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Acid Attacks Are The Great Equalizer

When a beautiful average or even normally ugly female has some acid thrown at her face and she survives, the result is a dramatic decrease in her quality of life. This is due to its disfiguring effects which ultimately lead to her having the same sexual market value as a sub 6 male. While once the slag could effortlessly ride chad cocks and had a huge army of beta orbiters along with males asking her out, she will now only receive pity, while people might lie to her saying she is still beautiful, chads will avoid her and only ugly men will ask her out. To a female this is the ultimate insult, unattractive males having the nerve to imply she is equal in looks to them. She will also no longer be given special treatment or attention by males everywhere she goes just for being female. Before when she looked in the mirror with make up on she felt satisfied, knowing she was worth something due to being desirable to men, now she will only see a charred and disfigured husk of what she once was. Her status also takes a hit as she will be the ugliest female in her social circle and she can no longer virtue signal, by subtly mocking other ugly females.

universallyabhorred, /r/IncelReddit 3 Comments [8/17/2017 10:28:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Daenerys Targaryen is the archetypal femoid; boring, entitled, only fucks Chads, calls her pets her children

irrational, prone to anger, entitled and makes dumb decisions.

Tyrion is the one making idiot decisions this season.

Ah, forgot to add "blames men for her bad decisions".


Bluepilled cuck detected.

It's a female.

Game of Thrones is feminist garbage.

Jesus christ how did I not see this before

I always hated this boring overrated show.

Watched the first 2 seasons. The best part was this chick naked.

various incels, r/Incels 10 Comments [8/16/2017 9:26:42 PM]
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>tfw incel

Side note, it's scary how accurate this is

The "cold" and ugly thing hits home the most. I would kill for the feeling of a girl who thinks my face is physically attractive cuddling with me.

That's what we fuckin need. It's never ever going to happen. They only find 1 percent of men physically attractive. The rest are sexually unattractive to every female on earth.

No guy with a side profile like that could ever be Incel.

Tfw you might have achieved a lot more in your life if not weighed down by all your insecurities and inferiority complex.

Tfw you have achieved everything in life but nothing of it is official because at the end of the day yu are still incel

A lot of these symptoms could be from low testosterone.

How could young guys fix that without the replacement therapy? It's not possible right to fix it naturally?

I meet all of those except fat and no job

various incels, r/Incels 6 Comments [8/16/2017 9:26:37 PM]
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Don't be stupid Billy, I had my fun in college, high school (and middle school tehe) but now I'm all yours

This seems to be the only thing that genuinely triggers the normies. Keep posting it.

"How could you attack females for something they can't control!??!" say the Stacies who demand men be 6 feet tall with a 6 inch dong at bare minimum.

Triggered normies in 3...

Splatter it with mayonnaise and leave it to semi-dry to it's like a crusty-wet texture with an off-yellow colour and you'll have Stacy's roastie bang on.

Fuck roasties

As a NEETcel, I can't help but say:

Fucking lol.

That's what a used up useless vag looks like after being rammed by chads. Beware post-wall normies. Be very ware.


You know that pussy will be beat to shit and look disgusting by that time.

Quick question - serious one. Do you think getting banged hard = different labias? Cause I've fucked my wife hard - often - for 10 years and she has pretty much an "innie" pussy lip and I've fucked young girls in High school that had some serious meat curtains (and one was 100% a virgin). Check out Sasha Grey one of the most banged out porn stars of all time and super nice looking cooter.

Piss off man whore

I think at this point they just post it because they know it makes women mad. I don't even get where they got this idea, most are open that they've never seen a vagina in person. And pornstars often have innies despite having sex hundreds of times. It doesn't make sense. Though I admit I believed that wider vagina was from having sex. When I was 13.

The US enslaved the wrong peoples
Should have just been females
I've come to realize that total freedom, in settings where there is a massive power imbalance, is a very bad thing

You forgot elementary.
Edit: haha down-vote brigade. Seriously, fuck off normtards.

various incels, r/Incels 8 Comments [8/16/2017 9:26:20 PM]
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Italian manlet gets cucked.

Females are evil and heartless.

Correct, they are snakes.

This applies to any non chads that do anything for a female

He needs to improve on his personality.

This feminist poem essentially confirms that they respect Bowser more because he's not a Nice Guy.

various incels, r/Incels 7 Comments [8/16/2017 9:25:27 PM]
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No one except a dumbass, or a fed or a Jew, will say Andrew Anglin is unintelligent. He created an incredibly popular web site which woke up a huge number of white people and drove the hebrews to distraction.

Pandering to women will never advance our cause. The vocal female elements of the community are mentally ill.

Women will be pleased when we turn the clock back to better times for white people.

Obviously individual women aren't going to like losing "rights" even when these are the right to screw up our countries - like turning men off marriage with divorce rape.

Mr. Punch, Stormfront 9 Comments [8/16/2017 6:21:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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In the ancestral environment, if you were a reproductively unsuccessful male, you formed a tribe of young men, who went off and stole some land and enslaved some women. Holiness signalling about racial purity is tribe formation.

What their genes really want them to do is confiscate the Ivy League endowments, kill the males at Harvard, occupy the Ivy League buildings, and enslave the Ivy League women. Given that the alternative is near certain genetic extinction, this is not a stupid ambition, though purity spiraling, which generates the solidarity needed to accomplish this program, also distracts from this program.

Getting overly obsessed about Jews creates the cohesion necessary to address this problem – but also results in not conquering and enslaving women, which is actually the whole point of the program, just as females shit testing results in those females not having children and not forming relationships, even though from the point of the genes the whole point of shit testing is family formation – girls are behaving provocatively to find a male powerful enough to subdue them, but girls think they are behaving provocatively because they actually want power, freedom, and independence, with the result that they attain neither power nor family, and achieve freedom and independence as cat ladies.

Your genes don’t actually want you to gas the Jews. That is just a flag to rally around, and a club with which to attack your enemies. (Hence the tendency of Nazis to denounce everyone they don’t like as Jewish.) Your genes want you to gas the enemy males, take their land, revenue sources, and buildings, and enslave their women. Krystalnacht was assets being smashed, rather than transferred to individuals competent to use them. If you gas the Jews without winding up supported by the revenue from the campus endowment, in a nice home with a couple of ivy league slave girls serving you in what used to be an ivy league campus, it has all gone horribly wrong, like a thirty year old woman issuing an inappropriately brutal shit test to a beta provider male.

It is a “masculine failure mode” only if you don’t get the land, the house, and the slave girls. Recollect that in the American Revolution, the Whigs dispossesed the Tories, drove them out of America, and took their stuff. The alt right are today’s Tories, and their genes want a re-run.

Jim, Jim's Blog 6 Comments [8/16/2017 6:19:21 AM]
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(comment on "Femoids do not even think or have brains at all."

Ofcourse check out my recent posts on MGTOW. They lack self awareness or ability to think independently about things like philosophy. The more vain the subject the more they can say, the more the subject leans toward logic/reason the less they can say. They are empty mirrors that can imitate at best.

seekerofwisdom23, /r/IncelReddit 7 Comments [8/15/2017 7:42:21 AM]
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(comments on "Femoids do not even think or have brains at all."

Except the women who think about programming and investing.

Based on my experience as a programmer, women are about as good at programming as men are at breast feeding.

I guess you don't know any good women programmers.



I bet she spent most of military time getting passed around all the milichads

maybe so, but she was still an amazing programmer


how is it doubtful when theirs evidence right in front of you?

Normie propaganda

fschmidt and finalformcel, /r/IncelReddit 10 Comments [8/15/2017 7:42:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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A part of the "pro gay marriage" movement asssumes an image of humans where the sexual unicity of humans gets abstracted away. It looks like if men and women don't exist anymore, but only people. The expression "men and women are different but equal" do find this also a "dangerous" presumption. Based on that it follows that "homosexuality" should be accepted, because "it doesn't matter", people should normally be asexual, and feminism is here the same as "unisex".

This human vision or image of humans goes against the reality. The human is in the most profound of his kind a sexual being, man ór woman, where the male complements the female and vice versa. The time of unisexual feminism is thankfully over, real gender-emancipation means that men can be fully men, and women can be fully women. They are equal as complementary partners.

Peter Van De Ven, Dignitadoc 3 Comments [8/15/2017 7:37:57 AM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 130558

Kiss my Aviation Boatswains Mate ass.

Just before I got out of Navy in 1986, I remember all the bogus sexual harassment charges against male sailors who simply looked at a female in an complimentary way.

Then there was all the pre and post deployment pregnancies so the females didn't have to continue or go on the next cruise.

And then there is the infamous Tail Hook convention where a couple of female sailors got slapped on the ass in the same traditional way ball players do.

Many a highly trained Aviators were grounded or kick out of the Navy. That was Rep. Schroeder's big cause.

If women don't want to play by the same rules and traditions as the men, they should stick to admin duties ashore.

A Navy Vet, Free Republic 9 Comments [8/14/2017 3:10:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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I was thinking about this today,It’s a self fulfilling prophesy,that the more developed the nation
the more feminism raises it’s ugly head,I think i need a holiday,somewhere where feminism
is restricted by economic uncertainty,it’s true first they came for the paedophiles,now it’s normal
male sexuality 13-14 year old’s.Keep up the good work.A lads holiday with plenty of cider,Vodca
and magaluf girls lol.

mr p , Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 4 Comments [8/14/2017 3:00:42 PM]
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Quote# 130536

Another Beta male with white knight complex.

Dr No, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 4 Comments [8/14/2017 7:07:11 AM]
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Submitted By: anon

Quote# 130530

Women = Shit

Women aren't smart enough to know what's good for them. They should be herded as cattle, and sold to the highest bidder. Ugly ones can be bought for maid services and doing labor. This is for their own good. It would solve all domestic issues if women were property.

to say womyn = shit is an insult to all good dookies

womyn are less than shit and dont ever forget that. a womyn would let you die of loneliness sooner than hold your hand if your under 6ft.

justice3612 and WeabooCel, /r/IncelReddit 10 Comments [8/14/2017 3:53:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130529

I'm afraid I have no sympathy for her, or any white woman who sides with racial and religious aliens against white men, indeed their own people. They are defectives who must be purged from our kind. This crap can NEVER be unseen and un-experienced by white men, especially white men like me. White women are voting for ever larger, and more anti-white government, open borders and globalism in far greater numbers than those who are white nationalists. That's a fact. Those women, including members of SF, understand what awaits them if we lose control over our own lands.

If that makes me a misogynist, so be it. I utterly hate women like her, and I do not feel her death is any loss to our race. The fact is, when the waste matter hits the ventilators, and it will, these traitorous white women who voted for white genocide will not find in me a protector from the consequences of their willful treachery. I will do nothing to prevent them from reaping their just deserts. I will be hard pressed to protect myself and mine, not some witch who regards white men as disposable. Not all whites can be saved, and those like this Heather Heyer are among them. Beware liberal white women, you are on your own.

Volodyamyr, Stormfront 7 Comments [8/14/2017 3:53:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130527

Femoids do not even think or have brains at all.

I'm convinced of it.

That is why they are always "busy" with activities; they don't think at all, so they are able to devote their time to walking their dogs, parties, music, clubbing, crossfit, rock climbing, other pointless activities.

shockinghillaryquote, /r/IncelReddit 14 Comments [8/14/2017 3:52:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130507

[From "The unspoken side of rape"]

Isn’t it more than just a little fascinating that underneath all this hoopla about rape is a whole lot of women who, when thinking about some guy pinning them down in a kitchen and forcing a hand up their blouse, generally tend to do so with their own hand or a vibrator between their legs? You don’t have to like it to know its true.

And isn’t it also interesting that the most rape obsessive morons on the planet also happen to be some of the ugliest morons on the planet?

Consider this. If rape awareness was a religion, Andrea Dworkin was The Fucking Pope. The 300+ lb. basilisk of man-hate had a face big enough and pockmarked enough to be used to fake a lunar landing. Her body was roughly the size and shape of a small sperm whale.

And she thought of little else in her life other than rape. The subject drove almost everything she said and did.

She even claimed to have been drugged and raped in 1999 in Paris, an accusation that was never proven and which came under a great deal of scrutiny, apparently for damned good reason.

C’mon people, Dworkin’s problem wasn’t that she was raped. Her problem, and I mean all along, was that she wasn’t.

Did I say she was the Pope of Rape Awareness? Let me take that back. She wasn’t the Pope, she was the Jimmy Swaggert. Like a corrupt televangelist who only shuts up about sexual purity and morality long enough to secure the services of a five dollar hooker, Dworkin was the poster child for “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Or, in other words, she was obsessed with rape, quite possibly even creating the illusion it happened to her, precisely because her worth on the sexual market was measured in pesos.

Dworkin wanted to be raped, which in her mind meant being sexually desired, but didn’t have the goods to make that happen so she made a career of hating both the source of her rejection, men, and the source of her competition, attractive women.

Go figure, her other pet peeve was porn.

It is much the same with the SlutWalks, those rapidly growing celebrations of stupidity and cellulite taking over the western landscape. Most of the women there may be dancing Dworkin, but money is on the idea that when not participating in the SlutWalks these girls are desperately trying to fuck their way into feeling attractive.

Attractive enough that a man would lose control of himself to have his way with them


The real lesson here is simple. The concept of rape has a lot of utility for women. One, it feeds their narcissistic need to feel irresistible. Two, if feeds their narcissistic need to feel irresistible. That level of irresistibility is the pinnacle of a woman’s sexual viability and worth. And for a whole lot of women, sexual worth is the only self-worth they know.

Paul Elam, A Voice for Men 10 Comments [8/13/2017 3:12:10 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 130502

yarsir-blog replied to your post: Is it wrong or bad to say that all porn is bad?…

I, ancedotally, disgree with the ‘inevitably look for more intense…’ portion. I’d argue one could slide up the quantity scale rather than intensity. But, I don’t think that changes the meta-effects/discussion. The only porn I’d contemplate arguing as ‘good’ would be consenting exhibitionist couples, or some sort of 'free choice’ sex work empowerment. Of course, being at the consumer end doesn’t prove the whole production was equitable. Random thoughts. Have a good 1.

No, I completely disagree.

It is not possible to have “good” porn in a society built on patriarchal exploitation of female bodies.

As for “consenting exhibitionist couples”… my question to that is my question to all porn: Is it possible to verify 100% without a shadow of a doubt that the act is consensual and not rape on tape?

And if the couple is male/female there is the added question of can this woman truly, freely consent to a man when there is a power balance built into this coupling on the basis of sex due to patriarchal society? When one party is societally the oppressor and one is societally the oppressed, how can consent truly exist? And how can it be verified by the viewer? Is there any money involved? Any earning potential? Consent cannot be purchased or bartered for.

Lastly, there cannot be “free choice” “sex work” “empowerment”. That’s just purchased compliance.

Not consent.

So no. Under a patriarchal society there cannot exist pornography which is “good”.

smalldarlinglesbian, Tumblr 8 Comments [8/13/2017 3:10:27 PM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6

Quote# 130442

This is a draft proposed commendation resolution, to be introduced into the Virginia General Assembly after I am elected.

Commending Roosh V
WHEREAS, Daryush Valizadeh, more commonly known as Roosh V, has devoted much of his life to offering actionable advice to men around the world on self-improvement and game; and
WHEREAS, since 2007, Roosh V has self-published more than a dozen sex and travel guides, most of which discuss picking up and having sex with women in specific countries; and
WHEREAS, circa 2010, Roosh created Roosh V Forum, which has since grown into a vibrant discussion hub for the manosphere, with more than 1,300,000 posts, 50,000 threads, and 19,000 registered members; and
WHEREAS, in 2012, Roosh opened Return of Kings, which five years later has more than 4,300 posts, providing more than one million unique visitors every month invaluable insight into body, game, girls, history, lifestyle, mind, news, politics, religion, the sexes, travel, wisdom, work and money, and other topics; and
WHEREAS, in 2015, Roosh broadened the scope of his philosophy beyond red pill ideas, by promulgating an all-encompassing worldview of masculinity and nationalism, neomasculinity; and
WHEREAS, in February 2016, Roosh delivered the mainstream media a scathing and much-deserved rebuke at a Washington, DC press conference, rightly dressing them down for publishing misleading and often outright false accounts of his views concerning rape; and
WHEREAS, beginning in April 2016, Roosh created and published important works defending freedom of speech, including the book Free Speech Isn't Free and the videos "4 Things You Should Know About Free Speech" and "Are you prepared to pay for your free speech?"; and
WHEREAS, in May 2016, Roosh launched Kings Wiki, a collaboratively-written resource on topics of interest to the manosphere, that now has more than 2,500 content pages; and
WHEREAS, in November 2016, Roosh rightly refused to disavow Richard Spencer in the wake of Heilgate, noting, "I will not be making disavowals of anyone, no matter how reprehensible their speech, because I will not help my true enemy, the establishment, attack my neighbor"; and
WHEREAS, in February 2017, Roosh rightly defended Milo Yiannopoulos in the wake of Milogate, in his videos "The Milo Yiannopoulos scandal is a coordinated hit job (CPAC 2017)" and "Analysis to Milo Yiannopoulos' Breitbart resignation & press conference"; and
WHEREAS, Roosh has been a steady hand at the helm of his community, providing carefully considered yet confident and decisive leadership so that it has been able to weather the storms and withstand all assaults by its enemies; and
WHEREAS, Roosh has not let attacks by feminists, social justice warriors, and the media establishment deter him from speaking the truth; and
WHEREAS, Roosh's intellectual curiosity has driven him to explore the world through reading and travel, so that he has, in addition to helping men form connections with each other, also written and spoken on a variety of non-game topics and synthesized ideas to form new philosophical frameworks; and
WHEREAS, through all of these accomplishments, Roosh has worked tirelessly for the benefit of both sexes, by teaching men, through writings, videos, and his own example of strong leadership, the qualities they will need to cultivate in themselves to serve as effective husbands, fathers, and citizens, doing their part to restore patriarchy both in their own homes and in the wider society, and rescue western civilization from the scourge of feminism; and
WHEREAS, Roosh serves as an inspiring and uplifting example for men everywhere, about the power of one man to change the world and lead an enjoyable sex life through boldness, initiative, determination, and skill; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly commends Roosh V for his work to help men become better versions of themselves, to improve relations between the sexes, and to bring greater liberty and justice to our Commonwealth, our nation, and our world; and
RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Roosh V as an expression of the General Assembly's admiration for his perseverance and stalwart efforts to better the lives of all Virginians.

Nathan Larson, Nathania 12 Comments [8/13/2017 3:09:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 130482

Enslavement is not that radical of an idea

Slavery is actually not all that radical of an idea. Already, both men and women are enslaved till they reach the age of 18. They have to do whatever chores their parents order them to do, and they can be spanked or otherwise disciplined for disobeying. They are subject to compulsory schooling and can be thrown into detention or juvenile hall if they resist. They also are not allowed to vote, even though they pay taxes (sales taxes when they spend their allowance, and income taxes when they turn 16 and start working). The average voter probably supports all this.

Red pillers favor extending the enslavement of women beyond age 18, under the theory that, especially during some of women's most important years (ages 15-30), they are usually not able to make decisions that are as wise as what their fathers could make for them. In countries like India where arranged marriages are the norm, it does seem like there's a higher marital success rate.

Bear in mind, the term "enslavement" tends to be used very broadly by libertarians, to cover everything from conscription to jury duty. Mainstream society, and the Supreme Court, obviously don't consider that kind of mandatory service enslavement, or it would have been struck down as a 13th Amendment violation.

My point in saying that it's not that radical of an idea, is that it's an idea that by now we have plenty of experience applying in the real world and seeing how it works. One disadvantage that libertarianism often has is that it proposes ideas that have never been tried, and therefore people will say, for example, "Show me one place in the world where anarcho-capitalism has worked."


"Ah, the moral relativism dodge."

That wasn't the way I intended it. Part of my point was that slavery of children has been tried before, so it's a practice that we have some empirical evidence about. One of the problems with a lot of libertarian ideas, such as anarcho-capitalism, is that there's little empirical evidence about how it would work, so people will say, "Show me one place on earth where a society without a state has flourished" and use that as a reason why we can't try it. The subjugation of women to men has also been tried extensively throughout history, so we know a lot about the consequences of it. It wouldn't be an untried social experiment; to the contrary, feminism is the relatively new social experiment, and we're just now starting to get some evidence of the results (e.g. falling fertility rates, diminished levels of female happiness, rising suicide rates among menopausal women, etc.)

The other aspect of enslavement of women is that it is very similar to practices the voters already approve (e.g. the enslavement of children). As a pragmatic political realist who is always mindful of what the voters will be receptive to, I have to take that into account.

"Libertarians generally oppose most of the child indentured servitude bullet points you listed above"

I'm not so sure about that. One of the rationales for why I'm being kicked out of the LPVA is that they say I don't respect the fact that children can't give informed consent (e.g. to sex). The idea that children can't give informed consent is one of the main arguments for enslaving them. Apparently, the LPVA does believe children are incompetent to exercise their rights of self-ownership. If they don't own themselves, then someone else owns them (at least temporarily), which is the very definition of slavery.

If we can justify taking away rights from kids on the basis of their being less competent than their parents or other guardians, then why not take away rights from women on the basis of their being less competent than their fathers and husbands, if that can be proven? The theoretical foundation having been laid, and agreed on by Libertarians at least with regard to children, all that is left is to gather the empirical proof.

"This anti-woman philosophy masquerading as a strand of libertarianism would only exacerbate that problem. As a Libertarian activist who wants our candidates to do well and get elected, I don’t want libertarianism associated with a philosophy that alienates half the voters."

I'm antifeminist, not anti-woman. There are female antifeminists as well, such as Ann Coulter and Christy0Misty, who have said that women's right to vote should be taken away. Mises (in Socialism) and Rothbard (in Power and Market) too made suggestions along those lines.

"As a single heterosexual man, I would prefer to date libertarians rather than statists, so I don’t want libertarianism associated with a philosophy that repels women by casting them as mindless slaves."

You seem to be presuming that (1) equality of women to men is a libertarian view, (2) the idea of enslavement of women to men repels all women, and (3) it's preferable to date libertarians rather than statists. Actually, I think it's often best to have a romantic relationship with women who are apolitical. Thus far, I haven't observed libertarian women to have a very good track record of loyalty; most of them seem to end up divorcing at least one husband.

Nathan Larson, Red Pill Libertarian 5 Comments [8/13/2017 8:47:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 130481

Could it be that adult-child sex serves a useful purpose for the kid while she's young, and then later the repulsion is a way of getting her to mate with someone else? This seems similar to how little kids like their parents, and cling to their parents, while they're young; and later, when they become teenagers, are embarrassed by their parents and want to distance themselves from them.

The fact that later, they feel differently about their parents than they did before, doesn't mean that their parents never should've nurtured them to begin with. It's just that the time for that kind of nurturing came to an end. Who's to say it's not the same way with adult-child sex, including situations in which teenage boys leave behind the older men they used to have sex with, and go after girls instead?

(The pedophile then is like the caterpillar's cocoon, that serves its purpose and then is abandoned. Just because the butterfly feels no need to go back inside the cocoon doesn't mean the caterpillar erred in entering it, and should've been protected from it.)

These days, though, a lot of kids come back to their parents anyway, after their teenage years, and get along with them fine. Many even form three-generation households.

Who's to say that those kids who came to hate the pedophiles who had sex with them, wouldn't later feel differently, if society would be accepting of those changed feelings? But since society doesn't want to hear it, they have to keep quiet. It's hard to know what the truth is, when there's so much stigma attached to a certain point of view.

Nathan Larson, Red Pill Libertarian 7 Comments [8/13/2017 8:47:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 130480

Essay:Script of scene 1, The Pedophile Zone TV pilot
From Nathania.org

(Episode begins. It is a sunny day. GERALD, a tidy, young-looking man, with Brylcreemed hair and a well-pressed flannel shirt, walks through the parking lot to his car carrying a paper bag of groceries, with celery and a French baguette sticking out of the top. Everything about him looks very ordinary, conventional, and nondescript, except that something in his eyes reveals that deep within his soul, there is a thought that troubles him. He begins looking through the keys on his chain for the one that will open his car's trunk.)

NARRATOR (in a Rod Serling-esque tone): This is Gerald. A man stuck in another dimension, a parallel universe if you will, between the life most men take for granted, and the death all men are destined for. For you see, by a twist of fate, and a stroke of a lawmaker's pen, Gerald has been forbidden from ever knowing the pleasures of a carnal relationship with a person of his age of attraction. In this state of limbo, crushed as by a mortal and pestle between the strength of his own desires and the disapproval of the society in which he lives, Gerald experiences the heights of desperation alternating with the pit of despair. It is a place we know as ... the Pedophile Zone.

(Dramatic musical flourish ending on an ominous note.)

(LYSANDER walks up, in a tweed suit with a pocket square. Something seems subtly eccentric about his manner and style. When he finally speaks, his tone is Anthony Hopkins-esque.)

LYSANDER (smiling): Hello, Gerald.

GERALD (startled and distracted): Hi. Can I help you with something?

LYSANDER: The question is,
can I help you.

GERALD (As though thinking that maybe LYSANDER is the grocery store manager): Oh, no thanks, I can handle this one bag easily enough...

LYSANDER (pleasantly): Not that it matters. Where you're going, you'll have no need of groceries.

GERALD (stops moving and stares): I beg your pardon?

LYSANDER: Gerald, today's your lucky day. (Casually walks a few steps away, in the direction of the camera, and lights a cigarette as GERALD eyes him suspiciously. For a moment, LYSANDER gazes unsettlingly directly at the camera, with an amused, mischievous, perhaps even slightly crazed glint in his eye, reminiscent of a combination of Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Jack Nicholas, yet slowly giving way to a hint of Gene Wilder, as though he is preparing to unveil a doorway leading beyond this world.) You know, Gerald, I can learn a lot about a man, just by following him, watching him, searching for signs of what lies beneath the seemingly untroubled surface. There are so many little tells that give away the reflections of his mind, the dreams of his heart, the hopes of his spirit, and the musings of his soul... everything from the way he stands there at just under five feet three inches tall, to those nasty scars on the wrist of his right arm...

GERALD (As though taking offense): Now listen mister, if you're gonna get insulting--

LYSANDER (turning sharply toward him, now speaking with a sense of urgency and passion): Gerald, what if I told you that you don't have to suffer anymore? Oh, don't think I don't know, how you while away every, single, miserable, day, rotting there alone like a living corpse, waiting for the end!

(LYSANDER begins slowly crumpling and crushing the empty cigarette pack in his hands, as though channeling Uncle Charlie from the restaurant scene of Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt.) This lousy world is infested by rotten, worthless people whose stupidity blinds them to the hideous depravity of what they do, driving us to the brink with their hysterical and senseless persecutions. Like disgusting maggots, they pollute and ruin a civilization that had so much potential for beauty and happiness. If only we could have exterminated that vile nest of verminous pestilence, we would have done so long ago, but alas, the collective, like a gigantic mutated amoeba from the darkest reaches of hell, has stretched out its slimy pseudopod to engulf us in the worm-ridden parasitic filth, trapping us hopelessly so that we suffer the torment and anguish of knowing we are being slowly consumed. I've had enough, and I suspect that so have you.
Why do I say all this? Because it's my mission in life to help people like you. It's what I was sent into this world to accomplish.

GERALD (stares at him like he's nuts): Sent into this world? You mean, like through some kind of interdimensional portal, like what you see in the science fiction movies?

LYSANDER (considers this): Well, if you consider my mom's vagina an interdimensional portal, yes.

GERALD (suddenly alarmed and suspicious): And what's this talk about watching me? What are you? The FBI?

LYSANDER: (Smiling): Oh no, I'm not here to talk to you about Two-7yo-Boys-Sucking-Off-A-Dog.MP4. I'm not even here to talk to you about Three_2yo_Boys_Get_Deepthroated_and_Fucked_Up_the_Ass.AVI. I'm on your side; as a civil libertarian, I agree that what you watch in your home is your business, which I would never want to intrude upon, other than by surreptitiously climbing a tree across the street and using binoculars to look in your window so I can get turned on and masturbate to your getting turned on and masturbating. (GERALD looks angry and, pointing a finger at LYSANDER, opens his mouth as though to begin complaining.)

LYSANDER (Reproachfully, as though in indignation at being judged): Don't look at me that way! You have your fetishes, and so do I. We both know we would have chosen to be normal if we could have. (More softly, gently, and empathetically now, as though speaking a sad truth) But that's just not the way the fortune cookie crumbled, Gerald. And you know that.
That's why, the other day, you were struggling to climb over the railing of that highway overpass, so you could leap to your death. But because you were too short, you couldn't make it. (GERALD nods sadly, as though thinking back on it.)
That's why you browsed the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart, before ultimately leaving empty-handed in frustration that they didn't have any left-handed shotguns in stock. (GERALD nods again, looking even more dejected now.)
That's why you went down to the railway tracks, but couldn't jump in front of an oncoming train because your non-detached earlobes and misshapen ears kept you from hearing its approach. (GERALD reaches up to feel his deformed ears.)
That's why you sat there for hours trying to figure out how to tie a noose, before finally giving up and lamenting not having been born with a higher IQ. (GERALD looks slightly embarrassed now, and glances around as though to make sure no one is listening.)
That's why you even wrote in your journal about the idea of raping as many small, innocent schoolchildren as possible, before finally deciding against it, partly because the Kennedy v. Louisiana Supreme Court ruling would keep you from qualifying for the death penalty. (GERALD looks at LYSANDER with his mouth agape, as though to ask, how did you know that?)
LYSANDER is speaking now with a sad certainty, while GERALD unwraps and begins chewing a piece of gum, as though trying to calm himself) Gerald, I know everything about you. I know your thoughts, I know your habits, I even know that you hide your spare house key under the third brick from the left in that border separating the azaleas from the fescue in your front lawn. There's nothing I don't understand about your situation.
(Speaking more quickly now) What if said I had a potion? A potion that could make all your problems go away? A potion that could give you what you seek?

GERALD: You mean a potion that's going to magically transport me to a world where adult-child sex is legal?

LYSANDER (considers this): Assuming that the afterlife is such a world, yes -- except that I wouldn't call it magic. Because you see, unlike certain ostensibly teleophilically gay 51-year-old University of Toronto sexology quacks I could mention, I happen to be a man of science. Here's my card.

GERALD (reading from the card): "Lysander, president and executive director, Suicidal Pedophiles." (Tries to hand back the card) It's against the law to commit suicide around here.

LYSANDER (As though recognizing the It's a Wonderful Life reference and playing along with it): Yeah, it's against the law where I come from, too.

GERALD (Leaning forward to spit out the piece of gum): Where do you come from?

LYSANDER: Catlett.

GERALD (Looking confused): Where's that?

LYSANDER (Looking irritated, as though exasperated at how people from northern Virginia always ask him that question): Never mind. I didn't come here to tell you about a sleepy rural community whose whole reason for coming into being was a railroad junction that became obsolete with the widespread introduction of the automobile circa the 1930s. I came here to talk about a different kind of pointless existence -- yours and mine! Don't you long for an end to this grey haze of sexlessness?

GERALD: No... (Stronger now) NO! I don't need your potions, or your secret society... (Rips up the business card, and throws the pieces at LYSANDER, who stands there smiling, as though unperturbed in his confidence that he will eventually win.) I can find my own path to death, in my own time, in my own way! (Throws the groceries in the trunk, reaches to close it)

LYSANDER (Takes a step toward him): Free will is an illusion, Gerald.

GERALD: Get away from me, you ... MONSTER!

LYSANDER: You can't hide from your nature, Gerald. It's inexorable. Like a wandering star that has crossed the event horizon of the black hole at the center of the galaxy, or like the penis of the little boy about to be fellated by his dad in that video you watched yesterday, you will be sucked in. Just like when you hit the play button knowing what is about to transpire on your computer screen, I observe your life too, confident that when the time comes, you will be the one to come to me.

GERALD: I'll... I'll call the police!

LYSANDER (Sadly, as though about to remind GERALD of an unfortunate reality): Why call, Gerald? Why not just mention to the officer that some scary man is harassing you, the next time you go down to the station on the first of the month to get your photo and fingerprints taken? And Gerald, try to smile for the camera next time; you look so morose in that picture they have on the website right now. One would think that your puppy just died. You give pedophiles a bad name by making us seem clinically depressed, when there's no reason to feel down, given that the means of our self-destruction is so close and readily at hand.

GERALD: ENOUGH! (Slams the trunk down and runs for the car door)

LYSANDER: So long, Gerald. (GERALD opens the car door) And Gerald? ... (GERALD looks back at him, terrified. LYSANDER smiles pleasantly.) I'll be seeing you.
(Dramatic musical flourish, as the screen rapidly fades to black. Cut to commercial.)

Nathan Larson, Nathania 10 Comments [8/13/2017 8:47:16 AM]
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Quote# 130470

I’ll happily argue for it. I should have been educated in single sex classrooms. You know what it’s like to be a 17yo boy with a hot girl wearing a tank top and tight shorts sitting a few feet in front of you suggestively twirling her hair with her finger? Do you think that kind of environment is conducive to paying attention to what the teacher is saying?

Boys who actually have balls are poorly served in mixed-sex learning environments, and for more reasons than the very important one I referred to above.

Bill P, Unz 11 Comments [8/12/2017 4:39:52 PM]
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Quote# 130468

The sexting hysteria is absolutely insane. I think people don’t like it because it highlights youth and child sexuality. I remember in classes a big “problem” discussed was preteens sexting and going on webcams to broadcast their forbidden sexuality to the internet and thus the world. This has never been about pedophilia or protecting children. It has been about nasty old jaded “feminists” controlling sexuality to give themselves more power. Young teen who has a love for life, vibrant lust and excited sexuality having sex for fun versus a 3o-something bitter, childless, witch who has sex for manipulative reasons? Most men will choose the young teen, most women would choose the young teen, genders reversed.

Goat , Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 3 Comments [8/12/2017 1:16:51 PM]
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Quote# 130467

On a positive note regarding all this terrorism; The sexual offences Police units budget will be a bit stretched given the current circumstances.

Libertine, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 6 Comments [8/12/2017 1:16:44 PM]
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