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Can America survive even one more year of the treasonous Magic Nígger and his DOJ MiniMe working in warpdrive to destroy her?

When a cancer is discovered, it can be fatal to hope that it doesn't metastasize for three more years. Obastard and his gang of thugs are far worse than any cancer. They need excision ASAP, by any legal means necessary, and if they fail, then by powers in high places in Washington using extralegal methods.

The Constitution is very clear on the subject of treaties, but the traitor Obasshole has been very clear on his utter contempt for the Constitution and his oath of office. IMO, he has no intention of leaving the People's House on 1/20/2017. Before then, he and his America-loathing horde of barbarians will instigate a national crisis. They will use it as an excuse to declare martial law and suspend indefinitely all rights and priviliges. There will be no 2016 elections. Obasshole will pronounce himself President for Life.

Who will stop him when he has the race card to play whenever anyone says "NO!" to him? He has been in power for 1745 days and not a whimper of protest has been heard from anyone in Washington when he repeatedly demonstrates that he is an enemy of the state and a clear and present danger to the Republic. Why? A: for the same reason that he was elected and reelected. That reason is the color of his skin.

Ah, yes, his presidency is "historic", so his fawning OAKM idolators told us. But then Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Tse-Tung, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il-sung, Pol Pot and others were also "historic". The fact than the Kenyan-born nightmare established a precedent by being the first black to be elected as the POTUS in no way means that it was a Good Thing, especially when he was elected ONLY because of his race.

We've seen it all before in other countries and other times. Obastard is studing the playbooks of tyrants of past and present. My fervent hope is that the people in very high places in DC, although they most likely don't give a shit about this country, will decide that Obasshole's continued rule will imperil their cushy jobs and will take steps to eliminate the threat. They may have no loyalty to America, but neither do they have loyalty to a treasonous bastard who is threatening their political, social and economic well-being.

I still wake up every morning hoping to read that the Kenyan cancer has been removed.

DoctorDoom, Where Liberty Dwells 19 Comments [11/11/2013 3:58:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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And I felt the same way about Bush II, but he still pulled down the full eight years. Sucks, don't it?

11/11/2013 4:41:47 AM

Doomie is far over the sanity horizon he can't see sane with a telescope.

then by powers in high places in Washington using extralegal methods

Well, so much for the Constitution you claim to worship.

11/11/2013 5:55:52 AM


Man oh man, how I wish all of these fundies proclaiming the impending end of the world or declaration of martial law by Obama would bet me their live savings that said predictions would come true. I could be a rich man before the decade was out.

Seriously now, does anyone really think there's a fundie out there who believes predictions like this with enough sincerity that they'd actually be willing to make a such a bet? Up to and including signing a contract? Would such a bet, if made, be legally-enforceable? I know it's mean-spirited, but one can't help but wonder...

11/11/2013 5:59:15 AM

Filin De Blanc

"especially when he was elected ONLY because of his race."

Yeah, it was definitely nothing to do with the fact that the candidates you guys put against him wouldn't stop saying things about how they had foreign policy experience because they could see Russia from their state or about how the most impoverished and vulnerable people in the country were parasites who should shut up.

11/11/2013 6:14:59 AM


For some people the mind is a vary, very, scary place. In Dee-dee's case we have a guy who is convinced that there has been a imaginary coup to install a black guy as president for life so his answer is an actual coup to overthrow the duly elected government of this country.

11/11/2013 6:37:20 AM

Doubting Thomas

Well at least some of them are not trying to hide their racism any more.

The conservatards hated Clinton with a passion but they didn't spew this kind of vitriol toward him. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

But remember, if you point out their racism then you're being racist yourself.

11/11/2013 6:48:31 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Obama's not only black, but he's also a Democrat found occupying the presidency. This time, it's Obama who will proclaim himself dictator-for-life; a few years ago, it was Clinton. Seventy-five years ago, it was received wisdom on the Religious Right that Roosevelt would be dictator-for-life.

One has to pity the GOP, though. They shut down the government, repeal the ACA 41 times and block every appointment they can and still, DD qualifies this as "not a whimper of protest."

Oh, and DD, every presidency is historic.

11/11/2013 7:01:13 AM


Aww, didums!

11/11/2013 7:06:13 AM

Deep Search

This guy wakes up every morning and slugs down a big ol' can of crazy, is what he does. What the fuck is this rabid dolt going to say when the 2016 elections are over? Whoever gets elected is really Obama wearing a human skin suit to appear as someone else?

Fuck racist bastards who hope something happens to Obama. Fucking scum is all they are.

11/11/2013 9:24:15 AM



"There will be no 2016 elections." said that about 2012. And about both Bush elections.

The most objectionable things he does is continuing the spying and erosion of liberties that begun waaaaaaaaaay before he took office - probably before became a politician - and bombing swarty foreigners.

Both are at most in a legal grey area. Which is the sad bit.

11/11/2013 1:38:39 PM


"IMO, he has no intention of leaving the People's House on 1/20/2017."

And when he does leave and his successor comes in and takes his place I'm sure you'll apologize for the inaccuracy of your claims, right Doomie?

Also, 'being president while black' does not constitute Obama being a traitor, Hitler-wannabe ((Though I would have figured Doomie would be all for something like that)) or an enemy of the state. Just because you don't like black people doesn't mean they're evil.

Also, who at the mental health facility let Doomie have access to a computer again?

11/11/2013 2:15:15 PM


Where Liberty Dwells: accuses the fairly-elected President of treason, while advocating actual treasonous acts (amongst other federal crimes).

And they even throw in a side of rampant racism for free!

11/11/2013 4:52:51 PM

Kevin Klawitter


"IMO, he has no intention of leaving the People's House on 1/20/2017."

And when he does leave and his successor comes in and takes his place I'm sure you'll apologize for the inaccuracy of your claims, right Doomie?

Nah... if he says anything at all, it'll probably be that it was the brave patriots like himself that prevented Obama from declaring himself Dictator.

11/11/2013 6:53:36 PM

Comic Relief

You know what would make this guy hilarious? If we pictured a malfunctioning Doombot spouting this garbage.

11/11/2013 7:36:23 PM

The Gospel According To Biff

It was so considerate of him to put the phrase 'treasonous Magic Nigger' in the first sentence so everyone would know right away that the rest of his stuff was brainless drivel unworthy of anyone's time.

11/11/2013 8:10:17 PM


Doombot, we all knew you were racist but encouraging actual treason is a new one.

11/11/2013 11:40:54 PM

Hey, I found what it is Obama has supposed to have done wrong, and it is the weakest weaksauce ever:


11/12/2013 9:24:51 AM


"I still wake up every morning hoping to read that the Kenyan cancer has been removed."

While we wake up every morning hoping the Doc Doom hemorrhoid has been removed.

11/14/2013 8:18:40 AM

John McCain has yet to apologise for saying that the repeal of DADT would destroy the US Armed Forces one year after precisely nothing has happened, and you expect responsible speaking from Doctor Doom?

11/20/2013 6:46:55 AM

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