VileGeneticTrash #sexist

I'm finally losing my sanity at 25 because of zero female touch/validation/interaction

I never thought I would suffer the effects of lifelong loneliness and lack of female intimacy those studies report. I was blackpilled from the very start back in the puahate days. I was okay up until around 22/23 when my inceldom made me only miss having sex, however now I purely desire female touch and validation, and the suffering due to lack thereof is immensely greater than that of missing sex. I am convinced my face is severely deformed because I have no female validation to suggest otherwise. My brain is fixated on skin to skin touch with a female so much I am incapable of focusing on even menial tasks. My last positive female interaction was just before puberty at 12 years old when a girl said she liked me. If this continues for another 5 years I will either be dead or more terrifyingly in a straightjacket locked up in the nut house with key thrown away.



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