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Quote# 71466

Science is a Theory. It survives on what it assumes to be a fact. HOWEVER; just like a good story there are different ways to make it to an an ending. what happened to tadpoles? If science in any form cannot come up with a plausible idea they cannot get funding for expeditions,DNA testings.etc. Like all theories there are some factual basis then anything past this is imagination or should I say Darwinisms…….

Jerry, Why Evolution is True 45 Comments [3/15/2010 4:52:06 PM]
Fundie Index: 51

Quote# 71503

Snopes is a joke. Type in Barrack Obama is the antichrist. It states untrue. First, let me say this; I don't believe in any way that Obama is the AC, the AC will be a lot smarter than this guy. But, how can Snopes give a definitive answer to that question...??? There is no confirmation or evidence that he is or isn't, the answer is purely political.

Gideon300, RR 54 Comments [3/15/2010 4:12:12 PM]
Fundie Index: 56
Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

Quote# 71479

Obama cannot be trusted he showed that when he praised the Quran and yet attacked the Bible, and yet he tells us he converted to christanity, makes me wonder if its true why? since you praise Islam and attack the bible?

the Quran says all? christians, Jews, atheist, and all other none Muslims will burn in hell, where our skins will burned over and over, Obama is an enemy..

He is in love with his ego and nothing else, he left his own brother to starve in africa living in a dollar a day..

Albanianwarrior23, Youtube Comments 42 Comments [3/15/2010 4:03:08 PM]
Fundie Index: 43

Quote# 71499

The Interesting little FACT is that creationism and science do NOT contradict themselves at all, as liberals would have us believe. Only when so called scientific THEORIES are thrown into the mix do we have a conflict.
Question: So why are do Evolutionist hate creationism?
Answer: It comes down to MORALITY.... If there is a Creator and we have been created then we are accountable to a set of rules by our Creator. But if we can take the Creator out of the picture then we can make up the rules. So at the end of the day, it comes down to MORALITY.

kiwi1, www.huffinngtonpost.com 52 Comments [3/15/2010 3:34:33 PM]
Fundie Index: 42
Submitted By: The Gospel of Marquise

Quote# 71485

Note: This is from a website of quotes from customer service people and the stupidity they have to deal with on a regular basis

I work in a clinic where we test drugs on people. Upon check-in, we confiscate any items that could disrupt the study. I’m returning a pair of ankle weights to a participant; we had to remove them so he wouldn’t work out during the study.)

Me: “Here are your items.” *hands him ankle weights*

Participant: “Can I put them on now?”

Me: “Sure.”

Participant: *sits down and straps on weights* “You know why I wear these?”

Me: “…to build muscle?”

Participant: “So I don’t get the bends when the rapture comes!”

Participant, Not Always Right 60 Comments [3/15/2010 1:23:28 PM]
Fundie Index: 50
Submitted By: Marc

Quote# 71482

This portion of the Death Camps tour looks at the history of holocaust. By comparing Germany's Nazi holocaust and America's abortion holocaust you'll see there is practically no difference between the mindset of holocaust then and now. As with slavery in early America, killing Jews in Nazi Germany, or killing babies in America today -- just because something is legal does not make it right. So how do you get a country to allow humans to be treated worse than animals? You use euphemisms to convince people that these actions are justifiable, or even beneficial.

Abortion advocates and America's largest Death Camp operator, Planned Parenthood, have elevated the dehumanization of holocaust victims to an art form with their 'pro-choice' rhetoric. But those who side with the pro-choice crowd may be shocked by the racial slurs and elitist ideals of Planned Parenthood's celebrated founder, Margaret Sanger. As you'll see, her words and goals bear an eerie similarity to the words and ideas of the Nazis.

Life Dynamics Inc., Klan Parenthood 42 Comments [3/15/2010 1:23:10 PM]
Fundie Index: 57
Submitted By: Malkyrian

Quote# 71471

As restraint on female sexuality has been removed, wealth inequality has increased. This is a natural outcome of the breakdown of morality caused by lack of restraint on women. As men are forced to compete with each other for sex, the bonds and trust between men in a society are broken and men feel free to screw each other over for their own benefit. It is no accident that the wealth disparity in America began increasing immediately after the sexual revolution and has been steadily increasing since.

fschmidt, love-shy 69 Comments [3/15/2010 10:34:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 70

Quote# 71502

But evolution is not a fact, it is tons of theories about facts. If it was a fact, I would believe it, but since I don’t believe it, it is not a fact. I believe ALL facts, actually correction, I KNOW all facts are facts. You cannot believe something you know, belief involves taking a leap, with facts there is no leap to take, since you would know. But, I do not KNOW of evolution being a fact, and I disagree with it being a fact, therefore it is not a fact. Does this make me uneducated about the information about evolution? No, I have read a lot about it and debated about it before, not just on this website. I know about the issue, I don’t agree it is a fact.

Jollybear, Religious Education Forum 88 Comments [3/15/2010 12:42:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 93
Submitted By: Tumbleweed

Quote# 71495

If you don't repent, you're going? to burn in hell. I know that has no effect on you at all, but you will. You're not funny at all. Christians are NOT pagans. Don't you dare even say that. The Bible is completely true. Blasphemist.
Who exactly are you rebelling against. What made you decide to become an atheist? Dumb ass

BluePhoenixNicklerd, Youtube 64 Comments [3/14/2010 6:05:28 PM]
Fundie Index: 48
Submitted By: TheFockerizer

Quote# 71483

[In response to a YouTube Video about lesbians being raped by men in South Africa who are trying to turn them straight.]

I'm usually not too ? hot on immigration but bringing a few hundred of these gentlemen to San Francisco type places might be a pretty good idea.

ghjjfsbf, YouTube 67 Comments [3/14/2010 5:38:03 PM]
Fundie Index: 111
Submitted By: Ajax

Quote# 71476

Marriage is meant to be between a MAN and Woman. All else is a mokery of God and weakness to temptation of the flesh, they say they cam find a million who support gay marriage, I say we can fine 2 million that know its wrong and can say why.... LET SHOW THEM.........

Ill bet we can find 2,000,000 people who know same sex marriage is immoral, Facebook 52 Comments [3/14/2010 5:22:33 PM]
Fundie Index: 34

Quote# 71468

Okay Family, so I am so mortified and wish Jesus would come now. I can't believe how nasty our world is. I was walking in our mall and passed by a store called Spencer's. I hear they are all over the country, or at least the Northwest. This is so gross but it is keeping me from being able to fall asleep. I feel so violated. There was this T-shirt on display OUTSIDE the store where familys with children and pretty much the whole other side of the mall could see it...It was pornography on a T-shirt. I felt so violated not only because I'm a woman too, but that I had to see it against my will. At the very time I saw it (I was at the mall to buy some shorts with my friend) I asked Jesus, "Where are You? Please come, Jesus. Don't tarry!" It's so hard to get those gross images out of my head. It repeats itself over and over and it disturbs me. I pray so hard for the rapture. Our world is so gross in sin, I feel like it's worse than Noah's day or even the cities Sodom and Gomorrah! The rapture has to be soon because innocent children are soon to be forced into corruption. Planned Parenthood has some nasty plans... I'm so afraid of being here longer and I have a little boy. If we are still here, I have to homeschool him since schools kicked Jesus out. I am guessing the great apostasy is already at work, it's already happening. I'm almost afraid. It's so gross here. I feel so dirty and I didn't do anything wrong. I just looked the wrong way at the mall not knowing there was porn on a shirt, where little innocent children can see it on display for $25!! What do we do??? How much longer, Lord? (I say that with respect for our Lord.) Maranatha!!!!!!

Jesus's Girl, RR 92 Comments [3/14/2010 3:49:36 PM]
Fundie Index: 64

Quote# 71457

We all deserve to go through the Holocaust you do and I do. Because we are sinners. i don't think you can call it? God's will. But he could have stoped it if he choose to. God can even take somthing like the Holocaust and use it for our good and his glory.

boxing84batman, Youtube 52 Comments [3/14/2010 1:18:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 43
Submitted By: TGRwulf

Quote# 71469

*abortions to save the mother*

The difference is if the mother dies it is by all means a natural death - no one is responsible, but if the baby is aborted to save the mother, the baby dies because a deliberate, violent act was inflicted on him or her by another person. Someone was directly responsible for causing the baby's death and they have blood on their hands.

adc, RR 60 Comments [3/14/2010 10:30:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 47

Quote# 71404

When it comes down to it, either Atlantis was a real place or it wasn’t. If it wasn’t, then the discussion is more-or-less finished. And considering that this story was passed down several times before Plato recorded it, we can assume that it has some inaccuracies.

Regardless, let’s assume for a moment that it was a real place and use a biblical framework to place it. Big-picture biblical explanations could be:

1. Atlantis was destroyed by the Flood, and we should not expect to find remnants of it.
2. Atlantis was destroyed after the Flood, and its remnants may still exist.
[Emphasis added]

Bodie Hodge, Answers in Genesis, Did Atlantis Exist? 52 Comments [3/14/2010 5:16:57 AM]
Fundie Index: 49
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 71445

Fools, Avatar is a creation of the Liberal Left designed to make white people feel guilty for using the land as God intended. As though the savages had any right to it.
Meanwhile, Obama plots to murder the unborn, the ill, and the elderly in his ivory tower of socialist thought.
When will the madness end? Thank Christ for the warriors of truth which hold back the mongrol hordes of depravity, athiesm, and death. Only through the light of Christ can the darkness be conquered.
Palin '12

Anonymous, Duck and Cover 68 Comments [3/12/2010 10:44:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 109

Quote# 71434

Poverty is caused by SIN. and no government in the world can cure that problem.

MrsGoodBuddy, CARM 67 Comments [3/12/2010 11:26:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 90

Quote# 71433

Have you ever heard of a STDS?
sexually transmitted diseased spirit. You should only have sex with a virgin, and one from the Lord and heaven.

Funny lots of people see that STD's can be transferred, but can not see a spirit being transferred, but proof is right in your eyes with a STD. You know the past man or woman is in your body because you got his disease and you carry it with you.

TheGreatSeeker, Yahoo Answers R&S 68 Comments [3/12/2010 11:26:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 90

Quote# 71432

You miss the real reason women oppose prostitution. They oppose it because prostitutes are competition. American women are utterly repulsive human beings. The only reason that a man pursues an American women is for sex. American women have nothing else to offer, certainly not their horrible personalities. If prostitution were legal, American women would not be able to find husbands and thereby get alimony and child support. The European system is different. While in America, women are supported by enslaving a husband, in Europe women are supported through taxation and forcing companies to hire incompetent women. Since women can suck men's money via the government in Europe, they don't depend on a husband, so prostitution poses less of a threat. This is why women tolerate prostitution in Europe.

fschmidt, love-shy.com 133 Comments [3/12/2010 11:26:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 98
Submitted By: David

Quote# 71418

Kick them ALL OUT!! As has been said before (and much criticized - thus I won't use it as a tag line cause someone else got in trouble around here for it - an done radio show host got fired for saying it - ITS TRUE:

UScbass, Free Republic 38 Comments [3/12/2010 11:23:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 41
Submitted By: Ajax

Quote# 71411

Maquissar, it's not that complicated. The percentage of excellent athletes who are in traditional relationships or marriages is very high. The percentage of those misled by the homosexual agenda who then break athletic records is very low. Impose the latter on a country and expect to produce athletes who are not as competitive with other nations that don't impose the misguided value system.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 60 Comments [3/12/2010 11:23:19 AM]
Fundie Index: 60
Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 71375

"When the quake struck at 4:53 P.M. on January 12th, Signal FM was playing 'Hotel California.' The earth groaned and the building shuddered. But just before the DJ ran out, he had the presence of mind to hit the 'repeat' button. So for the first 30 minutes of Port-au-Prince's descent into hell, the only thing you could hear on the radio was the Eagles standard - over and over and over." (21) Every Satanist and most witches know full well that "Hotel California" is another name for the church of Satan. The song describes very clearly the captivating of the soul by Satanism. It even contains a verse describing human sacrifice, stating that the participants "stabbed him with their steely knives but could not kill the beast." It also describes the onlooker running for the door, where he was met by the "night man" who told him, "….we are programmed to receive, you can check out any time you want but you can never leave." It is quite amazing that this song so compatible with voodoo was the only thing playing as judgment was falling upon that pagan land. This is too appropriate to be coincidental.

David J. Meyer, Last Trumpet Ministries 66 Comments [3/12/2010 11:22:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 62
Submitted By: ElwoodWV

Quote# 71421

[In response to an article that explains what it was that wiped out the dinosaurs.]

Oh give me a break. 1) NONE of these 'scientists' knows with any degree of certainty that the earth is even that old!
2) an asteroid had nothing at all to do with anything like this on this planet. It was a global flood that did in the dinosaurs. It's been proven.
3) the Earth, at best is near 8-9 thousand years old, not millions.
4) HAD an asteroid hit this planet, it would NOT be in the kind of perfect orbit it is that sustains the life it does. It would have knocked us out of that orbit, not left it alone on the exact axis tilt we are on, at the rate of speed we are, on the orbits around the sun that we are.
College educated idiots is what they are...

David B., Yahoo! 93 Comments [3/10/2010 7:42:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 123
Submitted By: Shann

Quote# 71419

"The Bossier Parish sheriff's office is launching a program called "Operation Exodus," a policing plan for an end-of-the-world scenario involving a mostly white group of ex-police volunteers and a .50-caliber machine gun, inspired in part from the Book of Exodus in the Bible."

Sheriff Larry Deen, http://www.shreveporttimes.com 65 Comments [3/10/2010 7:42:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 58
Submitted By: JB

Quote# 71410

You're gay because you've chosen to allow and succumb to perverted thoughts and feelings. You've? made a choice to be gay because it's easier justifying your actions then doing something about them. To be a homosexual is to Reject God and all and any logic that says otherwise. There is however many gays that would love to be helped back to a normal life. How dare you take that hope away from them by saying things like it's biological and there's nothing they can do.

vita008, YouTube 75 Comments [3/10/2010 7:40:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 67
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