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The Pill gave women reproductive freedom like Pandora's Box gave sickness and death freedom. Discuss.

Heartiste, Gab 11 Comments [2/4/2019 3:36:11 PM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

I think we should dress you in Nessus's shirt. Considering what it did to Heracles, greatest of demigods, imagine how much it would do to such a pathetic mortal as Heartiste.

2/4/2019 3:39:20 PM

Happy Atheist

Discuss? It's a poorly constructed metaphor. What do each of the parts relate to? Judging by the structure of it, the pill is Pandora's Box, but the pill doesn't contain anything. Pandora released evil from the box, so shouldn't the pill be represented by Pandora in this metaphor? And Pandora's Box didn't give sickness and death freedom, but in fact contained it - the complete opposite. '[S]ickness and death' correlates for some reason with 'women reproductive' which isn't even a noun phrase. The noun phrase is 'reproductive freedom', which means that sickness and death must represent 'women' and 'reproductive freedom' correlates in the metaphor with 'freedom', which doesn't make sense. And are you saying that reproductive freedom is bad for women, or for the world? Because the evil released from Pandora's Box was explicitly universally bad, which I figure is how you feel about women's reproductive freedom. Which, if that is true, means the metaphor should go 'The pill released women's reproductive freedom to the world, like Pandora released the evils of Pandora's Box.'

The way it is currently written makes no sense, as for a metaphor to work, at least some of it needs to match up directly.

'The Pill' doesn't relate to 'Pandora's Box' but to Pandora.

'women' doesn't relate to 'sickness and death' but to the people of Ancient Greece.

And 'reproductive freedom' doesn't relate to 'freedom' but to 'sickness and death'.

There, I discussed your metaphor. I also disagree with the spirit of it, but the construction was so egregious I couldn't ignore it.

2/4/2019 4:12:20 PM


The pill allows women to choose when they get pregnant which is reproductive freedom. Formerly the only way women could avoid pregnancy is telling men to put on a condom which they hated or to piss off with their advances which men hated even more and thought women should not have the right to do even if they don't want a kid any more than the woman does. Many men still insist women shouldn't have the right to rebuff them. Many men also hold the strange paranoid belief that women only pretend to be taking contraceptives and sabotage condoms or dig through the trash for used condoms to trap them with unwanted babies so really there's no pleasing some assholes. Of course I realize the freedom itself is your issue because if you're not the one telling women where, when, and with whom they have sex and reproduce then you don't think anyone should be making that choice. Because your entire sense of masculine identity comes from making people defer to you even when you've done nothing to deserve their respect and it goes against their best interests.

Also death already existed before Pandora opened up the jar of evil, what with Zeus killing his father and all... as well as the magic goat that raised him. What a prick. Come to think of it, evil already existed too. The entire story was about a petty vindictive manchild of a god trying to screw people over out of spite and spin the narrative like it was always their own fault despite engineering the disaster to happen to escape direct culpability. So your allusion is... well more on the nose than it seemed but not for the reasons you wanted.

2/4/2019 4:33:30 PM



Roissy in D.C. / Heartiste / James C. Weidmann - Owner of Chateau Heartiste, Closet Homo, Pedo, and White Nationalist PUA; Scared of Vaginas


2/4/2019 6:11:36 PM


What's to discuss? Nobody is going to listen to your opinions on birth control pills anyway.

How long have you yourself had reproductive freedom? And in how many ways?
- Condoms have existed for a couple of centuries.
- Keep it zipped and just say no.
- Be an incel without a hope in hell of breeding.

Congratulations, you've chosen door number three. Now shut up.

2/4/2019 10:13:48 PM

Rob aka Mediancat


I'd prefer to laugh and point, thanks.

2/5/2019 5:44:34 AM


So you think women being allowed to choose when they're going to have children is bad? Why? Do you want to have a lot of kids yourself? Or are you only concerned about only certain populations of people having lots of kids?

2/5/2019 7:15:58 AM

Doubting Thomas

I don't understand why men, who in the past would often run far away from any woman they got pregnant out of wedlock, would be against the ability to have consequence-free recreational sex.

2/5/2019 7:59:25 AM

Dizzy Dream

You do realise hope also came out of Pandora's box, right?

2/5/2019 12:06:47 PM

Citizen Justin

Odd viewpoint here for someone who claims to have had loads and loads of sex with many women.

2/5/2019 3:38:07 PM


I can't say for sure it's the case with Hearty, but it does seem like there are the occasional misogynists who want to punish women with babies just for existing.

2/5/2019 8:24:08 PM

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