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One of the most basic laws in the universe is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This states that as time goes by, entropy in an environment will increase. Evolution argues differently against a law that is accepted EVERYWHERE BY EVERYONE. Evolution says that we started out simple, and over time became more complex. That just isn't possible: UNLESS there is a giant outside source of energy supplying the Earth with huge amounts of energy. If there were such a source, scientists would certainly know about it. [emphasis added]

awesomestnerd, SmashBoards 459 Comments [11/7/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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He's right! I couldn't for the life of me imagine such an energy source! Well, I'm going to go work on my tan while I wallow in my ignorance.

11/7/2005 4:50:01 PM


\"The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas,
A giant nuclear furnace...\"

Not only is this guy stupid, he also has not taste in music. Two strikes...

11/7/2005 5:01:23 PM


I refuse to believe someone could be that stupid........

I give up.

11/7/2005 5:34:08 PM

Kimball Khan

Watching fundies try to use physics is like watching a bunch of retards try to hump a doorknob.

Dodgeball, anyone?

11/7/2005 7:15:30 PM


Well he's right...maybe he'll find his source some DAY (bwahaha)

11/7/2005 8:11:52 PM


wow. what a....

words fail me.

11/7/2005 9:02:55 PM

Darth Wang


Oh, BTW yahweh, you misspelled 'outside' in the prize description.

11/7/2005 9:15:39 PM


This may become 'the post of the month'.

11/7/2005 9:48:02 PM

Keen Observer

That law is assumed that the environment is a closed system.

Now, I don't know about \"awesomestnerd\", but I don't find the Earth to be a closed system given that the SUN supplies a lot of energy to it (outside of the supposed closed system).

11/7/2005 9:49:21 PM


I could easily see myself saying something involving those last two sentences nearly word-for-word... but I'd be saying it sarcastically. I had to go read the thread to make sure he wasn't being facetious.
Now I'm not sure whether I should be laughing or crying, but I do know that if I were laughing any harder, I'd be doing both.

11/7/2005 10:22:09 PM


The sad thing is that almost no one else on the board actually noticed what a stupid thing he said.

11/8/2005 12:29:18 AM


aye im the submitter. there are a few reaaaaly old posts from smashboards on this site, but mostly from an abortion thread.

11/8/2005 2:49:53 AM


This guy is so dense I'm amazed he hasn't collapsed under his own gravity and formed a black hole.

11/8/2005 5:25:47 AM


Again, if he had any taste in music, he would never have posted this.

11/8/2005 6:27:00 PM


Is there a \"This _HAS_ to be satire!!!\" or \"The missing link\"(between human and ape) award? No, scratch the latter one, someone already got that for lifetime.

11/8/2005 11:22:31 PM

monkey w/ a gun

............. What does that all mean anyway? Of course we started out simple and became complex, any idiot could tell you that, I mean come on, what do you people think happened, one day we just started existing???? oh well, what do I know........

11/11/2005 8:00:28 PM


This guy must come from New York. Occasionally the smog lifts and New Yorkers point at the sky and shout \"What the hell is that big yellow thing!\"

11/11/2005 11:11:12 PM

Darth Wang

Not to mention that complexity actually increases entropy

11/12/2005 1:08:28 AM


Well, think of it this way: If Intellegent Design was taught in school, at least it'd be entertaining.

11/12/2005 3:29:32 AM



11/13/2005 10:57:55 PM


When you don't understand science... Don't bother trying to explain science.

11/14/2005 11:16:46 PM


I was up all night trying to figure out what this energy source could be.

Finally, it dawned on me.

11/15/2005 2:05:05 PM


/cheers at Stan

That made me laugh :)

11/15/2005 2:33:59 PM

Darth Wang

Update: Apparently our fundie friend here says the sun doesn't count, because it can't bring dead plants back to life. Yeah....

11/15/2005 11:03:19 PM


<<< Update: Apparently our fundie friend here says the sun doesn't count, because it can't bring dead plants back to life. Yeah.... >>>

Please tell me you're joking. (Given what I've seen by this guy so far, I know the odds of that are slim to none. But I still need to hang on to a little hope for humanity.)

11/16/2005 2:49:36 AM

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