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I have the symbol of a cross on both of my computers, which constantly reminds me that I am a Christian when I go online. I named my server network "KINGJAMESBIBLE," which is a safeguard. I wouldn't want people seeing a guy with "KINGJAMESBIBLE" going somewhere on the internet where he shouldn't go. I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but every picture that you download or upload is permanently recorded at your hosting company, along with the date, size, time and location of the file on your hardrive or server drive. All your internet activity is stored. They are legally binding transactions. The police, government and hackers can see all of that. There's no such thing as internet privacy. So keep that all in mind, you are being watched. Moreover, our God is always watching, whom we should fear rather than man.

Sadly, some of the filthiest and most evil websites today are the New York Post and New York Times and Washington Post, which are very sensual, raunchy and immodest. I avoid those ungodly websites. Colossians 3:5-8, "Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience: In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them. But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth."

Another safeguard is to avoid places such as the beach, where women walk around in their colored underwear. Some ungodly women even go naked in today's wicked world. When I do go to the beach, I stay busy picking my guitar and looking at what I'm doing, not women passing by. But if you cannot look away, don't go. If you cannot control what you watch on TV, get rid of it. I don't have TV. There's too much filth and I always end up seeing the wrong things, because I like science fiction and certain topics, which oftentimes comes with the smut, so I don't have TV. I save about $1200 a year too. I might get TV again someday, but I have no interest right now, and haven't for 3 years. I don't need TV. I have movies that I watch over and over, like Rocky and the first three Jurassic Park movies. I know what I am watching. Today's movies surprise you with filth, and I don't like having garbage set in front of my face. All of today's movies are trash. I read the family ratings before watching a film, because it has deteriorated so badly. We are living in perilous times.

When I am at church and standing in the pew, for congregational singing, I sometimes see an attractive woman standing in front of me. Instead of looking down at the song book, where her backside is directly in view over my songbook, I instead hold my songbook up a little higher, to cover the woman's buttock's area. Perhaps you say, “Boy, you have a dirty mind!” No, I have a man's mind. There's not a normal healthy man who isn't attracted to another woman, especially if she is attractive in the least. A wise man guards his mind to please the Lord, and because he knows where dirty-thinking can lead (to a lot of frustration and unholy lusts that cannot be fulfilled without sinning or committing some crime).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 11 Comments [7/12/2018 2:51:42 PM]
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“Boy, you have a dirty mind!”

Nope, more like: "fuckface, you raped a child"

7/12/2018 4:12:22 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Boy, do I have a dirty mind. I'm imagining "QueenJames"' nick showing up on
kiddy porn sites whilst he Mortifies his member in Jesus' name. Thanks for the image. (Yuck!)

How difficult do you think it would be to decipher Dave's passwords?

7/12/2018 4:37:24 PM

Citizen Justin

I liked Jurassic World. OK it was garbage really, but when Bryce Dallas Howard's clothes started falling off and she was running around all hot and sweaty, it suddenly got very entertaining.

Surprising you with filth eh Dave? No, you would surely not object. She's, like, 35 in that film. At least 20 years too old for you.

In the first JP, was it Laura Dern in those shorts that got you? Or was it the little one? You sick fuck.

7/12/2018 4:45:49 PM

Citizen Justin

@ Philbert McAdamia

Probably not very. I'll wager some contain the number 1611.

7/12/2018 4:47:41 PM


What about the men who pore over Taylor Swift videos again and again, just in case they missed some tiny gesture that they can preach against? That kind of "men's mind"?

7/12/2018 8:23:46 PM

Thinking Allowed

Hey Dave, are you saying that naming your wi-fi "KINGJAMESBIBLE" protects you from the government knowing you're downloading pictures of Taylor Swift and uploading your garbage?

7/12/2018 9:35:04 PM


@Thinking Allowed

Hey Dave, are you saying that naming your wi-fi "KINGJAMESBIBLE" protects you from the government knowing you're downloading pictures of Taylor Swift and uploading your garbage?

GCHQ and the NSA have Quantum CPU setups - as well as their supercomputers - to do the really serious encryption-crunching stuff: and they cracked TOR before they got hold of such.

I doubt they'd have needed nothing more than a standard PC and brute force software to figure out the password for your Wi-Fi, so as to remotely take a peek in what's on your HD, David J. Pedo.

It only took one computer engineer at a certain branch of PC World to destroy Gary Glitter, you know. [/Operation Yewtree]

7/13/2018 12:22:27 AM


I have movies that I watch over and over, like Rocky

Davie, do you like movies about gladiators?

7/13/2018 3:34:17 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Your god, Short Eyes, not mine.

@ heleninedinburgh- He probably does, as well as having seen a grown man naked. What I wouldn't give to see Short Eyes in a Turkish prison, though.

7/13/2018 9:59:46 AM

St. Isidore was a pretty cool guy. Don't forget to recite his prayer.

7/13/2018 6:20:00 PM


If your religion is so weak that you have to constantly remind yourself of it, are you really a Christian, Kiddydiddler?

Going somewhere where you shouldn't go? "Queen" James went both ways, so maybe he's not a good guide for you...

So, God is not benevolent, but someone you should constantly fear, lest he find you're doing something that's on his very, very, very long list of things not to do. Like lusting after women/girls you're not married to...

I'm not familiar with those news-sources, so I don't know if they are filthy and evil, but it seems highly doubtful.
(I know OF those news companies of course, but I haven't perused them thoroughly enough to KNOW them.)

But, as this is the Kiddydiddler talking, he's probably finding women simply going about their everyday lives, to be "very sensual, raunchy and immodest".

You ought to avoid that "ungodly" Bible, too, dearie; Song of Solomon 4:4-5...

You know what? Men also walk around in their colored "underwear" at the beach, and some of them also go naked in today's wicked world.

Maybe it's just me, but people spewing hatred, persecuting others, baiting other people to do the same; THAT is what I find filthy, improper, ugly.

You don't want garbage set in front of your face? Well, we neither...

With him at the helm in the Swamp (more flooded than ever), we are indeed living in perilous times.

No, Kiddydiddler, you have a rapist's mind.

Attracted to another woman? Are you a woman? How else can she be "another woman"?
Or do you mean "another" as in "not your (ex-)wife"?

7/14/2018 2:05:17 AM

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