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(a nice secular fundie)

Christians who believe in evolution are even worse than the fundies who reject it. (I'm speaking of those who believe we decended from apes and that dinosaurs existed before man--not the ones who only admit that genes change over time but there is no speciation)

You know and admit there are lies in your book yet you believe it anyway. You're cherry picking your God's word? What gives you the right to do that?

The truth is that you're too affraid to give it up because you have no real meaning in your lives and/or because you're scared of retribution from a source you only kind of, sort of, believe in.

At least fundies are consistantly retarded. You're just weak.

ThusSpokeKayvon, Fark 57 Comments [2/10/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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[Thread deals with the Theory of Evolution]

"You guys are really pathetic,..."

I'm willing to bet that you won't be thinking that when you're in Hell, looking up at us "pathetic" creationists.

Life is short, death is eternal for the non-believer, and your arrogance will evaporate in the fires of Hell.

Your belief in THAT is not required.

Nonetheless, you will receive prayers, in the probably-futile hope that some day you will be loosed from Satan's grasp, and embrace God.

[Tagline: ("...when the lion and the lamb lie down together, ...we'd better damn sure be the lion")]

jim35, Free Republic 40 Comments [2/8/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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morality is petty and meaningless, Satan was a cherubim, Lucifer a seraphim the highest of goods order but because the morning star was the first he's the only angel with true freedom and again he no longer cares about humanity he just wants to go home. and when Lucifer got the boot he wasn't replaced by Michael of all angels for who knows what reason but some random human named Metatron and there are the Elohim who (by definition) are god like beings and you can become one if your a good enough boy scout. finally demons don't make people feel worthless the universe does.I'm not going to further this discussion with you ok, leave it at this. please.?

Michael Bleskoski, YouTube comment section 12 Comments [11/12/2017 3:59:55 AM]
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[From "MLK FBI Files Vindicate White Nationalist Critics"]

Many years ago, I remember stumbling across the truth about Martin Luther King, Jr. at Stormfront, which for years has maintained a website called MartinLutherKing.org.

It was there that I first learned about the seedier side of Martin Luther King, Jr.: the plagiarism, the adultery, the communist affiliations, the ties to radical black nationalists, the orgies with prostitutes, etc. I later bought the Taylor Branch Trilogy which confirmed that the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement had been sanitized for mainstream consumption.

In one memorable incident, I recall reading about how the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, a close associate and successor of Martin Luther King, Jr., had been chased out of the First Baptist Church through the streets of Montgomery after his wife discovered he was keeping a mistress in his own congregation. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was another close associate and protege of Martin Luther King, Jr., admitted fathering a love child with one of his Rainbow/PUSH employees. He was also sued by one of his employees who had to clean up the hotel rooms after his sexual escapades.

The worst was the Rev. James Bevel who played a leading role with Martin Luther King, Jr. in organizing the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham in 1963 and the Selma-to-Montgomery March in 1965. He was convicted in 2008 of incest and sentenced to 15 years in prison for molesting his own daughter. MLK allegedly spent the last night of his life having an orgy with prostitutes in a Memphis hotel room screaming “I’m f–ing for God” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!” while the FBI listened.

No one should be surprised by what has come out about the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the recently declassified FBI files. It has been floating around the internet for years and was even brought up in the Hollywood movie “Selma.” There is much more still out there including FBI recordings of MLK’s illicit sexual encounters which have never been released to the public.

The most damaging allegation is that the Jewish communist Stanley Levison fed MLK all his lines and approved everything he said because he was a “slow thinker.” In the 1950s, many American communists rebranded as “civil rights activists” in order to push their ideas into the mainstream:

Hunter Wallace, Occidental Dissent 3 Comments [11/12/2017 3:59:40 AM]
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[Please explain, exactly, what known phenomena that the field of science known as "Intelligent Design" studies.]

Yes, of course. The field of science known as "Intelligent Design" studies the known phenomena of intelligent design.

[Please also explain whether this field is primarily a sub-field of physics, chemistry or biology.]

Why is that important?

[Also, are those who claim that Intelligent Design is a scientific theory, rather than a general scientific field, simply uninformed, or are they lying?]

The distinction is unimportant to my premise. Theory or not, if it is a general scientific field, you should have no objection to having the subject taught in a science class.

SkinnyHead, Fark 37 Comments [2/8/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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How can humanistic psychology be reconciled with Christianity? The views of Carl Rogers are NOT similar to Christ's - they are totally contradictory and more in line with those of the New Age Movement. The basis of person centred theory is its view of man as 'inherently good and moving in the right direction' and the opposite of biblical sinful man. The goal of humanistic therapy - 'actualization' (or, 'godhood for man') is hardly a Christian aim. I believe there is a place especially in treating mental health problems for the more scientific psychological approach of cognitive behaviour therapy with its goals of eradicating irrational thinking. Without doubt it would be better to look to the Lord for answers but what of relieving the human suffering of non believers? Please beware of 'holistic', client centred, humanistic pseudoscience with its hidden agendas.

cheryl doyme, CARM 38 Comments [2/8/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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The failiure of medical science

If the placebo effect can cure a person why cant it make a person ill.

I am not a strong fan of modern medical science.

Not at all?

To me it feels that you get to the hospital inorder for the doctor to force one's deseases upon the patint.

So while most argue that a person goes to the hospital becuase he is ill and wants to be cured.

I argue that a person goes to the hospital becaues he believes he is ill and then through a placebo effect becomes ill because of the doctors assumptions of what deasease the symthoms might fill up to.

When a persos fills diffrent symthoms of something. A placebo effect is caused for the patint, that causes the patient to become ill. But not until the doctor starts trating the preassumed illness.

This is marly hypothitical.

Open for debate.

lets take it once more:

If the placebo effect can cure a person, why cant it make a person ill?

Why do you get ill?

I prefer the healing power of Jesus.

All that is required is some faith

Lindstrom, Christian Forums 58 Comments [2/8/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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(This fundie is talking about evolution.)

It matters because the shaytan is using it as a tool. He gives it to people so they can delude themselves with disbelief in Allah, and commit all kinds of foul things like sex out of marraige, drinking alcohol, drugs, violence, same sex marraige and murder Muslims world wide.

As Muslims, we know that everyone was born with the knowledge of Allah in our hearts. I don't believe that knowledge ever disappears, people just bury it under their whims and desires.

Abisali, Ummah 3 Comments [11/12/2017 9:52:20 AM]
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The Juche Idea means, in a few words, that the owner of the revolution and construction are the masses. – Eternal Leader, Kim Il Sung.

Korea is blessed with a great idea which enjoys unanimous support and sympathy from the world progressives. It is the immortal Juche idea fathered by President Kim Il Sung. The Juche idea, based on the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything, convinces the popular masses that one is responsible for one’s own destiny and shows them a correct way of carving out their own destiny by themselves.

The Juche idea has fully proved its validity and vitality through over half a century of the Korean revolution and the world revolutionary people’s anti-imperialist struggle for independence. This is why the Juche idea has been recognized as the main idea of the present era. Many people of the world are striving to build a new prosperous society free from all kinds of domination and subordination, taking the Juche idea as their guiding idea. The Juche idea, which strongly propels the advance of the era of independence, has been developed in depth by leader Kim Jong Il’s outstanding ideological and theoretical activities.

Unknown author, KFUSA 1 Comments [11/12/2017 3:47:31 AM]
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(In reference to Roy Moore allegations)

Mary was probably 15 when she married Joseph, who was probably around 30. What's the problem?

TCassidy, Baptistboard 20 Comments [11/10/2017 2:07:10 PM]
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Science/atheism were the ones to go against the tide. Religion is natural. They are the ones who go against the flow so they are the ones who ridicule and contradict God; thus, people have to refute their stupidity. That is why religious people discuss evolution. To refute ignorance.

Why bother with something that happened billions or millions of years ago? Same thing with dinosaurs, big bang, etc all these things that are irrelevant and take belief. Because it takes belief to 'know' these things.

Maybe if science wasn't so quick to dismiss religion, they'd be able to at least show the possibility of some of the miracles.

Bint Radical, Ummah 4 Comments [11/12/2017 9:52:05 AM]
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Jesus the son of Tiberius Julius Pantera was born around 4 BC!!

When the Messiah was born the scepter had finally departed from Judah because the Romans occupied the country:

The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be (Genesis 49:10).
By 50 BC, Judea was under the iron heel of Rome's legions, and Roman law superceded Jewish law in the country. Around 4-5 BC, a Roman soldier, stationed in Israel, RAPED a young Jewish woman named Miriam. The name Miriam was one of the most popular names for girls in Israel as David and Jehoshua were the 2 most popular names for boys.

A tombstone inscription of Tiberius Julius Pantera is now in a museum in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Hurry up and see it before it disappears!!

A tombstone inscription of Tiberius Julius Pantera is in a museum in the land of Saint Martin Luther.

Satan the devil, in a mocking parody and counterfeit of the virgin birth, used a Roman soldier named Tiberius Julius Pantera to rape a young Jewish woman named Miriam.

Tiberius was stationed in Israel; he adopted the illegitimate son born to Miriam, and gave him the Latin name JESUS!!

The name Pantera means PANTHER–a wild animal. Roman soldiers were expected to behave beastly and live up to their names. The Latin inscription says:

Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera of Sidon, aged 62 a soldiers of 40 years service, of 1st cohort of archers, lies here.

The vile, blasphemous slander against the virgin birth of the Messiah was also a popular theme among the pagans. One such pagan was a man named Celsus who wrote an anti-Christian polemic about 250 AD:

Let us imagine what a Jew–let alone a philosopher–might say to Jesus: "Is it not true, good sir, that you fabricated the story of your birth from a virgin to quiet rumours about the true and insavoury circumstances of your origins? Is it not the case that far from being born in the royal David's city of bethlehem, you were born in a poor country town, and of a woman who earned her living by spinning? Is it not the case that when her deceit was uncovered, to wit, that she was pregnant by a roman soldier called Panthera she was driven away by her husband–the carpenter–and convicted of adultery?" (Celsus, On the True Doctrine).
On the True Doctrinal by Celsus is lost but the Pantera slur was rebutted by Origen in his Conta Celsus CHAP. LXIX.

The name ESUS was very popular among the Druids of Gaul and Britannia as that was one of the names of their false idols. To make it Roman, Tiberius simply put a "J" in front of ESUS.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 29 Comments [9/18/2014 2:57:10 AM]
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O.P hear this. Witchrs and wizards exist and yes they fly at night and the every powerful ones fly during the day. Done witch in my collage confessed to Killing my cousin's father. Because of that my cousin almost used a machete on him. Several others have confessed that they are the reason behind my dad's Misfortunes (but my dad is doing great cuz God is on our side). They tried do many things but Godwin.

The most suprising one was when my dad travelled to calabar some years ago. He was on his way out when he saw a group of people just about lynching an old Unclad woman to death. Reason being that she mysteriously appeared in the House of a young man. She was unable to disappear and almost met her death when the young man blew the alarm.

Amberon, Nairaland 6 Comments [11/8/2017 11:19:03 PM]
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[Comment under "Days before UN coal sanctions went into effect, China purchased 1.6 million tons of North Korean coal, worth nearly 140 million dollars."]

That is great news!

I love how the artice is worded as to make both the DPRK and China sound as shady and corrupt as possible.

(...) curb North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's nuclear weapons program by squeezing his ability to fund the program, and forcing the regime to negotiate.

First they refer to democratically elected Kim Jung Un as a dictator, but I guess anyone who does not obey the proto fascist U$ is a dictator huh? Of course unlike the Orange orangutan in the white house who managed to win without the popular vote... That in no way sounds like how a dictator comes into power. No not at all. They also somehow fail to mention the DPRK has attempted to negotiate countless times. Surely that was an accident.

Journalists, CBS News quickly found out, are less welcome. Just 10 minutes after Tracy and his team arrived on a street lined with North Korean businesses in Dandong, they we were stopped by Chinese police.

No! Say it is not so! Not the western journalists! Jesus.... It is almost as if a sovereign nation would not like a western imperialist news source filming their private transactions.

The police deleted CBS News' video of goods being sent to the North, so Tracy's team used an iPhone to shoot video from a building nearby, from which we could see what appeared to be construction materials and heavy machinery heading toward the bridge over the Yalu.

That is quite literally illegal. Now imagine this exact same situation but it is a transaction between the U$ and Japan. The CBS team was literally spying on a sovereign nation and acting as though they are the Victims. They should be jailed or at least banned from nation.

But as Tracy reports, China refuses to cut North Korea off at the knees, because it fears if the Kim regime collapses, refugees from the North will stream across the border into China. Worse yet, China worries it would see the U.S. military just across the Yalu River.

I love that projection from all Knowledgeable Tracy. I highly doubt China is protecting the DPRK because they are worried about having to deal with scary refugees... They are not the U$. That second point is very much true, but I wonder how the U$ would feel if China took over Mexico and was on their doorstep... I love how they also do not consider that maybe they are illegally trading with and protecting the DPRK because they do not want to see them genocided and starve? Maybe they actually care about a sovereign people that is not their own and do not seem them as just dollar signs? Nah it is obviously just for selfish refugee reasons.

God liberals make me feel like I lose brain cells every time I listen to them.

MrSkullgrinder, Reddit - r/Communism 8 Comments [11/11/2017 11:17:32 AM]
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"The U.S. military would find itself outnumbered and under-supplied if war broke out with North Korea, " This is what the former commander of the US forces in south Korea Lt Gen Jan Marc Jouas has written in a letter to the US congress .

We always knew that . The US imperialists would lose another war in Korea not because they are "outnumbered " but because of the Juche Idea and the Songun idea which gives the Korean People's Army an incredible spiritual and ideological strength that is hard for Westerners and Americans to imagine . Plus the fact that according to some ex British squaddies who have been on NATO exercises with US troops , US troops are lazy and useless.

UK Korean Friendship Association, Korean Friendship Association 4 Comments [11/12/2017 3:47:53 AM]
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I believe the bible is the inspired word of God and nothing should be added or taken away from it. Man should never twist God's word to fit his own world view because the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.

God created the Sun, Moon, and stars on the fourth day, however grass, fruit, trees, and all other vegetation were created on day three... The bible mentions God created two great lights, the greater to rule the day and the lesser to rule the night, which I believe means exactly what it says "Two" great lights, meaning the moon is giving it's own light. Man tells us the moon is a giant rock reflecting the first "great light".

We are told the sun, moon, and stars are for signs and seasons and to "give light on the earth". That means the stars were created to light the earth like it says, it also means they are considered "lesser lights" seeing as how there were only two "great lights". Man tells us stars are enormous, a lot of which are much larger than our own sun and millions of times larger than the earth light years away all with solar systems of their own. Does it make sense that God created a vast infinite universe including all stars, planets, and galaxies on day four but spent the rest of creation week focusing on the earth making plants, animals, and people? :) The stars are much smaller and much closer than modern day monkey man science would have us believe, and they've been placed above our head as God's giant celestial clock so when we "look up" we know what time it is.

There are several places in the bible that tell us one day the stars will fall to the earth, in fact Jesus himself tells us this. This is a problem for me, because it really paints us into a corner and we only have so many options to believe. Either A: Jesus did not know what stars were, which I don't believe because he is God and most definitely knows what stars are. Or B: Jesus knew what stars were, he even said the word that meant stars, but really he meant asteroids/comets/and meteors. I don't believe this either, because Jesus himself is the truth and would not lie to his disciples or deceive them in any way saying one thing but meaning something else. Or C: Jesus knew exactly what the stars were and meant that near the end of days stars would literally begin to fall out of their place in the firmament above to the earth below. Here again if we listen to man, it would be like a trillions of flaming beach balls hitting a single grain of sand. The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.

In Joshua 10 12-14 and Isaiah 38 7-8 we see something. The Lord stops the sun from going down a full day in Joshua, and makes the sundial go backwards 10 degrees in Isaiah. Both of these instances would mean the globe earth stopped it's rotation completely and in Isaiah's case rotated backwards in order for the sun to do this in the sky. The truth is the earth is flat and stationary and the much smaller and closer sun circling over head stopped, and in Isaiah's case went backwards.

How bout the tower of Babel? If the world was a spinning globe why didn't God just let them build it? They couldn't have survived outer-space. Why was Nimrod trying to build it for that matter, wouldn't the enemy at least know it was a globe? Wouldn't the tower eventually have been destroyed when reaching the point where the 1038mph atmosphere that's spinning with the earth meets the non rotating vacuum of space? Aren't the temperatures up there pretty inhospitable as well? Seems to me if things are like we are told in science the problem would have solved itself but instead God had to intervene. The truth is they were trying reach the firmament, and God knew what they were trying to do and he stopped them.

Once you realize the truth you'll read the entire bible with new eyes. Many atheist have been saved do to finding out the truth that we are in-deed created, praise God! Even though the flat earth is unconventional, God can use anything to bring lost sheep into the fold and will. If you really look into it, you will see what Satan has done, and what our father is doing :)

ThePottersClay, Youtube 4 Comments [11/12/2017 3:55:22 AM]
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Quote# 134097

In Buddhism the only being that makes any sense is Mara. He is the god of desire and fulfilments of material existence. Buddha just states have no desire's so that the energy of the elements that forms you will dissipate so when you die the psychic aspects of the elements will fizzle out on the astral and you will cease to exist as its desire that holds them together and gives them meaning. As Buddhism preaches you have no soul, no Atman. Thus you don't actually exist as a soul consciousness. What you perceive as yourself is illusion. Your just a recycling of five elements nothing else. When you realize this deeply its suppose to cause a psychic wave that releases the power of the elements causing the dissolution of existence upon your death. This is the meaning of enlightenment in Buddhism.

Nirvana in Buddhism means literally extinction. Buddhism states EXISTANCE is suffering and that EXISTANCE has an END. That end is EXTINCTION. So if you obtain Nirvana you literally cease to exist. Lights out forever. Mara is the god of existence and life. Buddha is the god of death and annihilation. Buddhism exists to bring death, destruction, demoralization and annihilation on all life. Buddha is actually an evil character that preaches hatred for all life and the purposes of life. Buddha preached an evil doctrine that is identical to the evil doctrine the fictional Nazarene preaches on the mount. This has been noted by scholars. There is nothing spiritual about Buddhism, its annihilationist nihilism.

This is why having Buddha statues is heretical in Buddhism the form of Buddha that of Gautama is actually Mara. Because its an existing being thus the realm of Mara. MA...water....RA...fire, the two elements that generate all existence forever. The actual Buddha is literally nothing, total extinction. Theravada Buddhism is stated to be the original sect and doctrine of Buddhism. What is obvious is there is a lot of talk about Buddhism and its becoming the new trendy, trend. But no actual mention of what Buddhism is as the core of its system and meaning. Just buzz words. The Buddhist Theocrats are also purposely pushing the trendy buzz words and feel goodism. Without telling anyone what Buddhism actually is. Read on to understand why.

Its simple Buddhism states existence is suffering and suffering has an end which sums up its four noble "truths." Which sums up the whole system. Suffering is existence....what is the opposite of existence? Extinction, what does Nirvana mean in Pali: EXTINCTION. Buddhism states there is no soul nor eternal I or self. The person is a collection of only five aggravates or elemental forces of a consciousness that simply reform into each new incarnation according to what karma has ripened a restacking of the same deck. These forces are held together by a karmic glue and desire is what causes karma to continue on and solidify the aggravates together keeping one in the wheel of suffering which is existence.

The Buddhist meditation system is basically void mediation and nothing else. Its a form of introspection that allows one to trace the roots of desire and dismantle them within the psyche. So that eventually when they die. The five aggravates will dissipate and they will cease to exist and become totally extinct. This is obtainment of Nirvana which means EXTINCTION. Buddhism states the biggest illusion and desire that causes one to stay in the cycle of existence thus life. Is the belief one has a soul an eternal I that goes on. Enlightenment in Buddhism is totally accepting the ridiculous belief that there is no self and one does not exist. Ones existence as a self is maya. This belief acceptance is believed to be the switch hit that dissolves the karmic bonds totally and allows for them to reach total Extinction, Nirvana upon death.

Buddhism is a materialistic, annihilationist death cult. That preaches a strange sentimental, radical egalitarianism which is why the current Liberal West finds it so appealing. The ideology preached in the Buddhist Dhammapada is identical to the Sermon On The Mount of Christianity. Which is an enemy program. Which points to who is behind Buddhism. Who benefits from removing spiritual knowledge and replacing it with a paleo, Communistic system. Now the Buddhist system furthered laid down the following. The science of mantra and astrology was banned. And the practices of Yoga [Kundalini Yoga is Yoga] where also banned from being taught. The original eight fold path which survived in Tantra which is the esoteric knowledge of the Veda. Was replaced by the Jainist eight fold path. Which leads to nowhere spiritual. The Tantra texts uniformly agree Mantra is the number one most important tool for enlightenment which Buddhism by order removes.

Its obvious what went on here. They removed the actual spiritual knowledge needed for enlightenment which is defined in the East and West as the ascension of the serpent [Kundalini Yoga] a large part of the Magnum Opus is based on astrology which in Vedic means the science of light. And replaced it with meaningless materialistic nonsense which leaves a person trapped in the cycle of suffering and does not free them from anything. They stay in a spiritual dormant state and hope for extinction of their being from all existence. As Nirvana. With the technical or symbolic language of Buddhism its stolen from the original Vedic tradition and corrupted into the opposite meaning. They changed the wine but kept the bottle. Its well established Siddhartha never existed. He is a stolen and rewrote Sun God.

HP Mageson666, Joy of Satan 4 Comments [11/12/2017 3:57:18 AM]
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Quote# 131856

Are there any plausible hypotheses about the evolutionary psychology of pedophilia?

We know that, up to a point, youthfulness is often an attribute non-pedophiles look for in a mate. For a long-term relationship, assuming the partners do not live in an industrialized society in which having a high school education is an advantage for a mate, it makes sense to mate with someone as close to pubescence as possible, since they have more years of fertility ahead of them. This would explain the fetish behind magazines such as Barely Legal and websites that advertise models who have just turned 18 and look younger than 18.

So maybe pedophilic attractions developed because it was more adaptive to err on the side of too young rather than too old. In pubescence, fertile young women still have many characteristics of children, and therefore it might be maladaptive for a man to be strongly repelled by childlike traits.

Maybe there were situations, in caveman eras, in which someone started a sexual relationship with a prepubescent, and that relationship continued into pubescence and produced offspring. Maybe those who did this had an advantage over rivals, by being the first to form an emotional bond with the child, and to claim the child as their long-term partner. Maybe this emotional bond was promoted by their providing the child with food and other resources; thus it also served to protect the child's well-being.

Who knows what complicated social purposes pedophilia might have served? Maybe, in a variant of the super-uncles theory, pedophiles served as caregivers for young family members, since they would tend to volunteer for roles that would put them in close contact with those kids. A counter-argument would be that their engaging in child sexual abuse would cause enough harm to those children to outweigh the value of the care they provided.

Maybe in caveman days, though, the resources they provided would have meant the difference between life and death for the child, so that back then, the pedophilia was adaptive.

Landmartian, RationalWiki 14 Comments [9/20/2017 2:00:51 PM]
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Quote# 102820

Let’s face it any female over about 25 generally doesn’t stir things up inside us anywhere near as much as the sight of a a nubile, firm and young teen body does, especially when ‘gift wrapped’ in something fitting her age like a school uniform to make it even one level more ‘tantalizing’…

Alan Vaughn, human stupidity 60 Comments [8/20/2014 2:37:34 AM]
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Rectal Statistics Award

For excellence in pulling numbers out of one's ass

Quote# 133916

Homosexuals are…
- 3% of the population
- 55% of HIV carriers
- 82% of syphilis cases
- 20% of HBV cases
- 37% of anal cancer
- 78% have had an STD

Of children raised by gay parents…
- 92% are abused
- 51% have depression
- 72% are obese

Data from:
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
D. Paul Sullins, “Invisible Victims: Delayed Onset Depression among Adults with Same-Sex Parents” Depression Research and Treatment, vol. 2016, Article ID 2410392, 8 pages, 2016. doi:10.1155/2016/2410392

apostalism, Tumblr 18 Comments [11/6/2017 3:45:02 PM]
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Quote# 124245

@anonymous – you seem to miss the point of the article. If finding teenage girls was immoral, then it would not be my business to promote immorality here. However, given your lack of arguments as to why it should be wrong, then a clearer reason is presented as to why society (through feminism) holds it to be wrong – female sexual jealousy.

Secondly, if we are hardwired to find young females to be attractive, it is because the genes of those who found young nubile girls attractive (and indeed acted upon that attraction) predominate in the population. In other words, you are here today to write such crap because your ancestors fucked young girls, throughout our evolutionary history. If there was something about such sexual relationships that left teenage girls psychologically harmed and compromised in their ability to function as mothers (and bear more children) their genes would not have survived. The idea that there is something inherent in a sexual act between young girl and older man that would leave her damaged is a feminist fiction that has no basis in science or empirical study.

And don’t give this shaming canard of ‘we are not monkeys’. It is you and your feminist scum sisters who are the monkeys – unable to divorce sex and your own broodmare needs from morality and in fact reifying your most basic and primitive physical needs and desires.

theantifeminist, Anti-Feminist Theory of Men's Rights, Male Sexuality, Feminism 17 Comments [2/5/2017 1:27:32 PM]
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Submitted By: Xavier

Quote# 133980

Atimes when I hear some people say there is no witches and witchcraft,I won't say a word, I will just laugh."

Woo to the earth because lucifer is the king of the earth" witches is just a division from the kingdom of the devil.

Its a secret society so they can't be identify. They are present not even in every city but in every community all over the world.

olumite1234, Nairaland 14 Comments [11/8/2017 11:19:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133981

Most of the people here discrediting their existence are witches or wizards who want us to think they don't exist. When I served in Edo state, I had an encounter. A student in jss3 walked up to me to confide in me that some boys in ss2 and he's own class where threatening him to join their coven, he confessed he was initiated through bush meat and later that night he saw his friends call to wake him up from sleep, he flew around the village and they even travelled that night to Lagos, he told me he was scared and didn't want to be involved anymore.

I reported to the principal and even flogged the supposed "bullies" (thought it was a fairy tale). Everything changed the next night, I started experiencing chronic sleep paralysis (where something is pressing my neck on the bed) sometime I experience close to 2-3 times at night, and cats suddenly came crying at my windows and scratching at my door. They wanted to make me unstable. they didn't skip a day.

I barely slept, I was not prayerful then. It's too much to write. It later degenerated so low that NYSC Edo state had to be involved and transferred me to another village. Witchcraft is everywhere even abroad. Some people are just too spiritually passive to notice them and their activities. They exist but do not acknowledge them for you have a grater power in you, Christ's.

Unclerukus, Nairaland 20 Comments [11/8/2017 11:19:17 PM]
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Quote# 133999

Witchcraft is a feminine art and has its power from Eshu and was sanctioned, if somewhat reluctantly by Orunmila (lfa) and by Olorun. This power is generally attributed to older women but young women or even girls can sometimes be involved. Witchcraft power is a kind of immaterial substance which may be kept in a calabash hidden in a hole in the wall of a witch's house or in a hollow tree.

The power itself may be lodged in the roots of a tree or even in a young child (age 1 to 8 years). In the latter case the witchcraft power will not harm the child but on the contrary will protect the child from other witches as the child is serving one of them as a refuge. The red tailfeather of the parrot is used as a sign of witchcraft power and may be placed in the calabash or in the tree containing witchcraft power.

I have seen women vomit witchcraft out. It was like a stone or a hard ball of something. They were not killed after that. The spirit of witches after death becomes a restless and disconsolate ghost who wanders about the world in a distraught state. The power is usually passed from mother to daughter but it may also be bestowed as a gift or may be purchased. When passed from one person to the other it is often given mixed with certain foods.

It is sometimes held that a woman can not die possessing witchcraft power but must pass it on to someone before her death; in fact, she will not be able to die unless she does so. Witchcraft power is like a breeze, you can't see it but it has effect. A woman can't die possessing it-when she dies, she vomits out the invisible witchcraft and it passes to her daughter.

A person can buy witchcraft power or may, as well, inherit it from another person. This mostly depends on the interest or love the witchcraft woman has in the person that is going to possess it. But it is necessary and matter of must, to give this witchcraft power to somebody before she should die. In this case, if she could not get anybody either to buy it or to give it out as a gift to her friend outside or to have a daughter she loved that can inherit it, she has to take it to an Iroko tree that is very young.

This will become a spirit in the tree. Other witches will be coming to this tree to have their meetings. It is such trees that we native doctors carry our sacrifices to in case we have a patient that is seriously sick. Witchcraft bought with money is not given directly, it can be given through foods such as baked beans (Akara), Kola, Porridge, red Yam and many other native foods. When this is taken, the power will start to grow, until when the person will start to fly at night.

Babalawos, Nairaland 7 Comments [11/9/2017 2:19:47 PM]
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An excellent commentary the south Korean puppets are trying to smash up the socialist system of the DPRK with the help of the US imperialists , Japanese imperialists and also Russia and China.

UK Korean Friendship Association, Korean Friendship Association 4 Comments [11/12/2017 3:48:53 AM]
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