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Quote# 73153

I looked at this webpage and found it silly. Its criticisms that have been answered constantly everywhere in creation information.
Koalas? bunnys? come on. This is why creationism wins in any fight. Its smarter and knows its opponents best stuff better then the other side knows our stuff.
If the bible was wrong it shouldn't be difficult to show why with modern evidence.
Yet here I am on this forum doing fine and bringing creativity to how to discuss these matters.
I gave the pro-evolution folk here a chance to falsify creationist geology and after a effort they changed subjects. Its always this way. Someones right and someones wrong. One can tell by the conversation who is getting pressed.

Robert Byers, RichardDawkins.net 41 Comments [5/26/2010 5:01:20 AM]
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Quote# 73147

*Obama admits he's a Muslim*

Get him out!!!
Get him out now!!!
Congratulations to everyone who voted for this abomination. You helped get an enemy of this nation into it's highest office. Had this been the early 40's it would have been a nazi instead of a muslim. Don't forget, now, that the nazis and muslims worked together during WWII.

How people can be so blind and ignorant can only be attributed to supernatural delusion over time. Take God (JEHOVAH, not allah!!!) out of everything and the enemy will be ready to fill in the void. And he has been. I'm not saying that McCain was the perfect candidate to choose either. Both have problems but THIS guy was the worst of the two of them. This guy has the anti-christ spirit all over him and it's painfully obvious.

Once again congratulations to all those out there who bought into the lies this guy and his handlers were spewing forth. Treasonous sheeple everywhere thank you.

WarriorX, RR 67 Comments [5/26/2010 4:50:51 AM]
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Quote# 73135

OBAMA AVOIDS BIBLE VERSES ! Here are some Bible verses that Pres. Obama avoids: Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): "It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury - how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!" Also Proverbs 30:22 (NIV) which says that the earth cannot bear up under "a servant who becomes king." And Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 (KJV) advises: "let thy words be few...a fool's voice is known by multitude of words." Although Obama is not descended from slaves, he may feel that he's destined to become a black-slavery avenger. Or maybe an enslaver of all free citizens!

mack fairbanks, Mack Fairbank's Profile 42 Comments [5/26/2010 2:50:00 AM]
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Quote# 73093

Trust me I believe the bible and every word in it. The guy who rejects Gods Word by attacking the Bible will have his just rewards. Many people wonder why men and women love childred and can’t help themselves. They wonder why there is so many so called pedophiles. But know one stop to think that may be that it is normal. I mean obviously God did not object to a man marrying a young girl. As long as you were married the bed was considered undefiled. Even the Christian community has been brain washed by modern society to reject the bibles teaching. Why did God make little girls body’s ready to have a baby at puberty to just not use it. It is no more harmful than touching them on the head. They are tricked into thinking there harmed by society and psychologist who think there smater than God. Are you saying that if a 12 year old can have a baby physically, God made a mistake. The obvious is very clear. God does not object to the marriage of children. I didn’t say the rape and abduction of a child. God set explicit rules about sex. I myself will follow the rules and the laws of the land because I have no desire to be locked up. But these laws really contradict what God intended.

Surgg, On Leaving Fundamentalist Christianity 115 Comments [5/25/2010 4:01:01 PM]
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Quote# 73156

(Father blames son's suicide on biology class and Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion")

A New York man is linking the suicide of his 22-year-old son, a military veteran who had bright prospects in college, to the anti-Christian book "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins after a college professor challenged the son to read it.

"Three people told us he had taken a biology class and was doing well in it, but other students and the professor were really challenging my son, his faith. They didn't like him as a Republican, as a Christian, and as a conservative who believed in intelligent design," the grief-stricken father, Keith Kilgore, told WND about his son, Jesse.

"This professor either assigned him to read or challenged him to read a book, 'The God Delusion,' by Richard Dawkins," he said.

Jesse Kilgore committed suicide in October by walking into the woods near his New York home and shooting himself. Keith Kilgore said he was shocked because he believed his son was grounded in Christianity, had blogged against abortion and for family values, and boasted he'd been debating for years.

Discover how atheism and immorality are being cleverly sold to Americans in David Kupelian's controversial best seller, "The Marketing of Evil."

After Jesse's death, Keith Kilgore learned of the book assignment from two of his son's friends and a relative. He searched Jesse's room and found the book under the mattress with his son's bookmark on the last page.

A WND message seeking a comment from Dawkins or his publisher was not returned today.

Keith Kilgore, World Net Daily 125 Comments [5/25/2010 9:07:56 AM]
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Quote# 73143

[[On the "corrective rape" of lesbians in South Africa]]

Well,? that's one way to correct gay people...

[[Quite understandably catches flak for this comment]]

If I ever turn gay then sure, do whatever you want to me. Gay people? are less than dirt and deserve to be treated like this.

CeroRasengan, Youtube 64 Comments [5/25/2010 9:05:42 AM]
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Quote# 73099

The invisible hand of marriage is unseen force of productivity that results from the marriage of a man and woman.[1]

The invisible hand of marriage is more powerful and influential than the "invisible hand" identified by Adam Smith in economics. Indeed, the source of productivity from Smith's invisible hand has been erroneously attributed to purely economic considerations, without properly factoring in the productive force of marriage. Self-interest and greed are not the primary driving forces of the invisible hand, but marriage is.

Key elements of the invisible hand of marriage include:

* the powerful incentive to work for the benefit of someone else who needs your efforts, such as a spouse or child
* the motivation to work for a future that will likely extend beyond one's own life
* the checks and balances against unproductive activity, anxiety, depression and addiction, from the very different perspectives of a man and a woman
* the insights and wisdom that result from complementary outlooks by a man and woman in marriage
* the pushing and prodding, analogous to what a supervisor, coach or sergeant does, that encourages and compels people in marriage to achieve their best
* a division of labor that enables each spouse to work on what he or she does best

(add to or improve this list)

Same-sex marriage

There is no invisible hand of marriage if the spouses have the same gender. Virtually none of the above elements exist in same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is a recipe for unproductive activity, anxiety, depression and addition, with the enormously beneficial checks and balances provided by traditional marriage.


1. ? This concept was first discovered and developed on Conservapedia. When this entry was generated here, a Google search on "invisible hand of marriage" did not find a single reference on the internet: "No results found for 'invisible hand of marriage.'"

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia, Essay:The Invisible Hand of Marriage 115 Comments [5/23/2010 6:07:10 PM]
Fundie Index: 128
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 73098

[Can we philosophically “prove” that God must be good?]

The argument I love most against Atheism is this. If Atheism is true, then all Atheists have absolute knowledge and can know everything (we know that this isn't true because of disagreement so this hinders Atheism, but for the sake of argument..). If Atheists can know everything, then they are just as knowledgeable as what we define to be God. This makes Atheists God. Therefore God is an Atheist. YIKES! shoddy logic.

hamashiachagape, Christian Forums 94 Comments [5/23/2010 6:06:47 PM]
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Quote# 73096

"The revisions include the claim that the country's Founding Fathers were guided by Christian principles."

To claim otherwise is simply revisionist conspiracy...... you may not like it, but it is the truth...

And of course, the truth will set you free from the progressives.

Get your children the heck out of the public scrools.

SDborn56, San Diego Union Tribune (SignOnSanDiego) 55 Comments [5/23/2010 6:06:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Telekon

Quote# 73094

(dress code for church)

Yes, I believe it should be modesty. I mean, who is going to take a preacher seriously if his church is dressing like they are getting ready to go have a night on the town?

I wish the style would change! The women don't dress too indecent at the church I go to, but they do wear form fitting clothing which is just as bad, IMO. I'm just sick of it, can't someone teach these kids how to dress?! Its enough that we have to be exposed to this type of immodesty on a daily basis. Can't we at least have a safe haven to go to; to escape the worldliness? I go to church to be taught the Word of God. Shouldn't I at least be able to do this without someone's dress distracting me? I could sit in front, but what about new people that come to that church? The pastor is doctrinally sound, but I'm concerned about the guidelines in that church.

heart_changed99, Rapture Ready 93 Comments [5/22/2010 3:34:06 PM]
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Quote# 73079

Premarital fornication and acts of homosexuality are bringing the world down with the help of left wingers and human leeches. We must stop them before America becomes a cesspool of ingrates... they took away Dixie and that wasn't enough, so now it's onto getting rid of the American way. God help us.

Russ Miller, Facebook 75 Comments [5/21/2010 9:58:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Ian

Quote# 73072

[I included the whole article because you need to read the thing in context. But if you get the chance, do read the comments. They are also FSTDT-worthy material.)

Let's just say, you know for a fact that eating children is wrong. A great number of people believe as you do and we all acknowledge it in unity. Then there is a website that says that eating babies is fine that you don't need to "buy into it" and believe that eating babies is wrong. There is a couple of blogs that talk all day how liberating and fantastic eating children are. Now whoever listens to them think they are crazy and very wrong but a few listen to the intellect behind the reasoning, they listen to the argument. Let's say the argument says it's natural for many animals eat their young in nature, and people are just a part of the natural process or something like that. Some people buy into it and start doing it.

You struggle everyday as to why people think like that, they all must be crazy, what do they know that you don't? This goes on and on but after a while you get curious. You then start to go around thinking why you don't get to eat babies as others do and how some people demand that you don't, like your parents. Then one day you get an opportunity to do it but everything in your soul KNOWS it is wrong. You shake at the thought of eating that very young child. It's agonizing to you for quite a while, you cuss at yourself for having such insane thoughts!

One day you see a little 5 year old at some playground and you convince yourself that you have to know what it's like. You seize the moment and kidnap the child. You keep that child tied up for days agonizing whether you should do it or not. You almost feel yourself slipping away into insanity to the point you can't take it. So you get the nerve somehow, and do it. Then afterwords you say to yourself that it was too quick that you need to try it again to see if the feelings you had during were genuine. So flash ahead a month and you have done it many times and you now frequent places that do it and go online to websites that also do it and you feel a sense of a warm community. You struggle with the nightmares until they pass and you feel OK. You embrace the fact that you are now a baby eater and you and your new friends are OK with it. The struggle get's a little easier to accept the notion that eating babies is fine for the natural process. You teach you own kids that it is perfectly natural to eat babies. You start your own website that is called "Eat babies!" and you showcase your work.

Is this what an atheist goes through when they start to not believe in God? The stories of struggles, that I have heard, turning away from God are similar to this scenario. Many authors talk about the struggle they go through from belief to non belief. The agonizing pain it causes themselves as well as their families. Could atheists talk themselves into anything? The methodical erosion of ones values and morals can be so damaging, to the point that it's acceptable that"Atheists eat babies."

An atheist may still be moral and say murder and rape are wrong: but when asked why, they will not have a final reason or authority to which they can appeal.

Dan, Debunking Atheists 284 Comments [5/21/2010 9:52:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 387
Submitted By: Mira

Quote# 73058

I'm Tim James. Why do our politicians make us give driver's license exams in twelve languages? This is Alabama; we speak English. If you want to live here, learn it. We're only giving that test in English if I'm Governor. Maybe it's the businessman in me, but we'll save money and it makes sense. Does it to you?

Tim James, YouTube 99 Comments [5/20/2010 12:35:15 PM]
Fundie Index: -53
Submitted By: BPence89

Quote# 72912

This much I absolutely know, President Obama can not be recognized by Yahweh(Even the Roman Catholic Church now recognizes Petrus Galatinus in 1520 made a translation error and confirm that it should have been Yahweh)because America is from the tribe of Joseph and is forbidden from appointing a foreigner(non-Israelite) over them(Deuteronomy 17:15) and our white women did just that! Women did it 6,000 years ago too, and I'm also sure with Cain, and now they have elected a biblical forbidden head of Israel(America) in Obama, wherever he was really born! Nothing has changed in 6,000 years! Except, we now have a "Savior" that hardly anyone in the world knows by name(Yahshua, coming in the Name of Yahweh, his father), especially in America and Great Britain! The two-witnesses are coming to punish America for 3 1/2 years(Jacob's trouble)! That is true, if you actually believe that the Bible is the word of Yahweh and his language is Hebrew(Zeph. 3:9), not Greek or whatever! Watch! PS: Yahweh spoke in Hebrew(Acts 26:14)! Repent and believe the truth!

Victor Barney, World Net Daily 117 Comments [5/20/2010 2:57:29 AM]
Fundie Index: 182
Submitted By: Mookie Blaylock

Quote# 73028

As a Christian and as a public servant, I have never wavered in my belief that this world and everything in it is a masterpiece created by the hands of God. As a member of the Alabama Board of Education, the record clearly shows that I fought to ensure the teaching of creationism in our school textbooks. Those who attack me have distorted, twisted and misrepresented my comments and are spewing utter lies to the people of this state.

Nominee for Alabama governor Bradley Byrne, Politico 76 Comments [5/19/2010 8:59:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 90
Submitted By: Trivia Jockey

Quote# 72866

[Comment #60 or so on article about Stephen Hawking and time travel]

riddle me this, for those who believe in the Big Bang theory. If applying Einsteins rules..not sure if it's thermodynamics or what, to the rotation of the planets. From my understanding, according to evolution, the big bang happened by a bunch of atoms/particles that started spinning and accelerating smashing together and the universe exploded out from that. So according to the law, that any object that is rotating in one direction when another object is released from the main object, it too will rotate the same direction as the original object (example of jumping off a fast spinning merrygoround you will be flung in the direciton the merry-go-round was spinning, or example of jumping from a moving car). So then why do some planets rotate the opposite direction of others? curious to hear answers

bobincincySo, www.foxnews.com 115 Comments [5/18/2010 4:40:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Moridin

Quote# 73008

["My son is involved in a Christian School Play and he tells me that the major roles which are normally played by males are being played by females. I don't think there is a shortage of males available - even if there is a shortage, does this make it right?"]

Your justifications are warranted.

Females should *never* play male roles.

Today's "Christian schools" are not what they used to be (although I have always been a proponent of having young Christian men and women grow up among unbelievers in public school to build toughness and grit); I would be wary of anyone trying to sell me on a religious education today unless I knew, by courseload what both classroom and extra curricular activities would be.

Although I would not pull your child out, you should make your criticisms known to the school administrator and explain to your son what the proper roles for male/female are.

Our society is submerged in a sex-drenched culture so hedonistic that we are, in many respects coming close to "Rome."

Drama is an *excellent* tool for teaching poise to young men and women ... but proper roles should not only be defined but vigorously defended.

Brother_Mark, Christian Forums 86 Comments [5/18/2010 3:24:18 PM]
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Quote# 72990

I look at pictures of my city in the early 1950s or a typical surburban neighborhood and I wish we could go back to the golden days of this nation.

The closest thing I compare my paradise on earth to are the mountain towns of switzerland. The kind of places where you wakeup to the local church ringing its bells as the town funnels in for sunday service. The places where the term "foodtamps" has a "What is that?" meaning.

I like that place and in the US as it is now the only place that is close is montana which I will be moving to this summer.

and if you must know, no! I am not tolerant I HATE tolerance I don't want to tolerate a gay pride parade, I don't want to tolerate homeless people in public, I don't want tolerate exotic religions in my neighborhood. Call me what you want but I know that in the future things will got back to that when the moral tax payers are sick of the deadbeats!

JohnSnowe, fark 111 Comments [5/18/2010 12:05:41 PM]
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Quote# 72973

Example Four

Elizabeth was a smart liberal who knew she would be better off marrying a conservative than a liberal like herself. She found one in Stan, a conservative who was a very hard worker and who did not have the luxury of time to develop the social skills that Elizabeth had.

Stan's circle of friends and acquaintances were limited, and he thought all women were liberal. He married Elizabeth thinking that all women were liberal like her.

For the next thirty years Elizabeth censored Stan's conservative comments, interfered with his conservative activities, and caused problems for Stan at every political turn. But Stan thought all women were that way, and rarely complained.

Tragically, Elizabeth became sick and died. Stan then remarried, this time to a conservative woman whom he did not even realize existed. For the rest of his life Stan marveled at how different -- and better -- his life was.

Marry A Conservative, Conservapedia 110 Comments [5/18/2010 10:20:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 153

Quote# 72969

[In response to This ]

I don't like this Idea at all this is very distrubing! If these people all believed in the blood of Jesus would be one thing but a lot of them don't even believe ether that he exsisted or that he wasn't who he say he was, which is basically saying that he is a lier. This makes me furious when people do thing's like this, how can a muslim and a Jesus Christ follower have anything in common.

4Godisjust, Rapture Ready 60 Comments [5/18/2010 10:16:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 60
Submitted By: Tiberius

Quote# 72594

[Re: The Vatican's conspiracy to coverup child abuse.]

Tue Mar 09, 2010 09:29 am PST

The Catholic Church continues to learn the painful lesson of allowing homosexuals into the priesthood. Let's not forget there are many homosexual priests entrenched in the church and they will continue to fight reform in this area. While the overwhelming majority of priests are wonderful men of God living the Christian life, many were there for the boy’s club atmosphere reminiscent of the destruction of WMCA. This has become a problem since the 1960's, (not for centuries), when restrictions on homosexuality in the priesthood were loosened due to the liberalization of Church policies in defining celibacy. The question was raised "what difference does ones sexual orientation matter if celibacy is an objective, After all we all as human beings have our crosses to bear"? Clearly a big difference.
Berating the Church serves no purpose other than to strengthen those who wish to destroy her and propagate this abhorrent activity of abusing post pubescent's. Shawn, Satan has everything to do with it.

This is not an idictment of homosexuality, rather of those predators who whish to abuse children and young teens.

Berfel, Yahoo! News Comments 52 Comments [5/17/2010 7:31:26 PM]
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Submitted By: Jodie

Quote# 72959

Heterosexual marriage laws exist because in traditional society, there is a compelling national interest in providing protected status to a stay-at-home spouse (June Cleaver) in the event of a tradegy involving the breadwinner. At the same time, there is no compelling national interest in providing the same protection to an unemployed homosexual bus boy whose lover dies of AIDS.
Stereotypes? Sure, but they explain why marriage in the mainstream should be protected, while "marriage" among the fringers is just another form of tax evasion and entitlement.

Bernard, Free Republic 93 Comments [5/14/2010 10:52:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 118
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 72953

I believe women in politics have done a great disservice to the sovereignty and resolve of a our great Republic. Many issues that face our nation, from without and within, need to be decided from a place of strength instead of weakness. Women are gifted from God with a lot of skills that are good in the home, but not in the Government. They tend to base their decisions from a security standpoint and believe that they have the ability to rehabilitate and nurse others to mental and social health. Men are more pragmatic and can make the tough calls that have to be made in matters of war, also in domestic and international policy. Maybe I should have said men used to be able to make the tough calls. Women in politics have been in position so long now that men are not the men they once were. They have to take into account how their decisions and policies will be viewed by the ladies. Being weak, pathetic, and a bunch of pansies being entrusted with positions of power are all the result of this great error.

Cutter, Baptist Board 102 Comments [5/14/2010 8:57:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Jodie

Quote# 72934

The only problem in America is allowing the left a place at the table. I long for a civil war and hope one day to crush you socialist alarmist hatefilled 'useful idiots' under a boot.
Why dont you get the ball rolling and commit suicide with your leftwing buddies at the gay bar as a way of protesting how evil America is by continuing to have children?

Muckfexico, Psychology Today 84 Comments [5/14/2010 7:41:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 141
Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 72902

I said I believe that to end the terrorist attacks, you need to kill ALL MUSLIMS. Which part of that was "cryptic" to you? Which one of those two words did you misunderstand?

Gonzo67, Free Conservatives 86 Comments [5/13/2010 4:25:33 PM]
Fundie Index: 146
Submitted By: Dagon
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