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White People Told It’s Not Enough to Feel Bad

It is beyond obvious that the government/media axis converted the Trayvon Martin shooting into a race issue and then hyped it through the ceiling in order to exacerbate racial tensions. The only question is: why would they do this, positioning themselves firmly on the side of blacks, when blacks make up only 12% of the population? This pro-Trayvon protester provides the answer[...]

When it comes time to make Whitey into lampshades, there will be no shortage of white volunteers to man the guard towers at the concentration camps. It will be whites who oversee the whole operation. Liberalism works by manipulating the weak-minded through self-hatred.

Dave Blount, Moonbattery 25 Comments [7/26/2013 3:47:10 AM]
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More projection; more DARVO.

7/26/2013 4:22:53 AM

Filin De Blanc

But when people on Moonbattery talk about how black people are all violent savages, that's not exacerbating racial tensions, oh no.

7/26/2013 4:27:27 AM


I wonder what Dave thinks about the hordes of white trash.

7/26/2013 4:54:17 AM


It became a racial issue:

1) Because of the way the Sanford PD handled the case. Automatically assuming Trayvon must have been the bad guy; treating Trayvon like a dead junkie and not even contacting his parents despite having his cell phone; tampering with witness testimony (look it up, they actually tried to get people to say TM was on top rather than GZ or that they heard GZ screaming); refusing to arrest or even investigate GZ; lying about GZ's past and demonizing TM, etc.

2) Because the 911 call revealed Zimmerman was suspicious of Trayvon for basically no other reason than he was black and some recent burglars in the area had been black. He assumed Trayvon was guilty of something and that he looked "suspicious" simply because of his race.

3) Zimmerman's defense lawyers and his supporters in the general public try to justify his actions by actually trying to justify racial profiling. They try to argue that it's just common sense that anyone would be suspicious of black men (especially if they wear hoodies and it's after dark) if there have been black burglars in the area. They basically argue that anyone has the right to grab a gun and follow around black strangers, and if that black strangers dares to fight back (especially if he's unarmed and the pursuer is armed) the pursuer who initiates the entire incident can claim "self-defense" and shoot him. That was basically the gist of the defense argument and most of Zimmerman's supporters in the general public agree with that argument.

7/26/2013 5:37:25 AM


The case was pretty much bound to become a Rorschach Test that exposes the racial attitudes of people who comment on it. And it truly did. 90% of the people you see defending Zimmerman are either racist or at least view black people as violent, scary and/or "suspicious" or worthy of more suspicion. Guaranteed. Just have a conversation with some like I have. In my experience most of the black people who defend Zimmerman tend to be middle-aged and older black people who have a similar attitude and are so tired of stories of black crime involving black urban youth that they feel little sympathy for any black youngster who gets killed. Especially if the black youth wasn't a perfectly little angel or Jesus Christ reincarnated (apparently smoking pot, wearing gold fronts and flipping the bird on Facebook, like many other teenagers, makes one a "thug" or worthy of death these days).

7/26/2013 5:38:53 AM


"When it comes time to make Whitey into lampshades, there will be no shortage of white volunteers to man the guard towers at the concentration camps. It will be whites who oversee the whole operation. Liberalism works by manipulating the weak-minded through self-hatred."

Talk about a persecution complex.

I think comedian Bill Burr had it right. The reason some white people start saying this kind of shit whenever a talk about discrimination against minorities comes up is due to their own projection. White bigots know had their "group" been wronged like minorities have been and are still being wronged they'd be up in arms and baying for pounds of flesh and vengeance against members of the group that wronged them. They're scared shitless to talk about anti-minority discrimination because they're afraid minorities will do what they know they'd probably do in that situation - bay for blood. They're afraid of revenge.

It's that same paranoid complex some people who were bullies back when they were kids/teens develop. They know they've fucked over people and they're looking over their shoulder waiting for that day when their comeuppance will be at hand at the hands of one of their former victims. Fortunately for idiots like Dave Blount most minorities are far too busy trying to eke out a living, just like everyone else, to be worried about revenge on individuals who had little to do with institutional racism.

Thankfully in some ways it's getting easier to spot these kind of people. They generally tend to be conservative-leaning (plenty of liberal are like that but they're less commonplace, the Left tends to ostracize racists and other kinds of people who believe in inequality). They also tend to be less educated or more isolated. People who live in more diverse areas or have more education are less likely to be of that mindset.

7/26/2013 5:46:21 AM



The forensic evidence does show that TM was on top of GZ when he was shot.

That doesn't change the fact that he profiled, followed, confronted and killed an unarmed teenager. More than likely TM was scared for his well being and tried to fight the creepy guy that was following him for no reason.

7/26/2013 6:13:01 AM


@michael3ov - I watched the trial closely. Dr. Vincent Di Maio admitted under prosecution cross-examination that Trayvon could have just as easily been standing up and backing away when he was shot. He said the evidence simply shows that Trayvon was upright and Zimmerman pointed upwards at him. If Trayvon were standing and backing away Zimmerman would still need to aim upwards since he's only 5'7 and Trayvon was nearly 6'0. Or Zimmerman could have been in the process of sitting up when he shot. I buy that theory more because it would be nearly impossible for Trayvon to see the gun if he was on top of Zimmerman while Zimmerman was lying on his back (the gun was in the rear waistband inside GZ's pants) and very difficult for Zimmerman to take it out (he'd need to push up against his own 204 lbs of weight and Trayvon's 158 lbs of weight to lift his butt up to reach the gun).

But yeah, even if Trayvon was on top while Zimmerman was on the ground Zimmerman still provoked this entire unnecessary conflict and used lethal force in a situation that showed no sign it was going to be lethal for Zimmerman (given Trayvon's lack of a violent record I doubt he'd kill anyone).

7/26/2013 6:27:31 AM


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7/26/2013 8:27:40 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

Mmmm, that's good persecution complex!

7/26/2013 9:24:34 AM


Dear Dave Blount,


7/26/2013 9:59:27 AM


"Liberalism works by manipulating the weak-minded through self-hatred."
So it's just like Christianity then? As somebody who is further left than an American Liberal - although that's not hard, it's wide open land there - I can tell you I don't hate myself not for being white, male, German, nerdy or anything, but what you are confusing is that I don't hate other people for not being white either, nor for being white.

7/26/2013 11:27:32 AM


I'm still aghast at the outcome of this trial. Shocked, sick, disturbed, horrified and awed. It's like going back in time 60 years and making Charles Manson chief justice just to top it all off.


I'm not so completely naive as to think institutional racism is dead in Canada, but I honestly couldn't concieve of that shit flying here. I try not judge so broadly but there's something fundamentally wrong in America for something so atrocious to happen. I know that the majority of Americans aren't racist gun nuts that would just as soon sell a lost infant on the black market as reunite them with their parents, that's just a vocal minority. But I always took comfort in the idea that the lunatic fringe - loud and agressive and utterly terrifying as they are - was powerless against the rational majority and all they'd ever be able to do was rage into the ether until they got themselves locked away. I thought they'd never have the power to ruin lives wholesale by subverting laws and politics. I know now that's not true at all. That scares me.

7/26/2013 12:17:06 PM


@Passerby - I'm disgusted by not surprised. I figured old Zimmerman would get off.

1) It's Sanford, Florida. A modern-day Sundown Town.
2) This was being handled by the Sanford PD. They're about as bad as Rodney King-era LAPD when it comes to race relations.
3) Zimmerman's dad is A RETIRED, HIGH-RANKING MAGISTRATE. He probably knows Judge Nelson and the defense lawyers. Wouldn't be surprised if he put in calls or cash payouts to have prosecution witnesses turn into defense witnesses on the stand. There's a reason the Judge was so generous to the defense (she granted a motion to deny the prosecutors to use Florida Statute 776.012 to assert Trayvon's right to defend himself against a stranger stalking him).
4) The dead kid is black. The gunman is non-black.
5) The dead black kid was a pothead and apparently at some point wore gold fronts, flipped the bird on Facebook and used foul language. In the minds of bigots (including most of Zimmerman's supporters), that makes him a "thug" who must be at fault or had his death coming.

I'm also not that surprised at how it's divided the public. I think a lot of white racist Zimmerman supporters support Zimmerman because they view any dead young black male as "payback" for any white person killed by a random black criminal somewhere in the world. Or they view Trayvon as a proxy for Obama (especially since Obama said his son would look like Trayvon). Now that white Americans are on the fast track to become a minority some white Americans are in Defcon 4 fear mode and reverting to the mindset of their Jim Crow-era ancestors in a last hurrah to "save my grandfather's America".

One less black male out there = 1 less minority to outnumber them.

7/26/2013 12:39:07 PM

Hasan Prishtina

When it comes time to make Whitey into lampshades

Jews were 1.7% of the population of Europe in 1939; a third of them were still alive in 1945. Whites are 72.4% of the population of the United States. Your hyperbole makes me puke.

7/26/2013 12:41:18 PM



Your chant doesn't even rhyme unless you drag out the sound of the l's at the end of 'all'. Try again, troll.

7/26/2013 1:37:42 PM

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7/26/2013 2:22:01 PM

government/media axis - lol. The terms conspracists invent for their imagined consprators crack me up. This one reminds me of government/pharma complex.

Try occam's razor for once. Reporters are always fanning the flames of racial tension because it sells the news. You don't need to get any more complicated than that.

I guess asking a conspiracist to use occam's razor is like asking a fish to fly or a bird to swim.

7/26/2013 9:13:06 PM


@#1568802: Hey, thanks for demonstrating that you know jack shit about reporters.

7/28/2013 11:49:54 AM

Wyatt Mann

Fuck Trayvon. Why the fuck would you people defend some violent asshole?

What, you think Zimmerman fucked up his own face?

Also, seriously, it's not a fucking race issue. Zimmerman is hispanic. He is not white. The media tried to spin it into one, into some sort of hate crime by an evil white racist, but that's just plain not the case.

7/29/2013 12:45:59 AM


@ Wyatt

So, if Trayvon savagely pounded George's face why is the only mark on either of his hands a single scratch on his ring finger?

If he was on top of Zimmerman, how exactly did he make a grab for his rear mounted internal holster, which by the way Trayvon would have no way of seeing? For that matter, how would Zimmerman himself have gotten to his gun if he was lying on his back with a 160 lbs kid on top of him?

See, apart from the idea of Trayvon running away from Zimmerman only to run right back - somehow unseen and unheard - and waylay him making no rational sense the physical evidence doesn't match up. The only indication Martin was on top is that the fabric of his shirt was a few inches from his body when he was shot. Leaning over someone is one of more than a dozen explanations for this.

People who insist that it's not a race issue make a hell of a big deal out of Zimmerman being hispanic. Apart from the gerneral irony of what that hang up implies that does not stop anyone from irrationally hating on black people. There's seemingly a hierarchy of pointless discrimination that starts with blacks at the bottom and working it's way up through Mexicans, latinos, various asians, frenchmen, Italians, the Irish, and other 'lesser' whit Europeans. Racism doesn't require equality in it's unfairness. Whether or not you consider someone white they still might be high enough on the totem pole for a racist to justify letting them off scott free just to stick it even harder to the groups they like less.

7/29/2013 8:33:12 AM

Wyatt Mann


Why would his hands be horribly bruised? Are Zimmerman's? Also, where was the autopsy report specifying what marks or injuries he may or may not have? For that matter, how do you know where Zimmerman had his gun? He could've easily had it at his side.

The fact is, we don't know what happened. But we actually have photographic proof that Zimmerman was at the very least bloodied.

7/31/2013 12:32:03 AM


@ Wyatt Mann

You've obviously never been in a bareknuckle brawl if you don't think punching people repeatedly in the face will cause cuts, bruising, swelling, or even fractures of the hands. A copy of the autopsy report is available here:


Although I'm pretty sure the only part you'll care about is the confirmation that Martin smoked weed. As for Zimmerman's injuries a thorough documentation was only done days after the shooting. A single photo was taken of his bloodied nose at the scene and frankly didn't look nearly as bad as it did later. You asked rhetorically if we think he did that to himself but fail to realize that if he did he would be far from the first. I reserve judgement on that matter.

It says right in his arrest report and all court records that Zimmerman had an internal holster, designed for concealment, mounted at his rear left. There is no other way that style of holster can be worn but at the rear. If you can't be buggered to check a detail that happens to be plastered all over the internet directing you to the reports is probably a waste of time. You'll stop reading after the second paragraph but here's a relatively brief page I pulled.


I'd just post one of the readily available images of Zimmerman demonstrating drawing his gun from his holster, but blasted picspammers have ruined that for us.

If you're going to argue facts that you never checked yourself you're just going to fail miserably here. Why not head on over to Free Republic and you can all verbally fellate each other to your heart's content? You won't be bothered with pesky facts there.

8/2/2013 2:19:49 AM


Oh come on, did you ask me a question on the last day of the month specifically so you had an excuse to say you never saw my response?

8/3/2013 6:45:50 PM

Right, because, somehow, a minority of supposed criminals are how the kings of mambo for peeing INE second un your suburbial trees

11/28/2014 8:56:04 AM

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