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Who wants to bet that these IQ-linked genes won't be evenly distributed across "population groups" (aka, races)? I'm willing to bet my entire bank account that the widely observed racial IQ hierarchy that we've known about for decades will line up almost perfectly with these genome-wide polygenic scores. Likewise for socioeconomic class hierarchies (aka, social Darwinism). Is the anti-racist, anti-classist, social constructionist, egalitarian left willing to do the same? Yeah, that's what I thought...

I remember getting into a really heated debate on the old /r/AltRight subreddit about 2 years ago with a couple of the mods at /r/science that claimed to be professional geneticists. They laughed at my argument that we were probably only 5 to 10 years away from being able to create accurate DNA-based IQ predictors. I argued that when that became a reality, all of the "social constructionist" leftists that have completely dominated and corrupted both the scientific and academic community for decades would finally be exposed as the lying frauds that they so obviously are - which, again, they laughed off as being pseudoscientific nonsense.
I linked them some blog posts like this one and some video lectures like this one from Stephen Hsu because I had been following his work for several years, and so I was aware of the pioneering research that he was doing on this topic. But they were too lazy to read the blog posts or watch the lectures, which should give you an idea of how close-minded and politically biased and motivated that sub and the larger scientific community is...
Instead of trying to understand why I thought that Stephen Hsu was on to something, they instead argued that we'll probably never be able to accurately predict IQ based on DNA alone because intelligence is only partially heritable and because the portion of human intelligence that is heritable involves several thousand different genes that are interacting in impossibly complex ways.

Lots of other geneticists and academics felt the same exact way about DNA-based height predictors because height is also only partially heritable and relies on the complex interactions of thousands of different genes. But thanks to the work of a group of researchers that Stephen Hsu was a member of, we now have a DNA-based height predictor that can predict someone's height to within an inch.

And the reason why that's so important is because we can use pretty much the same exact technique that they used to create accurate DNA-based height predictors to create accurate DNA-based IQ predictors. Stephen Hsu argues that we simply need to analyze the genomes of about a million people and give them IQ tests in order to create an accurate DNA-based IQ predictor. Right now researchers are mostly relying on rough proxies for IQ like academic performance and years of completed education, but that's not as good as actual IQ tests.
And another reason why the advent of DNA-based predictors for highly polygenic human traits like height and IQ is so important is because it will allow us to greatly improve the genetic health of our species (aka, eugenics). As I wrote in more detail here, pretty soon we're going to have the ability to walk into a fertility clinic with our wives and then be able to pick the embryo with the highest IQ. And then shit is really going to get wild when we have the technical know-how to utilize precision gene editing in order to safely select all of the genes and alleles linked to intelligence while also avoiding harmful pleiotropic effects, which will produce the smartest people to ever live in all of human history.

And it's fucking sad that we have to rely on based, politically incorrect Asian researchers like Stephen Hsu in order to push through the wall of leftist, social constructionist, anti-racist, and anti-classist biases that completely dominate the West's academic and scientific institutions - which is largely being caused by Jewish and gentile shitlibs. I guess that that will be one of the benefits of China's rise and mass Asian immigration into the West.

I remember reading an article that predicted that China was on track to surpassing America and the West in about 50 years when it came to producing the top 1% of scientific papers which get cited by other scientists. And while China surpassing the West will obviously suck for us overall, one of the benefits for we Alt-Right hereditarians is that both science and academia will lurch back to the hereditarian right - which will move our species forward and rehabilitate the much-maligned reputations of the pioneering Western scientific racists and eugenicists of the late 19th and early 20th century.

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That's the lazy way to do it. A good manager, for example, would hire and promote based upon the merits of an individual, because averages across a group are no damn good for predicting any given outcome. They're not even any good for bragging rights ...because only the lower-IQ fraction of a group cares about the average.

Looking at you, rabbit.

7/12/2018 2:18:41 PM

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