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The 'everyone is beautiful' liberal feminism platitudes need to end. It's done nothing for people's self esteem and makes them blame themselves for 'not feeling good enough' about their body. It's just there to keep ugly people in their place so others aren't threatened by more competition. And for average+ people to get an ego boost for being 'such a good, non-shallow person'.

So much of "body positivity" seems to be just to put ugly women in their place. I hate it.

They're saying if you're a woman you HAVE to be beautiful, everyone is beautiful! We literally can't just exist as we are, we can't be ugly and be ok with it. And notice even the plus size models cake their face and photoshop their cellulite... it's so insidious, it was never about body positivity. Just reminding women that their value is first and foremost beauty.

Yes, exactly. Plus so many conventionally attractive women post basic selfies and tag it body positivity, like who the fuck are you being positive about, your skinny white blonde haired blue eyed self?

oppositetechnician3 & kwallio, r/Trufemcels 0 Comments [4/14/2019 6:31:19 AM]
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