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[THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084] Not to worry "some people" did something to Notre Dame. Next the Vatican... it will be "hate" to even report it

[DM] No doubt this wouldn’t be happening if like Hagia Sophia, Notre Dame had been converted to a mosque. The Vatican is on its way, pope Frankie thinks Al - A is A-Ok with him.


Before you jump all over me yelling “you’re citing Infowars!”, I suggest you first read the stories at getreligion dot org and RT dot com, both of which detail two months of attacks on French and Spanish Catholic churches … then watch the video of St Sulpice … and finally check out the Facebook posts of Muslims celebrating. Anyone else here reminded of a September morning in Manhattan, several years ago?

THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 and DM, Moonbattery 11 Comments [4/16/2019 1:22:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Blair

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That didn't take long.

4/16/2019 6:01:21 AM

If you're speaking of the dancing muslims in New Jersey, yes. You lot were lying then and you're lying now.

4/16/2019 6:11:35 AM


My day has come!

Finally, having a small amount of knowledge about liturgy, I can be the one to start a totally fabricated conspiracy theory.

The protagonist of Victor Hugo's novel, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame was named Quasimodo. That name comes from the (now no longer used) antiphon for the Kyrie-chant and introitus on the Sunday after Easter (octave), socalled Quasimodogeniti Sunday. The text is "quasi modo geniti infantes, rationabile sine dolo lac concupiscite": more or less "like a newborn child you shall thurst for the true and untouched milk." The Hunchback was named "Quasimodo" because he had the mind of a child.

So, we have the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo, and a huge fire in Notre Dame, a few days before Quasimodogeniti Sunday.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT! (hahaha)

This obviously means that the end days are here, and that they're Roman Catholic. So all those Baptist rapturistas better covert quickly, very quickly, like in 10 days, to Catholicism or they'll be burning in Hell for ever and ever, amen.

What do you think? Does my conspiracy theory have a chance? No Muslims involved.

4/16/2019 8:56:27 AM

You could claim it's a false flag and nothing really burned.
Or Hillary started the fire.

4/16/2019 9:53:30 AM


It has begun. The fire was an accident caused durring the renovation but the truth is boring. An ex-Catholic causing the fire due to the recent scandal is more interesting. It being a muslim terrorist attack is more interesting. The French government hiding the true nature of the attack to protect Muslims is more interesting. So of course it can't be an accident.

4/16/2019 10:58:08 AM


The fire was started by Lon Chaney.

A Crisis Actor!

In Soviet France, Thought is Criminalised by you.

Especially as Infowars' Alex 'Gay Frogs' Jones - via watching tranny porn on his smartphone - criminalises himself.

And as last time I heard, he & all his ilk - i.e. you - were supposed to hate Degenerates, enjoy your own Thoughtcrime.

You are forced to not only watch/read/listen to mainstream media, but accept what it says without question.

Because now your own 'Thoughts' are Criminal.

Certainly degenerate.

So the facts - Reality - are boring? Not our problem: you've already proved that the 'Alternative' is lies.

Unless you're prepared to admit that all tinfoil (ass)hatted bullshit is fake and therefore has no right to be so much as acknowledged by normal, sane human beings.

You retards are the 'Sheeple' now. Facts make bullshit Die in a Fire.

But unlike bullshit, Notre Dame will be fact again.

4/16/2019 12:25:20 PM


@checkmate, IDK on all of that, but it was the middle of Holy Week...

maybe the anti-Catholic conspiracy theories are in force as well.

[Also, there was another Moonbattery post. I will submit it in a minute.]

4/16/2019 2:18:20 PM


Yes some Muslims are celebrating, I don't doubt that but if they caused the attack they would take credit for it.

4/16/2019 6:03:31 PM


If Muslims (or more accurately, IslamoFascists, rather than real Muslims) were involved, the Authorities would've said so....

* They said so when some freaks shot up Charlie Hebdo and a nearby Kosher grocery store.

* They said so when two losers with meat-cleavers killed a soldier in England.

* They said so when that guy blew up an Ariana Grande concert.

....and IslamoFascist terrorists are always quick to claim responsibility!


A person restoring the cathedral made an epic boo boo! Get over it!


Weirdly enough; The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem also caught on fire around the same time! From what I heard, it wasn't as epic as the Notre Dame one but still noteworthy.


4/16/2019 10:02:41 PM


You reckon? Notre Dame had a terrible fire, which they say was accidental, but those mosques in New Zealand had a MASSACRE! I haven't heard of that happening in French cathedrals, even @ the height of the Reign of Terror, during the French Revolution.

So I guess it's your argument, that's now in flames.

4/19/2019 7:44:45 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Before you jump all over me yelling “you’re citing Infowars!”, I suggest you first read the stories at getreligion dot org and RT dot com

I don't know anything about getreligion, but RT with is not just a conspiracy outlet, but Putin's propaganda conspiracy outlet, so that's an even worse source than InfoWars!

4/20/2019 12:06:49 AM

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