her to us?

It’s not so much that this multi, multi, millionaire is pretending to understand middle class struggles by faking it for a few hours in our shoes, it’s that she shows disdain for our brains when assuming we’ll fall for this!

At least Trump doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. He’s been a builder and boss for decades, and he proudly, commendably wears that on his sleeve.

That’s the problem with typical politicians like Hillary. They’re so disconnected from our normal working class like that they have to conspire how to gin up the appearance of connection. We see right through it, it turns us off and causes too many voters to just stay home Election Day because this is seen as a phony actors in a really bad performance who disrespected our intelligence.

Hillary Clinton is exactly like Barrack Obama, they will tell you what they want to hear, but will get in office and do whatever is on their sponsored agenda. Whom ever they’ve made deals with!!

We’ve already had eight years of it!!!! Wake up! Aren’t you tired of it yet?

Buy our books!
Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far
By Dakota Meyer - Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War (8/26/12)

Bristol Palin, Patheos 52 Comments [10/23/2016 5:47:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122198

Yesterday, Alex Jones repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton is literally demonic, this time while speaking with longtime anti-Clinton crusader Larry Nichols.

Nichols said Clinton had attended “a witches’ church” in Los Angeles “every four to six weeks” while she lived in Arkansas and “is pure, deep, evil, mean, meaner than anything you’d come in contact with.”

“I can’t look at her,” Jones said. “I’m really sick of her. She’s a damn demon. It seemed to really get to them that I called them demons.” He then said that sources close to Clinton told him that she is “totally filthy” and smells “like rotting meat,” before comparing her to Linda Blair’s character in “The Exorcist.”

“Obama, I’ve been told, smells like rotting meat,” he added. “Now, the Bible says this is what demons smell like.”

Alex Jones & Larry Nichols, Right Wing Watch 89 Comments [10/23/2016 5:47:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda
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Quote# 122197

(about what Donald Trump said in the 2005 video)

The milk sops who are attacking Trump over this comment are criticizing his lack of politeness—the meek language we adopt whenever we find ourselves in mixed company. If his statements had been made in public they might have had a point—a frank conversation about bowel movements belongs in the doctor’s office, not at the dinner table, and telling a woman you barely know that you’d like to “grab her pussy” is the sort of social maladjustment that suggests a temperamental problem—but this was nothing more than a small clip of a long conversation, all of which happened behind closed doors, and exclusively amongst other men. Nobody present was offended—Bush’s own replies affirmed and agreed with Trump’s—and any man who denies having had a similar conversation is a bald faced liar.

Yes, the conversation was rude, but rude is not immoral; the behaviour that married couples get up to in the marital bed is also rude, and yet St Paul commands married couples to do it well, and to do it often. If you walked into a confessional and told the priest that you wanted to kiss pretty girls, he’d give you five Hail Marys for wasting his time, and even a nun like Mother Angelica can enjoy a bit of rude humor: after reading a Galatians 15:21 on her television show, she joked, “…drunkenness, orgies, and other things—oh my; I’m curious about what these other things might be!”

What sort of world is this where we expect Donald Trump to be better behaved than a Catholic nun? And what sort of hypocrites make up the Republican establishment, if this off-hand remark offends them? Do the indiscretions of the Democrats in general, and the Clintons in particular, even warrant a mention at this point? Or can we simply state that we’re living in a world of puritanical hypocrites, who promote the most depraved and debauched culture seen on this planet since the fall of Rome, but who are more than happy to scream “Pervert!” at their enemy because he once patted his wife’s derriere while boarding a plane?

Davis M.J. Aurini, Return of Kings 80 Comments [10/23/2016 5:46:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 122193

Amen, brother. Glad to see someone on this site has some sense. Though I don't agree with you when you say "Interracial dating is a joke." It's not a joke, friend. Its a threat to our society and the Christian community. Millions of people are being fled away from Christ by choosing to be attracted to this abomination of nature and God. Millions of people are going to burn in hell for eternity for not accepting Jesus Christ into their life by not dating someone of the same race as you. It's a sad world we live in, I know, but do not fear for I have decided to do something about it. Something Jesus Christ would want from us true Christians and not the Satanic worshippers that thinks Christ would want them to be dating a BLACK man! What we need to do is simply kill all the Blacks. Put e'm cages, throw them in cells, beat them to the curb along with the gays and the disabled. There will be less Satan and more God in this world. It's time for us Christians to take a stand!!!

Source(s): #ChristianLivesMatter

Dild0 Swaggins, Yahoo! Answers 17 Comments [10/23/2016 5:41:20 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 122192

(Not new, but notable)

According to a hedge fund manager writing in the Wall Street Journal, homelessness isn’t caused by deep-seated inequities in society, but rather by people like his teenage son who volunteer at homeless shelters.

Andy Kessler, who founded the billion-dollar Palo Alto investment firm Velocity Capital Management, penned an op-ed Monday in which he mocked young people for volunteering, arguing that they were delusional for thinking their efforts would make a difference. Instead, Kessler contended, they should try to make as much money as possible and trust that economic growth will help the world more than volunteering.

To illustrate his argument, Kessler points to his 16-year-old son, who has been volunteering at a homeless shelter. Though his son wants to do good, Kessler writes that it’s volunteers like him who are keeping homeless people on the streets “because someone is feeding, clothing and, in effect, bathing them.” The answer, instead, is old-fashioned trickle-down economics:

My 16-year-old son volunteers with an organization that feeds the homeless and fills kits with personal-hygiene supplies for them. It’s a worthwhile project, and I tell him so?—?but he doesn’t like it when our conversation on the way to his minimum-wage job turns to why these homeless folks aren’t also working. Perhaps, I suggest, because someone is feeding, clothing and, in effect, bathing them? […]

Given the massive wealth created in the U.S. economy over the past 30-plus years, it’s understandable that the mantra of the guilty generation is sustainability and recycling. But obsessing over carbon footprints and LEED certifications and free-range strawberries and charging for plastic bags will not help the world nearly as much as good old-fashioned economic growth. Gen-G will wise up to the reality that the way to improve lives is to get to work. If Woodstockers figured this out, so will they?—?as soon as they get over their guilt.

It’s highly unlikely that Kessler, an extraordinarily wealthy man who managed a hedge fund for years, has ever known what it’s like to go hungry or sleep on the streets, where random acts of violence are all too com

Andy Kessler, Think Progress 74 Comments [10/23/2016 5:41:12 AM]
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Quote# 122191

It's amazing to me how so many Christians pretend like they've suddenly become 'prayer warriors' as it relates to this election cycle. Ask a typical Christian who they're voting for, and they'll give some nebulous answer like:

"I just don't know who to vote for. Both candidates are evil. The end times are here so it really doesn't matter anyway. We need to just pray and ask God to give us discernment on who to vote for."

Really? You really need God to tell you not to vote for the candidate supported by the witches? If you can't clearly see who to vote for in this election at this stage in the game, praying for discernment won't help you - because your discernment is already too jacked up for God to use!

And where was all this 'prayer warrior-ship' when Obama was running for office? Some of you will claim God told you to vote for Obama - and that joker turned right around and championed some of the most anti-Christian legislation ever enacted by a government since Jesus Christ Himself walked the earth!

Especially you black Christians. Some of you even have the nerve to have pictures of Obama in your churches! The most pro-gay anti-Christian non-helpful to blacks Presidents we've had since Woodrow Wilson - and some of you honor him with a cherished place on your church wall???

So much for your discernment!

Look, it's not rocket science. One candidate clearly supports blatant anti-Christian laws and agendas. While the other candidate clearly supports pro-Christian laws and agendas. We don't need a vision from God or an angel to descend from the heavens telling us who a Christian should vote for if they're going to vote at all.

Here's a hint: go with the person the witches do NOT want to win. They (witches and warlocks) recognize it's a spiritual war. Only Christians who are caught up in the cares of this life (shopping, gossip, eating, entertainment, dating, etc) are running around talking about praying (which most won't do anyway) instead of actually praying. Remember: faith without works is dead.

I'm sure those witches currently invoking witchcraft against Trump aren't sitting this one out by not voting either. They'll be right there on election day standing in voting lines that should be occupied with believers; who will instead be at home pretending like they're praying and still waiting to hear from God; when they're really waiting for the latest episode of Empire to air. Smh

Mack Major, Facebook 26 Comments [10/23/2016 4:03:44 AM]
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Quote# 122188

I've done what I can, I will keep fighting for Trump until the very end, what else can I do?

I am trying to do everything that I can:

I am praying for Mr. Trump and our country every hour on the hour, every time I think of election day

I have sent the Trump campaign $250, am sending $250 more.

Even though we don't own a gun, husband and I joined the NRA on Monday.

We will buy a gun for protection before election day because I believe the DNC and Black Lives Matter will cause extreme violence on election night, especially if Mr. Trump is winning.

I have signed up to be a poll watcher on election day.

This Saturday I am going to Trump headquarters to pick up Trump/Pence signs and then I'm going door-to-door asking GOP neighbors to put signs in their yard.

I am posting fact-based calm informational posts on my Facebook page re: what Mr. Trump will do vs what HRC will do. I do not engage in ad hominem attacks against HRC, just state the facts about what she's done and not done; the facts are very damning in and of themselves. I've probably lost a few Facebook "friends", but at this point I really don't care.

In spite of the cloud of Clinton evil hovering over our great nation, I am trying to keep my spirits up. I am staying in close touch with Free Republic, Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager and Lou Dobbs.

I cannot express how much you, my fellow Freeper deplorables, cheer me up, make me laugh, and and help me stay positive.

I don't know what else to do. What can I do? What are you doing?

RooRoobird20, Free Republic 21 Comments [10/23/2016 3:59:00 AM]
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