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I feel we have to be very careful about Muslims coming in because unless they are willing to assimilate, there are problems. Unfortunately, the Koran tells them not to assimilate. The ones who are secular do and get along.

We have many problems here where I am...related to Muslim youths in gangs.

The problem is, their religion teaches them to hate us. Unless they are willing to give up their religion, we have a clash of civilizations.

They tell you to your face they want sharia law. Since when do we let people come here who are not willing to assimilate? When did this start?

You would think we would learn as we watch Paris and Scandinavia, Brussels, London, etc. instead they will actually lie to say nah...they do not have no go zones. They have no problems...and liberals say...I am talking to one right now and everything that is said about this isn't true. Yet an American who goes there is given a map at the hotels showing where not to go.

As I said, it is the darnedest thing ice ever seen...where women are raped but won't testify because they don't want to be the fault of a Muslim being deported from their country.

Liberals lie about it because they want them here for division, chaos and votes because Americans are figuring out they run on division and they do better with conservative policies.

Blacks...I have no problems with anyone black. They speak English, they care about their kids and how they do in school, they don't want to be forced to buy electric cars or pay to drive on the freeway and so on. We get each other's Mail when they or we are away and are very pleasant. We share cookies or whatever with each other and stop and chat if we run into each other at the grocery store.

There may be black gangs but not here. There are Muslim and Hispanic gangs here...tattoos all over them.


FairSharFairShar, Realabortiondebate 9 Comments [6/13/2018 5:40:00 AM]
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Muslim youths in gangs.

Ok, so they're not the "Jets". Nor the "Sharks". So are they the "Flying Carpets"?

You know, there are "white" gangs too.

6/13/2018 8:14:26 AM


Aren`t tattoos banned under islam too? Or is that only judaism and christianity? Also I could say the very same thing you just said about black folks, just about my muslim neighbours next door. Awesome, cultured people who give a lot in for block parties and treat everyone else with courtesy. See? I hate their religion but as people they strike me as nice. You`d disagree but now we both have some anecdotal crap to back it up.

ps. We, europeans are now lying to you about the no-go zones but you, an american of course knows better. Whatever lets you sleep at night, dipshit.

6/13/2018 1:56:15 PM


A gang known as National Action. Several of their number arrested late last year after being proscribed as terrorists.

One of this gang arrested for a planned attempt to murder another Labour MP; as if what Thomas Mair did to Jo Cox wasn't enough. NA's leader gave his blessing to this recent attack.

He told said terrorist 'Don't fuck it up'. GCHQ & Scotland Yard didn't.

This potential attack was foiled when one of their kind reported what was planned by NA to the police.

There may be black gangs, but also not-black ones. There is a Muslim Mayor of London here... Nazi plans exploding all over white faces.


...and the way things are going for UKRAP, Nazi Action etc after National Front, BNP & EDL ceased to exist, this mainly white country will become a no-go area for the Alt-Shite.

As their last vestige of political credibility that was UKRAP will die in a year, so much for 'Fighting', eh Turkish Jewish Nazi Toady...?!

Thomas Mair murdering Jo Cox MP in Britain, Charlottesville in the US; white... so-called 'people' reduced to murdering white human beings: not doing your 'image' much good, eh Alt-Shitists? Fact: You = Nazis. You don't have the right to think otherwise, Toady & co.

6/13/2018 6:34:19 PM



Most Sunni scholars, especially the more conservative ones, say tattoos are a sin. Most Shia scholars are fine with them, however.

6/14/2018 4:00:33 AM



Thank you, I was really curious about that.

6/14/2018 6:04:59 PM

Muslim extremists don't seem to have tattoos. And there has been attacks and rapes by white people. Some covered in tattoos (makes me wonder if I should apologise for white men with tattoos who arem't like that

6/15/2018 12:00:19 AM


By that same standard, we need to stop admitting Christians as well.

6/15/2018 6:24:56 PM


Thing is many Muslims follow the Koran as literally as most Christians follow the bible, not very. As such even if the Koran tells Muslims to do those things many Muslim faiths will ignore that part of their holy book.

10/5/2018 1:30:07 AM


I feel we have to be very careful about Muslims coming in

Muslims have existed in the US since the mid-19th Century.

Your move, Shart.

10/5/2018 4:00:41 AM

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