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As A Rich Femcel Should I Avoid Marriage At All Costs ?!

I’m a 26 year old femcel. My mom passed away and left me 9 million in trusts and 3 million in property. I think I give up on dating.

Being a rich femcel is the worst.

Because instead of being FA you DO attract men. Lots of them. Especially ones who want to marry you but it’s legit only for money.

Being a rich femcel is the absolute worst because all you attract is the sort of mother fucker who is predatory enough to want to marry you and hopefully bump you off or divorce you quickly. This sort of person could commit murder for money.

I have no motivation to marry. Seriously.

Being ugly is a curse but tbh I think being ugly and rich is more trash because you’re even more acutely aware how awful people are. People will happily fuck and even marry you if they think there’s a dollar at the end of it. This is the worst feeling on earth.

I’m known in the country club scene in my town and I literally have sociopathic chad types hit on me who aren’t attracted to me hoping for somewhere to live.

I’m ugly AF.

I know I AM

I also live in a penthouse apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world and I’m not short of pretty bums trying to bum off me. I had a chad try and pump and dump me then he saw my apartment and asked me move in.

I’ve literally had Chads hear where I live and hit on me. It’s gross.

Women get a wrap for being gold diggers and being willing to marry short ugly men but in this economy I’ve found many men willing to do the same.


Being a rich femcel is trash. The fact you are acutely aware there’s a sociopathic bummy chad willing to fuck and impregnate or marry you for a dollar is the worst feeling

I’m not paying for a man so I’m staying alone.

All I attract are men with a motive. Usually sociopathic predatory creeps.

I’m staying single I think

Props to you for being able to recognize fakeness and not being gullible. You still have a lot of things going for you TBH. Obviously, don't let any of these guys move in with you quickly, that shit is sketchy as fuck. And if you ever do get involved in anything serious, get that motherfucker to sign a prenup no matter how much he protests, no matter how much he "loves" you.

On the upside, you have the resources to take care of a child if you want to have one, even if the father abandons. You have the ability to have a daughter with Chad genetics mixed in, as well. You have a chance at having a pretty daughter, pinkpilling her on moids, and giving her a shot at the life you could never live. Hell, it sounds like you have enough money to choose the sex of your baby as well (so that you don't end up having a douchey Chad son, lol).

I really do wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. You don't need those leeching assholes in your life. You sound a lot like me + a bunch of money lol.

LMAO! How did you know?! My plan is to do gender selection and raise 2 daughers alone and pinkpill them. That is my life goal. Any man I marry will likely fuck off anyway. I AM NEVER MARRYING. AT BEST I'LL LIVE WITH SOMEONE. I'm doing gender selection to have 2 girls and putting my money in trusts for them till they're 35. lol

Haha, I'm a bit blackpilled myself. You stated some of my viewpoints in the OP; great minds think alike they say ;)

Never marrying is an excellent idea sister. What good could ever come from getting government agencies involved in your romantic affairs? Divorce proceedings are used to fuck moids over routinely. You can bet these guys are looking to turn the tables on you at the first opportunity...That is if you don't "accidentally" drown in the bathtub one day, leaving him with all of your money.

After my experience with the last one. I've come to the conclusion I can't put them in ANY position where me dying will benefit them. There are simply tooooo many ways for a man who lives with you daily to fake your death as accidental. The sociopathic chad actually TOLD ME 'I'll bury you and no one would ever find you' so yah. I don't put it past anyone to kill their wife for money. If people do it on 48 hour mystery and date like for a few hundred thousand dollar life policies I don't doubt what someone would do for 12 million.

I also have NO family left so he could bump me off and no one would realise quickly.

luxeluxeluxe, r/Trufemcels 8 Comments [4/16/2019 1:19:40 AM]
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Happy Atheist

If you have a large amount of money and want to attract people for better reasons than that you're rich, donate it. Set up foundations, charities, hospitals. Use your wealth to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Be selfless. Be amazing.

4/16/2019 2:23:15 AM


Ok, get plastic surgery then. And get a social life so people would quickly realize you're missing.

4/16/2019 2:48:05 AM

Just Along For The Ride

Or, you know, date in such a way that the people you're dating don't know you're rich, and only reveal that later down the line when you know they love you for you.

4/16/2019 4:23:49 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

I am all for incels, of any sex, gender or orientation, avoiding marriage at all cost. Not so much for their own good but for that of anyone who may have the misfortune to fall in love with them and that of any children that would result from such a union.

Note that I am speaking of incels. Not virgins. Not ugly people. Not socially awkward people. Not sexually frustrated people. Indeed, all of those things do apply to myself, yet I am not, never was, never will be an incel and firmly intend to find a wife and found a family with her one day and am confidend that I will eventually succeed at that.
Inceldom is not a condition. It is a mindset. An incel who manage to escape these toxic ideas ceases to be an incel, even if his sex life, social skills and appearence do not improve immediately (in the long term, on the other hand...). Meanwhile, many an incel who loses his virginity finds neither peace nor salvation, and indeed they tend to descend even further into the abyss - for examples, see Franklin "fschmidt" Schmidt, caamib aka GovernmentGetGFs aka Coconut aka Holden aka ThatIncelBlogger aka Completely Abominabe Attempted-Motherfucking Insane Bastard aka Totally Not Mar(i)jan Šiklić and Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson.

4/16/2019 5:07:11 AM


Use some of that money your mother left you for therapy. You need it badly.

4/16/2019 6:19:09 AM


Wait for are Femcels voluntary Celibate? I figured they were juat female Incels.

4/16/2019 6:04:41 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Show them your posts on r/Trufemcels. That should eleminate any risk of any man wanting to marry you.

4/16/2019 11:19:46 PM


Has your jurisdiction separation of property? It might protect you. Else, write a food prenup.

However, the legal side will be easier to solve than your attitude.

4/17/2019 11:32:54 AM

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