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[regarding a second grader who committed suicide]

Well, at least he was young, so when he stands before Christ he'll be able to blame family or society for that. I'm sure he's in heaven now, but it's sad that it came to this. The problem is that today's world is far too complex for their young minds to understand. they may take literally what they shouldn't, and that can be troublesome.

Kaiba, Rapture Ready 16 Comments [10/28/2007 1:38:30 PM]
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I do, not to be offencive, but I see people who don't have a real vision of God as blind, deluded. I don't mean to offend Atheists, I see religion as a part of everybody's life, those who don't have it are lacking it and missing a huge part in their life, do you agree?

(after being bombarded with atheists disagreeing with him)
but friends, how can I be the blind one, I see something you do not... by logic that proves you are the blind and deluded ones

Frank, yahoo answers 27 Comments [2/11/2009 4:39:31 AM]
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Let me tell you the truth about American history in regards of the military. In the past, ending at WWII, Americans had high morale. This is because America has morale. This morale came only through the Holy Bible. Now that the Holy Bible has been replaced with Darwin's immoral "Origin of the Species," American morale has degenerated to the point where joining the Army to die for nothing is meaningless!

Origen, Sean Hannity Discussion Forum 34 Comments [6/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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ive seen lots of women breast feeding in public...

decent women who put a blanket over the general area so it was private and not a public specticle.

those women I can respect.

but without the blanket... shes putting on a show for every sicko man.

thats the reality... men are pigs.

she knows it.

she should of covered up.

Mosheh Thezion, Sci Forums 46 Comments [10/29/2007 9:43:06 PM]
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[Priceless. You wouldn't know a "fact" if it smacked you square in the face.]

OK.. so I'll re-state a few FACTS, Cindy

FACT - Separation of church and state is a doctrine created legally in the USA by the McCollum opinion. That was in 1947-8.

FACT - The opinion was written by a Klansman

FACT - The McCollum opinion is the touchstone of the left's legal case for eradicating God from the public arena

FACT - Anyone who supports McCollum and its descendant doctrines is in complete and utter agreement with a Klansman

I am sure you'll make your own decisions Cindy, but as for me, I want nothing to do with Klan-approved legal theory.

Perphides, SLUniverse 52 Comments [3/6/2012 4:20:41 AM]
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Public school teacher says, “Get your children out!”
As I step out of my car and begin my long walk across the parking lot I can already feel the oppression in the air. With each step I take the darkness increases and I know deep in my soul that I am now behind enemy lines. Walking through the gates of the public high-school where I teach feels as if I were walking into a concentration camp dedicated to the spiritual death of those imprisoned behind these walls. As a missionary masquerading as one of the “guards” I am an eyewitness to the daily indoctrination and spiritual torture that is inflicted upon those who have been sentenced to come here by their own well meaning parents. The defiling effects of the government curriculum, the media, and the student culture can be seen everywhere you look, but especially in the faces of every student that I teach.
When I look around the room as I’m teaching one of my classes, I am all too aware that 15 out of 30 of these dear children are sexually active (1). You see, sexual immorality with several partners throughout high school is the norm. Our sex-crazed American culture has defiled the minds and bodies of our sons and daughters. So much so that 23 out of 30 believe that homosexuality is acceptable (2). 12 out of 30 have used marijuana. 14 don’t see a great risk in heavy daily drinking (3). 18 have cheated on a test during the last year, 9 stole from a store, 24 have lied to their parents about something significant, and even though they have done these things 28 out of 30 are satisfied with their personal ethics and character (4). My heart breaks over the moral decline of our youth, but we have an even bigger problem.

Between 70-88% (5,6) of children from Christian homes walk away from the visible church by the end of their freshman year in college. Less than 1% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 23 have a Biblical worldview including those that came from Christian families (7). The fastest growing religious group in America is made up of atheists and agnostics including many of our own children (8). God is being mocked as the minds and hearts of our children are being stolen by the world leading millions of them to spiritual destruction. The question is why is this happening? There are many contributing factors to this crisis, but there is one factor that almost 9 out of 10 Christian families have in common. 89% of Christian parents send their children to the public schools (9).
The idea that public school curriculum is religiously neutral is a lie. Evolution based science classes discredit the reliability of the Bible and get rid of God as Creator. History classes get rid of God as Sovereign King and demonize Christianity. English classes reinforce this message through the literature they assign their students to read. This deliberate indoctrination encourages students to break each and every one of the Ten Commandments and sabotages the message of the gospel. By getting rid of God, they get rid of His absolute moral law. Without God and an absolute moral law, the idea of sin and God’s judgment becomes a figment of someone’s imagination leaving students to sin to their hearts’ content. Without the reality of sin and hell, Jesus suffering God’s wrath on the cross in our place becomes an unnecessary myth, and the call to repent of our sins and trust in Jesus as our Lord and Savior becomes foolishness to the minds and hearts of public school indoctrinated youth. This has led millions of our own children down the broad road to spiritual destruction.

You might think that you are doing enough in the personal discipleship of your children to counteract this ungodly teaching or that by taking your children to a strong Bible believing church your children will be able to survive the public schools, but that is not what the statistics say or what I have personally witnessed during my 13 years of experience as a public school teacher. On the contrary, what I have seen is the destruction of countless children from Christian families, including many who went to doctrinally sound churches.

One such family that I knew from church was the Walsh (10) family. The Walsh family home-schooled their children for many years but when two of their daughters reached high-school age, they decided to send them to the public school where I teach. As soon as I found out about their decision, I warned them about the spiritual dangers of public education, but sadly they ignored my warning. It was as if their daughters where placed inside a spiritual gas chamber. It didn’t take long for the poison to take effect. Within a year’s time one of them even became a lesbian. My heart broke each and every time I saw her walk around campus with her girlfriend. I can only imagine how utterly devastated her family must feel.
Stories such as this one have become all too common, but not all corruption is out in plain sight. I have seen many of our children pretend that they are who their parents want them to be, only to change their outfits, their personalities, and their moral values as soon as they get to school. The public schools steal the hearts and souls of our children long before they walk away from the visible church; many as early as elementary school, 40% by end of middle school, and 80% by the end of their senior year of high school (11). As a result, our families are crumbling, our churches are weakening, and our nation is on the road to becoming the next Sodom and Gomorrah.
At the end of every day, as I walk through the halls and glance into the empty classrooms, the whispers of lawlessness haunt each corner and desk while the stench of spiritual death lingers. I think back to everything that I witnessed throughout the day and I wonder how Christian parents could possibly think that this godless institution is the type of “education” that God intended for their children. If they only knew what was happening to their children “behind enemy lines” and what God actually says regarding education, they would not hesitate to rescue their children from the public schools and provide for them a Biblical education for the glory of God.
In the end, only God can save our children, only God can save our families and churches, and only God can save our nation. With that said, God often uses our obedience as a means to protect our children from evil and to lead them to a relationship with Christ. Seize the day! Even if you are in the middle of the school year, rescue your children from the public schools and return to the Word of God for His commands and principles on how to educate your children for His glory.
To learn more about what God says regarding education and a firsthand public school teacher’s account about what is really happening “behind enemy lines” please go to www.EducationReformation.org to read my book Education Reformation for free.

Ray Fournier, No Greater Joy Ministries 44 Comments [9/4/2014 3:09:39 AM]
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Quote# 23286

["don't believe the church focuses on poverty very much at all"]

First of all, what do you mean by "the church?" Each IFB church is just that - independent. You're making it sound like we are all in some sort of group called "the church" and that we all think the same and do things the same way. We are indeendent because we answer to no one but the Lord and His Word!

As for the poverty issue - our church does not believe in giving hand-outs. The Bible clearly states that if a man is going to eat then he must work. Society has gotten away from that. So many have gotten lazy and would rather accept governmental handouts rather than get off their behinds and work - even a job as "menial" as flipping burgers. There are jobs out there for anyone who has the gumption to work. No where in God's Word does it tell us to support those who refuse to work. I believe it does tell us to care for the fatherless and widows indeed of our churches....

["Churches have done hardly anything to get rid of racial tensions. It would seem that the equality of humans as bearers of the image of God should be something important. Yet Sunday 10 AM continues to be one of the most segregated hours of the week. It was only about 10 years ago that PCC got rid of their ban on inter-racial dating. Yes, abortion is a critical issue, but so is viewing all humans as equal before the throne of God."]

Since when is it a church's responsibility to get rid of racial tension. God did not make it so why should He fix it? Obviously God made different races for a reason so why would He want one race to be the same as another? Yes, Adam was created in the likeness of God....the rest of us are all in the similtude of Adam. He made each race different and in order for that race to remain the way He created it then each race needs to stay within themselves.

I don't know about your church, but our church has all kinds of people - whites, blacks, hispanics.....American, Indian, Romanian, Polish, African, Guyanese, etc, etc...... We all go to the same church. We all sing praises to God together. We all hear preaching together. If THAT is not racial harmony then what is? When it comes to salvation we ARE all equal in the sight of God. ALL are sinners and must come to Him in repentance and faith.

As for the interracial dating - we have covered that somewhere here on the Board before - and it is wrong biblically. Please do a search to find that topic.

["Bad things don't always come from sin."]

All bad things come from sin. When God created the world there was no sin and everything was perfect. It was only AFTER Adam chose to sin that bad things began.

["Bad things don't always come from sin. Instances in the Bible that would support this would be the suffering of Job, the tower of Siloam, and the blind man Jesus healed in John 9"]

Before sin, there was no blindness, no suffering, no sickness, etc. After sin, there was. Rather plain to me that because of sin all of these things have come to be. Was the man blind because of HIS sin? No. But blindness came to this earth as a result of sin..... That is why our bodies decay. That is why we get sick. Not necessarily because of something we personally did but because of Adam choosing to sin in the garden.

In conclusion, the work of a church is to win souls and then train them to do the same. The whole reason the Lord leaves us here on earth after salvation is to go out and spread His Good News. The work of a church is not to be like those churches who have chosen to be the advocates for anti-abortion, etc. Yes, the preachers and pastors need to make known that those things are wrong....but that is not the main goal. The main goal is to win the lost. By winning the lost to Jesus we can stop abortion, poverty, racial discrimination.....why? Because once the person accepts Christ as Saviour, he is a new creature. he has a change of heart...a change of purpose. He is transformed. It is only thru THAT that the world will be changed.

Mrs. Debbie, Teens-4-Christ 32 Comments [4/7/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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[=Context: Part 3 of Anne Kennedy's rant against Jory Micah=]

So, yesterday I chattered away about all the annoying possibilities for women in the church–the Duggar Option, the Ray Romano Option, the Giving Up Option, the Backing Furtively Away Option. I started with three but it looks like it morphed into four. We needn’t worry too much about how many there are and what to call them. The fact is, since that long lost edenic landscape, men and women have never been able to comfortably sort themselves out. Some millennia or other we’re going to notice this and lower our expectations.

I am going to get to the other annoying option for women in the church–showing her her place–but before I do that I want to talk about Tone, which means the other one will have to wait.

In the Land of the Internet–that great vast playground of everybody saying and being whoever they want to be–it’s very natural that we would want to bubble wrap ourselves in protective layers no matter what the conversation is. As human discourse has become technically easier, it seems to have become exponentially more tetchy. Anyone can talk, therefore we are all much quicker to have our feelings hurt.

This being so, I have some friendly counsel. I think if women want to be taken seriously in whatever sphere they hope to inhabit, it would be helpful for them to set aside many of their trigger warnings.

For example, one of the jarring thing about reading so much Jory Micah in one day is the vague feeling that she has Definitely Overcome. She has been victimized by the church and everyone, but she has gloriously overcome all the hideous persecution to forge a better and more enlightened way for herself, a way that actually fractures the body of Christ because she’s going off to start a new one. But me noticing this in the public writing that she is publicly doing, will doubtless bring cries of ‘don’t be so mean!’ Which shuts down the conversation. Either you can say something publicly, and have people respond to it publicly, or you can go hide in your cupboard. But we like to have it both ways.

As we are increasingly offended and hurt, the church becomes an impossible place to actually sort things out. What set of men will want, reasonably, to talk to women about anything, let alone what women can do, if the women are poised and ready to cry Foul at every turn? Men, for all they are so evil, are not usually spoiling for a fight. They want the women to be happy so that they will leave them alone sometimes. I jest…sort of.
What I’m trying to say is, the victimization tone needs to go away. There are some true victims in the world–lots of them actually, more of them women and children–but being in a church that doesn’t think you should, because of the Bible, preach the sermon, does not make you into an oppressed woman. And when you insist that it does, it actually only serves to close off other avenues where you might be useful in the kingdom of God.

If women want to be taken seriously in any sphere by men, I think it would be awfully helpful if they set the tone of the conversation in a more Gospel centered posture–with wisdom, grace, humility. I actually think this is already how things are trending. But the specter of hurt feelings mingled with the muddy heritage of feminism is always hovering.

Likewise, for the men, not assuming that every woman who isn’t squatting over her cooking pot adjusting her veil is the same as Jory Micah would go along way towards calming troubled water.

Someone has to be willing to leap in and talk through what might be seriously uncomfortable issues. Do we want to return to a golden, if not actually real, past? Where women stayed at home and men earned the check and little Beaver Cleaver pulled up to the dinner table in his collared shirt and his cheerful attitude? Where June was so taken with Ward and he was so clever and her pearls were so perfect? (Actually, I would not have minded this. Especially the air brushing.) Or shall we go back further still to the yet more glorious past where the man was probably cobbling the shoes in the front room and the woman was cobbling the meat pie in the back and when they went to church they knew it had been great when that nice bell rang?
Or, maybe we could start from where we are, with women and men both in the work force, women in even greater numbers in university programs, and children expected to all be geniuses by age three. None of these various ways of being are perfect. But we have to account for where we are, and we need to let go of the foolish ideals of utopia. And we need to center our gaze back on the scriptures. And if we want to really go forward we need to stop getting our feelings hurt every few seconds. I say we but I am obviously just talking about you. (JOKE)

Anne Kennedy, Patheos 3 Comments [4/22/2017 12:05:35 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher
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Quote# 102213

Sex between men is extremely dangerous. So dangerous the WHO is suggesting ALL gay men take antiretroviral drugs.
[links to Washington Post article}

This isn't coming from a Christian or right wing hysterical news source. This is WHO. About as secular as you can get.
This is more proof gay sex is extremely dangerous and highly unhealthy.

1still_waters, Christian Chat 22 Comments [7/22/2014 3:09:29 AM]
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Submitted By: documentingtehcrazy
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Quote# 97453

What part of "omnipotent" don't you understand?

The part where it's claimed that it means able to do anything.

John V, Atheist Forums 36 Comments [11/3/2013 5:39:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 9637

Who are you? What have you created from NOTHING? What universe do you hold together? Who did you die and rise again for?
READ JOB chapters 38 & 39 and add verses 1 & 2 of chapter 40. Speak to me not of vain or little. YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU SAY. Do not tempt the hand of GOD for HE is not mocked. I do NOT riot against you. I do NOT seek to harm you. I warn you . My LORD GOD can take care of HIMSELF.

Little Nipper, Christian Forums 18 Comments [2/16/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 76031

There is only one answer to islam and Ann Coulter hit it on the head. Conquer their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.

Way back when it was said that the arab is either at your throat or at your feet. This applies more generally to the moslem. We have allowed them to be at our throats for far too long. We need to put them back at our feet until we can eradicate them entirely.

I fully support nuking mecca and medina and every moslem city of over 50,000. I figure that would be a good start. If they want to behave like stone age barbarians then lets really put them back in the stone age.

John O, Free Republic 88 Comments [9/13/2010 10:55:57 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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Quote# 119513

Gravity is observable, testable, repeatable, why don't you show me the "common ancestor" evolving into something?
Atheism is a belief system like any other religion, one cannot prove there is no God, one has faith there isn't.
It is funny how you try to apply the title of 'science' to attack things, though, or how you attempt to lump your religion with real science.

We see the hawthorne fruit fly evolving today. Observed evolution. Where's the evidence for creation?

"200 years ago, the ancestors of apple maggot flies laid their eggs only on hawthorns — but today, these flies lay eggs on hawthorns (which are native to America) and domestic apples (which were introduced to America by immigrants and bred)." Wow, quite the example of evolution - I can barely type I'm laughing so hard!!

Another xtian who doesnt understand evolution. There are MANY types of speciation. But there are 0 forms of creation. The joke's on you, Christian.

A cow never evolved to anything other than a cow, bacteria is always bacteria, jokes on you.

Prove it.

A total lack of proof is all I need to know evolutionism is nothing more than a blind faith religion.

Oboehner, Christian News Network 23 Comments [6/6/2016 2:43:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta McFucken
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Quote# 31458

[RE: the "rock on" hand gesture]

It is a satanic gesture. It is as you describe it and the other fingers are folded inside. The meaning of this is the two fingers are the horns of a goat= satan and he has the other 3, representing the Father the Son and the Spirit, subdued.


I always feel a bit sick when I see someone making that sign. Someone may look nice or friendly but if you see that person making that sign you know where that person stands.

KarenB, Rapture Ready 45 Comments [11/22/2007 12:25:59 PM]
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Quote# 6504

This is why going to a Catholic priest who is also an exorcist is a good choice. . they are well trained to distinguish between a psychological condition and a demonic or supernatural one . .

thereselittleflower, Christian Forums 9 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 5351

All of that shit is from pagan religions. In fact the calflick church was originally the pagan church of rome, they only made small changes to their religion to try and make it christian... And dont forget all the other churches - plentycostfull, looterans, badtists, methodust, etc etc... all the same BS religions but a little different.

Shut^D0wN, BlizzForums 7 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 7044

Anyone who believes in evolution just needs to read first chapter of genesis.

willhs, Baptist.org Board 36 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 2631

Atheists Spread AIDS [...]

(2) Most people who have HIV (and therefore get AIDS) are homosexuals.

(3) Most homosexuals are atheists (whether "weak atheists," otherwise known as "agnostics:" who say they don't believe in God, or "strong atheists" who assert that there is no God; which is a silly distinction to spend a long time fussing over, as they often do).

(4) Therefore, the largest category of people who have HIV (and are therefore spreading it, since you can't spread it unless you first have it) are atheists.

(5) The second largest body of people who spread HIV are needle-sharing drug addicts.

(6) Most needle-sharing drug addicts are atheists.

(7) Therefore, the second largest group of people (other than homosexuals, although many homosexuals are needle-sharing drug addicts too) is also mostly made up of atheists. [...]

(11) Almost everyone who has AIDS is an atheist.

Zipperhead, Theology Web 27 Comments [8/11/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 22778

I think the Dawkinites actually are pretty close to Christians who believe in original sin, since they feel that we are all born essentially selfish.

skytalk, Courttv.com Message Boards 17 Comments [3/30/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 2941

[On Roman Catholic Church traditions]BUt noooooo, I wanna believe in fairy tales. but this, but that. OPEN YOUR FRIGGIN EYES! BIBLE=REAL RCC TRADITION= FABLE rcc makes it up, and the sheep blindly follow.

needhimforever, Rapture Ready 1 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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