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We, antisexuals of [countries], proclaim the foundation of International Antisexual Movement (IAM).


Our ideal is the world free of lust, world of sentient beings, world, where mind, but never genitals, rule human. It's a great and global task, but every long way consists of small steps, and every step gets you closer to the aim. So our current tasks are: to make and develop communications between antisexuals and celibates from all over the world; to search, exchange and broadly distribute useful and true information, to propagandize our ideas, to explain people the benefits of celibacy and disadvantages of sexual life style, to oppose pro-sexual propaganda and break pro-sexual myths and stereotypes; to help each other and other people who suffer from lustful surrounding, to struggle against sexual violence, harrasment and discrimination; to support social and scientific programs which can reduce role of sex in human life.


IAM is a non-commercial, non-centralized movement with open membership (both personal and collective). It has no single leader or party discipline (although our collective members may have ones); if you share our ideas and want to join, simply inform us. All IAM actions are voluntarily. Our members may belong to any legal political organisations, may be religious or atheists, and so on. They even may be not strictly antisexual - some people share our ideas, but, for the couple of reasons, cannot remove sex from their life right now; they are also welcome, and maybe we'll help them to liberate themselves from sex.


IAM use only legal methods. Appearances in mass-media and public actions are highly encouraged. We may support politicians who offer antisexual laws and programs, and some of us may become politicians or officials themselves. Writing and publishing of antisexual books is also useful. One of our tasks is to prevent children from depravation, so those of us who work with children and teenagers are highly encouraged to oppose pro-sexual propaganda especially on this front.


Contact us via internet [list of e-mails and sites]

Co-founders: [list of co-founders]

Broad distribution of this document is encouraged.

Antisexual Stronghold, antisex.info 7 Comments [8/11/2018 9:50:54 AM]
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You need a club for that? People have been doing it for ages without going to all that trouble. I've got to tell you, I don't give much for your chances in getting rid of sex.

8/11/2018 11:03:30 AM


Okay, you're horny and angry. But what makes that a problem for the rest of us?

8/11/2018 11:06:59 AM

Token Atheist

What might an anti-sexual law look like and in what country would it possibly be constitutional? There are plenty of societies that limit time, place and circumstance--but no one bans sex outright. If they did, they wouldn't last long.

8/11/2018 11:12:11 AM


Join a monastery. It's legal to become a monk.

Problem solved.

8/11/2018 11:27:45 AM


Or you could all just get a fucking prostitute like anyone else in your situation, find out that sex isn't the end all or be all of existence, and get on with your pathetic lives.

8/11/2018 2:48:50 PM


It sounds like something out of 1984: Julia was a member of the Junior Anti-Sex League. Thing is, Orwell wrote a lot better than you.

8/13/2018 12:14:15 AM


Good luck with that! LOL!

I, however, will continue using my WAHL while envisioning sexy situations involving Syd Barrett, Bala-Tik, young Benicio del Toro, old Del Toro as DJ, Kylo Ren, David Tennant or whatever!

IMHO; I think sexual freedom....not sexual repression....would save humanity.

Just ask these guys....

....BONOBOS: Lovable fuzzy peaceful matriarchal sex-machines.

Of course; There still needs to be some responsibility....cuz "mistakes" and diseases and stuff....it's best to keep it in the confines of polyamory, sex-pals, etc. and use protection.

But really; Flesh & Spirit need not be opposed! They're part of the same continuum. As Above, So Below!

That said; Asexuals should also be welcomed as a facet of human diversity. Sex shouldn't be repressed but it shouldn't be forced on people, either.

8/13/2018 9:46:21 PM

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