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Heretics Paradise

God ain't dead
coz he was never alive,
Fuck that Jesus jive,
he ain't never gonna arrive,
Hey, Mohammed — shave that hair,
and why you got your ass in the
air, is Allah gonna stick somethin there?!
Father — hey, don't molest that boy
OY! He ain't no toy. Oh boy.
Don't diss me coz I'm a gay

Michael Silvera, Nathania 9 Comments [8/12/2017 4:39:59 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Salami

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Pharaoh Bastethotep

God ain't dead
coz he was never alive,

No, that's not how it goes! It's:
That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons, even death may die.

8/12/2017 4:46:07 PM

Seriously, this is below Vogon poetry-- and also meant to be rap of all things. Its disgusting. Silvera disgusts me on several levels.

(This is Salami, forgot to log in)

8/12/2017 4:47:47 PM

Shepard Solus

He's not wrong.

8/12/2017 4:48:57 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

How could any mind, no matter how demented, continue functioning after producing a turdlet like the OP?

8/12/2017 4:50:57 PM

Man Called True

@#2085417: That drawing can go to Hell along with this "rap".

8/12/2017 5:44:43 PM


Thank you for your contribution, Mr. Silvera. Don't call us, we'll call you.


8/12/2017 7:32:44 PM

Doubting Thomas

I can't disagree with any of this, really. Though I'm not gay, I don't believe in dissing anyone who is.

8/13/2017 6:10:47 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

OP is a heinous person, but this isn't fundie. Shitty poetry, but not fundie.

8/13/2017 10:30:27 AM


Even a Vogon would think this stinks.

8/13/2017 1:36:03 PM

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