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Things Chad and the average female will never experience

* Eww-face
* Flaking
* Rejection of any kind
* Moving away on public transport
* Walking across the street just to avoid you
* Indifference
* Contempt

ObeseSoyChugger, r/Braincels 10 Comments [2/7/2019 3:17:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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What happened to "It's because I'm short!"? People don't avoid you on public transport just because you're short.

2/7/2019 5:47:28 PM


So women and "Chad" will never experience indifference or contempt, which you pile upon them? Am I following this right here?

Yeah it isn't your face that makes people cross the street. I can tell that from here.

2/7/2019 6:03:59 PM

Why would people move away from you on public transport. Are you like leering at them when you sit down?

2/8/2019 7:25:02 AM

Doubting Thomas

Stop being a creep and those things will stop happening.

2/8/2019 7:30:21 AM


If Mickey Rooney, Dudley Moore, and Danny DeVito can get laid, then you have no excuse, except your own damned self. Stop blaming others for your shitty attitude and do something about it, you stunted manchild.

2/8/2019 8:31:29 PM


Well; If you weren't all hateful and gross you wouldn't be getting all that stuff on your list.

What a dummy!

2/9/2019 9:05:39 AM


I've had 1-4 and 6 when I was younger.

2/9/2019 10:07:34 AM

Dizzy Dream


I used to get called "froggy", a couple of girls at uni had similar experience. One was called a horse and the other a pig due to the shape of their faces.

"Rejection of any kind"

Got rejected by three guys I had a crush on. The first was in middle school, then he turned into a bully. The second was in upper school, the guy moved away. The third was in college.


Also known as how 99% of the population reacts to anyone, regardless of gender.

2/10/2019 4:27:20 PM


Wait, I've experienced flaking, rejection, indifference and contempt.

Oh shit! I'm an "incel"!

I have to reject everything I believe in! Quick! Hand me my black pill!

2/11/2019 4:36:49 PM


Dizzy Dream makes a fine point: These guys are locked in the high school (or even grade school) experience wherein kids are /horrid/ to each other. But adolescents are in a constant maelstrom of hormones, brain reconstruction, and learning about their place in the social hierarchy. Most people grow out of that, but obviously not all.

2/12/2019 2:12:57 PM

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