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The fifth column activity of the corporate order is probably best demonstrated in the way the crime rate climbed in America after the creation of the CIA in 1947. The serial killers and mass murders are a case in point since that almost never happened in America before the 1950s, except for the US Army's constant, systematic slaughter of Indian villages and settlements across the West in the 1800s. When an American reporter tried to hold Hitler accountable for persecuting the Jews (this was before the nazis started killing them) Hitler countered with the mention of the US Gov't's slaughter of the Indians and the reporter had to shut up. Of course the SS are a key component of the CIA/NSA's current mass murder agenda

The dope trade is another source of crime/terror and who doesn't yet recognize that the CIA has always managed this effort and profits from it? They don't need a penny of tax money to commit their crimes. Tax money is simply collected to slow inflation, after all; it doesn't pay for anything--never did, except that it financed and made possible the first world war, of course. Those armies on both sides in Europe couldn't budge until the American Pajama People finally agreed to empty their pockets to a mostly British-owned corporation in Washington, DC (The federal reserve, which is neither)..

I think the intention behind all of this induced criminality (always exaggerated by the media whores) is to convince the Pajama People that everyone is evil or potentially evil, so everyone is on his/her own in this life and can't trust others. Orgonite in a neighborhood seems to dissolve this programming, much like the orgonite that young Billie 'Orgonite' Kibiator distributes in previously-murderous Nyamira District in Kenya (he does this on his motorbike) has stopped the human sacrifice and canniblism, there.

Don Croft, Etheric Warriors 6 Comments [9/1/2013 4:08:25 AM]
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Hasan Prishtina

Number of documented incidents of cannibalism and human sacrifice in Nyamira District?

Orgonite, the twentieth century answer to phlogiston.

9/1/2013 5:10:37 AM


I hear it keeps elephants out of Kansas, too.

9/1/2013 7:20:16 AM


"Tax money is simply collected to slow inflation, after all; it doesn't pay for anything..."

I would be curious to know how Mr. Croft thinks governments get anything done then.

9/1/2013 12:58:51 PM


Of course, the rise in serial killers might also be linked to the sudden upturn in population density after the curing of smallpox and polio in developed nations paired with the rise in the science of forensics and abnormal psychology.

Besides some well documented multiple murderers (Jack the Ripper, H.H. Holmes) there could have been scores of serial killers predating WWII but they were recorded as isolated incidents due to poor forensics. Their killing sprees ended on a single charge and left the rest of their crimes unsolved.

9/1/2013 2:19:06 PM


All this crazy and my only question is what are pajama people? A secret army of Hugh Hefner clones?

9/2/2013 10:58:43 AM


Imagine if young Billie had an SUV.

9/4/2013 10:22:41 PM

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