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“Are atheists more intelligent than believers?”

Actually, the evidence is that atheists are less intelligent than believers. Refusing to believe something does not require brains. True: doubting is an activity of intelligence, but very few atheists ever doubt anything. They simply withhold belief — which is not an activity at all, and not indicative of intelligence.

Refusing to believe, on its own, is connected with the stubbornness of the mule. Refusing to believe something, withholding belief, is not a behavior connected to rationality. Again: actively doubting and questioning is the behavior of intelligence. But atheists do not generally do this. They simply withhold belief — a behavior that does not require even understanding.

There are people who are deeply perplexed and questioning of dogma of all kinds. They actively question and examine all views, including their own. But these are not atheists or theists. These are agnostics. (And don’t give me any “agnostic atheist” B.S.)

One can very clearly see, using Quora as an example, that atheists are not a deeply rational lot, not very curious, not very inquiring. They are not investigators, worriers, skeptics. They are not analytical. They are not skeptical. They do not question. They are simply “withhold belief.” That, and ridicule others who don’t withhold belief.

And skepticism, questioning, analysis, wonder, as mental characteristics, are some of the signs of a truly intelligent person. And those characteristics are much more common among religious people, who, wrong or right, are deeply concerned with life and death issues. That fact alone justifies an inference that god believers are more intelligent than so-called “atheists.”

Ted Jackson, Quora 5 Comments [4/16/2019 1:19:50 AM]
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"One can very clearly see, using Quora as an example, that atheists are not a deeply rational lot, not very curious, not very inquiring. They are not investigators, worriers, skeptics. They are not analytical. They are not skeptical. They do not question."

That's your experience because you're so deeply wrong right out of the gate the atheists just point and laugh at you. They know you have no ability to understand the simplest things beyond goddidditt.

4/16/2019 6:31:11 AM


You know what else is not a sign of intelligence? A lack of self-reflection/-doubt and belief that everyone not of your own opinion must be dumb and wrong. And man, do you fail to show signs of higher intelligence. Perhaps first remove the beam from your eye before stating that a whole group of people has specks in theirs.

4/16/2019 6:43:51 AM


Whoa, you've got that completely backwards. Skepticism is a great way to become an atheist, as is an education in the sciences. But once a question has been asked and answered, it is unnecessary to reinvent the wheel every time the subject arises. Progress is made by continuing, not by going back to step one every single day.

I'd venture a guess that very few people "refuse to believe". Not returning to religion isn't because of stubbornness; it's because the possibility of gods has been examined, studied, and rejected for good cause. The question has been asked and answered, and it would take a truly stubborn (or stupid) person to fall for the same lies again and again.

Can I interest you in a used car?

4/16/2019 10:37:41 AM


the evidence is that atheists are less intelligent than believers

Your 'Omniscient' God is less intelligent than you OP, and I can prove it:

Count 'em.

If your answer is the only one possible, then even you are one up on your 'God'; his 'Word', Leviticus 11:20-23 says differently to you. Can't deny the facts: as opposed to so-called 'Truth' - the Bible - which is by definition of the above fact proven to be Lies.

And here's a simple fact: 11 dimensions - which takes infinitely more intelligence to figure out than what a deity finds impossible to do what a kindergartener can - have been proven to exist by Prof. Stephen Hawking.

An Atheist.

I'd ask you to prove the existence of a 12th Dimension, but that would obviously make your brain cell bleed through your eyes, so here's a simpler one for ya: On the basis of the mathematical model in your God's True 'Word', build for us a wheel using Pi = exactly 3.

It's okay Mr. 'Intelligent', we can wait.

4/16/2019 12:40:03 PM


I'd say there are both intelligent atheists and intelligent believers. To become a full-fledged fundie, though, you need a somewhat reduced level of intelligence, a rigidity to your mental gymnastics.

Who said atheists refuse to believe? Do yo refuse to believe in Shiva, or do you simply lack a belief in Shiva?

Doubting is in general a pivotal part of atheism, silly-nilly.

Have you ever met an atheist in real life, Teddy-boy? I became an atheist because when I learned more and more about religion, it all made less and less sense, until there was nothing left. I felt a sense of loss at that time; something that had been with me since early childhood was gone, and I can't retrieve it. There is no refusal nor withholding anything, it's just an absence, a lack of belief.

A/gnosticism is how you believe, a/theism is what you believe. An agnostic atheist is NOT bullshit, any more than a proud American or a tall Swede.

In what way is this Quora evidence of the behavior of atheists? To me it seems like an army of strawmen, just your perception of us, sometimes even a projection of yourselves.
From my experience, fundies are not a deeply rational lot, nor very curious, nor very inquiring.
When writing a comment, I usually google the subject and visit a couple of Wikipedia pages, to get to know the subject a bit more. In other words, I investigate, I analyze, I question, and I'm skeptical, of others' knowledge about it, as well as my own. I ridicule those who refuse knowledge and withhold curiosity.

Those characteristics are NOT common among fundies. They tend to stubbornly state GODDIDIT-GODDIDIT-GODDIDIT* whenever others question their beliefs.

Life and death issues? Media vita in morte sumus. In the midst of life, we are in death... Why do you think that atheists are not deeply concerned with life and death issues, and why would that make so called "theists" more intelligent than atheists? Quite a few fundies hold that "get-out-of-jail-free" card tight in their fists, the "death is not the end, but the beginning" card, and refuse to discuss life and death, as this life is just the audition to them, this is just a test to see if we are pious enough for the Real Life in Heaven. NOTHING scares the "bejesus" out of them, so they cling to the fairy-tale of Heaven.

(* Check out Nish Kumar and Holly Walsh chanting Kabaddi-Kabaddi-Kabaddi in the N-series (Episode 11?) of British QI.)

4/19/2019 7:49:59 AM

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