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Pro-Brexit protesters block off Aldi depot ‘because it's a German company'

A small group of Brexit supporters blocked off access to an Aldi supermarket depot in apparent protest against the company's German heritage.

Around five protesters arrived in cars and camper vans and blocked Chester High Road, Norton, on Wednesday night.

Footage published by local media shows the group brandishing placards while wearing Union Jack flags.

A man with a microphone can be heard shouting "this is Brexit at its best" in the clip.

Another woman, with a flag wrapped around her head, was heard saying: "We are here."

The group's intention was unclear however reports on social media suggested they were demonstrating because Aldi is a Germany company.

One person on Twitter wrote that the group shouted: "Aldi is a German company, we want Brexit."

The protest was quickly mocked online as some pointed out that one of the camper vans was German-made.

Ian Harris wrote: "They'll be so cross when they realise where their Hymer campervan was made."

Hymer is a motorhome company that was founded near Bad Waldsee, Germany, in 1923.

Others noticed that the demonstrators were wearing clothing from other countries.

Maff Michaels responded to the Liverpool Echo's Facebook story: "None of the vehicles, clothes, flags that they have are British."

While Rob Walker joked: "Alexa - show me the stupidest Brexit protest to date."

A spokesman for Cheshire Police told the newspaper they were called to the scene to reports of a "peaceful protest".

A spokesman added: "The report came in at 9.40pm and officers attended the scene and spoke to all involved and there was minimal disruption."

Pro-Brexit protesters, Standard.co.uk 4 Comments [4/17/2019 8:15:05 AM]
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4/17/2019 9:19:17 PM


I bet their UK flags were made in China also.

4/17/2019 10:36:00 PM


That is why I hope for a conclusive Brexit, so that the morons cannot say the fine print amounted to remaining. And then we can get to work on breaking down the United Kingdom. Let's get Scotland out and Ireland reunified. And then screw Wales and England.

4/18/2019 7:22:51 PM

TB Tabby

I went shopping at Aldi today just to spite them.

4/18/2019 8:45:00 PM

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