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A dark secret that most people don't know is that offerings are regularly made to Lucifer in the occult. I've heard Heavy Metal Rock bands, like Megadeth, refer to their latest album as “an offering.” Each album is an offering to Satan. Sex is synonymous with the occult, Luciferian worship and Satanism. The MTV video for FEARLESS, presents Taylor Swift as if being offered. Stupid Americans don't even realize what is going on. MTV's videos, thousands of them, portray women wearing seductive clothing, in luring positions, as if being offered in an occult ritual. It is creepy if you understand the occult. If you scoff and don't believe what I'm saying, it is only because you are woefully ignorant of how the occult works, and their demonic agenda and the DEPTHS OF SATAN (Revelation 2:24).

Some think the 911-attacks were actually an offering to Satan, clearly marked by the occult symbol featured at the 911 Memorial. I would tend to agree. People who refuse to study are doomed to be fools the rest of their life.

David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Savior 87 Comments [1/31/2010 6:17:46 PM]
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It's times like this that I wonder if there's anyone still going on about the evils of Jazz.


And what "occult symbol" at the 9/11 Memorial is he talking about?

2/1/2010 9:00:59 AM

People who refuse to study are doomed to be fools the rest of their life.

People who refuse to study anything other than the Bible are doomed to be fools for the rest of their lives and post really delusional shit on the Internet.
Right Dave.

2/1/2010 9:15:44 AM

Big Jilm

Except MTV (empty-v) hasn't played a video since 1991 or so.

2/1/2010 9:38:34 AM


the 9/11 attack was done by extremist Muslims. Not occult based beliefs or metal fans

2/1/2010 11:19:08 AM

Quantum Mechanic

"People who refuse to study are doomed to be fools the rest of their life."

Good thing I bought a mil-spec irony meter this time.

Shit! It broke anyway!

2/1/2010 11:41:29 AM


"MTV's videos, thousands of them, portray women wearing seductive clothing, in luring positions, as if being offered in an occult ritual."

Yes, yes, Dave. We all know that you hate women. And music. And television. And women. And Americans and American popular culture in general...

...and any book that isn't the Bible. And women. And anyone who isn't Christian. And any Christian less fundy than Fred Phelps...

2/1/2010 12:54:18 PM


And I missed the whole Taylor Swift thing. Holy fuck, man, you have got to have the most profound sexual issues I've ever heard of. Do yourself a favor, and either get laid, or seek some serious councilling.

2/1/2010 12:56:32 PM


Dave, when will you ever learn?

2/1/2010 4:38:16 PM


I wonder if he's into the old hypothesis contemporary with St. Anselm of Canterbury (there's a reference to it in his "Cur Deus Homo?".) that God created humanity expressly to replace the number of angels that fell into Satanel's corruption. It would explain why he has so little love for sexuality (age-similar sexuality, anyway...); once the number of loyal angels is restored, further reproduction will be worse than useless, it'll be the divine equivalent of a rollover bug. So, what purpose sex, since any pleasure whose origin isn't unalloyed divine is nothing more than a necessary evil?

2/1/2010 11:53:16 PM


"People who refuse to study are doomed to be fools the rest of their life."

Anyone who even suggests they've studied the Bible and STILL believe are liars. Yes I mean ALL high holy men and woman,every last one are con artists

2/2/2010 9:23:31 AM

Sex is synonymous with the occult................ok, how did you get your children, man?

2/5/2010 11:00:20 AM

Yes, typical uneducated fanatic. They rely on music that was fashionable when they were young, since they have isolated themselves from the world to spew his nonsense, with a hearsay of what they have about the new trends. That's why they're unrealiable. There is a very fanatic website in Argentina, that were bringing as "evidence" Led Zeppelin. Ok, judge it by yourself.

2/19/2010 11:17:50 AM


"A dark secret that most people don't know is that offerings are regularly made to Lucifer in the occult."

Dude, if you're going to regularly make offerings to Lucifer, where the hell else WOULD you do that besides the occult? That's not a secret.

3/15/2010 8:30:57 PM


Amongst Iron Maiden's discography is a track that has something of a moral to it, "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Also how men who proclaim themselves gods ultimately have feet of clay: "Powerslave".

The cover of their album "The Number of the Beast" has Satan being controlled by their mascot Eddie the 'Ead. The underlying moral being that one can be superior to Evil.

Iron Maiden's drummer Nicko McBrain is a Christian.

Your call Dave, you kiddy-diddling nonce.

3/16/2010 9:18:01 AM


Yes, yes, yes, everything you don't like and/or understand is from Satan. I get it, kthxbai.

3/16/2010 10:26:55 AM


David J. Stewart likes to take it up the arse!

5/6/2010 5:13:56 PM

Raised by Horses

"..and their demonic agenda and the DEPTHS OF SATAN."


1/4/2011 1:18:53 AM


Hey Everybody David j. Stewart has a facebook!
It's debate time - www.facebook.com/pages/Jesus-is-Saviorcom/315239427787

5/16/2011 8:52:27 AM


One would think that with a recording of David reading some of his own quotes and a bank of irony meters, you could make a passable kinetic WMD if you could only harness the spin.

5/16/2011 11:43:46 AM

The Duelist

"Sex is synonymous with the occult, Luciferian worship and Satanism."

So all fundies should cut off their dicks or get spayed, so that they,
A) can't worship Lucifer by having sex, and, B) can't poison their non-existent kids with lies and indoctrination.

Hey, a Fundy just gave the solution for the Fundy Breeding Crisis! Yay!

5/16/2011 12:11:02 PM


The last line of this review rings with a tragic irony worthy of a Greek tragedy. It's almost not funny, it's so sad.

God, Dave. You poor, poor bastard.

5/19/2011 10:31:43 PM

Lauren D.

God imputes the righteousness of Jesus Christ to the believing sinner while he is still in his sinning state. This was true of Abraham (Gen. 15:6). It is true of every believer in Christ (Ps. 32:2; Rom. 3:22; 4:3, 8, 21-25; 2 Cor. 5:21). All of our sins were charged (imputed) to the account of Christ, and His righteous standing with the Father has been imputed (charged) to our account. There is a judicial transfer of the righteousness of God to the believer because there could be no other grounds of acceptance with a righteous God.

The righteousness of God is imputed to all who believe on Christ so that they may stand before Him in all the perfection of Christ.

Every saved sinner has been “made” the righteousness of God (1 Cor. 1:30; 2 Cor. 5:21; Rom. 5:21-23). This imputed righteousness is not something man does or earns.

It is all of God’s grace.

“God sees the believer as a living part of His own Son” by our identification with Him by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are members of His body (1 Cor. 12:13; Jn. 15:1, 5). God sees us “in Christ” and justifies us forever. He sees us clothed in the righteous garments of Christ.

Therefore, God loves you and me as much as He loves His own Son (Jn. 17:23). He accepts us as He accepts Jesus Christ (Eph. 1:6; 1 Pet. 2:5). He sees us the same way He sees His own Son (2 Cor. 5:21; Rom. 3:22; 1 Cor. 1:30). Christ is the righteousness of God, and those who believe on Him are made the righteousness of God by being “in Christ.” We are complete in Christ (Col. 2:10); therefore, God the Father sees us perfected forever (Heb. 10:10, 14).

7/16/2011 2:38:59 PM


This guy bashes everyone even Christian music artists like Point of Grace , Crystal Lewsis Michael W Smith the list goes on he calls them demonic just because the women wear pants and sing what he calls "demonic music" he reads to much into things

11/25/2011 12:12:14 AM


I thought the Fearless video showed Taylor performing the song in concert?

12/9/2011 11:47:23 AM

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