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Brigitte Bardot is facing prosecution for inciting racial hatred after calling the people of the French Indian Ocean island of Réunion “degenerate savages”.

The 84-year-old film star turned animal rights activist lashed out at the islanders in an open letter to the local authorities, accusing them of mistreating livestock and pets.

“The natives have kept their savage genes,” wrote Bardot, who has been convicted five times of similar offences, mostly for Islamophobic comments.

Amaury de Saint-Quentin, the Prefect of Réunion, referred her latest outburst to the public prosecutor on Wednesday, saying it “included insulting and racist terms... likely to constitute an offence”.

In her letter, Bardot condemned Réunion’s Hindus for sacrificing goats. The island’s population is of mixed African, Asian and European origin.

A longtime supporter of Marine Le Pen’s far-right party, the National Rally, formerly known as the National Front, the former actress described Réunion as a “demonic isle”, accusing its people of cruelty to dogs and cats.

She claimed that worshippers who took part in “Indian Tamil festivals... decapitate goats, then throw their entrails into the sea, which attracts sharks.”

A series of shark attacks on swimmers has been reported in recent years.

Bardot, who became famous as the star of the 1956 film “And God Created Woman”, referred to “the cannibalism of past centuries” and described the Réunionnais as “a degenerate population still immersed in barbaric ancestral traditions”.

Some Tamil islanders sacrifice goats and chickens during a religious festival, a practice that critics say should be banned.


Bardot is a friend of Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen’s father and the founder of her party. He has been convicted several times of inciting racial hatred and violence

Brigitte Bardot, The Telegraph 10 Comments [4/6/2019 10:35:36 AM]
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As someone said about a French former leader: La vieillesse est un naufrage.

4/6/2019 11:29:24 AM


One of Bettie Page's earliest clients as a photo model was the bandleader Cass Carr.


Even in later years she worshipped at non-segregated churches.

And Her God Created Non-Racist Women, Brigitte: so what's your excuse?

4/6/2019 2:30:34 PM


I don't want you. Go back to the 19th century.

They used to accuse us of the same thing.

4/6/2019 3:23:28 PM


...wait that name sounds so fucking familiar.

Isn't that the name of Sea Shepherd's ship? They named their fucking ship after a NAZI. That's...that's a level of irony it'll take a while to process.

4/7/2019 12:32:48 AM


To be fair, they named the ship after the movie star and animal rights activist she USED to be, not after the racist she became since then.

4/7/2019 6:18:55 AM


She has more regards for animal rights than human rights. She has gone off the deep end. Oh, well, she did not age well, I would say her physical degradation mirrored her moral one.

4/8/2019 1:29:48 AM


@Niam and ...What


And what is it with has-been celebrities turning into wingnuts?


I'm also thinking of the idea concerning the nature of celebrity and reality....

* Many celebrities are never who we thought.
* Most fans are in love with a shadow that likely doesn't exist.
* If we trashed all art made by terrible people we likely wouldn't have much of a selection left and we'd stagnate as a culture.
* The imaginary shadow has value and can inspire even if the reality is mediocre and garbage.
* I propose the idea of accepting the shadow while being aware of and rejecting the reality (especially if said reality is awful).
** One can reject and loathe the Reality Micheal Jackson for being a depraved nonce weirdo and egomaniac (I saw Leaving Neverland and I really did a number on my perception of him) while embracing the Shadow Michael Jackson who's a charming, humble, harmless, talented, innocent, asexual, peter-pan-like humanitarian who made great music.
** One can reject the Reality Mother Theresa who was really a hypocritical fraud who merely collected dying people to watch them die and give minimal substandard care and embrace the Shadow Mother Theresa who was a saintly humanitarian who cared for, fed, clothed and healed the poor and gave the dying a warm safe hospice.
** One can reject the Reality Bridget Bardot who's an angry, regressive, bigoted, fascist hag who hates everyone while embracing the Shadow Bridget Bardot who was a beautiful, liberated, sex-positive, somewhat-feminist, progressive, revolutionary, groovy goddess.

....I call it the "Jebidiah Springfield Rule" after the plot and message of the Simpsons episode "Lisa The Iconoclast" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_the_Iconoclast. It's a postmodern take on celebrity where the image/shadow is regarded more "real" and "valid" than reality.

You see; The fantasy inspires people and gives meaning. People have a need for the fantasy/image/shadow. As long as one can separate reality from fantasy then liking a problematic person for their "image" and art while rejecting the "real them" is possible.

It's a weird Postmodern/Death of the Author/Joseph Campbell-esque/quasi-fictionalizing approach to public figures.

Heck; We do it already with the Founding Fathers. We lionize them for the wisdom and progressiveness of their writings and role in founding the United States but they were still a bunch of wealthy elitist white males who kept slaves, saw Indigenous People as "savages", were misogynist and often didn't like each other.

The Mythic version....in a way....can become just as real as anything in a sort-of mythical/thoughtform/egregore/tulpa sort of way (akin to how events in scriptures don't have to be real history in order to be 'real' or valid).

Thus; Mythic-Bill Cosby is a wholesome Dr. Huxtable-guy who would be disgusted by Real Cosby's serial rape. Mythic-Michael Jackson is a harmless humanitarian who loves children in a platonic, non-pervy way and Mythic-Gandhi was a saintly holy-man who never did anything questionable with female followers and rejected "racism" and misogyny.

What do you think, guys?

I wrote about this concept before in another entry but nobody answered.

4/8/2019 8:45:56 PM



So, Shadow Hitler was a German-Shepherd-loving, landscape-painting patriot, who genuinely thought he has to save Germany from the Jews?

Get over Michael Jackson, Spuki...

4/9/2019 12:27:51 AM



I guess you do have a point.

That said; It won't work with the Hitler comparison since he's primarily known as "That evil tyrant who murdered millions in death camps".


Anyone else got thoughts? Can art be separated from artists? Do we have to give up everything since most are problematic?

I'm not against boycotting art if the artist is evil but I'm just trying to find some middle ground for the world since I don't want art to be reduced to mediocre while still caring about victims.

The world craves heroes and good art and if the majority is garbage because those people are garbage, what's left?

Every five minutes someone who was considered great is revealed to be Ramsay Bolton....It's getting ridiculous!

Since anyone can turn out to be Evil-In-Disguise, who can one turn to for fandom, art, inspiration?

It's frustrating!


I'm going to Copy/Paste my original thing in the main FSTDTs board since there's more traffic and I'll get more answers.

4/9/2019 6:59:57 PM


It's part of being human. We are naturally attracted to image over substance.

That's what makes things like 'alternative medicine' so popular, even though science has no proof of it.

As for those famous people, nobody is perfect, and given the way society sees the individual, it makes sense that not only we would try to ignore our problems, but others around us would...

...and there's the tea.

4/10/2019 7:57:04 PM

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