Quote# 20913

The abolition of slavery is a totally Marxist idea. Maybe North Korea and China have been sent by an angry God to destroy America.

Death to Heretics, The Campus Ministry 38 Comments [2/19/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Vyoma
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Quote# 63711

[About Lyndie England and other Abu Ghraib sadists]

I still rather share a beer with a inmature American having sport with some loathsome animals than spend a minute in a elevator with a goat loving muslim

CaptainBFox , AOL News 39 Comments [7/2/2009 9:22:32 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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Quote# 4750

... there is no way that these two accounts can possible compliment each other- they give two totally contradicting sets of details to the event. if you cant see or understand the difference between compliment and contradict- again- thats a seems to be a problem your gonna have to deal with yourself...

kerri, Rapture Ready 3 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 92116

You guys are all crazy and going to hell. What a shame because I have noticed that you all seem like good people. God was never a man. And you will never come close to ever measuring up to the dirt Jesus scrapped off his sandals when he walked the earth as a man. None of us ever will so how can you have the audacity to think that you can be "gods"? God is perfect, sinless. So was Jesus. That's why God sent him to die for our sins, then 3 days later he resurrected him. Joseph Smith was a clown who fooled a lot of people. God made us to glorify him. That is our purpose in life. When we die, those of us who followed Jesus' instructions, and teachings will get to heaven to glorify and worship God, NOT TO RULE PLANETS! Read the bible, the real bible, find some sense and repent. Hopefully not all of you will end up in the fire "where there will be crying and gnashing of teeth" for all eternity.

Laura, Mormon DNA 66 Comments [1/16/2013 4:39:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Idan
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Quote# 117050

The Charter of a Christian State


1) The State protects spiritual and material values

The primary interest of the State is the protection of the physical, mental and spiritual health of every citizen. It means that the State examines all forms of destructive influences that threaten health, coming from whatever source, eliminates these influences and informs the public about the dangers.

- Evil in the State shall be justly punished and destructive elements eliminated.

- The fight against alcoholism, drug addiction: a total ban on import, production and sale of narcotics.

- The fight against smoking: preventive work with youth focused on eradication of harmful addiction.

- Control of food quality; production of healthy food without chemical additives; ban on genetically modified foods.

- Responsible control of carcinogenic substances, their elimination from the food and pharmaceutical industries.

- Responsible control and ban on destructive youth subcultures (emo and goth culture, rock, heavy metal, psychedelic music, culture of aggression and cynicism, decadent films, instructions for perversion and crime via the Internet...).

- Full control and prohibition of all forms of vaccination which can be a cause of diseases in children (eg. autism, weakened immune system, allergies...).

- Prohibition of psychological manipulation of citizens through psychological weapons, waves, radiation, subliminal messages (25th frame), ultrasound, various new technologies using music, misuse of mobile phones, of the Internet and of tablets.

- Ban on activities of foreign organizations which pursue indoctrination of the population, subversive and destructive activities.

- Ban on Masonic lodges, monitoring of their attempts to infiltrate into the public sector; ban on activities of Masonic organizations (Rotary Club, Lions Club, Orders...).

BCP, Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church 22 Comments [2/26/2016 4:13:11 PM]
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Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 7350

Organizing an Aetheist event during National Prayer Day can be comparable to those White Supremists who march on Martin Luther King Day, or a Neo-Nazi March in Holocaust Rememberance Day. The scheduiling brings a question as to their motives. It also denotes what kind of people they are.

BFWard, Bravo Fleet Forums 16 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 63593

[People at FSTDT] don't make me mad. When I was unsaved I could probably out-evil them without breaking a sweat, if God can save me He can save them.
I love the way they claim Christianity is intolerant because they can't go to heaven without accepting Jesus, yet they claim not to believe in heaven or Jesus, so why do THEY care? It makes THEM sound pretty intolerant.
The thing is, they know, deep down, that's it's true, if it weren't they wouldn't waste their energy on it, the truth is they are lazy and spoiled and want to go to heaven without making a commitment to Jesus, they fear changing their lives because they can't imagine how to live without their hate and fear, and this is their way of sulking about it.

Tygerkittn, Rapture Ready 78 Comments [7/2/2009 9:05:53 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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Quote# 75758

To be sure, the rally held two blocks from the World Trade Center was not a decisive defeat of the enemy like that dealt by the storied British “Desert Rats” to Hitler’s Afrika Korps in November 1942. But there was something pivotal about the fact that throngs of ordinary Americans – many of them family or friends of those who died on 9/11 – had come together to stand for hours in an intermittent rain not just to contest the construction of a megamosque at a wholly inappropriate location, but in informed opposition to the impetus behind that mosque: shariah. …

God-fearing Americans need to be informing themselves on the implications of the movement of those practicing taqqiya and stealth jihad. And, most importantly God-fearing Americans need to be humbling themselves and seeking His face and remembering their God and all that He has done for us in this land of so much abundance, grace,mercy and Truth.

Bill Johnson, www.americandecency.org 55 Comments [9/2/2010 7:24:44 AM]
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Submitted By: BlowFly
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Quote# 7707

And evolutionist is not going to try to prove that humans evolved from Butterbeans, because he is not looking for the truth----he only wants his logic to be accepted...

LittleNipper, Christian Forums 10 Comments [9/1/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 54865

TV programming is almost always produced by those who have a worldview contrary to scripture. Even if you find a "good" show, the commercials are vile. To me, it seemed like I was allowing Satan direct access into my home to influence me, my wife, and my children. That access is coming to an end on December 23rd.

jgilberAZ, Fulfilled Prophecy 45 Comments [12/27/2008 10:45:38 AM]
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Quote# 22671

Coadie : The European union wants to make homophobia illegal. That has to bring in the thought police.

How can they measure someones thoughts or fears about something they oppose? What if they strongly oppose homosexuality and have zero fears?

Is there a meter to detect phobia? Gays have rights. Those are easier to detect violation. If a gay wants to casually toss a label on someone as being homophobic, they are guilty by accusasation? In civil cases there must be damage. That will be hard to prove.

Richard Lamb : I wonder will the same bill include hetero-phobia provisions.

Christdependent : The real issue behind this push for societal acceptance of homosexuality is the intention to silence anyone who says it is wrong. Control of the language is where all oppressive political regimes begin, and in light of the fact that Jesus is identified as the "living WORD," and Satan is the father of lies, no one should be surprised.

Coadie,Richard Lamb and Christdependent, CARM 9 Comments [3/29/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 51685

I watched the election process on ABC until John Mc Cain delivered his consession speech. From the time I turned the TV off until I feel asleep, I prayed!! We Christians are in trouble. Did anyone read the article Dave Kupelian's article: "Yes, Barack Obama really is the Manchurian Candidate"? I am sure you guys did, you guys are the smartest people ever!

I guess America will be the abortion capital of the world, homosexual capital of the world, anti-gun nation, anti-good economy, the Fairness Doctrine capital of the world, anti-win the war in Iraq nation, Muslims can come here without persecution nation, Rev. Jeremiah Wright nation and love a terrorist nation????

MandyMonster, RR 19 Comments [11/8/2008 7:33:21 AM]
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Submitted By: cc
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Quote# 42930

If I get Raptured, and my family doesn't, will life insurance pay out even though I am not actually dead?

H.P Says R.I.P Deborah M., Yahoo Answers 58 Comments [7/15/2008 5:51:12 PM]
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Quote# 96871

We often speak of the elite, inequality and instability, and what’s in store for the West in the future. Given low Western birth rates and recent mass immigration, I think we can predict with some certainty that we will face serious challenges, and possibly even insurrections within our own borders, just like the former Soviet Union.

This is a problem that was created by the people who are in power today. The post-Cold War political leaders who came into their own in the 1990s foisted their insane dream of a rainbow world, with everyone living in one big hippie commune headed, naturally, by a progressive white elite, on the rest of us.

Feminism is just one part of this political act of hubris, but it was enacted fairly early. Just as feminism and its effects have really started to make themselves felt over the last decade with skyrocketing illegitimacy, the failure of marriage as a social institution and the slow withdrawal of working-class men from productive enterprise, the next shoe to drop will be the spectacular failure of multiculturalism and integration.

W. F. Price, The Spearhead 29 Comments [10/4/2013 3:23:47 AM]
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Quote# 4880

Opinions are like rectums, unless your opinion is backed by something.

Consistent Thinker, Internet Infidels 7 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 89742

[on the Wikipedia entry, Existence of God]

I'd like to suggest an additional notion and this is that Atheist are by definition not credible toward a discussion of God because they have already left the idea more or less totally! Thus, they don't care if the definition of God looks this or that way. ALL they care for, is to see it removed for good, hence the continuous attacks on Scientology that is a far more tolerant religious system, but is a religion under constant attacks by "nuts", founded in this lunacy or that!

LFOlsnes-Lea, Wikipedia 26 Comments [9/25/2012 3:52:13 AM]
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Submitted By: afs189
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Quote# 39157

Along with all the "birth pangs" Jesus lists in Matthew 24, are you finding that more and more people around you are being attacked spiritually and also physically in these last days?

Consider this....

In my family alone this past year, my grandma became mentally unstable and we were afraid she might literally kill my grandpa. My sister and her newborn have been having all sorts of problems since he was born, from thrush to reflux to colic and more. My aunt just found out last week that she has cancer. And now I got thrown a curve ball mself yesterday. I had the flu back in February and never fully bounced back, so I went and got a blood test, thinking I might be a little anemic. When I got the phone call, instead of being prescibed iron pills, I was told I have something called "smudge cells" which can be indicitive of Leukemia. They want me to have a bone marrow biopsy next week. I can't believe it! I'm only 29 and a mother of two young boys 3 and under! I shouldn't be getting tested to make sure I don't have cancer!

And at work, everybody is crabby and defensive and sometimes downright nasty, especially to me since I openly talk about my faith. Is the gas prices starting to get to everyone? Because this really seemed to rev up just in the last year.

I really feel that the Lord is coming back soon, but some days it just doesn't seem like soon enough. I hate the feeling of not knowing what is coming next or how long we might have left before Jesus comes back. I don't want to die before the rapture and leave my husband and young children behind. Lord help us all through these increasingly trying times, and give us the motivation to continue our witness through it all.

metroames, RaptureReady 58 Comments [5/12/2008 9:30:35 PM]
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Quote# 3042

Another problem is that one of the ideas behind macroevolution is competition, or survival of the fittest. Different animals in a species compete for food, and whoever is the fittist lives, creating a stronger species. However, many animals are part of a symbiotic relationship which is the opposite of competition. Also, many animals live together and hunt in packs.

Menel-sere, HomeschoolDebate 2 Comments [5/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15502

abortion is murder, it says so in the bible, i know it does, somewhere, and i will find it! because you're probably not going to look it up yourself, but it is murder, no pregnancy is a mistake, how would you like it if someone aborted you? yeah you wouldn't be here, but if you could commicate in some scary and weird way, then you'd think abortion is wrong. you can have sex, but if you don't want kids, then you should probably be smart enough to have sex around the time when you're most likely not going to get pregnant like right after your period, or maybe you could use a condom? hey a lot of people do, but if you do get pregnant, it shouldn't be the baby's fault, it's your fault, you know and it shouldn't even be like that, you should be so happy, you now have something else to live for in this crazy world.

Thankful For Life, Myspace 38 Comments [10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen
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Quote# 117717

Stop capatialzing the god of Israel name, god is not a name but a title. Yahweh was one of El Elyon sons(before the translaters mess up the ancient texts by making Yahweh El Elyon and the only god). The god that we have been worshipping is a war god.The bible has been corrupt.

unknow, fstdt 14 Comments [3/27/2016 1:55:06 PM]
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