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Yesterday I had a fight with my brother (chad) and now my parents will force me to go to therapy: "it's been a long time coming" they said.

This past weekend was my mothers birthday so my family got together in my parents house (where I still live).

-Grandparents: normies with money, cliche (bp) life and opinions.

-My sister who is 23 and is in college (she's a normie white princess who never experienced injustice or real suffering but is a ig feminist fighting for women).

-My brother Chad (24) who was in New Zealand; finished college in the us but wanted to "find himself"travelling. His girlfriend entitled Stacy was with him.

-Me, 26 years old depressed loser who was born deformed (hip dysplasia from cerebral palsy) and don't fit in with my successful beautiful family.

I was born an incel - it never even began for me. Every time I tried to ascend I failed.

Foids always look to me with disgust and pity.

Long story short: My brother's girlfriend was treating me like a child, asking if I needed help to walk around my own house. Saying my cane was very stylish in a condescending way and talking that new zealand had places that even I would be able to enjoy.

When my brother went alone to the kitchen I asked him to tell his insufferable slampiece to leave me alone and stop talking to me like I was 5. He defends her, she was only being nice. The fight escalated I told him he had no idea how my life was and he had everything handled to him (is true). He told me that I was an asshole and that was the reason I was alone sleeping every night with my cat.

I went to my room and didn't talk to anyone until they left hours later. My parents said I need therapy and I'm going - because I'm neet and live with them - so I have no choice.

I so fucking angry. So fucking hurt that my brother who was always cool to me took the foids side.

Yet again being an incel it's a constant torment that normies can't even begin to imagine.

Why the fuck do you have to go to therapy just because you snapped in a very normal way for being dealt a shitty hand? WTF is this shit? You aren’t allowed to express yourself now?

Cause on top of everything I'm neet and I don't have friends or a girlfriend (I do have colegues online that my parents don't know about). They say I should be living and enjoying life and not LDAR. Normies who don't know the blackpill wanting me to believe that I have a chance of happiness and love. When - hey coincidence - my Chad brother has a good life and my normie sister has a good life. I'm deformed and have a shitty life but it must be my attitude scaring people and success off.

Miguel7849, r/Braincels 9 Comments [2/12/2019 3:52:02 PM]
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Wow, I've lived with a deformed spine for more than a decade, shit slowly worsening till in around a year or two I will have to get myself a walking cane of my own. guess what dipshit? I'm looking forward to choosing the one that best reflects my personality and style and tbh while I despise the constant reduction in my moblity over the years, specially since I used to be in a knight order back before my transition, I don't whine about life, fucked up disk bone ain't cancer and I'm happy for it. There are literally dozens, fuck hundreds of conditions you could be born with(and a fuckload more acquired ones, like the big C), through no fault of your own that would actually end you and I can hardly imagine the noise you'd be making then, dipshit. As long as you live, as long as your brain processes stuff still, be happy, be thankful to the fucking universe that you get to retain your sentience, as despicable morsel of it as you are, in any case. Of course you will not but your crappy life is on you only, not your parents, not your(evidently supportive) siblings, on YOU.

2/12/2019 6:36:19 PM


General public: The main reason that you're an incel is that you act like and asshole.

Incels: These people don't know us. they are unfit to judge.

Incel's brother who has literally known him for 20 years: The main reason that you're an incel is that you act like and asshole.

Incel: I so fucking angry!

2/12/2019 7:26:47 PM

Rob aka Mediancat

You say your sister hasn't known real suffering, but she's known you her whole life, and that's suffering enough for anyone.

2/13/2019 6:20:14 AM


Being born with a disability, especially in the US, IS a shitty hand. Yes, even a mild disability. I'm not going to lie. It has affected every aspect of my life from the jobs I can take to where I live to yes, even my dating life. However, you have a choice to make, and there is a right and wrong choice here. Voluntarily going NEET is almost never the right choice. You can choose to learn to effectively advocate for yourself. You can choose to pursue a career that fits with your interest and abilities. You can choose to pursue friendships and relationships with people who are interested in you. I'm glad your parents are forcing you into therapy. It should have happened a long time ago.

2/13/2019 7:37:31 AM

Doubting Thomas

Well, they're making him get therapy so there might be hope for this one. If he were my child I'd have gotten him therapy long before age 26.

Yes, you snapped in a very idiotic way to your brother's girlfriend who obviously was just trying to be nice to you. Of course that's typical incel behavior, thinking that all women are being cruel when they're actually trying to be nice.

2/13/2019 7:43:06 AM


Honestly if I thought someone was patronizing me, I'd probably be snappier than this guy. Not because they were a 'foid' but because my tolerance for being helpless is low, and my tolerance for being perceived as helpless is even lower. That said, wow! he doesn't half feel sorry for himself. Therapy isn't (probably) going to help, that whole want to change thing, but maybe they'll learn less destructive copes.

2/13/2019 9:26:30 AM


"It's been a long time coming"...

2/13/2019 2:33:06 PM


What's a foid? :<

2/14/2019 1:41:22 AM

Doubting Thomas


"Foid" is short for "femoid," their special word to dehumanize women by making them out to be not fully human.

2/14/2019 9:02:12 AM

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