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Media report German KSK special forces commando suspended for right-wing extremism

German media report a lieutenant colonel in the KSK special forces unit has been suspended for right-wing social media posts. His opinions reflected the ideas of the "Reichsbürger" extremist movement.

Germany's Bundeswehr has suspended a lieutenant colonel in the elite Special Forces Command (KSK) commando unit on suspicion of right-wing extremism, according to the military's counterintelligence service MAD.

"The person is already known by the MAD," a spokesperson said. "The responsible authorities have already taken disciplinary measures."

The commando, named Daniel K., has received a service and uniform ban. The suspension was first reported by Bild newspaper, which said the lieutenant colonel was being investigated by the MAD for the spread of right-wing extremism on social media."

According to German news magazine Der Spiegel, Daniel K. posted opinions in a closed Facebook group that reflected the ideas of the so-called "Reichsbürger" (Citizens of the Reich), a extremist movement in Germany that rejects the Federal Republic as a state and does not recognize the government. He allegedly demanded in a post that the Federal Presidential Office be abolished.

Der Spiegel said that Daniel K. was flagged by the MAD in 2007 as a KSK captain after he sent a hate letter to a comrade, for which he received disciplinary sanctions.

Extremism in the Bundeswehr

The KSK, a unit of about 70 soldiers, made headlines last year after a farewell party for a company commander featured a soldier demonstrating the Hitler salute and right-wing rock music.

In January, the accused soldier, Patrick D., accepted a fine amounting to 40 days' pay, or €4,000 ($4,500), after a lengthy trial. He had also been suspended in November 2018.

The MAD said a few weeks ago that it would be screening the Bundeswehr more closely for supporters of the Reichsbürger movement and the doomsday prepper scene. According to MAD, the number of right-wing extremist cases in 2018 was 270, down from 379 the year before. However, suspected cases of references to Islam in the Bundeswehr increased from 46 to 50 last year, and references to foreign extremism rose from 22 to 35.

Daniel K., Deutsche Welle 12 Comments [2/11/2019 4:30:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Gabriel LaVedier

Now let's see how Breitfart, Sargon of Egad and Teal dork spin this one.

2/11/2019 6:21:57 PM

Insult to Rocks

Right wing extremism in the German military.
Not words one typically associates with happy endings.

2/11/2019 9:39:07 PM


Clearly following the example of UK's Conservative government after late-2016: making Nazi groups illegal. Several subhumans - even those in our armed forces, thus surgically removing that cancer before it's allowed to spread - arrested since then. Nazism is Thoughtcrime; it's what Shitler & Goebbels did to anyone not exactly like them after all. [/TheCryingshit]

Nice one, Germany!

2/11/2019 9:59:16 PM


"Der Spiegel said that Daniel K. was flagged by the MAD in 2007"

Daniel K.: "Yes, me worry!"

2/12/2019 2:44:34 AM

Sounds like another Trump voter.

2/12/2019 4:34:57 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

The KSK, a unit of about 70 soldiers

Someone must have screwed up here. Actually, according to Wikipedia, the KSK is 1100 soldiers strong, which seems like a much more plausible number for a unit that has ranks as high as lieutenant colonel.

2/12/2019 5:11:20 AM

Doubting Thomas

If only we could purge the right wing extremists from the American military...

2/12/2019 8:13:14 AM


Can someone says me what happened the last time Germany gave far-right extremist guns? And why someone denying the legitimity of a government serve in its armed forces?

2/12/2019 11:54:11 AM

K'Zad Bhat

@Pharaoh Bastethotep

I'd wondered about that earlier, but didn't look it up. Perhaps that 70 is the count of that individual unit, possibly a platoon and its support staff, maybe a small company, that Daniel K. was a member of. 70 does sound about right for one of those, and makes about 15 platoons/companies, which fits well with a top elite commando force. Being translated from a German source, that adds an extra possible point of confusion, of which there were already about half a dozen points at which the numbers and units could be confused.

Although, I have to admit, I haven't heard particularly of the KSK, but I figure they're basically the German equivalent of US Navy SEALs or British SAS, so pretty much fits in line.

2/12/2019 1:13:00 PM


@ #2183677
K'Zad Bhat

"Although, I have to admit, I haven't heard particularly of the KSK, but I figure they're basically the German equivalent of US Navy SEALs or British SAS, so pretty much fits in line. "

FWIW: The KSK is the "Kommando SpezialKräfte", which loosely translates into "Special Forces Command". The KSK is the special operations unit of the German Bundeswehr.

The KSK have operated in the Balkans and in Afghanistan, and they have taken part in anti-terror operations in cooperation with the German police (most likely GSG9) and NATO partners. What exactly they have been doing is, to a large extent, classified.

It is my understanding that the KSK are generally well regarded by their NATO counterparts (although bad apples, and all that).

The mention of a unit strength of 70 makes slightly more sense when considering that the operational part of the KSK are organized into company-sized units. For a special operations unit, a company strength of 70 seems realistic.

Regards & all,

Thomas L. Nielsen

2/13/2019 8:37:25 AM


The republic has been around for decades, why is it not legitimate but the reich that was occupied by 4 foreign armies is?

2/14/2019 7:46:47 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Because of completely misinterpreting documents to say that WWII never actually ended and the Federal Republic is not the legal successor of the German Empire due to not controlling all of the Empire's territory etc. Also because Jews.
Most importantly, though, because they don't want to pay taxes and traffic tickets.

2/14/2019 8:03:55 AM

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