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I just want women to stop lying and admit looks are all that matter to them. No virtue signalling, just the truth

No more "eww, he looks like a douch bag" when looking at pictures of 9/10 guys

or claiming how one night stands are no big deal and she didn't like them anyway

If they were honest i wouldn't hate them so much

mylifeistrash, incels.is 6 Comments [2/12/2019 1:57:26 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Incels have warped the definition of truth so much as to render it as misogyny.

2/12/2019 2:50:58 PM


No, you don't want no truth, what you desire is a full out confirmation of all your pet peeve idiocies about women. Some of us are going to be pan(or demi or however this shit is called properly, these days) and only ever develop sexual feelings for those they are already in a tight emotional relationships with. That "Chad"? He does look like a douchebag to me and there is literally not a single tingle of desire when I see a ripped guy's selfie. If you cannot accept that we are just as varied in our characters and preferences as you, dick owners, then you will forever remain a single, virginal women hater that can at most make someone's day as they read your cretinious musings.

2/12/2019 6:43:30 PM

Doubting Thomas

As if guys don't do the same thing.

2/13/2019 7:47:33 AM


It sounds as if they WERE being honest, but you just didn't like the answer. If you don't want to know, don't ask. If you do want to know, listen to the answers.

My experience? Married to a homely guy for 45 years. Faithfully, until his death. It happens.

2/13/2019 2:37:39 PM


Ok, fine. I would like someone attractive as a possible mate.

HOWEVER I find that when an attractive guy acts like a douche, his attractiveness goes down. I do want someone who I can bring home to meet my parents and stuff. Personality does matter.

2/14/2019 8:04:13 AM


Funny; We hear the same from you, Mr. I-Wanna-Bang-A-"10".

2/15/2019 6:34:31 PM

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