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Love is a normie cope to keep them wagecucking and to stop society from falling

Love is truly the biggest cope in existence. Think of all the things man have done at the hopes of one day finding their 'one true love'. When a man learns the truth (blackpill), he no longer sees the point in wagecucking. Not only is love false, only 20% of the men get 80% of the women. But men are told there is someone out there just for them, this meme is perpetuated from when we are young children through the likes of disney, which love is the main theme in all of the movies.

Would you slave at the office everyday knowing there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel? The vast majority of technological advances we have made as a species is because of this concept of finding love. No matter what the normies tell you, 99% of them do everything based on getting a woman. They go to work to get a woman, they try build status to get a woman, they go to the gym to get a woman (JFL at normies who say they lift for themselves). The absolute driving factor behind men who are NT is this notion of true love that has been conditioned into us from birth. This is the sole reason why society has come as far as it has, and why incels want to give up when they learn the truth. There is no reason to continue without the main force which we were told to believe in all these years.

Monogomous societies managed such rapid advances because it was just enough to stop men checking out of society and LDARing. The women gave just enough duty sex, and the man had to work so many hours that they did not have the time to think about sex that much anyway. The nuclear family is a lie, and again part of the propaganda to keep men wage cucking. Its built on the false pretense that firstly there is a woman who will just love us for us, and secondly they can actually love us in the way we desire. The reality is once the kids are out there is no more sex, and the woman completely checks out of the marriage. You just have to provide for her because society tells you to.

We have the cold hard statistics to prove this. Women are disgusted by most men, and they cannot love like we want them to. Imagine if all men woke up and realised this. Without this driving factor society as we know today would not exist. This is why spreading the blackpill could actually be bad for us. At least now normies keep society functioning while we get to laugh at them for the most part, and they make great copes for us.

tl;dr 'love' is the driving force of society. Without it, society as we know it would cease to exist.

wayshegoes, incels.me 9 Comments [8/11/2018 9:51:10 AM]
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(Our new printer is printing o's instead of e's. Please bear with us.)

Lovo is a normio copo to koop thom wagocucking and to stop socioty from falling

Lovo is truly tho biggost copo in oxistonco. Think of all tho things man havo dono at tho hopos of ono day finding thoir 'ono truo lovo'. Whon a man loarns tho truth (blackpill), ho no longor soos tho point in wagocucking. Not only is lovo falso, only 20% of tho mon got 80% of tho womon. But mon aro told thoro is somoono out thoro just for thom, this momo is porpotuatod from whon wo aro young childron through tho likos of Disnoy, which lovo is tho main thomo in all of tho movios.

8/11/2018 10:21:00 AM


I suppose I can see that a person who cannot tell the difference between love and sex, and has never interacted with society other than paying the Pizza Delivery person with the pocket money he gets from his mother could think this.


8/11/2018 10:50:40 AM


I've known men who voluntarily remained single their whole lives. Men who had a higher standard of living because they weren't supporting a family, men who could go to France and Switzerland to ski or to tropical islands for some sun or on African safaris. Men who could indulge themselves with nice cars or boats or vacation homes.

But to get there, you have to grow up and get an education and a job. Do it for yourself.

8/11/2018 11:00:49 AM


Right, right.

The loner volcel knows the truth about love, because he's never experienced it in any way.

And this insight makes him superior to those who build the society he parasites off of.

If the majority were not keeping jobs you disdain, who would be making pizza rolls and video games?

8/11/2018 11:05:12 AM



...tho OP typod whilst using a Lonovo computor.

It's that or using a crusty sock for soxual purposos.

8/11/2018 11:32:56 AM


Romantic love is an important plot or subplot in most Disney animated movies, but not all of them. That goes for most non Disney movies and fiction in general too because it's an important part of the human condition and a good plot motivator.

Of course, incels hate everyone so how would they know?

8/11/2018 12:40:05 PM


To incels, gay & asexual people don't exist and women never work or accomplish anything or have to try to attract mates.

8/11/2018 3:52:39 PM


So, those 20 percent men marry four women each, at the same time? Or are women somehow perishables? Once their "flower" is "plucked" they are completely worthless?

Men AND women are told there is someone out there just for them. And, quite a lot of us find that someone.

Light at what tunnel? High enough pension to live a good life after retirement? The end of life's tunnel is death, silly. Most people aim to lead a good life, with pleasant people in it, and possible leave the planet a little bit better than when we arrived here.

Most of the men I know already have a woman, and they go to work anyway.
Status? Being a hardworking guy, able to provide his share of a home is infinitely higher status than moaning in a basement and LDAR-ing.
My husband has me, and had me long before he began going to the gym. He still goes to the gym, to keep himself fit, and to make it possible to eat a bit of unhealthy food and have a couple of beers now and then.

The average number of partners is 4-5, for men and women, so there is no The One and Only.
YOU must also love HER the way SHE desires.

The reality is that yes, during the child-rearing years, there will be little sex, because you'll both be exhausted and you will always have a child nearby. Once the children are really out, living on their own (the ones who are not low-lives like you, staying in the parents' basement their whole lives), THEN the sex can begin again, not to mention after menopause, when women don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancies any more.

You have to provide for her? So YOU are to cook and clean, wash her dirty underwear, clothe and feed the kids, buy groceries, wash the dishes, do the ironing, etc? Or is SHE doing all that, while you whine that she's too tired after eight hour at work and eight more at home, to give you a blow-job? Who's the one checking out of the marriage...?

You have your own prejudice to "prove" this, nothing more.

You get to laugh at them for having a loving wife, wonderful children and a quick snug-sex on Saturdays? Yeah, poor them for having fairly pleasant lives, while you live in your mom's basement, LDAR-ing. You are SO winning over them...

8/12/2018 7:34:46 AM


They really can't even imagine doing anything for any purpose other than sex, do they?

8/16/2018 3:49:03 PM

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