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keep in mind that this person is HIV positive

probably dont go to sex parties unless you want to give more people HIV.

*leans in and whispers seductively in ur ear* i’m gonna fuck a bunch of dudes without condoms and there’s literally nothing you can do to stop me

Tags: #gay #hiv #serophobia

sobercommunist, tumblr 12 Comments [8/12/2017 4:55:38 PM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep


8/12/2017 4:58:15 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

This idiot is so convinced his HIV is under control that he would risk others' lives just because he feels uncomfortable disclosing his status.

He's incredibly selfish and even more incredibly stupid - but he is right about one thing, which appears in another of his OPs here: If you participate in risky sexual activity, and especially with persons unknown, treat them all like they have STIs; and remember that some of them are demented fuckwits who either fail to disclose or outright lie about their status.

8/12/2017 5:16:01 PM

Shepard Solus

I can smash your balls with a sledgehammer and make you eat them. That would stop you.

Or I could just report you to the authorities.

Or both. I think I'd go with both. Just to be sure.

8/12/2017 5:31:23 PM


Knowingly passing on a deadly disease is a crime right?

8/12/2017 5:38:40 PM


Creep. You deserve to have your HIV status tattooed prominently on your forehead.

8/12/2017 7:31:31 PM


You can be doxed, thus people will know who you are: therefore they'll be able to avoid you like the plague. Literally.

And there's less than fuck all you can do about it.

PROTIP: Charlie Sheen.


8/12/2017 8:30:53 PM

Kat S.

True, I might not be able to stop you.

However, if you actually infect someone with HIV without them knowing your status, they can stop you by pressing charges and suing the heck out of you.

Think about that.

8/12/2017 10:34:53 PM


Great. That'll totally calm peoples' fears about HIV and make them fuck you in an one night stsnd.

8/12/2017 11:32:51 PM

Hasan Prishtina

What's the difference between this and violent homophobia?

8/13/2017 12:48:45 AM


Something tells me that a bullet would stop you.

8/13/2017 2:07:13 AM

Doubting Thomas

I hope they throw you in jail for a long, long time.

But this does further illustrate why unprotected sex with random complete strangers is a very bad idea.

8/13/2017 6:09:28 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

You sound like a serial killer.

8/13/2017 10:28:03 AM

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