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dandbj13: Not sure why a person's conscience should free them from the law. I remember a time when people were openly hostile to serving black people as equals, and blatantly refused them service on the basis of conscience.
Then there were mixed-race marriages which many Christian states made illegal. The federal laws changed all that. But those states still have the racist laws on their books. Can't say I give a damn about their conscience.
Now the same thing is happening to people with SSA. There are laws, ancient laws on the books making their activities illegal despite the fact that the federal government has spoken clearly on the matter.
Individuals feel emboldened to act on their prejudices despite the law thinking their conscience is some kind of shield. It is not, nor has it ever been. So I really don't give a fig about a bigot's conscience.


dandbj13: You would benefit from a better understanding of biology. Let's say you come to understand that being gay is also biological. Would you then change your opinion? Or would you continue to say that it is okay to discriminate?

I P Knightley: Being homosexual is not biological any more than being an embezzler is.

dandbj13: You say that as if I didn't just drop this link:
Some people just need better information to make better decisions. Other people are just bigots, and will ignore better information to hang on to their bigotry.
At this point, you are just denying science to hang on to your bigotry. This happened with racists as well. Even after science told us there was no inferiority, racists just keep saying there was anyway.
You know science tells us that all sexual preference is biological. Yet you deny it, not because you have better science, but because you have stronger bigotry.


dandbj13: Never said biology was the only factor. But you should definitely revise your numbers, and do better research.
But the problem is the same for the Christian if it is biological to any degree. Tit is as biological as heterosexuality and left-handedness.
It is also not unnatural in any way. As I keep pointing out, it is present in other animals. They are not acting against nature. Neither are humans.
The real issue is you don't care about the science at all. You only care that your bible says it is an abomination. That is all that will ever matter to you. No science will ever trump that for you. In this way, you have removed yourself from rational discourse.

I P Knightley: When did you drop it? A few minutes ago? I don't have time to read it now, possibly ever

dandbj13: I dropped it yesterday. But your comment tells us everything we need to know about you. You will never have time to learn something that disrupts your preconceived bigotry. Good day.

I P Knightley: That's a very stupid lie.
If you had posted that link yesterday, I would have seen it and read it, which I have done now.
It's entirely fact free, just assertion.

dandbj13 : From the article you call fact free:
"These findings are part of a report released by the Academy of Science South Africa, the outcome of work conducted by a panel put together in 2014 to evaluate all research on the subject of sexual orientation done over the last 50 years. It did this against the backdrop of a growing number of new laws in Africa that discriminate against people attracted to others of the same sex. The work was conducted in conjunction with the Ugandan Academy of Science."
Now all the scientific reports are fact free. But you think your bible has better reliable scientific facts? Show me something in the Bible that is more than a claim on the subject. I'll wait...

I P Knightley, Premier 5 Comments [2/14/2019 12:59:19 AM]
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He ignores science, but who are we to not do the same? In the 1960's there was psychiatric consensus amongst the APA that homosexuality was a paraphilia. Today, when we speak about anti-psychiatrists like Thomas Szasz I can imagine some people saying "But he was in favor of gay rights and that makes him right.".

Scientific discourse works on the back of power structures and those power structures, while not shaping scientific discourse, do indeed have an influence upon it. It's no coincidence that Gödel's incompleteness theorem were discovered at a time when prominent intellectuals such as Bertrand Russell were trying to formalize all of mathematics into logical axioms. The reason why we even talk about gay rights is because pro-gay people got enough influence to alter mainstream perception of homosexuality. Hell, in societies where anti-gay discourse is prevalent (e.g. Russia) there are still psychiatrists who believe that homosexuality is a paraphilia.

In the end I doubt we have a truth claim that we can really defend. That being said, if he indeed clings on to the Bible as the source of all true knowledge I think I'll have to recite Hume's remarks about miracles.

2/14/2019 2:55:37 AM


Later research can change that which was considered Holy Writ in the past.

After all: Ted Faggard was once considered completely heterosexual: especially by the likes of you.

Is he to this day after a certain expose of him? We'll wait.

2/14/2019 3:30:37 AM

I.P. Knightly: Crusading against reality nightly.

2/14/2019 4:38:33 AM

Doubting Thomas

Being homosexual is not biological

So I guess these lions just succumbed to homosexual propaganda and chose to be gay?

2/14/2019 7:39:54 AM


Meh. Whether homosexuality is a choice or biologically driven is a discrete question from whether or not one can discriminate against it.

Like the special snowflake county clerk. No one's asking you to approve of the relationship, we're asking you to certify that we met the requirements to get married in this state.
If you can't do the job, then you shouldn't hold it.

I mean, if I had the job, and wouldn't sign her fourth marriage certificate because I honestly believed god does not approve of divorce, she'd raise a stink. But even if homosexualty, alcoholism, or being a bible thumper are diseases, they're still functional in society and none of our goddamned business.

2/15/2019 5:57:27 AM

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