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I do not like getting pushed around for being a Jew, and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians. I think people who believe in God are sick and tired of getting pushed around, period. I have no idea where the concept came from that America is an explicitly atheist country. I can't find it in the Constitution and I don't like it being shoved down my throat.

Ben Stein, Snopes.com, CBS Sunday Morning News 55 Comments [12/11/2007 1:04:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocelyn

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America is not an explicitly atheist country, and no one ever said it was.

It is, however, an explicitly secular country, and the Constitution does indeed say so.

There's a difference between atheistic and secular, though I wouldn't expect a fundy to be able to grasp it.

12/11/2007 1:07:25 AM


...And I looked up to Ben Stein.

I feel sick now.

12/11/2007 1:14:50 AM


Boxershorts beat me to it.

Rubyfruit, he's been saying a lot of stuff like that lately.

12/11/2007 1:16:24 AM

Count Spatula


12/11/2007 1:19:38 AM


Does someone need a WAAAAAmbulence?

12/11/2007 1:24:39 AM


My my, what a shiny mirror you have there.

12/11/2007 1:34:43 AM

Tiny Bulcher

Well, Ben, when the fundies ship your arse to Israel, don't come whining to us.

12/11/2007 1:37:10 AM


And I think atheists are sick and tired of being pushed around because they're atheists.

12/11/2007 1:53:23 AM


Looks like this Jew needs his WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance.

12/11/2007 2:12:40 AM


Awww, poor baby Ben.

No, don't put that dummy back in your mouth. It's been on the floor, where you threw it.

12/11/2007 3:00:48 AM


Sounds like someone "Won Ben Stein's Sanity".

What the fuck? I have no idea where you are getting your shit from. No one says that, and if they are they are obviously wrong. And all you've done is taken the atheists complaint and rewritten it to fit your fucktarded viewpoint on a six day creation. Weren't you supposed to be smart, or something?

12/11/2007 3:35:33 AM


Rubyfruit: "...And I looked up to Ben Stein.

I feel sick now."

Have you seen the trailer to his new film yet? It's hilarious (Godwin at 2:47) - HINT: look closely at the interview snippet with Dawkins at the end, especially the way how it's edited.

12/11/2007 3:55:55 AM


Mirror is polished quite well.

12/11/2007 4:14:12 AM


I'm tired of fundie dickheads trying to fuck up the educational system by replacing science with mythology.

12/11/2007 5:09:25 AM

Deep Search

Yeah, I used to think Ben Stein was smart and admirable, too.

He thinks secularism is being 'shoved down his throat?' Seriously?

12/11/2007 6:24:00 AM

b. beau

Does anyone know why Ben Stein's become such a whiner?



12/11/2007 6:28:49 AM

Doctor Whom

"I have no idea where the concept came from that America is an explicitly atheist country."

I'll tell you where it came from. It came from Ben's Big House o' Straw Men.

12/11/2007 6:38:18 AM

Mister Spak

Then I'm sure you'll love living in America the fundamentalist christian country. Jews need not apply.

12/11/2007 7:16:02 AM

It would be solved if you understood that nobody is pushing you around. You just don't have right to impose your beliefs into others.

12/11/2007 7:48:59 AM


Nothing you can do about it. In fact I'm going to persecute you right now :


There. Now you have been totally persecuted.

12/11/2007 7:56:57 AM

Caustic Gnostic

What, secular humanism doesn't satisfy?

12/11/2007 8:14:44 AM


When have they been pushed around? In being told that they can't dictate what children learn? When they're not allowed to dictate how people should act? Believe what you want. Don't expect the rest of us to, though.

12/11/2007 8:41:03 AM


I submitted this quote and like many of you I am pretty upset about it. I liked Ben Stein a lot. After hearing about that movie that he's going to be in, and reading shit like this, I am beginning to wonder what has happened to him. It's not so much that he's religious but he's actually acting like an idiot. Does anyone (with an IQ over 9) actually believe that atheism is being shoved down their throats? Especially in this country when religiosity is being inserted into our daily lives more and more by the media and the fundies with soapboxes? Arrgh, sorry, I'm super pissed.

12/11/2007 8:49:23 AM


Ben Stein: proof that being good at economics and politics doesn't mean you're not a complete idiot.

12/11/2007 9:17:16 AM


Fine, we'll be explicitly Buddhist and offend everybody else.

They're doing their best, man.

12/11/2007 9:22:03 AM

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