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[Note: Kiwifarmers reacting to the Leicester square metro incident.]

Gang of women repeatedly stamp on man's head in 2am brawl at Leicester Square underground station

These are low effort troons, the news reports all just say "women" though.
I think the blonde one is same person that punched a grandma at speakers corner. Names are not released so far.

(Cod of War)
He probably didn't use their pronouns.

I'm gonna call it, there is going to be a wave of "women" committing crimes in the near future along with delightful articles about how violent crimes from females are on the rise and why the patriarchy is at fault and/or it's such a mystery, etc

Heh, like how women's track and field numbers have suddenly lurched upwards, after decades, perhaps centuries of relative stagnation. (Track and field events are an interesting benchmark because unlike most sports, we've actually been doing them in more or less the same form since the ancient olympics.)

Trannies are insane and violent.

If I remember correctly, the troon who attacked the old lady was homeless. That might be the "no fixed address" one.

The delicious irony, that troons are going to cause women's' crime stats to turn more violent, and the same pearl-clutching feel-good dummies who wanted them counted as women will now find themselves on the losing end of court cases, civil judgments, employment opportunities and the like since the aura of "Women are peaceful and would never do such a thing" is dead and gone since we have to count mentally unbalanced girl-dicks as women, they FEEL they are.

I wouldn't be surprised. They're savages. I'm shocked this guy wasn't injured more than he was...

Men are so fucking violent, geez

English men dressing kind of fruity and beating up random people for fun, why does that sound familiar...

various kiwifarms commenters, Kiwifarms.net 6 Comments [7/13/2018 1:53:05 PM]
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Oh, look .channer degenerates are back. So how are we so similar to these sociopaths, again?

7/13/2018 3:11:21 PM


/r9k/ is that way ---->


channer degenerates

Certainly none of the regulars - such as Flossman (he of the pulsating hair), Ass Manager 3000, resident legal expert, John Goodman fan & former mod AnOminous, mod Feline Darkmage et al - I recognise.

7/13/2018 8:42:41 PM



Come on, I know you frequent the place and I`ll give you that there are normal people out there as well but that place was born out of ED and just like ED is choke full of misoginistic, xenophobic contrarians who will happily shit on people just to offend and/or look edgy. There is a .channer overlap as well and we both know it.

I used to be a regular at .4chan long time ago but since then I grew up out of tolerating contrarians without principles nor convictions, who stand for nothing but teh lulz.

7/13/2018 9:02:16 PM

Positrons probably the only legit fundie and regular poster quoted here, maybe Sperginity since she;s a TERF-type feminist. Marvin and CWCissey are ok dudes.

This site is very similar to KiwiFarms but being pro-trans contrarian instead of edgelording about calling people troons.

7/13/2018 11:17:22 PM



I was reinforcing what you said: just as there are those, no doubt who joined KF recently who are obviously 4Chantards, compared to those who are the Old Guard there.

In the same way that those like Chopurcockov, Toady etc try to infiltrate FSTDT, but they're too obvious.

7/14/2018 6:47:13 AM



I wasn`t exactly talking fundies per se here, most .channers are not really fundies by definition, they are terrible people and sociopathic assholes thouh.

As for the second line, I have to call gross oversimplification here. Our community is not inherently contrarian in any way, if what we believe in, if what principles we hold dear happen to be contrary to the dominant school of thought or an established ordinance in a given place, then so be it but a contrarian is a person who will always try to be on the opposite side of the debate, whilew most of us who live in countries govenrend in a way we more or less agree with, are perfectly fine with them. They can still throw critique but that is your typical constructive criticism of things you otherwise admire. Basically I think saying that all the real difference is our acceptance of transfolks is not giving anyone justice.

We are pro transfolk again because of our principles and the verifiable medical science which lies behind our position, unlike the edgelords of KF whom are more than happy to throw the data in the trash just to bully people they find somewhat obnoxious(not to say there are no obnoxious transfolks, I know my fat share of those, just that you can laugh at the obnoxious party without being a spoiled, sociopathic teenager throwing insults and not caring where it hits or if there even is something there to be hit in the first place).


Don`t really think they tried an infiltration, I saw them as your typical trolls on the prowl. I know most trolls these days are lazy drive-by trolls but some still at least try to put in some basic effort and troll the old way with actually engaging peeps. I mean, if they did try that, then it was the saddest, most pathetic attempt at such a thing I`ve ever seen in my long over 20 years internet experience.

7/14/2018 7:23:53 AM

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