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I want all whites in America to take up all of Antarctica and the most isolated part of Russia and live there and demand that the leader of Russia must give you what you want or you will take it.

Since whites want to lay claim to everything, then they should accept the claim for global warming, drought, water and air pollution, lack of food, GMO foods and other ilk.

WHITES CLAIM THEY DID ALL OF THIS FOR HUMANITY. WHITES MUST ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY. Not the Blacks, not the Asians, not the Native Americans and not the Mexicans/Latinos.

queenofmeanie, The Wrap 4 Comments [4/2/2019 4:58:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Denizen

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Doubting Thomas

Um, have you even been to Antarctica lately?

4/2/2019 7:13:43 AM


I'm not going. I hate the cold and want to stay in America. Also I have no desire to claim anything that isn't mine.

4/2/2019 7:21:09 AM


As anthropologists will tell you, the Native Americans originated from Siberia.

Your move, OP.

4/2/2019 2:48:04 PM


You really didn't think about that statement of exiling white people to the places where things are going to be the best for them, while all the non-white people are still inhabiting central regions that are now blazing hot, deserts and flooded, with mosquitoes and disease and otherwise uninhabitable?

If global warming reaches its peak, Antarctica and Siberia will the most sought after regions on the planet. The world will go to war over who gets to settle there after the coastline cities are completely flooded. Their natural vast resources will be for the first time available, and whoever gets access to them will be wealthy beyond calculation.

4/3/2019 9:34:32 AM

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