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[OP of "[RageFuel] Even in slavery, women have it on easy mode"]

Slavery itself accentuates the inherent value of each gender.

Enslaved men ---> physical labor

Enslaved women ---> sex

I cannot trick myself into believing that being forced to work hard manual labor is in any way "equal" to being kept to dispense periodic pleasure. Easy mode is not even a meme to me anymore, foids really actually do have a lower difficulty setting aura that follows them through life. All of their greatest successes and all of their greatest hardships are padded by special treatment.

Would anyone on this forum ever object to being a sex slave?

ControlledInsanity, Incels.co 8 Comments [4/11/2019 3:54:10 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

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Yes, yes, the only purpose in a female slave is sex. None in the fields, kitchens, laundries, assembly lines, etc. Men worked, women fucked.

Jeeeeeeeez, stop talking. Please.

4/11/2019 4:43:06 PM


Of course you're not going to find anyone to object to something that is never going to happen.

4/11/2019 8:42:24 PM


Except as the slave, you don't get to say when sex happens, even if you're really not in the mood, you're probably not going to enjoy it and usually the kid you have as a result is going to be a slave unless freed by the father and can be sold at anytime. Not to mention they can be physically and sexually abused.

Oh and you'll still have to work,possibly under the supervision of your masters' wife who will take her anger out on you for sleeping with her husband.

4/11/2019 9:50:18 PM


Hahahahaha. You want to be my slave? I will break you. Then I will fix you. Then I will make you brainwash yourself. And then I'll eventually have sex with you, maybe, if I feel like it. Warning - sex with me can be rough even *without* the biting and scratching. But mostly I'm just going to randomly spank you or otherwise cause distracting pain, fuck with your head, and relentlessly tease you but forbid you from ever having any form of sex without permission, not even masturbation. Oh, yeah, and you have to do my dishes. Still want to be my slave, boy?

Yes, okay, none of my relationships have fully lived out that fantasy, but my current one comes closest. I wouldn't really put an incel through that, because they're already broken, and in the wrong ways.

4/12/2019 1:22:01 AM

Doubting Thomas

Part of being a sex slave is being forced to have sex with people you don't want to have sex with and to do things you don't want to do. In other words, bring repeatedly raped. Emotionally and psychologically it's probably far better to be out working in the field.

4/12/2019 6:54:13 AM


Nobody brought up the tiny, little, itsy-bitsy detail that WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ARE OLD ENOUGH TO WALK YOU MASTER CAN FUCKING SELL THEM FOR $$$.

4/12/2019 1:39:36 PM


You must really be callous and sex-obsessed to think sex slavery is easy, i.e. being contunually raped.

Given the number of women who chose suicide rather than this fate, you must be wrong.

4/12/2019 2:12:46 PM


Incels, repeat after me...

"Real life is not a video game and porn is not real life."

"Real life is not a video game and porn is not real life."

"Real life is not a video game and porn is not real life."

4/13/2019 11:28:09 AM

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