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Nominated Categories

UFOnaut of the year (shy): Quotes about UFOs, aliens, alien-like "extradimensional entities," and so forth. These sorts of quotes are just inherently funny to me for some reason, and this has been a banner year for them; see here, here, and here

Neo-Dadaist Award (shy): For excellence in word salad.

Jack Chick Memorial Award (Bastethotep): For "best" cartoon

Historical Revisionist Award (Bastethotep): Self-explanatory

Hannibal Lecter Wannabe of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for deranged sickos with delusions of being a diabolic mastermind playing fiendish mindgames. Examples: everything by cantfightnature, this post by Alia Harkonnen, or this.

Evo Psycho of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for the worst instance of biologistic pseudoscience.

Edgelord of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): - self-explanatory.

Most Obnoxious Style of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): - e.g. Tim Rattay's delusions of intellectual pwnage, Chateau Heartiste's pseudointellectual vulgarism, Mike King's self-indulgent attempts at snark...

Vogon of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for the worst poem.

Pseudointellectual of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): - self-explanatory.

Unreliable Narrator of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for incel or ***maniac anecdotes that are, at best, obviously warped beyond recognition, if not outright fabrications.

Failed Statesman of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for neoreactionaries and other crackpots of political philosophy, e. g. "Libertarian Fascism".

Xenophobe Award (hydrolythe): Self-explanatory

Veruca Salt Award (Salami): For achievements in unwarranted entitlement and whining

No Fun Allowed Award (Salami): Self-explanatory

Trump Award (Salami): They'd be scary if they weren't so stupid and ineffectual. See here for additional explanation.

Science Denialist Award (dxdydz): Self-explanatory

Numerologist Award (dxdydz): Because "Numerologist of the year" = 4 words therefore Illuminati

Armchair Anarchist Award (Insult to Rocks): Self-explanatory

TERF Award (Insult to Rocks): Self-explanatory

Tankie Award (Insult to Rocks): Self-explanatory

Cray-Cray for Pay Award (Hu's on First): For people in it for the money.

Eugenicist Award (Hu's on First, with name from Salami): Self-explanatory

Basement Brownshirt Award (JeanP): For fascists / alt-righters

Dunning-Kruger Award (mikeandike): See here

Albedo Award (mikeandike): For those shiny, shiny mirrors

Graphic Design Dropout Award (mikeandike): Because graphic & web design have come a long way since the '90s.

Dr. Quack, M.D. Award (mikeandike): For worst medical advice or worst news story of parents killing their children through action/inaction based on religious/nonreligious quackery or medical pseudoscience.

Written One-Handed Award (Vman): They were obviously fapping while typing this.

First World Problems Award (Vman, FMS): "Look at how terrible my life is! And don't tell me that I have it good just because everything is provided to me free of charge in my very own air-conditioned basement!"

"A God Am I!" Award (Vman): For those who claim hardcore superpowers or otherwise have some really impressive delusions of grandeur.

Unintentional Hilarity Award (Vman): Self-explanatory

Glutton for punishment Award (SomeApe): For the most stubborn trolls visiting us here, f.e. C**mib or James Wilson...

Ironclad Closet Award (The Reptilian Jew): For sexists who are really, really interested in Chad or homophobes all too fascinated by all that manly buttsex.

Jargon Schmargon Award (The Reptilian Jew): For the fundies who insistently use their very own, very atrocious terminology. (e.g. Chateau Heartiste, incels, niggermaniacs etc.)

Watchlist Award (The Reptilian Jew): For those who you really, really hope are watched by the feds.

Diet Police Award (hydrolythe): For those people that oppose your daily diet for stupid reasons. Example.

Obsession Award (hydrolythe): For those who so passionately love or hate something that it becomes an obsession. Example.

Abuse Apologist Award (hydrolythe): For those who believe abuse isn't an issue. It includes mental, physical, sexual and financial abuse and is regardless of age or species:
Examples: a pedo, a zoophile and a wannabe enslaver of women.

Tara Gilesbie Award (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for incomprehensibility and/or unintentional hillarity due to bad Engish.

Bizarro World (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for the most delusional commentary on world affairs. such as this or everything by the UK North Korea Friendship Society.

Terry Pratchett Memorial Award (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for flatearthers.

Crank Magnetism Award (Pharaoh Bastethotep): see here

Sicko of the Year (Pharaoh Bastethotep): for all those paedos and bestialites we got this year.

"They're all out to get me!" Award (Jocasta McFucken): for paranoia above and beyond the call, etc.

Gold Medal in Mental Gymnastics (Dizzy Dream): for those mind bendingly large leaps of logic.

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Nomination time over! Thanks everybody for your nominations. As I speak (or type), I am preparing a post to vote for which nominations to keep, so this thread is locked. You can post any mistakes, corrections, death threats, etc. on the next post when I have it finished. You'll see a link to it on the front page.

Also, @hydrolythe: Ignore what I just said. (Sorry to trouble you for looking up posts!)

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