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Leftist Jews(which undoubtedly run this website) are abominations who use communism to destroy White culture. Kill them all.

Pinochet, FSTDT 28 Comments [2/9/2017 1:52:35 PM]
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I am white, male, Canadian, and very proud to be all of these things.

Thumbs up.

2/10/2017 5:23:53 PM


And thank you for further proving my point, Nazi. Especially with local examples: Rugby League player Clive Sullivan, politician Sir Leo Schultz, lead singer with Fine Young Cannibals Roland Gift, and actress Maureen Lipman.

If the likes of you represent white 'Culture', then it deserves to be destroyed. Indeed, it never had the right to exist in the first place.

The reason why can be summed up in part of this 'We Are Hull' video projected onto Hull City Hall, Ferens Art Gallery & Maritime Museum in the first week of Hull becoming City of Culture this year.

We won't forget. We'll certainly never forgive.

And that is why your so-called... 'Culture' doesn't have the right to exist.

@Pharaoh Bastethotep

1488 appears to be our old "friend" the Croatian Motherfucker Wannabe

Strange how he forgets that, if it wasn't for Western men - backed up by the materiel provided by the proto-Feminists that were all those Rosie the Riveters - Mary Jane Lick Sick wouldn't exist: as the Nazis he purports to 'support' would've ensured his grandparents' extinction. Slavs are Slavs: Subhumans by the Nazis' own definition.

Those the Daleks don't immediately exterminate, they use as slave labour, some reprogrammed as their overseers: temporarily. Until they've served their purpose, then are exterminated.

There's an extremely good reason why Terry Nation based his creation on the Nazis, cammy-poo.

And that's why you don't deserve to be on FSTDT: thus your repeated b&hammering. What makes you think you have the right to be on the Western internet, if you hate everything 'Western'...?!

Human 'Rights'? That's a Western concept, just in case you keep forgetting. But then crystal meth has that effect on memory. But you need to rape your brain with that crap.

Otherwise you'd remember as to why you don't have the right to think the way you do, and we can't be having that now can we?! [/Doug Piranha-levels of sarcasm]

You like Football. Also "Game of Thrones", Mary Jane. Western Culture. Football invented in my country: Britain. "GoT" is from the country you loathe so much: America.

You don't have any 'Culture', thus you've destroyed your own 'Edgelord' - being an inferior subhuman Nazi - 'argument'.

'White Culture'? Define it. If you can. You're using something invented in the West: Digital Computers; Binary was invented by the Mayans, with their inventing & using in their numeric system '0' or Zero. The potatoes you eat? Central/South American. Potatoes as Fries? 'Frites': Belgian; Western. Were computers/the internet/potatoes/Football/so many Western things you use/eat/watch today invented in Serbia/Croatia...?

The most popular dish in Britain? Chicken Tikka Masala. Invented in Britain; the same way Chop Suey was invented in America. We are all Multicultural or 'White Culture' never existed in the first place.

And I'm glad it never existed. If it ever had the right to.

2/10/2017 11:34:48 PM


How did I miss this?!

5/28/2017 9:08:51 AM

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