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Turns out if you dick is smaller than 8 inches, you are deficient

A common normie argument is that the motion of the ocean, and not the size of the boat, matters the most in bed. This is nothing but bluepill propaganda, designed to give false hope n’ cope to dicklets. As we examine this blackpill, you’ll see that your penis size could fuck you over if you’re not Chad.


According to the study above, the ideal dick size was found to be between 7 and 8 inches, and the ideal girth of the penis was found to be between 6 and 7 inches.

3D model experiment

A research group from two American universities presented 3D dick models to some 18+ femoids. The average length of the penis chosen was about 6.3 inches for a long term partner. Compare this to the average dick size of just about 5.2 inches in the US. About 20% of the women (old hags included) even “admitted to dumping a guy because his penis was ‘too small’.” Only about 7% of the foids said that they left a guy for a dick that’s “too large” [1].

The importance of dick size during sex

Again, let’s come back to the belief spread around by normalfaggots. They literally think that you can somehow be extremely good in bed by using your baby dick effectively. Further scientific studies show that this is nothing but BS, since women would experience better vaginal orgasms with a BIG penis.

“Three hundred twenty-three women reported in an online survey their past month frequency of various sexual behaviors (including PVI- penis in vagina intercourse-, vaginal orgasm, and clitoral orgasm), the effects of a longer than average penis on likelihood of orgasm from PVI, and the importance they attributed to PVI and to noncoital sex.

RESULTS: Likelihood of orgasm with a longer penis was related to greater vaginal orgasm frequency... In binary logistic regression, likelihood of orgasm with a longer penis was related to greater importance attributed to PVI” [2].

If you wanna hit that G spot more intensely and accurately, you better have a big wang. Dicklets will commonly cope about “muh girth” while completely turning a blind eye to the main factor that makes pussy easily wet in sex- length.

Further interesting statistics

Size matters: http://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/study-shows-the-penis-size-most-women-actually-prefer/

81% of the femoids in the study above said that they prefer an average man with a big dick over a chad with a small one.

61% said that they dumped a man for a dick that was too small.

57% say that bigger is better.

Incel Wiki, Incel Wiki 11 Comments [8/11/2018 6:13:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Happy Atheist

Turns out if you dick is smaller than 8 inches, you are deficient

But that's not what the chart says at all. It says that the seven inch range is ideal, but anywhere between five and eleven is good. Even if you wanted to disregard anything that doesn't come under 'ideal' that would still lead you to 7-8 inches and no bigger or smaller.

8/11/2018 6:22:55 AM


Or just work on your oral game, damn. Dicks are nice and all, but its not like they're the only tool you have at your disposal when it comes to sex; heck, its not even the best one in the opinion of most women. Even if your dick isn't "ideal", the range for satisfying and enjoyable is quite large, and that means they're happy enough with that range.

Also, ain't this rich coming from a sub that regularly grades women on a 1-10 scale based on idealized physical attractiveness?

8/11/2018 6:50:04 AM

TB Tabby

8/11/2018 7:48:12 AM



It's been known for many years that there is a contraceptive pill for men. You don't take it. Oh no. You put it in your shoe.

It makes you limp.

...oh, and porn vids =/= Reality, o manbabies.

8/11/2018 7:52:52 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

As you may have guessed, the actual study results are not anywhere as absolute as the incel interpretation.

The first study by Prause et al., which the incels only source indirectly through a not-very-good report, has a lots of results. One of them being "[n]o evidence of ceiling or floor effects in women’s choices indicating their largest and smallest sexual partner’s penis size." So much for "dickcels"...

The second one by Costa et al. finds that women who experience vaginal orgasms put more importance on PIV and large penis size than women who don't. Interestingly, theomitted portion of the results section is: "but unrelated to frequencies of other sexual behaviors, including clitoral orgasm."

In other words:
You have ten fingers and a mouth. Use them.

8/11/2018 8:02:13 AM


To attemp to quote Spider Robinson's "The Blacksmith's Tale", a story that changed my life (for a different reason) when discussing hooking up with somebody who may not be anatomically compatable "I see fingers and tongue, the rest is all gravy"

8/11/2018 8:20:42 AM

Thinking Allowed

Hint: Dick sizes that is deemed as ideal here only happens in porn.

8/11/2018 8:35:58 AM


Even in a permissive society, it's expected that you will have to interest a woman long before you get to the stage of showing her your dick. And there's your problem; you turn people off to the point that nobody would want to know you even if you hung your penis out the car window to wave in the breeze.

8/11/2018 11:09:24 AM


Smaller than 8 inches? How did you get that from this chart? Shorter and thinner than five inches is starting to get non-satisfactory.

As it's "normies" that actually have sex, they probably know much more than you know, about what women like. Just a hint...

18 women? You're aware that there are about 3,5 billion women in the word, right?

And, no man (old trolls included) has ever dumped a woman due to the size of her boobs, butt or vagina, right?

There is no such thing as vaginal orgasm. It's ALWAYS the clitoris that orgasms. Some women can have their clitoris stimulated through the vagina wall, that's all.

Likelihood of orgasm with PIV is still very, very low compared to likelihood of orgasms with oral or digital stimulation of the clitoris.

Don't most men's size vary, depending on a lot of things, like eagerness, alcohol level, tiredness, first time nervousness, number of times in a row, etc?

8/12/2018 8:50:09 AM


For men who say they're straight, they seem to think a lot about dicks....

12/15/2018 4:57:06 AM


Who says you're deficient if your "little guy" is smaller than 8 inches?
Wait, are you speaking flaccid or erect? Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? It's not the size that matters, it's what you do with it that counts.

We who actually have sex believe (or rather know) that you can somehow be extremely good in bed by using your fingers and mouth effectively.

This fixation on "vaginal orgasm" is just some prudish thing; the missionary is the Right Kind of sex, and all oral or digital stimulation are Bad Kinds. It's the clitoris that orgasms, regardless of where the stimulation comes from, ya know. Oh, and the clitoris looks like this:

That "G spot" is about two inches in, if it exists at all. With a longer willy, you risk hitting the cervix, and that's painful, not pleasurable. With a willy with more girth, you'd better lubricate (in your language "make pussy wet") properly before entering or, again, it will be painful rather than pleasurable.

Why do you call the ones you dream of having sex with "femoids"? That doesn't sound loving or "pussy-wetting".
Would you like it if we called you "maleoids"?

12/15/2018 6:29:10 AM

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