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the ULTIMATE blackpill

this for me was bigger than any blackpill i had witnessed or seen online.

looksmaxxing to a point where you can no longer go further, and STILL not being enough for anything close to your looksmatch

at this point you are effectively finished, you have maximised your genetic potential and there is no more "oh if i just do X" or "if i just get Y", you failed.

having reached this point myself and still being considered subhuman because of my genetics, this has been the most difficult thing to accept.

also its even worse when you get told to "just do this bro" when you've carefully and gradually improved your appearance over many years

5ft3mentalcel3rdban, r/Braincels 8 Comments [6/14/2018 4:34:37 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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The Angry Dybbuk

Ever consider dating a woman based on her personality? If you're allegedly this sewer-dwelling CHUD, then forget dating a fucking supermodel, develop a real personality, and find someone about as attractive as yourself.

6/14/2018 6:03:18 PM


Falklands War veteran Simon Weston, post-70 operations on his face after being burned by an Exocet missile launched at the ship he was on:

Someone's wrong.

6/14/2018 7:03:23 PM

Patrick Bateman

If you think you've upgraded your looks enough, then you haven't upgraded your looks enough.

Now if you'd excuse me I need to return some tapes.

6/14/2018 7:32:03 PM


I take it "blackpill" now refers to the ability to ignore what anyone actually says or does and make up your own bullshit conclusion based on what you yourself want to hear, since they now have objective proof that there is more than just looks in getting anyone to like them. They're getting more like fundies every day.

At this point we might as well stop calling them "incels", since we've all individually realized just how voluntary their celibacy is, and start just calling them masochists. Masochism to extremes that shouldn't be humanly possible is the only way I can believe these people can somehow look at whatever hellish alternate reality they think they're living in, where everything in the world is determined solely by your looks and everyone wants them dead for not having been born as physically perfect as the gods of ancient Greece, and somehow come to the conclusion that said reality is still a million times better than the alternative of living in a reality where they simply need to show basic respect to another human being to start on the path to no longer being "incel".

6/14/2018 7:39:14 PM

@Mr. Bateman,

What do you think of Huey Louis and the News

6/14/2018 10:35:20 PM


If "looksmaxxing" is what I think it is (steroids, excessive weightlifting, and tons of plastic surgery), then people probably avoid you because you made yourself look like a scary freak.

6/15/2018 3:47:33 AM


You've improved yourself "over many years". Let me guess, you're still in high school, right?

6/15/2018 5:03:11 PM

Paul Dirac

Stop taking life advice from people who deliver it using the word "bro".

6/17/2018 2:56:25 PM

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