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Boy Scouts were pedophiles love to hang ! this day and age I don't trust any of them, . All these liberals pushing their agenda on our kids wouldn't want them involved in any of this anymore.

Erie Grizwald, Facebook 4 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:43 AM]
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Citizen Justin

If the first sentence of this was translated into English from stupid, I assume it would be "The Boy Scouts, where paedophiles love to hang out!"

10/13/2017 7:03:05 AM

And yet I am sure you are ok leaving children with priests and Josh Duggar

10/13/2017 10:01:37 AM

Shepard Solus

I wouldn't trust any stranger alone with my kids for an extended period of time regardless of their occupation or my opinion of the current social climate. Scout master or teacher, bank teller or babysitter.

10/14/2017 12:49:17 PM


I'd be more concerned with kids hanging with sex-deprived, forced-celibate priests in the Church...

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, like sports teams and choir boys, have always had pedos gravitating towards them. A bunch of innocent kids, away from their parents; it's like a honey-trap for pedophiles.

10/14/2017 1:48:26 PM

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