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GeoNumerology - a combination of Geometry and Numerology

BOTH Pythagoran Numerology and Phi Geometry are Infinitely Fractal and thus connect the microcosm and macrocosm.

Vowels: A (1, apex), E (5 PHI), I (9 Source) O (15 Connector), U (21 Vortex/GravityAcceleration) all have a connection to Portal/Stargate/ZeroPoint energy

Breath (Life) 9 + Head (Third Eye) 9 + and Hand (PHIsical) 9 = Creation in Matter

John Fanuzzi, Internal Stargate 6 Comments [12/16/2017 2:46:58 AM]
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Solving Quintic Equations with radicals from a geometrical point of view.

I think quintic functions could by understood as a rotational fractal formed by four entangled (related, intersected, interacting) functions. In this sense the quintic function or equation appears as a complex function formed by intersection of different parts of the functions related by the same kind of symmetry although different signs.


I bolded in red what would be one of the quintic equations that there are in this picture.

In a first attempt, it could be expressed in this way:

In (Z, -+Z1) Z is the Zero point at the center of the circumference, and -+Z1 is the first interval Li measured from the Zero point Z in the -+Z coordinate (the bottom right Z coordinate) in the picture below.

By crossing or intersecting the lines of the different functions in their intersection points we would be performing a subtraction (I think the result should represent a trivial zero in the Riemann Z function).

The Li (in red colour) segment is measured from the center of the circumference (the Zero point) until the center of symmetry of the square 0,50 (Inside of the central square 2).
Lr (in blue colour) is measured from Z until the center of symmetry of the square 0,25 (inside of the central square 1)
Li’ (in gold colour) is measured from Z until the center of symmetry of the square 0,75.

The bolded function in the picture above follows the Li intervals that carry the Li symmetry. The Li intervals converge at the power of 5 with the intervals Lr^7 = 0 Lr^7 = 0 of the Lr (in blue) and Li’ (in gold) functions.


Our mathematics can not be static if we try to explain Nature with them.

On the other hand, I think it is very interesting to remark the points of convergence of Lr^7, Li^5, Li'^4 = 0 because I think they would represent the critical zeros on the Riemann Z function. In this sense, the square area formed with the side measured from the Z convergent point (Lr^7, Li^5, Li'^4) until another Z convergent point (Lr^7, -Li^5, -Li'^4) should be a non-prime number.

Felices Pascuas.

Felices Pascuas, curvaturasvariantes.com 7 Comments [12/16/2017 2:46:46 AM]
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I will add something on to my original of hypothesis. Well advanced maternal age could account for some of the tism we're seeing now but I don't think it can explain all of it .does anyone think that the level of pollution in the water and the air might be contributing to brain damage among children what we now consider autism.

I'm not trying to sound like Alex Jones but I do believe the effects of pollution and toxic metals has an impact on the way a child develops. I remember a study a few months back that linked autism to mercury exposure. The children that had autism were found to have more mercury in there baby teeth. I don't think kids are exposed to this metal in the vaccines rather I think they come in contact with it through the water supply and through the air they breather

edward viii, Kiwi Farms 1 Comments [12/16/2017 2:43:43 AM]
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UFO Disclosure and why it hasn't happened yet. Our best pilots and officers during WW2 reported seeing (Foo Fighters) Not Dave's band. I mean UFO's. And they were seen in big numbers. Why?

Well Earth was embroiled in a World War. We also were making HUGE leaps in technology. Rockets, Radar, and Nuclear Weapons. This brought us a lot of attention from "Others". Hence the spike in sightings. A few years later, the best place to view these new Earth technologies was in one relative place, New Mexico. Now being the "This is new to us. We should hit it with a hammer" race that we are, were able to (after many tries) actually hit upon a radar configuration that would mess with the guidance systems of these craft. Hence Roswell. We actually brought down 3 craft that day using that same configuration. And we immediately snatched up everything and began to backwards engineer them.

You may or may not know about the fleets of these craft as they buzzed Washington with Truman in office. But that's a bit later. When the Army Brass found out that we not only had crashed vehicles and at least one living being, they asked the President what they should do. The President was Eisenhower. He wisely decided "Let's stick em where know one can know about them until we ourselves actually know more. Wise. Always.

Now the tragic part. When President Eisenhower asked for detailed reports and updates of the incident, he was stonewalled. This prompted him to send out 2 CIA (maybe still OSS agents who were told by Ike "Fly out there and knock on the door. Then demand to be shown what was going on. Tell them if they give the two of you any problems whatsoever, that the Big Red 1 was ready to roll in and make the entire base one huge flat piece of land, and any employees that survived were to face treason charges.

Well. Ike got the whole picture. Which boiled down to this. The M.I.C. (Military Industrial Complex)went to their real masters, "Big Energy" first. They then asked them what should be done. Even before they asked the President. Big Energy's answer was "Bury it". You see. The energy is so abundant that these craft use, that a simple 12 ounces of it contains enough energy to evaporate all the water on our planet. But by then the genie was out of the bottle. Not only was the NSA created. It was given the power to take any money from any budget and never have to give a reason. This was not what Eisenhower intended. In his farewell speech to our nation, he did not reminisce about WW2 or the more recent Korean Conflict. No. He spent the entirety of his farewell address to this nation warning us of the Military Industrial Complex. Odd for a man of such achievements to be so worried leaving office with all the foxes in the hen house.

What it has degenerated into is Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. Which are illegal. We have completely legal Special Access Programs, but they have oversight. They have "Watchmen". Unacknowledged Special Access Programs have no such by oversight. No accounting to anyone. And as I sit here, I swear to you they have taken over this beautiful country of ours. Because not only can they do whatever they want under the guise of National Security, they can take as much money as they want too do it.

So the reason they haven't come out and said it is not because the people will be "outraged". They have hidden UFO's because the energy that people are making billions from, would be obsolete over night. Now. You want to know why we don't have an "official disclosure"? Well you are wrong. The ENTIRE FRENCH GOVERNMENT HAS MADE, AND IS IN, CONTACT WITH OUTSIDERS TO THIS MINUTE. Do your own research on the most reputable places you get reliable info from. The French Government made contact on their own. And they have kept nothing secret. Look for yourself.

It's not Aliens that they are afraid will panic us into rioting mobs in the street. It's the fact that the energy these intergalactic ships run on is infinite. It would get us off the Petro-Dollar immediately. THAT MY FRIENDS is why this has been kept hidden. Even from many Presidents. But there is hope. Because entities that exist using no oversight, and are not bound to inform our President and Congress, are illegal! Any oaths. Any NDA's, they are all illegal and cannot be enforced. Hence the rash of whistleblowers.

The M.I.C. Has one card left to play though. How do you turn a Billion dollar business into a trillion dollar business. How do you flip the script and become heroes? If your business is war, then you need a bigger enemy. I have much much more, in very granular detail, about all of this. But for now, I will leave you with what the 2nd in charge of Lockheed (That's "The Man" with a capital T and a capital M) said upon his retirement speech. Among the tidbits he left the packed room of well over a hundred people were...

"We now have the technology to take ET home".

he also said.... "We are 60 to 100 years ahead of anything the general population can even imagine".

And the last tidbit he left was: "Interstellar space travel is no longer a problem for us".

Now Lockheed got the power to reverse engineer the crashed (Shot down) craft. They invented the Fluxliner. Do your own research. There's an entire film from a documentary maker that was made about it. And he was of unquestionable repute. He was also diagnosed with the fastest cancer anyone had ever seen. Now these craft supposedly use Mercury as a main component of travel. We all have some small amount of Mercury in all of us. Now she this film maker was autopsied, it was discovered that the heavy metals were all spiked well above normal. Except Mercury. There wasn't any in his entire corpse. A message?

Now Lockheed has progressed over 50 years with this tech and as you can imagine, have come quite far from the ancient Fluxliners we first designed. Now look up the TR-3B. Also by Lockheed. And here's where I scare you and truly hope to wake even just a few of you up to what's going on. The technology exists to stage a false UFO invasion. This may not only double the M.I.C., but it very may triple it. There is SO MUCH more I can tell you. And if you are sincere, and get in touch with me, I will answer any questions you have such as I can. It's not the Aliens scaring us. It's free energy scaring Big Energy.

Before you even get in touch with me, I ask you to watch The Disclosure Project". Both parts one and two. Look at the impeccable credentials of the people who will gladly, and at the risk of their own lives, testify in front of Congress. Never before had such a class of insiders, and world leaders, and High ranking military and intelligence employees has ever come out in force like this. Of course, 9/11 happened 4 days later.

For the VERY LAST NUGGET (I promise), a former deputy of chief of the CIA was going to give us a suitcase sized box. Free of charge. That when installed, would not only eliminate your energy bill forever, but it would actually feed energy into the grid itself. Unfortunately, he never made the meeting where the handoff was to take place, and after 4 days of searching for him, he was found floating down the Potomac River.

Please wake up. For all of our sakes. Just don't dismiss this as bullshit. Research on your own on your trusted sources of information. It is now more important than ever we come together and demonstrate the goodness in all of us. Because of where we are technology-wise, and because we have killed over 200 million of our own people (and that's just war), our entire planet has been put on quarantine. Now more than ever is the time we say "Hey! We really aren't such a bad bunch. We have been manipulated. And we are sure that with benevolent mentorship, we can contribute to whatever you've got going out there.

I am a man who has very reliable sources. I start all my research from a point of trying to disprove any alien theories. I have finally come to the realization that the alarm has gone off, and we have hit the "Snooze" button several times. We need to get up. For any others interested in this... Well... Let's just say I can fundamentally change your world view. Contact me.

Hogkbar, r/UFOs 4 Comments [12/15/2017 4:20:29 AM]
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The only thing i can think of is a promise of little interference or something comparable that would make whatever their ultimate goal is, easier.

Maybe we trade in raw materials that they would need like gold or gases that would be more of a hassle for them to mine directly in exchange for tech that to them may be antiquated but for us light years ahead.

The scariest but most plausable thought in my mind, just basing it off the fact of the number of reported abductions every year would probably be our medical records. Clearly if the abductions are true, then they are looking for something. without our detailed records that contain our medical family histories, blood types or possibly some genetic quirk they would be interested in, they would have to resort to plucking us at random until they got enough of what they wanted over time. They could shave decades of work off by cooperating with us. Just my 2 cents

COCAINE___waffles, r/UFOs 2 Comments [12/15/2017 4:20:25 AM]
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The various agencies of the government are very compartmentalized, so that most only have a piece of the story. The ones with the most 'truth' in government are usually the ones with the most harmful intent.

The Bushes, the Clintons, Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Royal families, and various departments within NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies... these people are fully aware and participants of the Secret Space Program, having been well established in space travel and advanced technologies, and regularly cooperate with negative ET races at the expense of mankind's positive development.

Events like the Roswell are nothing but distraction compared to the interactions that some leaders have had, including deals made by Nazis in 1940's, and also by President Eisenhower and other world leaders. ETs have been interacting with humans long before modern times, creating both positive and negative consequences. Our situation now is the result of many bad choices made by world leaders in modern times. There are also positive groups now here influencing world events and the truth will soon be known.

islandofdelight, r/UFOs 0 Comments [12/15/2017 4:20:13 AM]
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I am hearing rumors that black voters from MS were encouraged to cross over into AL and vote. Anyone else hearing this? Anything to it? That might explain the 30% turnout higher than population percentage. Just reporting the rumor.

Bill Mitchell, Twitter 5 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:35 PM]
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{Note: Clipped from a VERY LONG post from this guy)
WINNIPEG'S HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER IS COMMITTING MASS MURDER - Contact Police from every town to lend a helping hand to Winnipeg.

Across Canada and the U.S., specially selected 'officers', are complicit with the Hospitals, in 'secretly' running a mass murder program titled, "Comfort Care" - Deprived all medicine, while suffocated to die. Mass murdering the poor, while forbidding all police agencies from investigating the PROVEN allegations. Documented fully. What is wrong with our minds, as so far incapable of concluding a fact?, if our lives are at stake, held in jeopardy by the lying in stolen faith newspapers? Newspapers, who also insist, we take our vaccinations without reading the ingredient list.

A program of mass murder, hidden by the nice words of, "Comfort Care", right across all fifty states? These are the same type of people, who have been caught, injecting newborns with horrific neural toxins..

My mother was murdered right in front of me, as thousands of others are in hell hole Winnipeg.. The Satanically ruled as tyrannical police department with the Mayor and newspaper, refuse to allow any investigations - if the murders are against the poor, and happen at the Health Sciences Center, 4th floor. This war crime in Winnipeg has been running for at least seven years.. and they so far escape, because you can't find the humanity within, to legitimately care for our innocent lives forsaken.. more and more of our poor will be first degree murdered this way until we fairly do something about it. Get the archive of evidence, off a link at my home page.. Please.. how can I beg you to find a
concern for civilization? This un-elected program of mass murder is widespread across America too don't you know? They deprive the patient the medicines they need, while instead poisoning the victim to stop them from breathing.. Please, be human.. please. Warn others.. save innocent lives..

"Making allegations of murder you can't prove"
Nonsense.. The recording of the Chief Medical Examiner is all you need listen to. It's like 4 megabytes.. and may give you two minutes of trouble to locate.. Or god, just simply read the post.. There is no fraudulent allegations your supposing in bling faith.. while I have the recordings of the doctor stating no poisons would be given, while as recorded, he ordered the nurse secretly to do so..
Only possible in a conspiracy, as she could not have performed the murderous act with me in the room..

John Kinal, Google Groups-alt.gossip.royalty 2 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:28 PM]
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It's called war crimes, and it's very anti-American..
Why does Satanic America, war the Democracy of Syria with anti-woman Saudi Arabia as terrorists? It is because in 2001, Assad, Democratically elected, decided to remove all middle men from banking. And what happened? Everyone's money when twice as far without inflation. Then Assad used the new wealth to build countless schools, and many hospitals, now bombed by the pro Hitlery and Obama forces of EVIL.. Why not on TV? They will to con US for death as victims to war crimes with pretty smiles. No TV celebrity demands to have arrested, those who have RIGGED the election, SEE NEVADA, and too, stolen trillions through embezzlement and extortion - In one transfer, 16 trillion hidden from the Federal Reserve, as then exposed in an public audit... Are we, or are we not capable of thinking freely here? Why would anyone will to be cheated a fair say for death ask yourself? We all want to count, and be counted fairly is the freedom to be all we can be, acting civilized.? ?

Lib whore to all Hitlery, with Rightard Congress, OPENLY war the Democracy of Syria, with TV lies as the for real terrorists.. that appose fair say, such as paper ballot elections... that appose all fair human interaction.. apposing God's will to be just, as law abiding.. Satanic liars found out simply by speaking a fair game, where all are legitimately concerned, about where the hell Congress things they can further steal from America's will to be liberated of this ungodly tyranny. Besides, all FBi agents are too cowardly to demand justice for 9/11 today even..

Bush "we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty" Speaking of why America will not be allowed to follow probable cause, to determine suspects guilty for mass murdering Americans in NYC. Instead pin the entire show on bin Laden as false accuser.. Did bin Laden have any accomplices? No one to this day at the FBI, is allowed to investigate still, for fear of being 'arrested' by the ungodly Satanic enemy, hiding behind our pirated flags. This demonic TV con I will tell, was not started with Bush, but with President Clinton.. it is titled, W199i - i do believe.. Done to hide Alex Jones' bud, Anthony Shaffer's direct complicity in the Cole Bombing.. Blowing up AMERICAN sailors..Changed in a good way, for the better.
Support John Kinal for Attorney General

John Kinal, Facebook 3 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:20 PM]
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Competing with military dictatorships, on equal footing, will have the enemy Rightard with the fascist Atheists 'win' as nakedly proud, bigoted false accusers willing injustice to continue unopposed. How can America compete with slave labor, without enslaving themselves?, as officially, good for no one I ask?
All invites welcomed. We have our world to save.

Do right, vote John Kinal for President.

John Kinal, Facebook 1 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:16 PM]
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Nordic aliens warned humanity about race mixing and 3rd world population explosion

The 50s contactees seemed to report that the majority of the saucer pilots were "Aryans" - long-haired, blonde, tall beings from Venus or other planets in the solar system. The "Aryans," when not warning humanity about atomic war, often gave messages promoting race harmony, but softly warning against racial intermixture and the "population explosion" of the Third World masses...

There has been a lot written about the UFO-Nazi connection. Some of the Nazi elite are thought to have held the theory that there was a hidden race deep within the Earth (the masters of the Vril [Agartha?]) which they could make contact with through the poles. One of the early theories about UFOs was that they were craft piloted by Nazis who had fled after WW II and made contact with this race within the hollow earth (an idea that Ray Palmer, UFOlogy's "father," often assented to.) Today, there are groups of neo-Nazis who believe that the different races of the planet were "seeded" in various geographical locales by different alien groups, and charged with competing for planetary dominance...

These Neo-Nazi groups are obsessed with the idea of extraterrestrial "bloodlines" in human groups. Many think that "star seed" people are descendants of the Celtic races - Basques, Irish, Welsh, Bretons, etc. - and that one of the hallmarks of their extraterrestrial origin is the Rh Negative blood type. The migrations of the Celtic peoples were a result of "racial memory chromosomes" implanted by their ancestors. Some of this neo-Nazi literature suggests that the other "lower" races were the result of genetic experimentation by the aliens - attempts to crossbreed "pure" Aryan types with animals and other lifeforms.

[link to www2.fiu.edu]

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [12/14/2017 2:28:52 PM]
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Once again, Dr. Pierpont has done an exceptional job in warning the wisely concerned residents of Cesme, Turkey, with valuable facts that should alarm everyone in their community, and everyone anywhere in the world who has the opportunity to read her letter. The links within the body of the letter are well-worth following for those who want to learn the truth about Industrial Wind Energy.

The video of infrasonic vortices created by IWTs in a blizzard is a one-minute “picture worth a thousand words!”

The excerpt from Professor Salt and Professor Lichtenhan’s paper includes the following:

“No one has ever evaluated whether tympanostomy tubes alleviate the symptoms of those living near wind turbines. From the patient’s perspective, this may be preferable to moving out of their homes or using medical treatments for vertigo, nausea, and/or sleep disturbance. The results of such treatment, whether positive, negative, would likely have considerable scientific influence on the wind turbine noise debate….”

I’m sure they mean well, but, are they suggesting that a procedure intended to be temporary, albeit over six months or so, might be an acceptable alternative?


Why should we be the ones to even consider surgery when we’re not the criminals causing the problem?

The wind industry has known that their monstrous machinery causes adverse health effects since at least the 1980s. Now, these professors seriously consider the possibility that we could be forced to resort to repeated temporary, otherwise unnecessary, surgeries on the unlikely chance that we could stay in our homes to continue being subjected to this MAN-CAUSED DESTRUCTION!!!

We’re already lab rats and guinea pigs to mad pseudo-scientists, businessmen, government officials/agents, etc., who have NO concern, sympathy, empathy, nor compassion for THEIR VICTIMS!

Why on God’s Green Earth should we have to even think that we might have to resort to “such treatment?”

The industry knows full-well what they are doing to us. I believe they take sadistic pleasure in the power-trip it gives them, knowing they are torturing untold numbers of humans and animals with 21st Century versions of the “rack” — and getting paid handsomely to do it!

Ahh, but, whether the surgery proved positive or negative, the scientific influence upon the debate would be considerable! And the rats and guinea pigs will either feel better and live longer, or feel no different and die sooner. Yes, but, the debate would be considerably “influenced!” Researchers would have new fodder with which to experiment for the next few decades while we suffer and die. . . .

[Hmm, I guess such surgery could create a lucrative market for ear-surgeons and their entourages — if it worked — considering all the people who will eventually be needing relief as long as the IWTs keep-on turning across-the-globe. . . . Even the veterinarians could jump on the bandwagon and insert tubes in their patients’ eardrums!]

No human being should ever be asked to allow “Band-Aid” surgical procedures in his ears, just because he can’t or won’t move away from the MAN-MADE CAUSE OF HIS AFFLICTION.





Dr. Kelley, et.al., found: “Further, there is evidence that the strong resonances found in the acoustic pressure field within rooms [in people’s homes] . . . indicates a coupling of sub-audible energy [infrasound] to human body resonances at 5, 12, and 17-25 Hz, resulting in a sensation of whole-body vibration (p. 120).” And, Dr. Pierpont’s study independently showed: “I discovered the same thing in my research. What Kelley refers to as a ‘sensation of whole-body vibration,’ I refer to as Visceral Vibratory Vestibular Disturbance (VVVD): . . .”

I would really like to know if the entire cascade of adverse effects to my body that nearly killed my adrenal glands, and by extension, my life, were all caused by the vestibular effect. (Along with being in all of Dr. Pierpont’s risk factor classes, I am one of those who could perceive infrasonic waves when they passed through my body unimpeded even before the IWTs invaded.)

It would be extremely helpful to know if anyone is known to have non-functioning vestibular organs. If so, is he physically affected by infrasound? Because, I believe the infrasound that can so drastically agitate the inner ear must also directly affect the other cells and organs in the body through the “. . . coupling of sub-audible energy [infrasound] to human body resonances . . .”

If the infrasound is coupled to human body resonances outside the Inner Ear, the overall effect is a combination of vestibular effects and the direct vibratory effects on other organs and cells at the same time. If the vestibular organs were non-functioning, it seems that symptomatology would occur but be somewhat different — as was mine with already weak adrenals. If this is true, then, tympanostomy tubes might reduce the adverse effects, but not “Band-Aid” the WTS in a meaningful way. Stressing the other organs and cells would still cause bad effects and overdrive/destroy the adrenals. (If I’ve forgotten something from Dr. Pierpont’s book, I apologize — my memory has not fully recovered from the effects of the infrasound.)

Nikola Tesla studied infrasound extensively and concluded that it is destructive to living cells. This was a monumental discovery, and now, decades later, it should be considered along with the ESSENTIAL discovery by Dr. Pierpont that the inner ear, and its influence, is significantly impacted by wind turbine infrasound. The proof is blatantly evident that Wind Turbine Syndrome is real. The only reasons the turbines still turn and we continue to suffer, are the evil ulterior motives of the perpetrators, and the indoctrination of the masses.

Further, Dr. Pierpont says: “Wind industry advocates likewise argued that only downwind turbines created noise, that is, low-frequency noise. Dr. Kelley and his research team effectively debunked that falsehood, . . .”

In 1987, Dr. Kelley, et.al., reported that: “low-frequency acoustical loads radiated from both individual turbines and groups of upwind and downwind turbines. . . .” I can attest to this fact in my own community’s experience. Our symptomatology increases and decreases as our predominantly SW winds — upwind to the turbines most of the time — shift through the compass directions, with the 2.2MW turbines northwesterly to southeasterly across the center of the circle. The worst times are when the wind is out of the NW. It is at least approximately 10.5 – 13 miles ENE to the nearest IWT.

Also, “Moller and his colleague, Christian Sejer Pedersen, demonstrated that ‘the larger the turbine, the ongreater the ILFN (infrasound and low frequency noise) produced.’ ” And, that: “The relative amount of low-frequency noise is higher for large turbines (2.3–3.6 MW) than for small turbines (2 MW), and the difference is statistically significant.”

If the difference between “low-frequency noise” of 2.3 – 3.6MW and 2.2MW turbines is statistically significant, and the 2.2MW turbines at least ~10.5-13 miles distant, forced me and others from our homes — and are adversely affecting others — then, just imagine how far and how seriously the larger ones will destroy lives!

Yes, Dr. Pierpont, the setbacks must be more than 2km; 5km is a start and may well be enough for now, in the particular conditions in Cesme. But, I will rejoice when more researchers believe there are those of us in different localities who are being victimized by IWTs at much greater distances. . . .

If the evidence in Dr. Pierpont’s letter does not convince the reader that there is something rotten in the wind industry, and in all the governmental, pseudo-scientific, and media support for it, NOTHING WILL.

Many people worldwide are like blind sheep, believing the lies out of ignorance and trust. However, if truth is presented and they still reject it, their willful blindness becomes guilt, as they aid and abet the crime.

The biggest truths about Industrial Wind Energy are:



Itasca Small
Wind Energy Refugee

Itasca Small, Wind Turbine Syndrome.com 3 Comments [12/14/2017 1:27:55 PM]
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Quote# 135175

#GMO #chemtrails #HFCS #RITALIN #AIDS #vaccines #SV40 Without fair voting, those issues (and more) are ignored.

[Note: This person is Leader of the Green Party of Canada]

Elizabeth May, Twitter 2 Comments [12/14/2017 1:27:12 PM]
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Quote# 135171

Carl Benjamin, known online by his popular persona “Sargon of Akkad,” expressed his sympathies with the racist alt-right movement this week, including perpetuating alt-right propaganda that Heather Heyer was not killed by a car attack at the Unite the Right earlier this year, but instead suffered a heart attack due to poor health.

Benjamin joined Colin Robertson, known online as “Millennial Woes,” in the first installment of Robertson’s “Millenniyule 2017” interview series on Sunday, to discuss the future of the alt-right. As first pointed out by leftist twitter personality “Tom Bloke,” an early part of the discussion included Benjamin echoing white nationalist propaganda surrounding the murder of Heyer, a liberal counter-protester at the racist Unite the Right rally earlier this year in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“As I understand it, I thought Heather Hayes or Heyer or whatever her name was, I thought she died of a heart attack,” Benjamin said.

“Yes. It looks like what happened is that she was shocked by seeing the car crash happening and had a heart attack,” Robertson said.

Benjamin laughed and when Robertson remarked Heyer’s alleged heart attacked seemed “a bit dramatic,” Benjamin said, “It’s more that the alt-right being blamed for someone having a heart attack, someone in tremendously bad physical condition has a heart attack, and suddenly the alt-right has murdered someone.”


Later in the interview, Benjamin pushed another alt-right conspiracy theory that National Policy Institute white nationalist Richard Spencer was “controlled opposition,” meaning that he was a government agent embedded in the movement to give the alt-right a bad public image.

“The mainstream media could just have a policy of non-engagement and that would be more successful for kettling the alt-right than it would be promoting them. But I mean Richard Spencer is only a household name because of the media. Is Richard Spencer controlled opposition? I’m genuinely curious,” Benjamin asked Robertson.

As the interview began to wrap up, Benjamin gave parting advice to Robertson about successfully advancing the alt-right agenda because he believes that social justice advocates are “a fucking massive problem”

“You’ve got diversity in everything—everything,” Benjamin said.

“I know. I know, it’s terrible,” Robertson said.

“Yeah, it’s terrifying, isn’t it? But like [social justice warriors are] not just a loud fringe. They’re not. This what people have to—say ‘Oh, SJWs, they’re not a big problem’—no, they’re a fucking massive problem. I mean holy fuck, the reason thousands of young girls are getting raped is not because the police didn’t want to do something or couldn’t do something. It was because they were afraid of social justice warriors calling them racist,” Benjamin explained.

Benjamin later went on to conclude that “worst case scenario for the alt-right’s success in this endeavor,” referring to racial segregation, “is less intolerable to me and my family than the SJW success. So from a tactical evaluation, I have to choose this angle. I have to try and explain to the alt-right that they can get what they want and they should take this gambit, even if it means the end of liberal democracy.”

Sargon of Akkad and Colin Robertson, Right Wing Watch 3 Comments [12/14/2017 11:45:54 AM]
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Why dogs really bark for "no reason" and are a good sense of character

They run on a different sensory vibrational frequency range so could be responding to the presence of entities that are out of our usual frequency range that we can not perceive. higher vibrational beings(angels) and lower frequency beings(demons) of which we can only perceive in times of great love and great fear(the only baseory emotions) or through mastering the aspects of body, soul and spirit. Also possibly why cats where so revered in Egyptian culture and have a good sense of human character.

senji, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [12/14/2017 6:15:56 AM]
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The events of 1915 were far more complex than what has been reported in the past and it is important that we recognize this was not as simple a scenario as the Armenian lobby would have us believe.

Despite the propaganda being pushed by a powerful and well-funded Armenian diaspora, the series of events in 1915 and beyond resulted in losses of life on both sides of the conflict. We cannot diminish the suffering that the Armenians faced, but we must acknowledge that millions of Turks, Kurds, and Arabs were also killed during this conflict.

For nearly a century, the Armenian lobby has attempted to portray these actions as a willful, deliberate attempt to commit genocide of the Armenian people – a specific crime that is defined by international law. Nothing could be further from the truth, and a detailed examination of the broader context of history paints a vastly different picture.

Furthermore, and as a result, international courts have never designated these tragic events as genocide. There is no legal consensus on the tragedy of 1915 because even though the Armenian lobby has been misrepresenting the facts for nearly a century, history – and the law – tells us otherwise. It’s time to cut through the propaganda and get the facts straight.

FactCheckArmenia, FactCheckArmenia 4 Comments [12/14/2017 6:09:20 AM]
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For many years in American media, the Indian was portrayed as the savage "bad guy." Certainly, native Americans hardly had anyone speaking on their behalf, and it was natural for the public to unquestioningly accept a one-sided version of events. Finally, as the indisputable truth became reported more and more (especially following the1960s publication of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee), the real version of this historical conflict became widely accepted. Ironically, the formerly accepted "good guy" side was revealed to have been the actual dishonorable ones (having broken every treaty) and the ones significantly engaged in heartless slaughters, coupled with, at times, campaigns of systematic extermination.

For nearly a century, the Western World has wholeheartedly accepted that there has been an attempt by the Ottoman Turks to systematically destroy the Armenian people, comparable to what the Nazis committed upon the Jews during World War II. Many Armenians who have settled in America, Europe and Australia (along with other parts of the world, known as "The Armenian Diaspora") have clung to the tragic events of so long ago as a form of ethnic identity, and have considered it their duty to perpetuate this myth, with little regard for facts... at the same time breeding hatred among their young. As descendants of the merchant class from the Ottoman Empire, Armenians have been successful in acquiring the wealth and power to make their voices heard... and they have made good use of the "Christian" connection to gain the sympathies of Westerners who share their religion and prejudices.

Turks characteristically shun propaganda, and have chosen not to dwell on the tragedies of the past, forging ahead to build upon brotherhood — not hate. This is why the horrifying massacres committed upon the Turks, Kurds and other Ottoman Muslims by Armenians have seldom been heard. When such reports are heard, Westerners can be callously dismissive... Turkish lives are apparently as meaningless to them as Indian lives were to most early Americans.


This web site will present evidence — mostly from Western sources (not easy to supply, as few Westerners cared about seeking out the truth back then... a situation which has barely improved with the passage of the years) — in as impartial a way as possible*, so that visitors can make up their own minds. (Assuming, of course, that the visitor is not beyond hope and not totally brainwashed, like most genocide-obsessed Armenians and their supporters... everything is a "lie" with them, no matter what the source.) Was there an Armenian Genocide? None of us who are rational and reasonable can say with absolute certainty.

However, all we can rely on are cold, hard FACTS. Certainly, Armenians were killed as a result of massacres... often by their Muslim neighbors, in reprisal for the murderous acts committed by the Armenians (when they sided with the Russian enemy in hopes of carving out their own independence); but anybody who calls acts of massacres a "genocide" doesn't know the meaning of the word. (At least the way most of us perceive the meaning, as with what Hitler did to the Jews; the legal definition of genocide is essentially meaningless, and can be applied to almost any conflict.) If a genocide is how you like to describe what happened to the Armenians, then you need to refer to what American soldiers committed in My Lai as a "genocide."

Ironically, if anyone acted genocidally, with the intention of systematically wiping out people because of their ethnic or religious identity, it was the people who are traditionally accepted as the victims of this conflict. Another irony is that while Armenians have been doing their utmost to portray Turks as Nazis (in an effort to equate themselves with Holocaust victims, the one group best known to have fallen prey to genocide), Turks did their best to save Jews during World War II... while European Armenians actively supported the Nazi cause.

Since the Turkish perspective is attempting to undo nearly ninety years (and well beyond) of the unopposed one-sided view that has permeated Western minds, also having to contend with charges of "revisionism" and "denial"... defensiveness unfairly becomes part of the picture. While the aim of this site is to present mostly impartial views to get people to question what they have unthinkingly accepted, what this entails is that the Turks are put in the uncomfortable position of having to prove a negative — a difficult, if not impossible task... on the order of attempting to prove God does not exist. The issues are whether there was a state directed policy of extermination (that is, genocide... with the provision that there must be intent — backed up by tangible, no-buts-about-it evidence — as defined by the 1948 United Nations rule... and also whether Armenians constituted a political group, unprotected by another article from the U.N. Convention on Genocide)... and whether the Armenians and other minorities were the sole victims of massacres.

Unknown author, TallArmenianTale 4 Comments [12/14/2017 6:08:41 AM]
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[Comment under "Fact"]

Hitler was right and just.

Jewish commissars like Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda (Him and his Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system) and Yezhov had an active Jewish wife making all of their spawn racial Jews. Just Yagoda was responsible for killing at least 10,000,000 people. Their Cheka in total killed upwards of 80+ million people.

Yet FDR recognized the USSR his first year in office and immediately established aid programs to develop the troubled agrarian state into an industrial power which in turn supported Mao in the Chinese Civil War which the League of Nations said "Originated in Moscow" and cabled Roosevelt to ask him to "use his new ally Stalin to stop (the civil war in China).

Franklin Roosevelt actually demanded that Chiang Kai Shek allow Communists in government or lose all US economic and military aid. Chiang had an emergency meeting with his generals who said to commit an all out attack on Mao's forces and sent them on their 1000 mile march into Soviet territory thinking if they were no longer in China that would negate his demand but it just made FDR even more angry. FDR says "There is no threat here in Communism, some of my best friends are Communists" while Dean Acheson at Harvard literally says "There is no inherent obstacle to implementing (Marxist) Socialism in America through a series of New Deals".

The United States had it's first Communist President under Franklin Roosevelt. All of the damn near a hundred new bureaucracies he created were hotbeds of Communist recruitment, infiltration, and assignment. The 67th Congressional Investigation discovered that the Institute of Pacific Relations was a hotbed for communist infiltration, sending Communist Jews like Solomon Adler to back up Harry Dexter White and Henry Morgenthau with their plan to crush Chiang's economy by illegally fixing the price of gold and silver which they later had to legalize. Solomon Adler used US Embassies to pass out propaganda to the Chinese calling Chiang a "Dictator for not allowing ALL Chinese representation in government" (Denying Communists) and the only way to fix it is to side with Mao against Chiang and secure US Economic/Military aid again.

The media also didn't report it when Mao's bandits attacked Japanese controlled Manchuria (which was a big deal because without their mainland assets Japan would have to go back to being third world again unable to industrialize, so they had an emergency military meeting and decided that Chiang was not capable of dealing with the Communists and since he was refusing Japanese help since he saw that as the first step to China becoming a vassal of Japan they would deal with the Communists themselves.

Western media portrayed it as Japanese Imperialism/Expansionism and totally neglected to mention the Soviet troop/tank presence in China supporting Mao.

And so this is why they had to invent the holocaust in order to create the false argument that we had to ally with Stalin since he is the "lesser of evils. It was clear that we were not fighting a just war and Britain had to invent what their Ministry of Intelligence called "Atrocity propaganda. Here is their letter to the Church and BBC demanding that they act convincing and passionate pushing these lies

Sir, I am directed by the Ministry to send you the following circular letter: It is often the duty of the good citizens and of the pious Christians to turn a blind eye on the peculiarities of those associated with us. But the time comes when such peculiarities, while still denied in public, must be taken into account when action by us is called for. We know the methods of rule employed by the Bolshevik dictator in Russia itself from, for example, the writing and speeches of the Prime Minister himself during the last twenty years. We know how the Red Army behaved in Poland in 1920 and in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Galicia and Bessarabia only recently. We must, therefore, take into account how the Red Army will certainly behave when it overruns Central Europe. Unless precautions are taken, the obviously inevitable horrors which will result will throw an undue strain on public opinion in this country. We cannot reform the Bolsheviks but we can do our best to save them — and ourselves — from the consequences of their acts. The disclosures of the past quarter of a century will render mere denials unconvincing. The only alternative to denial is to distract public attention from the whole subject. Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy. Unfortunately the public is no longer so susceptible as in the days of the “Corpse Factory,” and the “Mutilated Belgian Babies,” and the “Crucified Canadians.” Your cooperation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans and Japanese which have been and will be put into circulation by the Ministry. Your expression of belief in such may convince others. I am, Sir, Your obedient servant, (signed) H. HEWET, ASSISTANT SECRETARY The Ministry can enter into no correspondence of any kind with regard to this communication which should only be disclosed to responsible persons.

This letter is reproduced in a 1958 book entitled Allied Wartime Diplomacy: A Pattern in Poland by Edward J. Rozek, the image above is captured from the first edition (pages 209-210).

You can learn more about this greasy British action and the history behind it here

Na7Soc, Reddit - r/WhiteRights 3 Comments [12/14/2017 6:07:01 AM]
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Judges, and lawyers are sovereign citizens.

Judges, and lawyers use the sovereign citizen tactic when they get pulled over by the police, or when they are in court standing trail for the usual things those class of people do- paedophilia, rape, murder, theft; crimes involving harming another person, which are violations of natural, and common law, not just violations of commercial law such as a speeding ticket, which is what the run of the mill person exercises their sovereign citizen status for.

But then these same people get on message boards, like this one, and write "sovereign citizens are stupid, ignorant, morons". The reason they do this is because within their dark arts profession they are taught how to tap into their Cestui Que Vie trust, and withdraw equity to buy a house, car etc but they don't want outsiders to know how to do it, nor even that it exists, so when an outsiders comes into their court room, they can rape them for Cestui Que Vie trust equity.

And for the non judges/lawyers etc here is the Uniform Commercial Code 2010-2011 edition:


Mastering theUniform Commercial Code


rhinoqueen123, /r/Sovereigncitizen 5 Comments [12/13/2017 12:12:51 PM]
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Hey guys, I wrote a book on "the right to travel". If there is any case to be made for the sovereign citizens, I think this book is the best chance.


I am writing this correspondence to inform people that I am finally disseminating a project that I have been working on for the last few years. I have now published a book that I have written: Of Personal Liberty, The Truth of Motor Vehicle Infractions. If you have any time to spare, I’d greatly appreciate your audience for my work.

What is my book about? Well, first off, I want to assert that my book is NOT a discussion about how to get out of traffic tickets. Rather and more importantly, my book aims to examine the legitimacy of traffic tickets, and in doing so teach people fundamental principles of law that everyone should know.

At its core, my book is a discussion about freedom—in practical use. Specifically, the book enunciates the fact that if a person is free, they don’t need to ask for anyone’s permission before inclining to act. Americans today no longer practice freedom: it is illegal for us to do anything of sustenance unless we first acquire a ‘license’ or ‘permit’ (permission) from the government.

One of the many freedoms that have been deprived from Americans is their right to freely travel upon the highways. For a long time, we have been told that “driving is a privilege”, but this is a grave misnomer. My central thesis is that people should not be forced to obtain a license (ask government’s permission) nor meet other prerequisites before being allowed to privately travel upon the highways.

Our country’s backbone was designed to support a free society. Requiring everyone to get a driver’s license before they can travel upon the highways has led to a form of scoliosis; Constitutional provisions have been grossly reinterpreted, and basic principles of fairness (due process) are being ignored, in order to sustain our current trafficking system.

I’ve put thousands of hours of work into this book. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am diligent when it comes to my projects. I wouldn’t disseminate a publication unless I felt it met an acceptable standard of quality. I’m ready to share my book for dialectic.

I want to emphasize the word DIALECTIC. Take the time to understand the arguments and make them your own; then attack the arguments and see if they hold water. If there is a case to be made for the sovereign citizens, I think this book is their best chance.

The link is provided below: https://www.amazon.com/Personal-Liberty-truth-vehicle-infractions/dp/1508921334

personal_liberty, /r/Sovereigncitizen 6 Comments [12/13/2017 12:12:33 PM]
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There must be some discussion of the possibility that Hamlet is based on the life of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. I realize the orthodox scholars hold on Wikipedia, and any discussion of the authorship question is brutally suppressed.

But many prominent people now believe the traditional story is wrong. A consensus for Edward de Vere as the true author seems to have arisen among the anti-Stratfordians. So it seems reasonable to give some discussion of Hamlet in light of Edward de Vere. To do so would be folly. The Oxfordian point of view is not a fringe theory.

HenryVIIIyes, Wikipedia 4 Comments [12/13/2017 3:45:47 AM]
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This man has lost his mind!! Earth is flat!!?

needtoknow2047, Youtube 1 Comments [12/11/2017 11:48:48 AM]
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Anonymous, /b/ 6 Comments [12/10/2017 4:11:09 PM]
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An Ahmadi can never be trusted in politics. Ahmadis are always looking out for the best interest of Ahmadis, not Pakistani’s, not Indians, not Americans, Canadians, Britishers, Germans and etc etc etc. When Zafrullah Khan was foreign minister of Pakistan, he would always tell his Khalifa the business of Pakistan and let the Khalifa make the decisions.

This is how the Ahmadiyya Khalifa’s have operated over the years, they act as an invisible arm that controls all Ahmadis, especially Ahmadis with political power. Even today, Ahmadiyya INC is not owned and operated by the Mirza family, instead they have set up a global non-profit corporation with Ahmadis in legal control, not the Mirza family. However, as we all know, the Mirza family makes all pertinent decisions in the corporation, but it has other Ahmadis carry out those orders legally.

Ahmadis are not to be trusted. Ahmadis want to get their country. This is very dangerous. This is why the Muslim world will never trust them.

bashir1979, Wordpress 1 Comments [12/10/2017 4:10:49 PM]
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[Comment under "How Schools Are Dealing With Anti-Vaccine Parents"]

Good for them, and I hope the measure in CA passes, also. 20 - 50 years ago, schools used to be stricter about vaccination exemptions and we had fewer cases of measles and pertussis when they were. Time to go back to what works.

People forgot. They don't know any little kids who died, so they think it's not a problem.

Some people need to be punched before they believe being punched hurts. Anti-vaxxers are a symptom of vaccine effectiveness.

The problem is, of course, that it's the kids who pay the price.

To say that I am 100% wrong means that you are either an extremely stupid person or a for profit psychopath that I commonly call " propaganda prostitute ".

There has never been a scientific experiment conducted on vaccines, but observations on the effects of vaccines have confirmed that they are dangerous.

Common sense tells us that injections of " GMO-putrefactive-biohazardous material in a soup of carcinogens, mutagens and teratogens " (vaccines) can not be good for anyone.

Diseases are prevented with nutrition.Learn more. It is extremely stupid to believe that chemicals unrelated to living human beings injected under the skin can be beneficial. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, and so on exist in our body and can be used for strengthening it or curing it from illnesses.

Vaccines are a stupid invention. Other stupid inventions are the infernal ( instead of internal ) combustion engine. nuclear power, pesticides, GMO's, junk medicines prescribed by your stupid medical doctor that is actually a pusher for the drug companies , and so on.

There is no such thing as MEDICAL SCIENCE. Biology , chemistry, and biochemistry are sciences, but present day junk medicine makes very little use , if any, of those. If those sciences make discoveries against vaccines, the facts are hidden by the junk medicine robber barons because they want to make a profit with their junk medicine. What you call MEDICAL SCIENCE is really a faith based religion with stupid medical doctors as their priests. Those priests promote a system for curing people based on faith and compliance with a for-profit driven agenda, without relying on true scientific knowledge.

eggman2, The Atlantic 6 Comments [12/10/2017 4:04:10 PM]
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