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Let's talk about the site and other things!

Post feedback, issues, random comments, death threats, etc. here like in the original "Greet your new masters!" thread.

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Site / Off-topic Discussion Thread #2, FSTDT 143 Comments [12/8/2016 3:47:19 PM]
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@Pharaoh Bastethotep, Skide

...and with his obsession with 'SJWs' - ironic when he's being exactly the same for the likes of the vile subhuman Forever Alone manbaby Mary Jane Lick Sick: now proven to be a paedophile; and worse when he wished death on KittyKaboom's children - it wouldn't surprise me if No. 2 is actually the rightist of many names (but refused to register one) a.k.a. Nameless Coward.

Ergo, a troll.

Thus he has no right to be here, considering his past .chan-like behaviour.

That's why shy's been racking up the IPs of the Ugly Toad: and his trolling: unjustifiable behaviour. [/Brenda Leyland]

Exactly like you, No. 2.

It's only after 15 years, considering this issue, that FSTDT has grown a pair.

And like I say: other forums/boards would have banned the likes of you way before now, o rightist trolls.

Which is why you return here to spew your unjustifiable thinking: you probably have few outlets left.

Aside from your own rightist boards/forums: your own circlejerks, No. 2. Your own 'Safe Spaces'. [//pol/]

Q. E. and fucking D.

1/4/2017 2:57:30 AM


I'm not accepting anymore incel quotes for a while.

Also, I'm busy ATM, so direct your yelling at me here for the time being.

1/4/2017 8:31:22 AM



I'm not accepting anymore incel quotes for a while.

Don't blame you. What with He Who Must Not Be Named's BS of late - and barring ban circumventions by it (but you good peeps will know what to do) - we could do with a rest.

1/4/2017 2:34:12 PM

Into the Unknown


Good call. I was honestly getting sick of the Reddit submissions being only from r/incels.

1/4/2017 9:02:21 PM


Yeah, there was a glut of em. Then again, it goes to show how crazy the little fuckers are, that they made it here THAT often.

1/4/2017 9:41:50 PM



That's nice but it's really just an excuse. Nobody but you believes it. Otherwise, you would call it out when FSTDT commenters that actually like the site "discuss their statements in an irrational manner". Go through them all, you'll find plenty of bad faith arguments and logical fallacies. Just to give a few examples and this is MERELY scratching the surface:

- the idea that slavery is a free market principle even though it's been explained countless times that participation in the market has to be voluntary
- the constant strawmanning, meme spamming and even sometimes outright quote-mining by a certain user, how is that "rational discussion"?
- the idiotic responses to incel quotes and yes the reddit incels like caamib are scum but I don't see how claims like "well I'm a 30 year old virgin and happy so get over it you privileged cis male" are in any way "rational" responses and I don't see how they're going to make them change their attitudes or be less radical, like do you honestly believe that your exact personal needs (or lack thereof) translate identically to other people? I don't think so...
- the irrational statements made about Trump like he assaulted women, he hates all Mexicans for being Mexican etc. based on quote-mined statements and misconstrued policies

Also please explain why you consider yourself (or any of the FSTDT mods) to be a reliable arbiter of what is rational and irrational...

Truth is, you just don't want people who aren't part of your ideology to post.

PS: It should be noted that this line of reasoning is used by many totalitarians opposed to views critical of them since they can't always be fully open about how much they detest dissent, have to keep the sheeple in check so they don't revolt immediately. Communists for example would say something similar "oh we're not opposed to different views, we're opposed to insanity and someone who denies our great accomplishments is insane. You're insane, off to the asylum with you."

1/5/2017 10:49:11 AM


To say via a short poem, the Ugly Toad is back:


Thus another IP up for you to rack.

And with Mjolnir, another nut to crack.

[/2017 City of Culture]


...and for an encore, as I'm in a cultural mood: a Haiku:

Number Two is back
Trolling is he for a ban
He won't read the FAQ

It's rare for Haiku to actually rhyme.

As it is for retard trolls to get the hint. [/Nameless Coward]


Then again, it goes to show how crazy the little fuckers are

And one pops up to prove you right. It's need to SJW for the likes of Mary Jane Lick Sick - certainly Donald Fart - is extremely telling.

And like that subhuman, this one is deserving of the b&hammer; I refer you to Nameless Coward, which is who this one is. Even Stevie Wonder can see it's him. Shy is right, we need a break from these slime: and their rightist white knighters.

1/5/2017 5:36:39 PM


@shy, Ravy

The rightist of many names - one of those two previously mentioned IPs - has evaded his ban again:


Going by the name of 'Alex85'

@Pharaoh Bastethotep

Oh great, Trump's Troll is back and as stupid and sociopathic as ever..

1/6/2017 1:51:39 PM


Since your concern about alleged "trolls" seems to be that they don't "debate rationally" I have to ask you this:

Why don't YOU debate rationally? How many times have you corrected your own mistakes or changed your position as a result of new evidence or arguments being presented? How many times have you actually substantiated your own claims in a credible manner? Maybe you should ban yourself. :))

Oh I see... nothing to do with "rationality", just promoting your ideology without opposition. It's a nice slogan though. How about PRACTICING rationality rather than preaching it? That would be a start.

"Troll" has no meaning on this site, it's just "whoever we disagree with" and non-troll whoever kisses our butts. AIN'T IT?

Also when in doubt, just accuse all the "trolls" of being a single person.

1/6/2017 4:40:17 PM


...and you called it, Ravy. As I'm proved right about 'Alex' being Nameless Coward.

Which still refuses to read the FAQ.

Because if it did, how would the troll justify being on a satirical site? [/"Private Eye"]

Must be running out of 'Safe Spaces' to troll on - by it being banned from such because of it's unjustifiable thinking - if it has the mental handicap-based need to keep coming back here.

Can't get it's jollies in it's own 'Safe Space': the rightist circlejerk forums/boards it usually inhabits.

1/6/2017 5:55:45 PM


For the 2016 FSTDT Awards Final Round, could we vote for Maduro as Left-Wing Fundie of the Year?

As for the Funniest Quote of the Year Award, #106783 is from 2015, not 2016 so I don't know what to do.

1/7/2017 8:10:29 AM



And flushed. I don't even have the desire to put up with troll bullshit. Unlike on FQA, I have the ability to flush these turds and I'm gonna use it.

1/7/2017 8:43:17 AM


Bob the troll's back:


Another turd to be flushed.

1/10/2017 8:42:50 AM


Another Ugly Toad IP for you to add to the collection - and thus for your secret weapon - shy:


1/11/2017 1:48:27 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

"C" appeared, posting under the IP Banned, posts deleted.

1/12/2017 10:06:56 AM


@JeanP: I now think I should've put him in the left-wing fundies category, but his winning post was definitely more conspiracy theorist, and I honestly hate this guy so much I am tired of him.

@Troll complaints: I'm leaving 'em up to Pharaoh and Ravy for the time being.

Also, Just a heads up to @everyone: It's starting to get hard for me to keep up with this thread. I'll be locking it tomorrow or the day after and starting a fresh new Site/Off-Topic Discussion Thread 3 to take its place.

And one more thing: I'd appreciate if everyone reading would check out the latest Shy Says post and give me your feedback!

1/15/2017 12:34:08 AM


Alex I did try to debate with you rationally problem is you don't listen tend to focus on one detail and ignore everything else. I tried to give you the benifite of the doubt but it ended up with me looking like a fool. I respect people's opinions but it does not look like you are here to just give a different opinion, no you want to show that only yours is right.

Sorry about the poor spelling and grammar. I'm no grammar nazi.

1/15/2017 7:43:15 PM



Unless there's the need to do so in said thread III, another IP by the Ugly Toad for you to rack up:


In all the gin joints in all the sites on all the interwebz... he walks into ours.

1/16/2017 1:28:06 AM

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