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Thinking that others think and behave in the same way as we do has been indispensable to our evolutionary enhancement. If other humans thought in a manner that was very different from us, we would not be able to develop this social intelligence. It is very difficult for us to think that other people do not have the same mind as ours. But this is precisely the problem Europeans find themselves today. Through their much higher cognitive fluidity and intense sense of introspection and critical consciousness, they have created a society in which tribal identities are weaker and discredited, for the sake of a hyper-individualism in which everyone is to be judged in abstraction from their group identities. This "libertarian" culture worked as long as Europeans were the only players. But millions of immigrants from non-Europeans cultures, together with hostile elites in charge of the media, who do not think in this individualistic way, have weaponized this moral universalism to obligate Europeans to treat outsiders as equal individuals, cunningly employing their social intelligence to promote their own tribal interests. It is not that the Darwinian component of social intelligence has disappeared altogether among Europeans. There is reason to hope that populist nationalism and white identity politics will continue to grow, and then Europeans will be able to enjoy their higher cognitive fluidity within their own independent homelands.

Ricardo Duchesne, Eurocanadian  10 Comments [7/13/2018 1:52:43 PM]
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You don`t like the melting pot? Sure but perhaps you could be happier somewhere in europe then, Poland, Hungary or Russia look much more like your speed.

In normal, non-sociopathic humans we have this thing called empathy which actually does allow us to read and understand people of different mindsets and cultures rather easily as long as we try. You prefer a uniformed society of one race, one mind, one reich, eh?

7/13/2018 3:46:11 PM


You might be right about individualism being unnatural, or maybe even a bad idea.

Now, how does that justify anything with the arbitrary folk taxonomy known as "race"?

7/13/2018 5:03:53 PM


Someone with a skin colour different to yours is here in Britain right now, (P)Rick Dickcheese. Question:

So he shouldn't be there? I'm in complete agreement with the 100,000 who were in Trafalgar Square yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, at Windsor Castle: and by the bands of the Coldstream & Grenadier Guards, you'll never hear "The Star Spangled Banner" - A British-composed tune - played better since.

It was certainly played to a better president before.

7/13/2018 8:18:52 PM


"...hyper-individualism in which everyone is to be judged in abstraction from their group identities."

Didn't you just contradict yourself in that sentence? Your "cognitive fluidity" has just failed you.

7/13/2018 9:34:54 PM


Oh man, Duchesne, so wrong in so many ways. And I'm very much laughing about your "much higher cognitive fluidity and intense sense of introspection and critical consciousness" considering that you can't even get beyond the ridiculous and unscientific notion of race. And again, what kind of race would "European" be anyway? As I've said before, you are throwing together vastly different cultures to make your point, yet you constantly whine about cultures intermingling (although nearly all progress was ultimately caused by cultures intermingling in some way in my opinion, but that's beside the point). That's hypocritical of you and directly contradicts the notion of your supposed superior critical consciousness. Or does it not work in regards to your own flaws?

7/14/2018 12:23:30 AM


a hyper-individualism in which everyone is to be judged in abstraction from their group identities

Ricardo Duchesne: "But I WANT to think that everyone not of MY group are exactly the same, you met one, you met'em all!!!!"

7/14/2018 1:14:40 AM



It's even worse: From what I can gather he WANTS the same thing to be true about everyone from his own "group" as well... So every European would be just like him (and superior to every other group of course). As a European that thought alone is revolting.

7/14/2018 1:39:31 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

So all it takes for the oh so superior European civilisation to fall and be assimilated is a few people from pathetic other cultures moving into it. Right.

7/14/2018 3:36:44 AM


What’s funny is that he isn’t even European but Puerto Rican. And isn’t “white” either

Dude always gotta be long winded because just saying “I worship white people and wish I was white” is appearently too hard.

7/14/2018 5:45:09 PM

Phil O'Macedon

You don't like people who are different from you. We get it.

7/27/2018 8:40:22 PM

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