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Niel Matrix: So you told them about Santa, "because you didn't want them to grow up believing something that wasn't real"
But you tell them that a man walked on water, was killed and then rose from the dead to become god?
Oh the irony!

Chellebaby: I agree to an extent.I don't understand why born again believers would lie to their children about Santa which we all know does not exist. It would then make it difficult to explain to a child about God as a lot of believing in God is through Faith and Trust of his existence.
This is why you do believe as you want a sign. You want God to jump up and down with flashing lights and say here I am. That is not going to happen. But if you were to exercise a bit of faith even tiniest bit to the notion God does exist and pay attention to the little "coincidences" that will happen in your life. You will see God does I indeed exist.

Chellebaby, Premier 9 Comments [2/13/2019 1:28:21 AM]
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So, she did not answer the question, she sidestepped it.
And in the end, we get to see the hubris of it all: the course of the universe, the "little coincidences" haves to be about them and a plan that their god has concocted for them. Nevermind the pretense of free will, their god will arrange events for them. If their god does exist, then he also arranges for kids to get leukemia in utero. kinda kills the whole benevolent schtick. He is either malevolent, negligent or non-existent. But I guess religious people still need their comfort blanket, while their fundamentalist ilk make life so much harder for the rest of us.

2/13/2019 3:40:15 AM

"and pay attention to the little "coincidences" that will happen in your life."

Did you pay attention in psychology class when confirmation bias was discussed?

2/13/2019 4:46:06 AM

K'Zad Bhat

Basically trying to go with the argument that all the coincidences that have happened shows someone must be guiding events from the outside, in order for this particular unlikely set of events to happen.

And never, at any point, stops to think that any string of events is just as likely, or unlikely. The longer the string, the more unlikely it is to all come out any particular way. But, thing is, it still has to happen some way.


Roll a pair of dice 5 times, and write down the combinations.
Getting [2,3] [2,6] [1,3] [4,4] [4,5] is just as likely as [1,1] [3,5] [4,6] [2.4] [1,5]. Or, in fact, any combination. Any and all. So, if you roll these dice 5 times, anything you get is pretty unlikely. Did God guide the dice to do exactly that? He must have, because it's an unlikely combination, isn't it? Except . . . if you roll them 5 times, you have to get some combination of 5 pairs, period.

We have matter, we have energy, with ourselves we certainly have thought, and a great deal of interaction. Something has to happen. At all times. So something is always happening . . . and then something else happens, and something more after that, over and over, influenced now by our actions. Any course of events you can think of is unlikely, and the longer the string of events, the more unlikely it is. Including what actually has happened. But no matter what, something has to happen.

This same argument is used that God had to create the universe, because the course of events that leads from a random interaction of early combined forces to create an energetic expansion that leads to a particular parting of those forces, the creation of matter as it exists now, is extremely unlikely. "How many times must all this energy in singularity compress and interact to create all that we know today?" It doesn't matter, it keeps doing it . . . over and over, until it comes out in a way that creates us. It's more likely for the universe to turn out the way it did by random chance, than for nothing to happen at all!

Also, life forming on Earth. I have read the argument that it is so highly unlikely for life to have formed on the one habitable planet in the universe. In pretty much those exact words. Let's forget the question "how do you know this is the only habitable planet that exists?" If it is, wear did you expect to be born, on Jupiter? Seriously?

2/13/2019 5:46:31 AM


I figured out about Santa by myself, because "he" had the same handwriting as my mother. It wasn't a big step to figure out about god. You must still be in the same mental state as children who write their wishes to Santa.

2/13/2019 6:07:10 AM

Doubting Thomas

God is just Santa for grown-ups. And don't think I didn't notice the "If you just believe, then you'll see evidence everywhere" at the end. That's not how it works, Sparky. You gotta show factual evidence before belief is required. It's not good evidence if you have to believe in it first. That's just confirmation bias.

2/13/2019 7:01:31 AM


We are a fairly large and growing "all" that also know* God doesn't exist.

Why not exercise a bit of faith even tiniest bit to the notion Santa does exist, and pay attention to the little "coincidences" that will happen in your life? The worst that will happen with Santa is a piece of coal in your stocking. The worst that is said to happen with God is eternal punishment, burning in fire and brimstone for ever and ever and ever.

* Yes, we are mostly agnostic, but we do know that there is no evidence for the existence of any gods, goddesses and other deities.

2/13/2019 7:18:58 AM


That's a good one. Btw. What is it with you americans duping your kids about santa when they're little? My parents told me around 4 that it's just a mythical creature and they(and grandparents and such) are the ones buying me stuff.

2/13/2019 10:38:18 AM





Donald Fart: 'Do you still believe in Santa?'

Do you still think your 'God' would consider the above... thing his 'Chosen', OP...?! [/Romans 13:1-5]

Because considering who was the previous occupant of the White House, do you still believe in God?

2/13/2019 10:40:37 AM


So if God thinks you believe, he'll get involved and actually provide proof but if you don't, he's not going to do anything to change your view.

No wonder Christianity is dying out in the Western countries.


It's fun and gets the kids to behave at the end of the year.

2/14/2019 7:30:13 AM

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