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Site / Off-topic Discussion Thread #2, FSTDT 143 Comments [12/8/2016 3:47:19 PM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

This is the problem I have if a post includes less/greater brackets, as well as some images and a recent link.

12/14/2016 1:50:51 PM


@Pharaoh: I don't feel like trying to fix the problem right now, but I'm up to a little diagnosing to pin down the issue.

First of all, do you have to try to post a comment or click a link to trigger this issue? Or does it automatically happen?

What do you mean by "a recent link"? Regardless of what you mean:
1. Does the presence of the link trigger the issue, or do you have to click it?
2. To trigger the issue, does the link have to be visited? Does it have to be unvisited? Or does being visited or unvisited not matter?

Can you clarify what you mean by "some images" in this case? Any time there's an image? Sometimes when there's an image? When there are certain types of images? Or something else?

Some other questions about the images:

1. Do the images have to be in a quote, or do images in the comments also trigger the issue?
2. Do images on QuoteComments.aspx pages trigger the issue? What about images on QuoteArchives.aspx pages?
3. Do both a recent link and an image have to be present to trigger the issue? Or just one?

[angle bracket questions]

Angle-bracket issue partially identified: I'm withholding details due to potential abuse by trolls. Don't panic; the most it can do is cause you to be logged out and lose any comment you were posting, but that's still very annoying when deliberately exploited, and I know a trick of my own to insert the offending sequence into a comment or quote (trying to do it will normally throw an error).

12/14/2016 5:30:58 PM


@Swede, Pharoah, Everyone else reading this who has experienced this issue:

I redacted / deleted my previous comments on this issue because I know what's probably happening. I won't share details because trolls could potentially abuse this bug to be annoying. Unfortunately, fixing it involves combing through and possibly rewriting a fair bit of code. I promise I will make fixing this my #1 priority and get it done as quickly as I can when I'm feeling a little better. (Very very special thanks to my very observant best friend mikeytron who lurks around here and should really comment more often!)

I don't have anything to stop this from happening, but I can tell you a couple of ways to get out of what Swede aptly calls "ostracization." (From a technical standpoint, ostracization describes what's going on really nicely: it involves the code that handles user sessions basically deciding "folks with yer kinda cookies and session states ain't welcome 'round hurr, bye.")

The very quick and easy method: Just access the site with another FSTDT domain (fstdt.com, fstdt.net, fstdt.org — take your pick) until you are de-ostracized. This works because the domains keep independent cookies and session information, meaning you won't have the cookies and session information that "ain't welcome 'round hurr."

The slightly more complicated method: Follow the following steps exactly, and follow them in exactly the order they're given to be extra-extra sure the offending cache files and cookies are completely removed:

1. Log out of FSTDT if you tried to log back in (i.e click the "Log Out" link, and wait until the page reloads and the "Log Out" link now says "Log in")

2. Completely exit your browser. (Make sure you followed step one first!) That means close all open browser windows and tabs. Even open your Task Manager or Force Quit dialog and make sure the browser application is completely terminated.

3. Re-open your browser, and make sure that no tabs or windows to FSTDT are open. If there are, close all of them, and repeat step two.

4. Clear your cookies, and empty your browser cache. (If you don't know how to do these things, Google them. If you don't find anything helpful, let me know and I'll help you.)

5. Completely exit your browser again (i.e. repeat step two).

6. Re-open your browser, go back to FSTDT, and log in again.

This method at least worked for my husband, Mikey, and my old account shykid* after deliberately inserting the offending string into a test post and commenting on it. That's a small test pool, though, so if you try this method, let me know if it works.

*For some reason, on this account I lose my comment and get logged out but I'm not ostracized, probably due to being an admin.

12/14/2016 5:45:23 PM


Thank's shy! Knowing that it's not personal (so to speak) helps a lot.

12/15/2016 1:41:56 AM


Looks like there is a bot on the site.

12/15/2016 6:24:44 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Am I the only one who has the following problems with the [url=] tag?

*[url=http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=113410&Page=3#1879989] leads to an error message, http://www.fstdt.com/Error.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/QuoteComment.aspx.
*[url=http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=113410#1879989] leads to the right quote, but to the start instead of the specified comment.
*[url]http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=113410&Page=3#1879989 works.
*[url]http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=113410#1879989 yields the same result as [url=http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=113410#1879989]

12/15/2016 11:11:49 AM


@Pharaoh: Has to do with a bug in the BBCode processor that truncates URLs and with interaction between the BBCode processor and SQL Server's automatic "sanitation" of certain combinations of characters frequently used in HTML and URLs (replacing them with character codes like < > so they don't get parsed as valid HTML or URLs for security reasons).

I sadly don't have the source code to the BBCode processor (it's an external assembly / library written by someone else), so there's not much I can do. Programming another BBCode processor from scratch is the only possible workable solution that doesn't practically beg for JavaScript-injection and cookie-hijacking attacks. The site rewrite Ravy and I are working on will have its own custom-written BBCode processor. It will most likely be added to the current code as a drop-in replacement for the BBCode assembly / library it uses now until the rest of the rewrite is ready for public consumption / testing. I foresee the BBCode processor being complete and dropped-in within the next couple of months at the latest.

I can tell you what the URL tag doesn't like: links with both multi-parameter query strings [?moo=kitty&foo=bar] and anchors [#meow]. Either alone seems to be fine for some reason.

12/15/2016 3:31:27 PM



12/15/2016 9:01:17 PM


I see you noticed I brought the size tag back a few days ago. Distind (or his cat) changed its tag name to something along the lines of [apoiefjwfpwjaepfa] because it was abused by a certain infamous, unbelievably persistent, and legit mentally deranged shitposter who used free wifi and proxies to make himself virtually impossible to get rid of. IDGAF, though—he's gone now, and I ain't scared of no shitposts armed with 512pt Comic Sans. All I gotta do is edit 'em to one of the relevant images Pharaoh and Ravy found, crank up SQL Server Studio, and set their IP addresses to "shitpost" so the shitposter can't edit 'em back.

On another note, did you know there's a [quote] tag?? I didn't until I became admin and was able to have a peek at the BBCode processor. There's also a [code] tag and an empty "[]" tag that is its own output. Type "[]" and it is "transformed" into "[]". The code tag works as expected, but right now the quote tag's syntax and formatting are so fail it might as well be considered broken. I'm going to try to get it working again today. I can edit everything about a tag—its name, syntax, number of arguments, and output—but I can't add new tags though :( unless you count repurposing an existing tag to do something else. (Maybe that's what the empty tag is there for?)

It looks like the BBCode processor ought to let you make new tags, because it uses a table of tags stored in the database. In reality, though, the BBCode processor just ignores any custom tags I add. Maybe storing tags in the database was only intended to let you change the tags it came with? But that doesn't make any sense, because you can edit the existing tags to virtually whatever you want. I really don't know what's up with that. I don't have any documentation or source code, and its website is very old and doesn't provide jackshit in the way of documentation.

(I'm not going to say what BBCode processor it is, because it's ancient, I don't have any source code or documentation, and it has a fair share of bugs. I don't know if it has any exploitable bugs, but I don't trust it because of the nature of the bugs I am aware of.)

12/15/2016 11:59:16 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Why are all the links rust-coloured now? I liked the old colour far better.

12/16/2016 5:22:44 AM



Just a guess, but I think they're supposed to be more festive. After all, tis the season.


Or not, since they turned back... dafuq?

12/16/2016 7:01:57 AM



I did notice the quote tag. I tried it when I was messing around a week or two ago and nothing noticeable happened.

Testing the code tag.

12/16/2016 7:26:16 AM



Ooooo, red lettering!

Crazy, man...!


...tickle. X3


...oh, and the Ugly Toad's at it again:


Time to troll him: literally, shy/Ravy/Pharaoh. >:D

12/16/2016 7:49:53 AM


Please can we go back to the blue links? This red hurts my eyes...

12/16/2016 10:30:35 AM


@Everyone: Everything is blue again, a ba di, a ba dai~

Oh, and Ravy was right; I was trying to be a little festive, and I couldn't think of anything else that wasn't over-the-top or gaudy (like making the sides of the page green to match the red, or using Christmas ornament images and lights — dear God no).

12/16/2016 12:06:43 PM



Oh thank goodness. I have anomalous trichromacy and all the text just looked black to me.

I can tell the difference if I stare for a long time, but it's hard.

12/16/2016 12:18:16 PM


The CSS code has apparently been changed so that "a:visited" (link color) is the same as "a:link". I don't know how others view this, but I enjoy knowing which links I've already visited, especially on this site.

Feature or bug?

12/16/2016 5:00:18 PM



Speaking of idiots commenting: http://fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=122212&Page=2#1997020

Somebody needs to take their risperidone.

12/16/2016 5:31:14 PM

Jamaican Castle

@shy: I was going to suggest the best way to solve the url tag is to find whoever wrote the BBCode processor and bug them, but then I read your next comment about it being old, nonstandard kit (or job security, if you'd rather) and I take it back. D:

I'd second checkmate's suggestion that visible visited links are helpful in seeing what I have/have not read. If the purple offends you too much (as well it might) you could make it darker/lighter/some other color, as long as it's distinct.

12/16/2016 6:28:02 PM


@checkmate: Bug. I set them to the same color when I couldn't decide on a visited color but didn't like the default purple. I got distracted playing around with other things and forgot to make them different. The visited links are now a lighter, less saturated shade of the blue used for unvisited links. You may have to refresh to see it. How's it look? Should I change it to something else?

@Everyone: The quote tag is working now!! Also that weird bug we've been talking about is hopefully fixed.

12/17/2016 12:16:30 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

While the url is new, it seems to be the Anonymous Troll - the part about Trump's "Grab them by the pussy!" probably refering to acts during consensual sex with "loose women and prostitutes" gives him away.
I will troll him. If there is actual demand for the original (it is just the same old blablabla, plus No True Libertarian directed rowards Libertarian (ex-Conservative) Atheist), I have copy and pasted it to a file on my computer.

12/17/2016 8:27:55 AM



And I think this is the same person: http://fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=123041&Page=1#1999227

I'm not even sure what point he's trying to make. I don't think there is a point, which is to be expected from a troll.

Also, I was thinking about how you guys do the image replacements in these posts. Could you make it so when the image is clicked or something it reveals the original text?



Now all we need is LaTeX and SMILES.

12/17/2016 8:35:52 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Different IP, but its other posts are similarly incomprehensibly, yet obviously stupid and vaguely bigotted fragments, so I think it is safe to ban and erase.


Also, I was thinking about how you guys do the image replacements in these posts. Could you make it so when the image is clicked or something it reveals the original text?

If there is, I do not know how. I would also ask shy if a "spoiler" tag exists or might be added.

12/17/2016 8:43:19 AM


I second the visited link comment. Please turn visited links purple.

12/17/2016 8:50:39 AM



@checkmate: Bug. ... Should I change it to something else?

Well, since you ask, a bright blinking pink with fade in and fade out on hover would be, err, interesting, but it's fine just as it is now, thank you. ;-)

12/17/2016 1:26:34 PM

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