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Europistan>Faggot EU, change my mind

Europistan means a foreign race will be ruling you, taking your women & maybe cutting off your balls and or dick. Have you been convinced?

I still have more values in common with Europistan promoters than with Faggot EU.. primitive ideas are better than marxist ideas, stupid is better than upside down.

You guys are beginning to understand. You and radical Islam want the same thing

Well, since I'm a theist with respect for traditions, I can only admire the tenacity of islam compared to 'the latest study finds that men are fags who want to suck dick'

I'll take islam over degeneracy, especially since it benefits men more anyway as it should.

Say about Muslims and Islam what you want, but at least they have morals and stand united against liberal degeneracy. I've actually been thinking about converting since Christians are a butt-fucking joke nowadays.

Exactly, thats why i converted. I would not waste time and convert if i were you. You dont have to practice it now if you are not ready, but better to be non practising Muslim than a christcuck

Islam is the only solution to degeneracy wheter you like it or not. You guys should hurry up and convert now.

No degeneracy

No feminism

No fags

No Holohoax narrative

Banking interest forbidden (the worst nightmare of the long noses)


CryptoBobRoss, Spysix, gaywhiteknitelover1 and Concentration_Camps, Reddit - /r/CringeAnarchy 12 Comments [4/17/2019 8:04:42 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

They aren't even trying to hide it anymore...

4/17/2019 8:09:06 AM

Did you just admit you are on the side of Islam?

4/17/2019 8:12:38 AM

Fuck Islam. Also the Europistan would only work if Muslims were to take over. Allowing them to live there they won't.

4/17/2019 8:15:42 AM


All I see in both photos is people, some with kids. They could all be in Europe right now, and nobody would be harmed by that.

I've certainly lived in neighborhoods where you could see all the sorts of outfits and lifestyles in all those photos. The gay couple's kid would just play with the Muslim kids, and the parents would chat with each other.

It's a false dichotomy.

4/17/2019 10:15:25 AM



...I wonder why British neo-Nazi group National Action were officially - and by a Conservative government, no less - declared terrorists in late 2016?! [/Doug Piranha-levels of sarcasm]

4/17/2019 12:36:45 PM


Enough straw men here for a very large bonfire. Luckily, I have a match...

4/17/2019 12:57:37 PM

Citizen Justin

There is actually a great deal of degeneracy in the Muslim world. As there is everywhere else of course, but different cultures have different problems. For example, the Middle East has inbreeding. On a major scale.

Feminism? Yeah, OK, there's not too much of that.

'Fags'? Well seeing how homosexuality is at a constant level wherever you go, that just means more closet cases.

Banking interest forbidden? That won't stop them charging it. Muslims tend to ignore the bits of the Qu'ran that don't suit them, much like Christians do with the Bible.

No Holocaust narrative? Probably not, but since the quotee seems to have a thing against Jews, he should be aware that Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs have the exact same racial characteristics.

4/17/2019 4:45:59 PM


Well, at least they admit it now that they're basically exactly the same...

Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, tbh.

4/18/2019 6:45:55 AM


Fuck #2191678

4/18/2019 7:05:52 AM


Taking your women. Since when is slavery allowed in Europe? You don't own any women, dolt.

Sure, conservative Christians, conservative Europeans and conservative Muslims have more in common, than conservative Europeans and progressive Europeans do.

'the latest study finds that men are fags who want to suck dick'

You're a fag who want to suck dick? Oh well, if the shoe fits...

I'd say degeneracy is going back in time, to oppression and persecution, high infant mortality rates, illiteracy and ignorance, lack of hygiene, smelly streets, rampant murder and rape (while blaming the victims).
Liberalism and socialism brought cleanliness, better health, better education, rights and freedoms, happiness and equality.

Mr. "Concentration_Camps" bleats about No Holohoax narrative. Let's send him/her/it to southern Turkey, dressed as a Syrian or a Kurd, and see how much he/she/it likes concentration camps in real life.

4/18/2019 8:54:33 AM


Im actually surprised after looking through this post.

I was expecting this to come from one of those incel subs.

This is not actually one of them incels, right?

4/18/2019 3:55:52 PM

The Angry Dybbuk


Be careful. Using the term dichotomy might be just a little too intellectual for them.

4/19/2019 4:34:06 AM

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