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Honour dueling should be reinstated as an acceptable social activity. Dueling would provide a much-needed restorative to our increasingly vulgar and reckless political landscape.A duel would be fought using either swords or pistols. As a practice, it would ultimately increase civility in society.


Dueling actually prevents violence.

(submitter note: this is not a troll post; I checked to make sure.)

RochambeauFR, Deviantart forums 7 Comments [5/24/2017 2:29:53 AM]
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Why bother contributing to a society that gives us nothing in return?

I go to school, work my part time job. I pay taxes from my part time but most of that comes back to me, however if I graduate school the ideal situation from that would be getting a high paying job and with it having to pay taxes into our society as well.

The more I think of it though the more I ask: Why? Why pay into a society that shuns us and treats us like shit?

Why should I pay for some Stacy's mistake or some nigger's ten niglets all on welfare? Why should I pay for normalscums healthcare?

Instead I can just fake a disability and mooch off of the society that hates me with a passion

Incels that aren't NEETs why do you do it? I don't know whether or not to continue in school and work

Maybe the best path for us incels in our LDAR is to fake disabilities and have Normies pay for our living expenses.

NewLoadsOfFun, /r/incels 8 Comments [5/24/2017 3:07:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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[From an article titled "Atheism is the Uncoolest Choice Ever, and I Can Prove It: 8 Reasons Why Christianity is Cooler than Atheism".]

I've read a number of stories about how atheism is seen as "cool" by many young people, especially among college age youths. That's funny to me because I couldn't think of anything less cool than becoming an atheist. So, just in case any young people are reading, here are eight reasons that atheism is the in-coolest choice ever.

8) Religious people live longer, happier lives, according to numerous scientific studies. I know you atheist types are all about the SCIENCE even though you pretty much get all your scientific information from Huffpo articles with clickbait headlines like "Watch Bill Nye completely own a Creationist!" or "How Rolling Your Eyes is the Greatest Debate Tactic Against Christians!" (Rule of thumb: if the article you're reading contains exclamation points, it's probably not a respected scientific publication.) But I guess because you're an atheist who will live a shorter life maybe you don't have time to read actual scientific journals. I mean, something's gotta' be cut out, right?

But on top of shorter lives, studies indicate you'll be more miserable too. So while your life won't be longer, it might just feel that way.


3) As a Christian, my wife looks at me like I'm a gift from God. Seriously, to her that's what I am. Your atheist girlfriend (should you ever get one after you move out of your stepdad's basement) will see you as a gel-haired accident in skinny jeans on a lonely rock orbiting a meaningless sun in a mistake of a universe. See the difference? It's kind of a big one.


1) Atheists have less children and that probably means...well you probably know what that means since you're all about SCIENCE! Once again, to sum up, you'll be miserable, have a shorter life, and quite likely less sex than your religious counterparts. And you thought atheism was cool? Reconsider and repent ye' fools. Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life. Left unsaid, is that He's totally cooler than Richard Dawkins!

Matt Archbold, National Catholic Register 21 Comments [5/23/2017 9:19:17 PM]
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Submitted By: emau99

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Many seem to believe that banning Islamic immigration from the west will prevent terrorism. This is not the case.

Islamists are already living in our backyards and as our neighbours.
Most of these men (and women) are not coming directly from third-world countries with plans, no, it is mostly from here that these villains are plotting their acts of terror against the sovereign people.

Imprisonment is not enough. These men (and women) do not change their mentality in the prison ; too often the time in prison only strengthens their barbarism.

The events of the last several years have shown us that we can no longer tolerate the presence of these wolves on our soil.

Fire, blood, and death are needed to preserve western civilization itself.

As the President of the United States stated in his Inaugural address, the policy when dealing with Islamic extremists must be one of extermination, and that there must be absolutely no limit to our ferocity.

Their instruments of fanaticism and superstition must be smashed.

RochambeauFR, Deviantart forums 3 Comments [5/24/2017 2:24:01 AM]
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Our society is so sad. Go back a few decades and homosexuals were arrested as felons. Go back a few hundred years and the perverts were put to death.
Today we are letting them have children!
What a sick and depraved society that would hand children over to pedophiles in the name of equality.

It's called progress. Go back a few decades, and Christians in Texas were killing African-Americans for the crime of trying to vote. Go back two centuries and Texas Christians were keeping black people as salves.
And the churches found Biblical support for all of this.

Progress is just the forward or onward movement toward a destination. Hitler made progress in Germany. Stalin made progress in the USSR. The perverts are making progress here in the US.
Your use of the word progress, with regards to the well being of children, is actually a bad thing. Progressing toward a depraved society isn't something that we should strive for....lol
Blacks being persecuted and killed because of the color of their skin has nothing to do with perverts adopting children.
Blacks being brought to the U.S. like animals in chains has nothing to do with pedophiles adopting children.
Christians in Texas helped free the slaves and some gave their lives to do it.
Don't be so naive. I can walk into most churches today that call themselves Christian and claim to teach God's word when they clearly don't.
Two centuries ago popular culture approved of and promoted slavery in Texas and Christian's were opposing it.
Today popular culture has approved of and is promoting perverts adopting children and Christian's are opposing it.

yabruf, Christian News Network 11 Comments [5/23/2017 9:47:25 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

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All of your arguments against Hovind are saying that he is comparing living things to a highway and house and that is stupid. He is using the highway and house metaphore to highlight the way inanimate objects behave. Which according to the Evolutionist religion (its not actually science) the earth was non biological from 4.5GA (proto earth) to 3.8GA first sign of life. Meaning an inanimite earth turned biological on its own.... BAM! OK so the sun adding energy overcomes the 2 law of thermodynamics? What if I told you adding energy is destructive without a complex mechanism to harness the energy. which came from where? Stop trying to justify your disgusting ways of living, pick up a bible and start learning the truth for your own sake, please.

Josh Earl, FSTDT comments 19 Comments [5/21/2017 2:19:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 127215

Evidently asteroids are fragile too.

And if an asteroid hit the earth (not the other way around), are they saying the earth is stationary in space?

AV1611VET, Christian Boards  28 Comments [5/16/2017 2:02:21 PM]
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Commenting on an article posted entitled "Texas GOP Reaches Deal on 'Bathroom Bill'":

Most people who are conservative knew it would morph into schools and universities and our kids. It's like give an inch and they take a mile. Obama jumped the shark when he ordered schools to allow boys to shower and dress with girls - or they would lose their funding. When they do it gradually -- implementing these things a step at a time, usually they get away with it. This was too much for most people.

One school tried to deal with it and let the transgendered take a shower in a different area completely. He (who thought he was a she) flipped out and said that it was humiliating that he was not included with the girls and was separated.

My granddaughter's school had someone who was transgendered for the day -- and the gym teacher allowed them to skip gym that day so they didn't have to undress in front of him/her or take a shower with him.

Next day -- he thought he was James Dean for a day -- with a hustle here and a hustle there, New York City's the place where...hey there, take a walk on the wild side.


FairSharFairShar, Realabortiondebate 8 Comments [5/23/2017 3:12:33 PM]
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Good question. Some thoughts on the Flynn effect:
1) It is environmental
The Flynn effect is caused by advances in environmental factors, particularly in prenatal care and nutrition. This is why the effect has slowed in recent years--these factors have been more or less maxed out. However in places where those factors have not been maxed out such as the developing world, the Flynn effect continues and in some places is even accelerating.
2) It masks a more general intellectual decline
There are many environmental factors in the modern world which have the opposite effect, and when the Flynn effect ends these factors will precipitate a crash. One of these is the modern welfare state--subsidizing the unskilled and incompetent artificially boosts birthrates among that population, which puts downward pressure on cognitive ability. Another factor is progressive culture which views childbearing as low-class and an example of women "giving up on their potential." This pushes down birthrates generally among women, and especially among intelligent women, which also puts downward pressure on cognitive ability. Finally the most profound IQ-shredding effect is from technology itself. The basic mechanism is that technology benefits those who lack natural abilities (not just cognitive) in greater proportion than it benefits those with naturally high cognitive abilities--e.g. the smartphone has increased the man on the street's range of intellectual possibilities far more than it has the scientist or the history professor's (analogously, think of how a gun benefits the physically weak more than it does the strong). This also puts a downward pressure on cognitive ability by (a) favouring the weak, and (b) facilitating dependency which causes natural abilities to atrophy with disuse.
It does not make a great deal of sense to retard those members of society who are most responsible for advancing the society's material needs. If the best solution to racial tension is basically to dumb down society, is this not a good indication of the failure of multiculturalism?

Chewingofthecud, Reddit 7 Comments [5/23/2017 9:49:02 PM]
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A white supremacist is being accused of fatally shooting his two neo-Nazi roommates after they objected to his decision to convert to Islam.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that 18-year-old Devon Arthurs is being accused by police of gunning down two of his roommates — 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk — after they attacked his newfound Muslim faith.

According to police, Arthurs was upset at Islamophobia and decided to murder his two roommates “to bring attention to his cause.” Prior to converting to Islam, Arthurs was a committed white supremacist, as were his two slain roommates.

Police say that, after killing his two roommates, Arthurs went into a nearby smoke shop in Tampa Palms, where he took three hostages and threatened to kill them. After police arrived on the scene, they convinced him to release the hostages and turn himself in.

“I had to do it,” he said, according to police. “This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

Police say that Arthurs also told them that his goal was not only to draw attention to American foreign policy in the Muslim world, but also to “take some of the neo-Nazis with him” as part of his murderous rampage.

The Tampa Bay Times writes that Arthurs faces “two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of armed kidnapping.”

Devon Arthurs, Raw Story 23 Comments [5/23/2017 10:35:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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Two men in Indonesia's Aceh province were publicly caned dozens of times Tuesday for consensual gay sex, a punishment that intensifies an anti-gay backlash in the world's most populous Muslim country and which rights advocates denounced as "medieval torture."

More than a thousand people packed the courtyard of a mosque to witness the caning, which was the first time that Aceh, the only province in Indonesia to practice Shariah law, has caned people for homosexuality.

The crowd shouted insults and cheered as the men, aged 20 and 23, were whipped across the back and winced with pain. Many in the crush of spectators filmed the caning with cellphones as a team of five robed and hooded enforcers took turns to inflict the punishment, relieving one another after every 20 strokes for one of the men and 40 for the other.

Sarojini Mutia Irfan, a female university student who witnessed the caning, said it was a necessary deterrent.

"What they have done is like a virus that can harm people's morale," she said. "This kind of public punishment is an attempt to stop the spread of the virus to other communities in Aceh."

The couple were arrested in March after neighborhood vigilantes in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, suspected them of being gay and broke into their rented room to catch them having sex.

Indonesia's Aceh province, ABC news 10 Comments [5/23/2017 10:31:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Mister Spak

Quote# 127414

(Commenting on a meme she posted which reads: "God Loves Homosexuals - He also loves rapists, murderers, child molesters, atheists, liars, thieves, pedophiles, zoophiles and the incestuous...WHAT'S YOUR POINT?"

Timely word when the world insists on lying and labeling sex love.
Using that logic, one could assume that sex workers are in love with every person they sleep with. Nonsense.
Man has obviously corrupted God's creation and perverted an act that was created to be shared between a husband and wife as an expression of their love for one another in a God-ordained covenant.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 18 Comments [5/22/2017 11:34:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 125466

[Formatting from original. It took me at least 10 minutes to properly format this as I found it, lordy help me. Also, I am aware that part of this quote has been previously posted, but you are missing out if you don't see it with the formatting, as well as some portions of the article.]

David J. Stewart Defended
By Darien Santiago

I am writing this article in defense of one of the mightiest soul winners, and one of the mightiest Bible preachers, and hands down, my favourite Bible preacher DAVID J. STEWART of http://www.jesus-is-savior.com. I am supremely saddened by the amount of criticism brother Stewart has to endure. Quite frankly, I will here confess, that Mr. David J. Stewart is my FAVOURITE BIBLE TEACHER. Without a doubt whatsoever, Mr. David J. Stewart's website called http://www.jesus-is-savior.com is the BEST website that has EVER at ANY point in time been placed on the internet. NO OTHER WEBSITE can compare to the outright scholarly work of Mr. David J. Stewart. Mr. Stewart's website is arguably the best Christ honouring website that has EVER been displayed on the internet. Mr. Stewart is one of my personal heroes, and I am not only saddened, but enraged, when I see so much slanderous talk out there against the mighty Bible preacher, David J. Stewart.


David J. Stewart TELLS IT AS IT IS. That is why so many people have a problem with him, and those that have a problem with Mr. Stewart are almost always either unbelievers who are spiritually dead and on their way into the lake of fire to die the 2nd death, or they are carnal believers who do not understand what it is like to be spiritually mature in the LORD. Why do so many people resist the Word of God? Because it makes them uneasy in the moral standing. They love their sins and they don't want to hear that their deeds are evil. They don't want to be reproved for their errors, and consequently, they shun the Word of God, they supress the truth, and drown out the truth by rushing on into their immoralities, completely ignoring and disregarding the inspired, inerrant, infallible, impeccable, incontrovertable, preserved, perfect, defectless, unblemished, unequaled, unmarred, untainted, untarnished Word of the Most High God. If therefore, that is the case, then why do men have a problem with David Stewart. I'll tell you why, because he is an uncompromising, Spirit filled, God loving, Christ honouring, sin hating, soul winning, Bible believing, Bible preaching, soldier of the cross of Christ. That is why. He preaches the Word of God AS IT IS, and if people hate the Word of God, then, how much more likely shall they hate them who preach it.

Mr. David Stewart preaches the Cross of Christ, he preaches the blood of Christ, the power of Christ, the Gospel of Christ, and the love of God, manifested in the sacrifice of Christ for the sins of the elect, right? WRONG! He preaches the love of God, manifested in the sacrifice of Christ for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD. I have NEVER seen a man as Biblically solid as Mr. David J. Stewart. The first time I read his articles I was surprised that he agreed with me on so many points. I will plainly say, I have been called a "nut", "fruit loop", "fanatic", "heretic", "mentally challenged", "retarded", "lunatic", and "1 dimensional", all because I BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD. Judging by the fact that Mr. Stewart and I hold an EXACT DUPLICATE of beliefs, I assume he has also been called those things like as I have been. The only reason why people would label Mr. Stewart as a heretic, is truly because most of the world today is mentally ill. Consider it, born again Christian believers are being called heretics by a baby murdering society (abortion)? That is farfetched beyond imagination. Only in this sin cursed world is a baby murder (abortion) considered wise and a Christian considered a dunce. Imagine that! Born again Christians who love our LORD and God, Jesus Christ, are labeled as fanatics, fools, dunces, kooks, freaks and weirdos. No, no, no. May I say unto you, it is not the Christians who love God who are mentally challenged; it is the 90% of the world's unbelievers who are mentally challenged.


My beloved brother in the LORD, David Stewart, worry not my beloved and dear Bible preacher, your God and my God, even the great God, the true God, the everlasting God, and the only God, even El Elyon, even El Shaddai, even Jehovah Elohim, the same, will deal with those who have slandered you, I can assure you that, and furthermore, thou knowest already my precious and beloved brother in the LORD. You are loved David. By God, and by this old sinner, miles away from you. You are loved, and your ministry is precious.


Darien Santiago, David J. Stewart 35 Comments [3/17/2017 5:54:37 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 127400

“The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow Southern Americans, is both heinous and horrific,” Oliver wrote. “If the, and I use this term extremely loosely, ‘leadership’ of Louisiana wishes to, in a Nazi-ish fashion, burn books or destroy historical monuments of OUR HISTORY, they should be LYNCHED! Let it be known, I will do all in my power to prevent this from happening in our State.”

Karl Oliver, Raw Story 50 Comments [5/22/2017 9:48:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 127105

In yesterday’s broadcast, I kind of verbally assaulted a huge contingent of my fan base saying that “I will never be friends with adults who watch cartoons.” Now I understand that this is a broad-brushed statement, but you have to look at it from my perspective. EVERYONE that has given me a problem on the Internet (butt-stalkers, cyber tough guys, wanna be doxers, etc) have been active in cartoon fandom. This is a correlation that I can no longer ignore, nor can I palate.

This adult obsession with cartoons is a contributing factor to the immature personalities that seem to dominate modern males in America. It is not cute, fun or innocent! Cartoon fetished people seemed to have no shame of any kind, and seem to relish in the borderline pedophilia their fetish encompasses. They enjoy provoking disgust in others when referencing their cartoon fetish, and they validate their sick hobbies with other like-minded freaks they call a “community.” And when these like-minded manchildren get together, its an utter cringefest!

Let me set the record straight, if you’re a Capitalist and this is what you like to do; then that’s your business. But don’t expect me to understand your perspective or try to convince me that what you are partaking in is normal. As you have the Right as a Capitalist to be a cartoon fetished freak, I have the Right to think cartoon fetished people should be on file at their local police’s vice squad unit. There’s NOTHING that will convince me otherwise.

Lastly, the reason it seems I have a vehement hatred for cartoon fetished people is because of MY PERSONAL experience with these tards. Their actions as individuals and/or as a group has shown me that when these freakshows get together, they are a danger to themselves and to society. Their cringe-based, manchild mentality knows no boundaries when in groups. And I personally feel that leaving any children (which is who cartoons are marketed towards to begin with) with these people would end in abuse; mental and/or sexual. I genuinely, from my personal experiences with these people, believe this with all my soul.

With that said, this is why I’ve been jaded on the show lately. I am disgusted that True Capitalist Radio is a magnet for these societal degenerates. It’s hard to keep the enthusiasm and ambition to continue to broadcast knowing that I’m providing entertainment to people I probably would spit on if I saw in real life.

So keep listening if you like cartoon freaks, but know that I really can’t stand you people because of your actions. In the scheme of things, watching cartoons is harmless. But how you sick idiots manifest it into an adult fandom is disturbing, Moreover, the mentality that the fandom generates is dangerous on a many different levels, especially for the children that are exposed to these people.

Ghost, Ghost.Report 31 Comments [5/12/2017 1:24:13 PM]
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Quote# 127412

There will be no *impeachment* of DJT, God has already written the script.

If you don't see manifest destiny playing out before your eyes, dare I call it a modern miracle, you are blind. If you don't hear a calling from a higher place, you are deaf.

A man who wasn't supposed to beat a single person in the primary but beat 17, a man who wasn't supposed to beat a honed and polished career politician, but did.

He now sits as leader of the free world, and you think some worthless little liberal pukes, not that different than the dog shit that gets stuck to bottom of your shoe, is going to stop him? Really?

Never bet against Donald J Trump, never. You're betting against God's preordained plan.

So it be written, so it be done.


Donald J. Trump was the 'Chosen One', albeit somewhat unwilling like Noah, but chosen nonetheless.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 28 Comments [5/22/2017 1:54:45 PM]
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Quote# 99660

The Lord is a warrior and in Revelation 19 is says when he comes back, he's coming back as what? A warrior. A might warrior leading a mighty army, riding a white horse with a blood-stained white robe ... I believe that blood on that robe is the blood of his enemies 'cause he's coming back as a warrior carrying a sword.

And I believe now - I've checked this out - I believe that sword he'll be carrying when he comes back is an AR-15.

Now I want you to think about this: where did the Second Amendment come from? ... From the Founding Fathers, it's in the Constitution. Well, yeah, I know that. But where did the whole concept come from? It came from Jesus when he said to his disciples 'now, if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.'

I know, everybody says that was a metaphor. IT WAS NOT A METAPHOR! He was saying in building my kingdom, you're going to have to fight at times. You won't build my kingdom with a sword, but you're going to have to defend yourself. And that was the beginning of the Second Amendment, that's where the whole thing came from. I can't prove that historically and David [Barton] will counsel me when this is over, but I know that's where it came from.

And the sword today is an AR-15, so if you don't have one, go get one. You're supposed to have one. It's biblical.

Jerry Boykin, Right Wing Watch 52 Comments [2/28/2014 4:15:55 AM]
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Quote# 127380

The Sufficiency of Scripture for Helping People in Need

Author Steve Ham explores the consistency between the positions of biblical creation and biblical counseling concerning the authority of God’s Word and its sufficiency in the lives of all believers.

Recently I had the opportunity to read and review the book Counseling the Hard Cases.1 This book places the biblical counseling movement on display as it reports the process and outcomes of real-life counseling cases. As a biblical creationist, I was continually encouraged to find the counselors’ dedication to the sufficiency of Scripture for helping real people with real problems. While preparing a review of this book as a graduate student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, I became even more aware of the consistency between the positions of biblical creation and biblical counseling concerning the authority of God’s Word and its sufficiency in the lives of all believers.

Biblical Authority and Medical Science

I noticed the strong correlations between biblical creationists and biblical counselors in the first chapter of Counseling the Hard Cases. Both positions face accusations revolving around the nature of authority and science. For example, many “Christian counselors” are convinced that the use of such treatments as hypnosis or psychotropic drugs are based on strong scientific research and analysis.2 Persuaded that this research comes from an authoritative source, they then integrate it into their counseling methodology.

Like most “Christian counselors,” trained biblical counselors typically take great care to refer counselees to doctors for necessary medical diagnosis and treatment of their physical ailments. However, for spiritual issues the biblical counselor seeks to ensure that Scripture is seen as the supreme authority and sufficient to help all believers deal with trials (suffering) or sin in their lives. Biblical counselors also should acquaint themselves with the research related to such things as medication, noting which recommendations are based upon repeatable, testable observations and which are based on assumptions influenced by a secular worldview. This is also why biblical counselors prefer to work in partnership with physicians who are Bible-believing Christians. In recognition of secular worldview influences in the medical community, many biblical counselors have armed counselees with questions to ask their practitioners who prescribe medications such as anti-depressants. Especially if a diagnosis is as broad as the term “chemical imbalance,” biblical counselors will encourage questions such as the following:

• What tests were performed to prove that the problem exists?
• What proof do you have that the problem you discovered is not merely a symptom of a deeper problem?
• What proof do you have that the medication you are prescribing truly corrects the problem?

Properly Diagnosing the Problem and Its Remedy

In today’s world it seems nearly every social or relational problem known to man is categorized by a descriptively named disorder and often treated by some psychotropic drug. In many cases, counselors and others re-label sinful responses to situations in a way that removes personal responsibility. For example, lashing out at your children in anger is now known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and “it’s not your fault” that you act the way you do. If your son consistently disobeys your authority as his parent, he will likely be diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. These disorders are often depicted as villains maliciously attacking their victims as if they were a force unto themselves. When seen in this light, these problems become the cause of debilitation for many people who find themselves lost in a hopeless dependence on secular psychological techniques and prescription medication.

This wrong perception of relational problems that are ultimately rooted in sinful thoughts and behaviors has sadly become commonplace even in the church. Many counseling practitioners have attempted to make a compatible partnership between Christian doctrine and worldly philosophies in the diagnosis and treatment of the human soul.[

Scripture Is Sufficient to Help with the Problems of Life

To address this issue, Counseling the Hard Cases reports on real-life case studies from eleven experienced biblical counselors. Compiled by editors Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert, the introduction clearly sets forth the theme for this collection of biblical counseling case studies.4 In the development of the modern biblical counseling movement over the last fifty years, persuasive evidence shows that “Scripture is comprehensively sufficient to do ministry with people experiencing profound difficulties in their lives” (p. 23).

While the sufficiency of Scripture in counseling is the basic thesis of the book, in each of the hard cases the editors have been careful to display this concept practically in the lives of real people. Even for those who are not skeptical about biblical counseling, the results of these hard cases were amazing and gave great cause for rejoicing in the redeeming grace found in the Cross of Christ.

The biblical counseling movement has been criticized by those who are skeptical of the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling. Secular psychology understandably views the Bible as irrelevant, but many “Christian counselors” acknowledge the Bible’s relevance yet deny its sufficiency in the way that they practically advise their counselees. We expect people with a purely naturalistic view of the human condition to dismiss biblical wisdom in counseling, and therefore this book primarily answers the criticisms of “Christian counseling.”

One of the primary criticisms of biblical counselors is that they use the Bible to somehow replace science and therefore ignore the consensus of secular research for dealing with psychological problems. But the proof of scriptural sufficiency for biblical counseling is convincingly “in the pudding.”5 This book helps put to rest the misconception that biblical counselors ignore science as the reader observes them partnering with trained physicians to treat real and identifiable physical problems. It is in the power of the Holy Spirit and the gospel of Christ, through the voice of the counselor, that the application of biblical truth guides a responsive counselee to healing and sanctification.

When discussing counseling methods, a key question to ask is this: does the authority to diagnose the many human dysfunctional behaviors come from man’s word or God’s Word? Heath Lambert is quick to point out that the counseling debate is profoundly centered in presuppositions. He refers to Jay Adams, who stated that his presupposition in counseling methodology is “the inerrant Bible as the standard of all faith and practice” (p. 8). It is clear that each of the contributing authors commences his or her counseling approach with the same presupposition as Adams. To some, this presupposition may seem like an intellectual debate about methodologies. But the ten extraordinary cases presented in the book consistently confirm the truth of this idea in real-life situations as the hope of Christ transforms lives and frees people from bondage to sinful thoughts and behaviors. So, a presuppositional approach to Scripture is not simply a debate about truth; it is also entirely practical.

Can the Bible Help with the Hard Cases?

Like biblical creationists, biblical counselors have never claimed that the Bible is a science textbook.

Other accusations against the biblical counseling movement have come from a misinterpretation of the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture. Critics claim that the Bible is not a science textbook, and therefore it is ill-equipped to help with so-called psychological disorders. The answers to such claims are well stated in this book.

First, secular psychology fails to prove that many of the human problems “classified as mental illnesses” are related to any real “disease or illness at all” (p. 8). This ultimately means that the “science” of secular psychology has its own problems with regard to the definition of observational (i.e., testable, repeatable) science, by which a hypothesis is repeatedly tested and either proven or denied. As a prime example, no one really knows how certain neurotransmitters relate to conditions like depression and anxiety. Yet various medications are prescribed to correct imbalances that have not been accurately defined.

Second, critics from the Christian counseling movement suggest that biblical counselors are using the Bible in place of “science” or as a “science” textbook. But, like biblical creationists, biblical counselors have never claimed that the Bible is a science textbook. Within all the different genres that Scripture takes, the biblical counselor starts with a commitment to the authority of God’s Word. So, instead of viewing human problems in the light of a secular label such as a phobia or disorder, biblical counselors present human problems as Scripture does—in terms of the problem of human sin and suffering and the answer in the gospel.

Real Help and Change in Transformed Living

Reading through each of the hard cases, one soon comes to the realization that these scriptural truths are not just words on a page. Instead, the case studies show there truly is transformational power in the living Word of God (Hebrews 4:12). The same God who saves us from everlasting destruction also brings us into a life that exemplifies His grace. Even more enlightening is the fact that many of the people whose stories are told in this book found genuine healing after having first been disillusioned by the debilitating effects of anti-depressives, hypnosis, attempts to relive a better childhood, and various other secular treatments.

The list of documented cases contains “disorders” that many pastors have dispatched in the “too-hard” basket. They include an extreme example of sexual abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and more. A purely theoretical book cannot touch the impact of this book in retelling what these real-life experiences reveal about the sufficiency of Scripture in the counseling process.

One final thing that should be mentioned in respect to these cases is the book’s consistent theme highlighting the believer’s satisfaction in Christ, confidence in the gospel, the power of the Holy Spirit, a commitment for prayerful reading and application of Scripture, and the supportive care of the local church community. The counseling process is shown to engage not only one counselor but God working through His Word and the community of believers in the heart and mind of the counselee.

The Powerful Word of God

I heartily recommend this book to pastors and any believer needing to witness the powerful nature of the Word of God to gain confidence and steadfastness in the faith—and anyone with a desire to help others:

I myself am satisfied about you my brothers that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another. (Romans 15:14, ESV)


1. Stuart W. Scott and Heath Lambert, eds. Counseling the Hard Cases. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 2012.
2. “Christian counseling” is a term most often associated with counselors who are prepared to integrate secular psychology’s methodologies and treatments into their counseling.
3. Answers in Genesis has produced an excellent video on this very topic called Counterfeit Counseling by Pastor Brad Bigney.
4. Dr. Stuart Scott, one of the editors of Counseling the Hard Cases, spoke at the Answers for Pastors conference in October 2013 on the sufficiency of Scripture in biblical counseling.
5. This is not to say that every biblical counseling case ends successfully. God’s Word—our fully reliable and sufficient source of truth—requires the believer to submit and obey in humility, but sadly, some people do not submit to the authority of Scripture.

Steve Ham, Answers In Genesis 16 Comments [5/22/2017 11:33:31 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 127154

During a vote at 3 a.m. on Friday morning, angry Republicans in the North Carolina state Senate cut education funding from the districts of Democratic senators.

The News and Observer reported that Republicans had become frustrated after Democrats forced vote after vote on budget amendments during a session that began on Thursday and went into the early hours of Friday morning.

Republicans eventually called for a two hour recess after negotiations between Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue and Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger appeared to break down.

When the session resumed around 3 a.m., Republican Sen. Brent Jackson introduced an amendment that provided an extra $1 million to fight the opioid epidemic. The amendment was passed before Democrats noticed that the $1 million had been taken from education funding in their districts.

Democratic Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram’s district lost $316,646 that was earmarked for two rural high schools. The amendment also banned the school from using existing funds for the Eastern North Carolina STEM program, which promotes science, math and technology.

“I don’t know what motivated the amendment, but it will have a devastating effect on an area that is already suffering,” Smith-Ingram told The News and Observer on Saturday.

She said that the program would be shut down unless Republicans agreed to fund it before the budget was finalized.

“The future of children should not be caught up in a political disagreement between members,” Smith-Ingram insisted.

North Carolina GOP, Raw Story 26 Comments [5/14/2017 2:09:41 PM]
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Quote# 127224

The Devil and the fallen angels hate you.

They have angelic abilities. They never sleep, never tire, are never distracted, have no need to travel from point a to b, and they never miss what you are up to.

Think this through.

Imagine what sort of profile on you some government agency could put together. I’ve written on this before, but it bears dredging up and repeating.

Imagine that government agencies want to build a psychological profile of you, much as the FBI might when they use clues and evidence to hunt down an unknown serial killer.

These government agents, let’s call it The Agency, teamed up with a newly minted Dem President’s Domestic Security Force, are profiling Catholics. Real Catholics are, of course, terrorists and dissidents: they refuse to worship Moloch and offer sacrifices of incense to the statue of the POTUS.

Said Agency and DSF plot your movements through your mobile phone and car’s GPS as you move in and out of cells which they monitor to triangulate your location. They learn something about you through your patterns of travel. They learn about your tastes and interests through your purchasing history. They monitor your calls, where you go on the internet, what you write and read in your email and on webpages. They look at all your online transactions. Through your credit card records they hunt up the actual receipts and examine what you bought at every store... including those embarrassing things. After all, you leave amazingly information-rich and detailed trails and clues to who you are with every move and purchase. The Agency and DSF review all your library checkouts, your magazine subscriptions, your movie going habits, your DVD choices through Netflix or digital downloads through Amazon and iTunes. They watch your channel selections through your cable or satellite. All this information can be mined. They watch your every interaction with your friends... and strangers too, for that matter, with listening devices and cameras. After gathering all this information, the Agency’s profiling experts build a picture of you, get into your head. They figure out what you are about, who you are, and what you going to do next.

They are merely humans with a lot of bits of information.

How much better can fallen angels, the demons do this?

Angels, the holy angels and the fallen, have never missed anything of your lives since the instant of your conception. And they never forget. Anything.

Fallen angels, the enemy, the Devil, can’t literally get into our heads or thoughts or touch our will, but they don’t have to in order to know us really well.

And they hate you. They hate you. They hate you.

Father John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z's Blog 13 Comments [5/17/2017 2:33:26 AM]
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Quote# 108011

Jesus Christ's Middle Name is Not FU_KING!!


Blaspheming God brought capital punishment in the Old Testament. This is how God feels about those who curse in His name and blaspheme Him. Hollywood Jews hate Jesus Christ, taking God's name in vain in EVERY major movie they produce. Read what Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman says about Jesus Christ.

It makes me angry when I hear people curse in my Lord's name. SHUT UP!!! Jesus does NOT have a middle name. And if Jesus did, it certainly would not be a slang street curse word for sexual intercourse. There is no evil on this earth that is any more abominable to God the Father in Heaven than to desecrate His dear Son by referring to Him in such a derogatory, filthy and sexually-degenerate manner.

Some evil and rotten person, a total ingrate who hated Jesus Christ, thought up this evil term, put it into some trashy movies and ghetto music, and now it has because a mainstream of American language and society. God's hand of blessing has been departing from our nation for several decades and will soon be completely gone. We will get what we deserve as a rebellious people. God has been extremely longsuffering, fair and patient with us as a nation; yet Americans take God's blessings and provisions for granted, disobeying the Bible, murdering our children through abortion (children we conceive out of sexually immoral relationships), as part of a partying, out-of-control, sex-sicko, totally irresponsible society!!!

David J. Stewart, jesus-is-savior 55 Comments [4/22/2015 2:54:11 AM]
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Quote# 127232

[emphasis is mine.]

I get your point and I was saying that there are good reasons for abortion. I'm just pointing out that my favorite thing about abortion is that it pisses off Christians and the end result looks cool. And that's before the prospect of trying to raise a kid in a post-globalization Trump dictatorship.

I'm surprised people don't do it more often. Abortion is the most merciful (and entertaining) option.

Also, who cares if they do it out of laziness? I don't.

NeoMatrix, FSTDT 21 Comments [5/17/2017 8:43:26 AM]
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Quote# 127261

How's the autism, Frank? I think polio is less dangerous than autism because all these autistic nerds have no respect for their fellow man, and they cry and scream for no apparent reason because they're intellectually incapable of having a personal relationship with the Lord. If it wasn't for autism ungodly garbage like "hentai" and "My Little Pony" would have been eradicated by now. --Elvis is King (talk) 03:05, 18 May 2017 (UTC)

James Wilson, RationalWiki 26 Comments [5/18/2017 12:51:58 AM]
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Quote# 48818

(XF refuses to call her gender-reassigned coworker a woman)
I do agree to disagree.

Christianity isn't about making people feel good. Look at how you people are upset at how I'm standing up for the truth for not calling a man a woman.

I do love my co-worker very much, but I will not respect that he wants to be referred to as a woman. Do I forgive his bitterness at me? Yes, yes, I do.

Xiao-Feng-Fury, Xiao-Feng-Fury's DeviantArt Journal 61 Comments [10/3/2008 8:07:39 PM]
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Quote# 127420

I fully support eugenics.

Ugly people shouldn't be allowed to breed. Kill all inferior ugly male species. Only Chads should be allowed to thrive. All other people are suffering anyways. Also, biology also supports the view. So I fully support eugenics and the process of extermination of inferior humans. It's just the next step in human evolution.

gufestus1, /r/incels 16 Comments [5/23/2017 5:59:04 AM]
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