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[OP of "La France sauvera l'Europe. France will save Europe."]

When Le Pen wins and holds a referendum, I think we all know France will be leaving the EU. I cannot believe the proud French will stand by and allow their beautiful country to be sacrificed on the altar of globalist islamofascism.

On that day, the EU will be doomed. Germany and France are about the only countries that pull their weight economically, without France there can be no EU.

Under Le Pen, you will have delivered the European people, kicking and screaming in some cases, from the greatest threat to democracy and freedom that we have ever seen.

Together in a new 'Entente cordiale' France and Britain will watch the corrupt EU wither and die as we prosper and move forward with America into a new age of enlightenment and progress.

Apologies for posting in English but I am not confident enough in my French to carry out political discussions and Google translate would probably butcher it.

brsmith77, Reddit - r/Le_Pen 21 Comments [4/22/2017 3:37:08 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

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GUILLOTINES, castration, and flogging – these are just some of the policies put forward by the latest controversial Scottish Ukip candidate to come to the fore.

Gisela Allen also has some strange views on people being vocal members of the LGBT community. She says she finds gorillas attractive – they make her “hormones go crazy”, she claims – but she doesn’t talk about it so why should gay, lesbian or bisexual people talk about their sex life.

Allen, who is standing in Glasgow for the anti-EU party, also insisted mothers with young children should not work.

An aide to Ukip MEP David Coburn said last night that Allen’s views “do not reflect official party policy”. However, in an apparent endorsement of her views, he said the candidate’s “personal manifesto” should be put to the electorate

Allen, 84, who is a Glasgow Ukip candidate, spoke exclusively to the Sunday Herald yesterday, setting out her views on crime, health, childcare and relationships.

She said: “The main purpose of the law is to protect the public. If I could get the guillotine, lethal injection or firing squad I would gladly have it. I would also castrate violent criminals. You castrate bulls, horses, dogs – it takes the aggression away. Moreover, these violent criminals can’t have any more children themselves. And I am all for the cat o’ nine tails. You like violence? Well let’s see how you like to be on the receiving end.”

Allen came to Scotland from Switzerland in 1961 as an exchange student where she met her Jamaican husband, who was in the RAF. They had four children and ran a bed and breakfast. Despite her age she is in favour of euthanising the elderly and the sick.

She said: “The NHS spends a fortune on prolonging the lives of, for instance, cancer sufferers. Settle the whole nonsense. Kidney transplants, heart transplants – come off it.”

When her husband died Allen began volunteering at Glasgow Zoo and uses an animal analogy when speaking about the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

She said: “I am not anti-gay – but how can you call that a community? Sex life is everybody’s private affair. You do not come out and declare openly. Do you think I am going all over the city and saying my idea of a sexually-attractive creature is a gorilla? When I go to a zoo and I see a gorilla my hormones go absolutely crazy. I find a gorilla very attractive.”

The mother-of-four was also adamant that mothers should stay at home and look after their young children, adding that councils should withdraw nursery funding.

She said: “When you have very small children it is advisable that you look after them yourself. If a woman is a dentist or a doctor, or in any career important to the community, we should do our best to get her back to work as soon as possible, because such careers shouldn’t really be interrupted. But if somebody sits in an office at a computer, I think her place is at home until the children are bigger.”

Gisela Allen, The Herald 18 Comments [4/23/2017 12:22:15 PM]
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[Commenting under "I think people underestimate just how evil Antifa are. Please read this."]

I'm already at the point where I'd happily go to jail just to enjoy torturing some Antifa scum

They're subhuman


user reports:

1: All Physical Removal must be self defence

I approved the post. Torturing communists is an act of self-defense, as communism inherently violates the NAP as it inherently seeks to infringe on our peaceful ways of life.

Additionally, he actually stated he'd "happily go to jail" as a hypothetical, it was a statement on how much he hated them and not on what he'd actually do.

Vladtheimpaler14 and LeftistsToTheLions, Reddit - r/Physical_Removal 1 Comments [4/23/2017 9:34:42 PM]
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[Actual quote is across two comments]

On another note, there are too many dogs out there already. They literally chase children out of playgrounds in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, while their owners openly blame the kids for “provoking” them. I personally wouldn’t have much problem with a culling of the dogs, if done humanely of course.


A bullet costs a few cents, and is a lot more humane than dragging the animal off to be held down and stabbed with a needle in a terrifying place. “Putting them to sleep” is a really misleading euphemism. Why not just be a man and shoot them? I know it’s hard for the owner, but it’s much better for the pet. People are such cowards these days that they’d rather other living beings go through pain than suffer a pinprick to their own conscience.

Bill P, Unz 3 Comments [4/23/2017 9:38:50 PM]
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Anonymous, Whisper 2 Comments [4/23/2017 9:37:07 PM]
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While reincarnation into robots is meaningless because of what I said above....it is possible that some ghosts could occupy robots. This could be potentially dangerous. A real 'ghost in the machine' situation! Ghosts are said to be astral bodies of dead people.

Sriram, Religion and Ethics 15 Comments [4/23/2017 12:22:25 PM]
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Submitted By: NearlySane

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A former judge now serving as a school board member in suburban Cincinnati has been charged with felony human trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex and a third count of giving alcohol to a minor. The indictment was obtained by River City News publisher Michael Monks, who described Nolan as an, “outspoken and controversial” political figure.

Judge Tim Nolan of California, Kentucky represents District 5 on the Campbell County School Board. Yesterday afternoon he was lead into court wearing handcuffs as the “perp walk” was filmed by the local CBS station.

News anchor Cammy Dierking of WKRC described Judge Nolan as an, “outspoken supporter of the local Tea Party.”

The sex trafficking allegedly occurred in August 2016 — while Judge Nolan was serving as the chair of the Donald Trump campaign in Campbell County, KY. Trump beat Hillary Clinton 59% to 35% in the county while voters also elected Nolan.

In April of 2016, Nolan unsuccessfully attempted to remove Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a delegate to the RNC Convention. Between fighting Senator McConnell in April and the alleged crimes in August, Nolan was appointed by Governor Matt Bevin to the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission, but was removed only days later when a scandal erupted over a Ku Klux Klan photo posted to Nolan’s Facebook.

Unlike Republican Governor Bevin, the Trump Campaign chose not to drop Judge Nolan after the KKK scandal.

The alleged sex crimes were investigated by Campbell County Police, but Nolan was arraigned in front of Judge Elizabeth Chandler in Boone County District Court as Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk Taunya Nolan Jack is the daughter of the defendant — who served as a Campbell County Judge from 1978 to 1986.

Last November, Judge Nolan won a school board seat for a district with 5,000 students and 700 employees. Nolan beat an incumbent with 10 years of school board experience and 27 years experience as a teacher in the district by campaigning for so-called, “school choice vouchers” and for the elimination of all local property tax revenue for schools.

Rumors of the investigation surfaced in early April when Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Scott Wartman broke the news that Campbell County Police Chief Craig Sorrell had denied an open-records request that sought documents involving any investigation of Tim Nolan.

In announcing that the state’s Special Prosecution Division would be handling the case, the office of Attorney General Andy Beshear stated that, “a core mission of Beshear’s is to bring justice to the victims of rape, sexual assault and human trafficking.”

Nolan is being tracked by a court mandated ankle monitor after being released on $50,000 bond. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 5 in Boone District Court.

Tim Nolan, Raw Story 17 Comments [4/22/2017 3:37:29 PM]
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Speak Now is the 2010 liberal album by noted succubus, harlot, and nominal Episcopalian degenerate Taylor Swift. This album is a testament to the rejection of the lordship of Jesus Christ, makes a mockery out of substitutionary atonement, and promotes greed, lust, and selfishness.

Proponents of this album have noted its "pure" and "family friendly" allure, but this is treachery placed upon intellectually devoid parents of impressionable teenage girls by Lucifer himself. This lyric from the song "Better Than Revenge" contains explicit references to bedroom conduct, as well as prideful arrogance. "She's not a saint and she's not what you think /She's an actress, whoa /She's better known for the things that she does / On the mattress, whoa" James 4:6 says " But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble."

Another example of this wickedness is in the song "Sparks Fly" which contains "And you stood there in front of me just / Close enough to touch /Close enough to hope you couldn't see / What I was thinking of" as well as "My mind forgets to remind me, your a bad idea /You touch me once and it's really something / You find I'm even better than you, imagined I would be" and if THAT was not enough see "I run my fingers through your hair / And watch the lights go wild / Just keep on keeping your eyes on me /Its just wrong enough to make it feel right" So, Taylor Swift admitted to lusting after the flesh as well as engaging in premarital relations, and is therefore encouraging her audience of susceptible teenage girls to do the same. Ephesians 6:11 instructs us to put on the whole armor of God, and Matthew 5:28 says that lustful thoughts are the same as adultery. Taylor Swift is a wicked sinner, no better than other wicked sinners like homos and murderers.

The accompanying tour to this album, the Speak Now World Tour, was a flop and managed to convert no one to the false religion of Taylor Swift and her traveling "church" of sexual impurity and prideful boastfulness. However, more Americans are indeed coming to conservative Bible believing Independent Fundamental Baptist churches, and rejecting the wicked sinful "church" of Taylor Swift and her wicked hymns of unrighteousness and this false religion is crumbling as more and more find their faith in the everliving and One True God, the Lord Jesus Christ!

James Wilson , New Testament Baptist Church 1 Comments [4/23/2017 9:36:32 PM]
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In many Islamist countries, if a woman reports to the police that she was raped, she will be arrested and charged. So, yeah, that effectively makes rape legal.

I know this will be difficult for you to grasp because you apprach this topic from a perspective of ignorace, but that’s an interpretation which is reductionist enough to be considered false.

Don’t forget the societal context of these laws. You cannot project your western behaviours onto them.

A woman is never alone, other family members, or friends, or work partners are always around her - if she was alone with a man, it was her own choice to be with him. Men are not allowed to talk to women or approach them - women decide absolutely whether a man comes even remotely close to her. So how would she end up with a man who rapes her, without anyone nearby to help her or call for help for her?

Compare the Old Testament: If a woman claims to have been raped outside a town, where no one could hear if she called for help, put the man to death.

If a woman claims to have been raped inside a town, within earshot of other people, put both to death - because if she had called to help, half the village would have rushed to her help and skewerd the man with agricultural tools. But if she didn’t, she wanted some alone time with the man. Therefore put both to death - for adultery.

In e.g. Saudi Arabia, women who are caught for adultery can try to get out of it by claiming rape - thus only condemning their illicit lover to death.

There is a reason why the execution, mutilation and torture of men in e.g. Saudi Arabia vastly outnumbers the number of women - society works within very strict rules. And that’s only the official route - men are regularly murdered by family members of women based on her claims of an injury against her.

Obviously, this system of dispersing justice is deeply flawed from our modern Western perspective - but it was not long ago since this system was entirely common in Western countries as well. And these rules were not abolished because people woke up one day and suddenly thought “man, these age old laws make no sense!” The laws changed because the society around them changed, thus it made sense to people to change the laws. As privacy increased because e.g. people got bigger houses with glass windows and didn’t live in large family units anymore, and began to work outside the home, women were not constantly surrounded by social enforcers - aka the men of her house or bloodline - or other women and neighbours in general anymore. Thus laws changed to reflect this.

eliminativism, tumblr 8 Comments [4/23/2017 12:20:25 PM]
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Quote# 126603

SRINAGAR: Five members of a family including a 9-year-old girl have been injured in an attack by 'gau rakshaks' or self-styled cow vigilantes in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir. The incident took place on Friday evening when a nomad family was moving with their livestock near the Talwara area. They were intercepted by a large group of gau rakshaks and beaten up with iron rods.

The victims say the attackers took away their entire flock including goats, sheep and cows. The injured, 9-year-old Sammi, who have suffered multiple fractures have been shifted to hospital.

The police said they have filed an FIR and action will be taken against the attackers. "We have registered an FIR. I have asked DIG of Udhampur range to visit the area. Strict action will be taken against these goons," said Jammu and Kashmir police chief SP Vaid said.

Police in Reasi said they have identified five of the attackers but no one has been arrested so far. "We are investigating the case and culprits will be brought to book," said a police officer in Reasi.

The victims say they can't forget the horror. "They beat us ruthlessly. Somehow we managed to flee from there. One of our children, a 10-year-old, is still missing. We don't know whether he is alive or dead. They even beat our elders very badly. They wanted to kill us and throw our bodies into the river," said Naseem Begam, one of the victims.

Besides goat, sheep, the family were moving with 16 cows. "They didn't even spare dogs. They too were taken away," she said.

Jammu and Kashmir has a large number of nomadic herder families, who travel between the Jammu's Himalayan mountains and the meadows of Kashmir every year with their flocks of cattle, horses, goats and sheep.

Gau Rakshaks, NDTV 5 Comments [4/23/2017 12:24:11 PM]
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Canada, I am, the Thursday-and E ( "Iodine-huh-huh-hook") and Joshua (Iho-Jesus ) give you this warning: Do you follow your sisters! You call yourself North America, now you carry the name I despise. If you do not repent and do not move away from the sins of America - the fate of America will be yours.

Elisheva Eliyahu , Almighty Wind 10 Comments [4/22/2017 12:05:31 PM]
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Submitted By: P.E.T.F

Quote# 126598

How f*cking typical is it, for a slobbering horde of wannabe cop-killing vagina knights and window smashing booger sluts, who sing the praises of terrorists like the Black Panthers, to back down and clutch pearls when the dog shit is on the other foot.

You animals prize violence and you know it – you invite terrorists into society in the hopes that they will erase white civilization through violence and the instatement of sharia law, you agitate through timber-rattling bedlam for the forceable exchange of resources from the producers of society to the lowly jack-booted masked sickle-and-hammer sporting, unwashed plankton-eaters in black bloc and you riot like disorderly she-tornados and werebonobos whenever some person with more melanin in their skin than the law allows gets shot for fighting with the police.

If self-awareness could be stored in a checking account, you numbskulls would have overdraft fees that even Bill Gates couldn’t cover. I don’t see anything wrong with what Trumpsters are doing; all I see are people who are tired of being assaulted and harassed by poorly-dressed vandals who idolize Bakunin and think that such corner stones of civilized society like “freedom of speech” are instruments of oppression manufactured by white bourgeois despots to provide cover to “fascists” (read: anyone to the right of Trotsky).

I don’t condone violence and I have no intention of practicing it, but when you start destroying things, punching people, threatening to kill cops and “fascists,” and vandalizing buses driven by people that you don’t like, you forfeit any claim that you might have that you are “peaceful protestors,” and that your rights need to be respected you fucking syphilitic devil-llamas, wild west firecracker window-smashing soap-averse unionized cowboy Jacobins from Hell.

MGTOWabunga, We Hunted The mammoth 6 Comments [4/23/2017 12:21:02 PM]
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Porn is a deadly trap that is designed to destroy NORMAL sexual relations between a married man and a married woman.

It's Satan's way of attacking the foundation of marriage that God Himself created and set in place. And it's been a very effective weapon so far.

Porn distorts the image of both the man and the woman. Once a man engages in porn he will start comparing any woman in his life to the ones he saw in xxx movies. He fails to realize those are just actresses on the screen working to get a paycheck. His mind can't separate fiction from reality because his senses has been fully activated.

The more a woman watches porn, the more she is being opened up to lesbian desires.

What may have been planted as a seed from earlier exposure to a porn movie begins to blossom over time, until she can no longer enjoy a natural desire for a man any more. Now she must fantasize about being with the flesh of her own gender.

And that was always Satan's intent with porn: to open both genders to the desire to explore same-gender sexual relations.

I can hear men reading this protesting furiously. 'I don't feel attraction to the same sex when I watch porn! Not me!'

Well sir, I'd like to challenge you on that. Do you enjoy watching two women together? That's just as gay as watching two guys getting it on! What's the difference? It's all same-sex activity no matter how you try and twist it!

If you enjoy watching two same gender people engaging in sexual activity, you've already been activated and acclimated towards same-gender attraction yourself.

What people need is deliverance. They need to allow God to purge their eyes, ears, sexual body parts and their mind. Humans weren't designed by God to engage in those hedonistic pursuits. Our eyes, ears, mind and sexual body parts weren't created to function properly in conjunction with a healthy mind after exposure to such pronounced forms of aggressive sexual activity.

Porn dulls our sense of normalcy, and ends up normalizing the abnormal. Which is where we are as a society today.

Once you've opened that door to porn, only the power and might of Jesus Christ is enough to shut that door. And even then it might be a struggle for a while until you've built up a significant enough resistance to be able to stand against the pornographic assault of the mind.

Those powerful desires that have been stirred up in you need to be harnessed, checked and put back into their proper place. Otherwise they'll lead you to destruction.

Mack Major, Eden Decoded 13 Comments [4/23/2017 12:21:40 PM]
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Quote# 90516


The mushroom multiplies very fast. It resembles a flat cake, and when you put it in a container and feed it with strong tea, it grows in size and multiplies (It forms other small flat mushrooms beneath it but white in color. It grows to accommodate the size of the container however big it is. If you put it in a big container, the size of a room, it will grow and fill that big container.
After the news on the Radio about the dangers of the mushroom, one old lady decided to throw it away to the nearby bush. When she did that, to her horror and surprise, she had a voice telling:” Are you throwing me away after I have helped you this much? Don’t you want anymore? She then started yelling and when people came, they also heard the voice and the whole village was in panic. It took brave men of God courage and faith to remove the mushroom from the bush and prayed for it. When they did this, it turned to a little white snake.
The mushroom resembles a placenta. It is flesh like, soft and it kind of moves. When you look at it very carefully, it has a small opening (Mouth) and two little dots (Eyes).
This is a tact that the devil used to ensnare people. The devil knew that he would catch people using their weakness (Fear of witchcraft). They do not believe in the blood of Jesus for their protection and healing. Lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

Free in the Lord, Free in the Lord 111 Comments [11/6/2012 3:49:56 AM]
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Quote# 126589

If a small group of delusional people and their disciples are able to force society to pretend that men can become women and mothers or vice versa, if they are able to force citizens to participate in this fiction by forcing them to use opposite-sex pronouns when referring to gender-dysphoric persons, we will no longer live in a free society but under tyranny.

Laurie Higgins, BarbWire 14 Comments [4/22/2017 3:37:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126578

No pastor, Christian or church congregation is right with God who supported the Iraqi invasion. GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!! Iraq never threatened us. Yet, we attacked Iraq without provocation, like barbarian heathens!!!

And by the way, the Satanic term, “The Shekinah Glory” is derived from Jewish mysticism known as Cabalah/Kabbalah. Kaballah is a Satanic substitute for the Gospel, intended to blind and hinder men from coming to the truth of the Gospel to be saved. Many churches have adopted the Shekinah Glory term, which in Judaism refers to the female aspect of God. Of course, there is no feminine side of God in the Bible. There is God the Father (male). There is God the Son (male). And the Bible calls the Holy Spirit “He” in John 16:13 (King James Bible). Any teaching of a feminine aspect of the Godhead is woefully Satanic.

My main point here is that it was the influence of Zionists and Zionism that deceived and compelled America's churches to go along with the Iraqi war. Satan's Israel controls the U.S. mainstream newsmedia. They control the entertainment industry. Whereas marriage used to be honored in America, the Jewish-controlled Zionist entertainment industry has

The biggest publishing houses are all Zionist controlled. They own the New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. The top 50 media outlets in the U.S. have been consolidated in recent decades down to just 5 media outlets! Revelation 17:15, “And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.”

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 12 Comments [4/22/2017 12:26:19 PM]
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"Most Likely To Be A Serial Killer" Award

Some people like vanilla. Some people have kinks. And some people are straight out of a psychological horror story.

Quote# 126549

(A paleoartist drew a horrifying picture of a human being eaten by Megalania -- a giant prehistoric lizard that lived in Australia --- and a vorephile shows up and gets butthurt because the other commenters don't think it's hot. At first I thought this guy was a troll, but after looking at his profile, it was apparent that, unfortunately, he's being 100% serious)

I'm fapping to this right now you hateful close minded jerks! I bet a lot of the haters are either repressed or have fetishes of their own that that won't admit to. Conformist squares aren't better than [vorephiles], even though they continue to think they are better than them just to deny how repressed and boring they, their lives, and their contribution to the human condition is.

wormsign2k, Deviantart comments section 28 Comments [4/21/2017 11:28:07 AM]
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Quote# 108064

WARNING! This analysis is blunt. South Park is a vulgar and vile movie. Any commentary will inherently border vulgar as well.

South Park is an incredibly dangerous movie for those who do not understand or are developing an understanding of the Gospel ....... INCREDIBLY dangerous! Some of the scenes in South Park reminded me so much of the image of demons screeching and dancing around a boiling cauldron as Satan gleefully looks on from the background as the demons pitch soul after soul after soul into the burning cauldron.

Satan is portrayed as the homosexual lover of Saddam Hussein and is portrayed as a sensitive, loving and caring being though the One who cast him into Hell clearly tells the Truth about him: that Satan's only interests are to steal, kill and destroy [John 10:10]. Hussein waves his disembodied male member around. And it was not a cardboard drawing like most other images of the movie -- it was of photographic resolution. The most foul of the foul words was clearly spoken by the children at least 131 times and many other times in a muffled or garbled way as well as in rapid uncountable succession in song [Col. 3:8]. The three/four letter word vocabulary was used at least 119 times, also mostly by children. God's name in vain was used 11 times without the four letter expletive and 6 times with it [Deut 5:11]. And many times the child characters were saying things like "What's the big deal" (about the foul language). "Suck my --", "Let's ([homo]sexual intercourse)", and repeated questions about a female private organ were but a very few of the vulgar expressions used by the kids.

Angels were portrayed as females - nude, very nude. God was called many vulgar and hateful names. Satan was glorified. Jesus was equated with sexual anatomy. A child was graphically incinerated by igniting his flatulence, then another kid tried to beat out the flames with a stick concerned about the stick catching fire. Body parts dripping with blood were ripped from a child by a surgeon who expressed flippant, shallow concern. The dead child was then seen with an exploded chest. The dead child, after being rejected from Heaven (by nude female angels) and cast into Hell (which is a violation of Scripture in and of itself), was then presented as a ghost trying to influence the other kids. An all-male chorus line wore pink bikini briefs. Homosexual acts were described. Decomposing burned bodies were cast as live occupants of Hell. "Big brother" electronic shock control of a child was used to prevent his use of foul language (each time he cussed he was shocked -- he used this shock later to defeat Hussein by shouting every known and several unknown foul words). A man committed suicide by jumping out of a window. And throughout the movie was script to promote licentious belittlement of wholesome life and entertainment: rationale to lessen even further the threshold of acceptance. [Rom. 16:17 - 18]

These are but a very few of the examples of ignominy in this sinematic cyanide. And the kids in the audience loved it, almost as much as the adults with them. Many of the children seemed to be laughing because their fathers expected them to laugh, looking up at their fathers, laughing nervously and loudly just so dad would know they were laughing along with him, not likely knowing at what it was they were laughing half the time. As long as dad was laughing. That was reason enough. May God have mercy on us. [Luke 17:2]

That is all I will say about the content this extraordinarily vulgar, vile, and repugnant movie. Other examples are just too vulgar and vile to even try to describe without being as vulgar and vile. Please note that the final score of 29 is not the lowest of scores earned by the movies we have analyzed, but this movie has earned the most severe CAP Influence Density (ID) of over 800 movies: a CAP ID of 10.65! Natural Born Killers (R) earned a CAP Influence Density of 7.46! Most R-rated movies earn CAP IDs between 1.00 and 3.00. A child cannot escape being influenced by "entertainment" such as this.

And you cannot imagine the depths of the influence of this sort of entertainment! In the months that followed our posting of this analysis report we received thousands of emails from adolescents who have seen this movie and spoke just like it. With the same or more severe level of contempt for wholesome and righteous ethics. I would post examples of their email here but most of them would look like "You --- ---, ---. You are a --- and a ---. Go --- ---. And see who cares about your --- ---, you --- --- sorry --- --- --- ---. --- my ---. And Satan's, too, you --- uncle ---- donkey ---." Just like South "Puke": BLU. And some people actually believe movies do not influence kids.

Tom Carder, CAPAlert 36 Comments [4/24/2015 3:23:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 39110

(Your clearly anti-gay, and brainwashed by christianity.)

And proud of it.

johnmuise, deviantArt 50 Comments [5/11/2008 9:15:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Deviant Bone

Quote# 82920

NOM Protester, Joe. My. God. 63 Comments [7/29/2011 4:58:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Aspergus

Quote# 36708

It's quite a shame more people don't believe in Creation. Still, no one has answered how the creatures got the brain to think to evolve. They couldn't evolve it, because without a brain, they couldn't think to evolve it.

Pony, Distant Horizons 80 Comments [3/25/2008 9:19:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Grandi

Quote# 126523

Military technology displaces alpha shitlords from service. The more advanced and remote the killing tech, the less need for high T men to wield the weaponry. A black ops room or navy ship decked out with precision targeting systems can be manned by homos and pregnant 90 pound women. Sad!

Heartiste, Gab 17 Comments [4/21/2017 11:03:40 AM]
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Quote# 126574

Jesus said that when a man LOOKS at a woman to lust after her, he's already committed the adulterous act in his heart. *Matt 5:28

Fellas, did you know that LUST was an open doorway into the spirit realm?

Not only that: it's a one way door, meaning that whatever lies on the other side of that door has permission to enter your life by the simple act of you lusting after it.

Allow me to help some of you understand deeper level spiritual understanding:

The spirit realm is a very real inter-dimensional world that exists right alongside our three dimensional world of reality. To keep it simple, let's just say it's an extra layer of a deeper reality that we all swim in daily. Most just do so unaware.

The spirit realm is populated with different species of life too, just like the world we are most familiar with has different species of reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, insects, germs, etc.

Some of these species are extremely wicked. And they are highly intelligent. More intelligent in fact than humans are. And they hate you.

These species are what the bible refer to as unclean spirits, devils, demons, evil spirits, etc. And they're like really nasty bacteria, viruses or germs whose only purpose is to kill and destroy life in every way possible.

One of these species that exist in this realm are called spirits of lust. And their only purpose is to occupy the mind or body of any person who is willing to host them.

Once those spirits of lust enter into you, they enslave you, open you up for more spirits to come in, and ultimately use you to spread their sick virus into others.

Once you are no longer any good to them, they will shipwreck your life completely. And may even kill you. It may sound far-fetched, but I can assure you it's not!

When Jesus warned us not to lust after women, it had a deeper purpose than just stopping men from being "poon" hounds. He was actually showing you how to keep yourself from being invaded by one of these foul spirits of lust.

Your lust is the open invitation and legal grounds for these spirits of lust to enter you and control your life.

And once they enter, they don't leave easy. They'll bog you down, make you into a bonafide simp, steal your time, life and productivity from you. You won't be able to make much money; at least not as much as you should be making.

Because your whole driving focus, every free waking thought will be on seeking sexual gratification. For many of you, your computer hard drive and cell phone photos are proof of this very point.

I see you online too: timeline filled with photos of half-naked women. Quick to comment on any female who has a picture of herself up in something tight or revealing: "Daaaaang! You sexy!

Why you teasing me like that? Gorgeous! Stunning! Wife material!"
All evidence of extreme thirst, aka LUST.

You need to also be aware that certain environments are set up because they are conducive to filling any unsuspecting man who wander in with lust spirits. Examples of such places would be:

Strip clubs, night clubs, lounges, parties, comedy clubs, concert venues, X-rated movie theaters, Black bike weekends, beach parties, Greek frat festivals, college frat parties, bachelor parties, etc.

Basically, any place where women will be present dressed as skimpily and enticingly as possible is where you'll find plenty of lust demons lurking for new victims. And sad to say: this also includes many CHURCHES...

And please be aware that many women you see online or around you, showcasing all their lovely female assets, are really nothing more than secret agents of Satan sent to trap men's souls via lust.

So quit giving such women props and attention in the hopes that she'll give you a shot! That never works anyway, because women like that feed off your lust and attention. All they want is your worship anyway.

Who told us that lusting after women was what men are supposed to do? Men are supposed to control themselves, possess their bodies in honor, build and create things, establish families and lead.

But you can't do that if your thoughts are filled with sex 24/7.

If you've read thus far, I'd like to present an eBook I wrote that is available right away for immediate and instant download. It's titled:

'Diva, Goddess, Queen: Breaking The Power of Soul Ties, Lust and Sexual Demons'. You can download it here:


If you're a man who's struggling with lust, filled with that thirsty energy, and you want to break totally and completely free: download this ebook NOW.

If you desire to empower yourself against the wiles of wicked women and their lust spirits: Don't ignore this message.

The sooner you make an active effort to liberate yourself from the tyranny of lust-fullness, the sooner you'll regain your rights and freedom as a man!

Jesus Christ provides absolute and total freedom. And this freedom is available for whosoever will, today. That means YOU.

So download the ebook, and be sure to look to Jesus: who alone can powerfully drive those lust spirits out of your life once and for all.

God bless.

Mack Major, Facebook 14 Comments [4/22/2017 12:17:23 PM]
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Quote# 126572

The abortuary owner, abortionist, head deathscort, and two underling deathscorts have all come very close to hitting me with their cars. I have been assaulted and very mildly batteried a few times by bro choicers.

These are intimidation tactics to get pro-lifers from not coming back in much the same way that stalking pro-aborts sometimes try to silence pro-lifers from expressing our opinions online because they know, deep down, that we are right and that abortion kills a human in a developmental stage we all have passed through unattacked and unscathed.

WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet, Live Action News 17 Comments [4/22/2017 12:16:39 PM]
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Quote# 126590

o its an opinion, I have to confess I chuckled , You don't want to debate me yet you contacted me on a Friday night? must have been a slow night for you. You must have done it after stomping on baby ducks in front of your children and telling them stories about how wonderful Joseph Stalin and Voltaire were. Your wife (if you have one, God help her is probably jealous of me )Then you tell me atheism isn't a choice . Why isn't it, l because there is no God all us theists are wasting our time? Do you think that if the Caesars couldn't dissuade us you can? You are one arrogant mofo. Then you talk to me of the Bible and its APPARENT contradictions . Got news for you my friend, secular history is LOADED with them. Should we stop believing that Davy Crockett was a real person because their are some contradicting facts in his story? And then there is Jesus . You make the assertion because there is only weak evidence ( your words not mine) that Jesus ever existed we should stop believing in HIM ? The emperor Hadrian believed in the myth sooooo much he went to great lengths to wipe out the memory of Jesus . He built 2 temples on sites that had NO previous religious significance than their connection with Jesus ( standard Roman practice was to build temples on previously sacred sites, not to just randomly select any old site and build a temple there. By the way I have yet to hear a satisfactory explanation of that.)Then there is this ,How do you account for the fact that of all the messianic leaders in Israel 2,000 some odd years after the fact we are still talking about this guy? I'm going to finish by telling you the story of Gamaliel . When the apostles were stirring up trouble and the Sanhedrin was at its wits end Gamaliel said not to interfere " If it is not of God it will soon pass away " I'm not saying you have to go out and get baptized , but who are you to decide for me what lies beyond this world, hell our own oceans aren't completely explored yet. Whadda ya say we keep an open mind till they are? Science is great, don't get me wrong, but there are some things it just doesn't cover . The answers on your spreadsheet are not the answers to everything.?

Daniel Parziale, Youtube 6 Comments [4/22/2017 3:37:23 PM]
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