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I find it insulting to be called alt-right simply because I like what Trump is doing for this country. IMO alt-right are the KKK and extreme crazy people.

I'd like to know what it is that Trump is doing that is so objectionable? Same with Bannon?

You can bet any candidate we get that wants to clean out the lobbyists and corruption will be smeared like Roy was by our own party. Roy's only serious accuser admitted she forged the yearbook. Yes, he went out with young women 40 years ago or more...so did a lot of men. And since that time, he has been married and faithful, a good husband and father. And he would have voted for things we need. We could have found a better candidate, but Alabamians chose Moore to run against Jones. So Bannon worked with what he had. If it had been Mo Brooks, he would have worked with him too.

So please tell me, what is it that Trump is doing that our own republicans are so angry about? Same with Bannon? What in his agenda is objectionable to Establishment republicans? I don't get it?


sharaleigh23, Realabortiondebate 12 Comments [12/14/2017 6:52:10 AM]
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Then the angels started motioning for me to look more closely and they showed me the faces of these creatures and that many of these horrible beings are already shown to us on television. These beings were MONSTROUS!! I saw the Thundercats and Power Rangers and caricatures from animations and horror movies in real life. All of the creators of these movies and animations have formed a pact with the devil to produce these things for television and cinema!! All of those drawings come from that spiritual realm that I experienced. Why do you think that nowadays children are so rebellious?? It’s because those demons enter into your children as they view these shows that depict them. That’s why we need to learn to teach our kids how to discern what to watch on TV. The angel told me that this is all a reality and truth. All these demons exist and people are making pacts with the devil to bring these demons to the earth. These demons started to curse me, and the church, and the Father, and the Lord Jesus and the earth because they don’t respect God or any his creation.

Then, I saw in the flesh a goblin named Hugo, who is a popular cartoon caricature in Chile. He was horrifying to look at. He came near me and told me, “We will go to the earth and kill all the children!” Why do you think that children are killing children? It’s because some of them said that something came out of the television and told me to do this or that. These demons are planting hatred on the earth, may the Lord deliver and cleanse Chile!! One of the angels told me “Continue to look!” And the demons said, “We’ve tried to destroy the church, but we can’t because when we kill one, then thousands rise up to replace that death!” Since the beginning of the church, Satan has tried to destroy it, the church that preaches the true Gospel and does the work of God, but he can’t because the Lord Jesus protects us! Glory to God!

Then the demons said, “Let’s do something new, let’s go inside churches, because there are many in the churches that belong to us! We are going to use these people to spread gossip and division amongst the brethren in church. We will cause churches to fall by gossip and the Holy Spirit will be grieved and leave the church.” The devil goes everywhere looking to destroy those who love the justice of God. Just like in this scripture verse: 1Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.:

I didn’t want to see anymore, but the angel told me to continue to look at the events occurring. I saw the demons fleeing everywhere as a single bright shining star was coming. As this star was approaching, it was bringing much praise and worship to the Lord. This star wasn’t a star, it was millions of angels riding on white horses praising the Lord of Hosts!! They were shouting “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the One who lives from age to age! The Lord is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end and let all that has breath praise the Lord!” And then I saw a great battle and could not find the demons anymore. “Don’t fear anymore because there are more angels with us then those on the enemy’s side!”

Ricardo Cid, Christ is Coming 14 Comments [12/13/2017 10:26:59 PM]
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Quote# 46135

Fools and heretics! God is BEYOND logic. Logic is a construct of a finite mind. God can make 1+1=2. He can also make 1+1=3.
Infinity is a plaything for God. Yet you can't even comprehend it. Do not try to understand God with your pitiful logic.

jma037, CARM 79 Comments [8/29/2008 8:53:49 PM]
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Submitted By: TheSilentOne

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the universe being infinite and eternal would have to have an infinite nuber of events happen and an infinite number of matter to produce these events. lets use an analogy.
lets say i have an infinite number of marbles in my possession. using this knowledge:

Case 1. i decide to give you the whole pile of marbles. that leaves me with zero marbles and you with infinity marbles.

Case 2. i give you every even numbered marble, leaving me with infinity marbles and you with infinity marbles.

Case 3. i give you every marble labled 4 or higher. that gives you infinity and you with three marbles.

these three things sum up to three math equations:

1. infinity minus infinity equals zero
2. infinity minus infinity equals infinity
3. infinity minus infinity equals three

these things contradict themselves therefore the universe cannot be infinite.

The Man With A Plan, Myspace 56 Comments [12/13/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Adrian Burt

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Accidentalism is religion
religion without proof, not tested, observed.

Creation only by
1. Accidentalism. Limitless accidents create something from absolute nothing.
Something becomes more complex, formig universe and earth. One cell becomes man in 400 million years.
2. Creation. Rngineering. A Planner. Founders of scientific disciplines mostly Christians (Bible-believers), who noted the complexity of the world and living things. A list of top 100 would be around 99% Christians.

Is there another basic theory to explain creation other than above two?

BETTING YOUR LIFE (and family and friends) ON THE ODDS:

Carl Sagan on life creating from chance on any one planet, including earth:
1 chance in 10^2 billion zeros (that's number 1 followed by 2 billion zeros).

A law of probability states that any number that has more than 1 chance in 10^50 will NEVER happen, no matter the time, no matter the perfect conditions.

Dr. Frank Salisbury, Atomic Energy Commission, on the odds.
A. The chance of ONE DNA molecule forming by accident, assuming there is already life, and all the inhabitable 'perfect' planets: 1 in 10^415.
B. The chance of this ONE DNA molecule forming by accident if the universe is packed with earth-like planets, with no space between them : 1 in 10^377.

To get idea what these huge numbers mean:
imagine Amos the Amoeba with the job of transporting each atom in the universe from one end to the other. His rate of travel is ONE INCH per 15 billion years. And instead of just our universe, Amos has to travel the length of 600,000 trillion trillion trillion universes the size of ours. He will complete his job in 10^177 years.

I would not bet my life on these odds. I would not bet my life on a roll of the dice. Yet this is what one does when one believes in accidentalism.

Only the Bible has a perfect track record. What it records becomes reality.
It surpasses the 1 in 10^50 test, to basically infinity..

Darwin in his Origin said, "We may well assume ..." over 400 times.

I may well assume the Bible is correct, because its proofs are far more valid than accidentalism.

Not only the greatest scientists agree with Christ, but the greatest legal minds, experts on evidence:
Prof. Simon Greenleaf, whose rules of evidence are considered by many the greatest legal volume ever written.
Sir Lionel Luckhoo, Guiness Book's 'most successful attorney' with 245 consecutive major wins.
Both set out to disprove Christianity. Both became Christians after.
Lord Darling, fmr. Chief Justice of England : "Overwheliming evidence ... that the resurrection story is true ..."

One cell would not become a bug in one hundred billion years.

seductrix , IMDB.com 46 Comments [7/12/2007 9:38:14 PM]
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Its very easy to explain to an unbeliever theres a G-d. Sit down with them, give them as much paper as they want, and a calculator. List every item in the universe (the obvious ones) and then have them guess what are the odd's of that happening. When you're done calculating the odd's its so close to zero that we could exist the difference is the same as infinity squared and infinity cubed when compared to each other.

Trailltrader, christianforums 67 Comments [7/9/2013 3:02:01 AM]
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Quote# 100361

(Figures that he's a presuppositionalist, seeing how van Til, the one who founded the idea, was also a Calvinist.)

Some Christians attempt to defend the faith with scientific arguments, such as those based on physics, biology, and archaeology. Along with the unbelievers they assume the reliability of science and attempt to "do science" better than the unbelievers can. If what I am saying is correct – that is, if what Paul is saying is correct – then of course we are able to do science better than the unbelievers, since Christians possess presuppositions that correspond to reality, that tell us the truth about God and his creation.

That said, the scientific method itself precludes the knowledge of truth, so that even with the correct presuppositions, science is totally unable to discover or describe the nature of reality. As Ronald W. Clark writes, "Contemplation of first principles progressively occupied Einstein's attention," and in such a context, he quotes Einstein as saying, "We know nothing about it at all. All our knowledge is but the knowledge of schoolchildren....the real nature of things, that we shall never know, never." Of course, he could speak only for science and not revelation.

Karl Popper, who has produced a number of works on the philosophy of science, writes as follows:

Although in science we do our best to find the truth, we are conscious of the fact that we can never be sure whether we have got it....In science there is no "knowledge," in the sense in which Plato and Aristotle understood the word, in the sense which implies finality; in science, we never have sufficient reason for the belief that we have attained the truth....Einstein declared that his theory was false – he said that it would be a better approximation to the truth than Newton's, but he gave reasons why he would not, even if all predictions came out right, regard it as a true theory.

Scientists conduct multiple experiments to test a hypothesis. If observation is reliable, then why do they need more than one experiment? If observation is less than reliable, then how many experiments are enough? Who decides? [...]

The probability of drawing the correct curve (about experiments determining the exact boiling point of water, taking into account minutely different observations) is one over infinity, which equals zero. Therefore, there is a zero probability that any scientific law can be true. This means that it is impossible for science to ever accurately describe anything about reality. Thus Popper writes, "It can even be shown that all theories, including the best, have the same probability, namely zero." [...]

Scientists, of course, attempt to get around [affirming the consequent] by having "controlled" experiments, but they are faced again with an infinite number of things that may affect each experiment. How do they know what variables must be controlled? By other experiments that affirm the consequent, or by observation, which we have shown to be unreliable?

Bertrand Russell was a celebrated mathematician, logician, philosopher, and wrote much against the Christian religion. So he was not attempting to endorse Christianity when he wrote:

All inductive arguments in the last resort reduce themselves to the following form: "If this is true, that is true: now that is true, therefore this is true." This argument is, of course, formally fallacious. Suppose I were to say: "If bread is a stone and stones are nourishing, then this bread will nourish me; now this bread does nourish me; therefore it is a stone, and stones are nourishing." If I were to advance such an argument, I should certainly be thought foolish, yet it would not be fundamentally different from the argument upon which all scientific laws are based.

Yet many who speak this way refuse to draw the logical conclusion that all science is irrational and without justification.

Most people feel compelled to respect science because of the practical success that it appears to achieve; however, we have noted that affirming the consequent may yield results but not truths. Remember what Popper said about Einstein: "He would not, even if all predictions came out right, regard it as a true theory." The typical college student would disagree, but the typical college student is not Einstein. Accordingly, although science sometimes achieve practical ends, it has no authority to make pronouncements concerning the nature of reality. If the scientist does not know his place, an informed believer should not hesitate to put him back in his place. Theology is the ruling intellectual discipline, not science.

Vincent Cheung, Presuppositional Confrontations (.pdf) 37 Comments [4/4/2014 3:37:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Skyknight

Quote# 135159

Disgraced cunt lackey Peter Strzok's physiognomy is classic male shitlib: watery Bambi eyes, pencil neck, fivehead, perpetual smugface.

In Trumperica, I want to see physiognomy elevated to a legitimate employment criterion.

Heartiste, Gab 5 Comments [12/13/2017 10:16:38 PM]
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Quote# 135161

There is not a lot of explanation here. What is meant by the gay couples not having the same benefit? Anyway the ethical principal of not treating anyone differently seems sound when one imagines it in some contexts, but is absurd when one extends it to a general principle without restriction of context:

For example, let us say some innocent person is shot, the people in the ambulance rush to them and take them to the hospital...but they don't treat people who were not shot the same way...they ignore them if they are not in the way, and they expect them to move out of the way if they are. All of this is perfectly reasonable ethical behavior...but certainly the people are being treated grossly differently.

Now one might object to my analysis and say I am applying the principle of fairness in the wrong way. Rather the principle really is that the ambulance should rush to those who were shot independent of who that person might be, being that the people themselves are of equal importance to be tended whenever there is dire need of such tending.

But then some people will not ever need an ambulance and some people will need it more than once. So the principle of having ambulances will serve some more than others. Suppose there is somebody who is invulnerable and healthy by nature. They will never get to ride in the ambulance unless the policy is changed. They are necessarily treated differently. And yet on account of this, the ambulance crew can't be said to be unfair or unreasonable. For the purpose of an ambulance is to take care of people that need emergency care.

When things have a purpose, like ambulances and marriage for that matter, then it does not become necessarily unfair to treat people differently in regard to their relationship with that purpose.

The purpose of marriage as a social and biological structure has been to promote healthy reproduction. This does not mean that a particular couple who are not fertile should not be allowed to marry. The fact that they are not fertile is really nobody else's business. But it does mean a man should not marry his sister. That structure or tradition is bad for healthy reproduction. The traditional policy of recognizing marriage between any adult man and woman who do not have other mating obligations to form a bond and agreement to only mate with each other, but not allowing it if they are too closely related by family line, is a good one.

Its not perfect, but its good. Now there is more to marriage then simple reproduction--there is the bond between the adults and the affections of romantic love and more firm kinds of love that grow out of it. These bonds can be formed by homosexual couples. In this respect homosexual partnerships resemble marriage of infertile couples. But there is on this account no good reason have to call these couples marriage and to have society forced to drop the distinction and to have policies toward such unions identical to the policies toward marriages.

AndyTheBear, Free Republic 7 Comments [12/13/2017 10:26:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135112

The bible provides absolutely NO EVIDENCE of the possibility of biblical and godly repentance occurring in hell.

The hypothesis mentioned in 16:00 - 17:48 is just that. An hypothesis! It is in no way, shape, or form an assertion that repentance in hell is possible. Only the elect can receive the power to repent and THAT occurs prior to death.

VekL , Youtube 4 Comments [12/14/2017 6:05:42 AM]
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Quote# 135143

if ya’ll want another reason to ban selena gomez or are still convinced girly’s gonna have her redemption arc, homegirl made a video supporting keaton jones, the kid who said the n word and got his ass beat for it and then made an anti bullying video to get ppl to feel sorry for him. on top of that, his mom said blm should shut up unless they’re bleeding and they’ve been given like 54k for all this bullshit.

pocmusings, Tumblr 2 Comments [12/14/2017 6:11:38 AM]
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Quote# 135165

?????? ???? ?? ?????????? ???? ?????? ?????????????? ?????????? ?????? ???????? ???? ???? ??????????????????????
Why am I loyal to the Fascist cause?
Is it because I want to be an edgy pretentious "Nazi" thug?
Or maybe it is because I want to watch the world burn?
Or even because I just purely hate people who are different based on their Race?
All these above are wrong, this is the type of shite the Mainstream Media leads only the ignorant to believe.
Go do some proper research and formerly conclude to your own opinions, people nowadays think that their teachers, the Media and their Friends are always correct and right, but you're wrong!
Only you should form your own opinion, no one else decides for you, that's what makes it your opinion!
You more than likely have time, go do some research (from real sources) and enlighten yourself, it's only gain from there at that point.
Question your own beliefs! Be curious! Go learn about something, even if you think the political cause is bad or evil because you could be surprised, go in with an opened-mind!

I am a Neo-Fascist & a White-Separatist because I love my country, I love my European heritage, I love my culture, I love its uniqueness and also because I believe solely in realpolitik rather than theory and morals.
I want to keep the true diversity in the sense where my country isn't mutilated and mixed into other cultures just because the internationalists say it's "good".
It's far cut from any real progress and is infactually regressive, if you want to solve cultural conflict than segregate, cultural mingling doesn't work, this is all a failed theory/experiment from the Globalists.
Two cultures don't work together unless they're relatable! (e.g Scandinavia & Central Europe)
Don't get this confused, the real issue that comes to play is that we're two different cultural peoples, it's not that we are not accepting, but that we're different.
As humans, we instinctively stick to the Tribe that we are family to and to only trust others that we're descendant with. We bring culture everywhere with us, we were born and raised within its customs, traditions (including racial tradition I've course) and in its identity.
To assimilate two different foreign cultures together would only result in outcasting the arrival tribe and only bring confliction and rebellion, as for example; if a Western lady were to go live in the Middle-East and eat pork while wearing a bikini she would surely be attacked/abused because it is disrespectful, infidelic and uncustomary.
There is no such thing as mixed cultural harmony, as one native group would either be outbred, isolated or destroyed, no matter how (in Liberal terms) "accepting" they may claim to be, human nature always wins above all theories and experiments as even for the Soviet Union they tried to resolve their cultural issues with Communalism before their collapse, so much for their egalitarian theory.

Now, if I wasn't some kind of race hating fool, then why in earth do I believe in White-Sepratism?
Simply because it is a form of extreme customary traditionalism and because of reasons already explained previously in this manifesto.
I believe it is important to maintain the full racial identity of the Nation because it avoids cultural conflict and because it is putting the Native people of that country first.
In my realistic outlook to life and suffering, I've learnt that you need to save your own as you can't save everyone, they need to save themselves, however not because it is based on Egoism, but because in the real world it is the survival of the fittest.
If a country can't save itself and start a revolution against their corrupt governments, then let them die, I don't believe that we should risk and waste resources on trying to slow down or stop the inevitable as any International Aid spent trying to save these people is one less dime to help save my own.
Sorry to be dull, but that is just life, some people are just destined to be tested against their will in order to survive, it's the will of Nature and the God(s) alike.
The people who run the Left-Wing Parties only do it for the money, they're doomsday profiteers, that is exactly why they would say what-ever you want to hear simply because they don't care and only have a strong lust for money and control.

So, this is me politically summed up but might I add that I'm also against miscegenation as like I said, I believe in full cultural preservation which also includes Race.
I religiously believe in Ancestral links too, and are currently learning about Europe's Native religion Asatru as I stress that the Holy Traditionalist Catholic Bible doesn't push the importance of Tribalism and Ancestralism enough as I'd spiritually believe in.

That is all now, well done, if you've read the whole thing, now I encourage you to buy as many books and learn as much as you can as you could only benefit from it, don't trap yourself in your Social circle, GO LEARN!

FrostyB, SteamCommunity 9 Comments [12/14/2017 6:24:59 AM]
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Quote# 135118

It,s simple. Let armed forces to kill any muslim there. Simply that. Clean the nation and kill all of them.

Miguel Angel, Bare Naked Islam 5 Comments [12/14/2017 6:07:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135154

operation greenway is a project to create a new nation for citizens of the world or a constitution to use for the new revolution in america. We need people to get involved by reading the draft constitution and providing feedback, as well as people pledging citizenship. Like any nation, greenway needs citizens. The more people who get involved with the project, the better.

The project originally started in 2012, when I was thinking to myself how I could make all of my money growing marijuana. Marijuana is still illegal in much of the USA where I Ghost Liberty live. I thought to myself that owning my own island would work and began doing research. I could not claim that the law of the nation whose land I was occupying was null and void, the laws of the nation who really owns the island would apply and I could not grow pot. What If I were to create my own country? I did the research and settled on a massive amending of the united states constitution to be the best template for making the laws of the new nation. That is what started greenway.

As to where the land was for the nation, I couldn’t find anywhere to put the greenway. I decided on a seamount in the southern atlantic ocean near south america for a seasteading operation that would incorporate oceanic platforms, and dredged artificial island in the center to form all 12 states with 36 initial representatives which forms the symmetry of the sizes each state receives for land allocation. This component of the project is called atlantis. There are also plans to claim some of Antarctica and the moon as well as mars.

Greenway is a micronation project for an artificial island or seastead in the southern Atlantic ocean. It is based on the united states historically and is itself mostly a compilation of amendments integrated to the us constitution at this moment.

All drugs have been legalized in greenway, similar to portugual decriminalization but enabling everybody to posses personal amounts and to apply tor licenses from the state.

Greenway has a cannabis fiat dollar and a treasury fully reserved in silver and copper. The fiat currency is called a greenback which is worth fair market value of cannabis. The name greenway signifies the government being green sector in both engineering and cannabis, making greenway the greenest nation in the world.

The right to bear arms is assured in greenway. The most libertarian laws in the world exist for firearms in greenway, enabling everybody eighteen or older to bear a diversity or arms and body armor.

The peoples right to vote is expanded over america’s, with a direct alternative vote system and with explicit term limits for all positions in the constitutional government.

Greenway is based on the republic of the united states, the constitution of greenway is a heavily amended copy of the constitution of the united states.

The greenway is currently a 6th world micronation, and a cesidian cyber territory. The more people get involved, the more likely we can reach our goals. Currently, greenway has a claim on a seamount in the south atlantic ocean. We also are investigating territory on the moon and mars.

The government is in the preliminary stages of development and the project is still young. Please do email Ghost Liberty at greenway(at)420blaze(dot)it and contribute to operation greenway.

The greenway is a micronation started by ghost_liberty, originally as a goal to buy land and start a government where ghost would be able to grow all the marijuana they desired and make their living off of grass. The green in greenway comes not only from their marijuana but from their green practices and state sector renewable energy, greenway is also the second opensource government, where transparency is demanded from the government

Ghost liberty is currently vice president of greenway until 2018, where he will hand powers over to the next vpotg. He is the president pro tempore in the house of representatives and the first Greenway citizen.

The first opensource government was The Cesidian Root, a micronation by Dr Cesidio Tallini

This is an anonymous operation of my own design, to create a wonderful government we can actually depend. The ordeal requires you have a knack for focusing on hypotheticals and solving issues and preventing loopholes if you want to be in legislation.

we need citizens. I can authorize but I need enough people on-board first before continuing

convention that anybody wanting to join may become a federal person under such convention, and until the discharge of ghost_liberty from their position in the government, all people authorized by them shall remain federal people of the cyberterra 6th world stage of greenway under ghost_liberty, and therefore such citizens be eligible for a position in the government. This is open to the people of the world.

the current goal is to use opensimulator as a meeting place which is all hosted on i2p to erect the cesidian territories on the internet.
I need anybody politically savvy to please help review the constitution and try to think with whats already in there. I am continually reviewing its provisions and updating when necessary.

Anybody wanting to help, please email me at ghostliberty(at)protonmail(dot)com

submit to me your written application of citizenship and sign with a 64-char hexadecimal key you generate, which will be a seed in your identification papers which will be issued at a later time.

Also, we need to organize a bitcoin system that can manage multiple trusted holders of the money. I need people getting mail sent to them at a certain point,

I need a resource to create identification cards and passports and have them shipped to the correct people

citizens. if would you like to contribute to the greenway project by volunteering your help, please do
everybody is welcome here

Greenway is a 6th world micronation, meaning that it exists in cyberterra and therefore under the montevideo convention, is a defacto nation, though it currently has no other territory secured.

operation greenway is a project to create a new nation for citizens of the world or a constitution to use for the new revolution in america


greenway territory claims:

seastead and artificial land
lat 31° 0’55.95?S
long 35°31’37.95?W

650km^2 circular territory

?state? ‘luna’
lat 14° 3’18.05?S
long 93° 4’27.59?W

project ares
mars bio-domes
lat 85°57’8.23?S
long 101°29’28.64?E

Get people to read the greenway constitution
Suggest amendments and structural reform to the constitution
Get people involved in talking about the greenway to their friends and share
Establish an internet presence with a website and cybernation in opensimulator
Get community together to donate for seastead and artificial island creation
Set up seastead in southern Atlantic ocean and create artificial islands

Goals include:
Establishing online presence
Getting a community established
Claim territory
Establish the greenway
Have first election

What help is needed:
We need people to spread the word and the constitution
We need petitions to congress written to try and establish greenway as the new united states constitution
We need people to read the constitution and propose amendments
We need people to brainstorm with Ghost Liberty about what direction to take the project

#operationgreenway #libertarian #republic #Greenway #nation #micronation #artificialisland #seasteading #project

Ghost Liberty, operation greenway 12 Comments [12/13/2017 12:12:53 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 135106

I'm so pathetic I couldn't even make it to college.

Every day I went, I felt like crying. There was a reminder of my unending loneliness wherever I looked.
Looking back, that place scarred me for life. From all the girls treating me like subhuman garbage to all the couples holding hands in the hallways. I wish I could make them all suffer for introducing me to social isolation and depression.

Minjaze, incels.me 8 Comments [12/14/2017 6:03:07 AM]
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Quote# 135160

In the past, yes, in the past everything was better! Especially our relationship to idiocy and the dumb. Back then we could go around dumb people, mock them, imitate their damn stupid mimic and gestures and all that dumb shit, that streamed out of their mouth, quickly disassembled, after which they, as dumb as they were, had nothing else to oppose it except by dumb gasping and welled eyes that were as big as a tennis ball, as if they were about to say "Hä?!" - amazing! Yes, those were still great times, in which everyone had its place in the cognitive hierarchy.

Sadly it's different nowadays, because the dumb now are considered to be handicapped, and you can't make fun of them. OK, they are, but no other disability provokes and angers the clear mind as the moans of such a hammered man.

Original German:
Früher, ja, früher war wirklich alles besser! Insbesondere unser Verhältnis zu Dummheit und zu den Dummen. Was haben wir damals über dumme Menschen herzogen, sie ausgelacht, ihre saudume Mimik und Gestik nachgeäfft und den dummen Scheiß, der ihrem dummen Maul entströmte, ratzfatz auseinandergenommen, worauf sie, so dumm wie sie waren, dem nix anderes entgegenzusetzen hatten, als dümmliche Schnappatmung und tennisballgroß hervorgequollene Augen, als wollten sie sagen „Hä?!“ – herrlich! Ja, das waren noch schöne Zeiten, in denen jeder sein Platz in der kognitiven Hierchie zugewiesen bekam.

Leider ist es heutzutage anders, weil die Dummen als behindert gelten, und über die darf man sich nicht lustig machen. Nun ja, das sind sie auch, doch anderseits provoziert und erzürnt keine andere Behinderung den klaren Verstand als das Geseire von so einem Behämmerten.

Akif Pirinçci, Der Kleine Akif 7 Comments [12/13/2017 10:25:46 PM]
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Quote# 135122

["Now a days Santa would be called a Nazi. There would by 180 reindeer hauling the sleigh( cause there are no losers). Four of them would be black, four Hispanic, three transgendered, four gay, four lesbian, four bi-sexual and a few mentally challenged just for good measure. Of course they can't pull the sleigh because of union rules and it would cost a fortune so they would all ride in a fleet of Toyota prius's.Oh don't forget the elf boss, he'd be fired and all the elves would have safe rooms with clay and Lego blocks.No creche for Jesus ither. That would piss of all the non Christian heathens. What a mess this country has become! Pretty friggin sad. Welcome to the liberal loony politically correct USA. Enjoy."]

Jim Mackay, YouTube 7 Comments [12/14/2017 6:10:01 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 22222

If I was President of the United States, I would _____________________

* Carve out a section of northern California (approximately half of the state) and make it a gay Reservation. Current residents would be given assistance to vacate and all professed homosexuals throughout the country would be ordered to relocate. Homosexuals who refuse would be jailed.
* Have war protesters labeled. Each year, they would pay higher taxes, have wages garnished, and their ability to obtain credit, grants, etc would be affected by the label.
* Make it so that foreigners seeking citizenship would have to pass a tough english language examination. If you can't speak proper english, then you can not be an American citizen.
* Impose strict curfew laws on Iraqi citizens. Anyone violating the laws would be shot on the spot. Reason: war!
* Raise taxes on the wealthy
* Make it so that to receive assistance, welfare recipients would be required to take scholastic and technical examinations each month. Upon successfully passing the examination, the recipient would receive his/her assistance. Training for the monthly examination would be provided via volunteer tutors who recieve tax breaks for committing a number of hours per year to teach the poor in their particular field of work. After receiving credit for so many examinations, the poor could then use that credit to apply for jobs. Employers would be forced to hire a certain number of these applicants else pay a higher tax.
* Those who own two or more houses would be encouraged to take in a homeless person for 6 six months out of a year. By doing so, they receive a significant tax break.
* Capital punishment would be required by all states under a new ammendment to the constitution. Due Process would be adjusted. No more long years of waiting on death row. Invisible executions (out of the public eye) would be a thing of the past. Public executions would return. Lethal Injection would be done away with and replaced with swift public crucifixion and electrocution. I would create a channel called the Exocution Channel, so that idiots who glamor in crime can see "why" it doesn't pay.
* Child support laws would be re-adjusted. Women would have to pay taxes on child support. Men can deduct a percentage of child support payed to women who earn over $40,000.
* Blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, etc would no longer be labeled with the terminology "minority". This term was established by racist caucasian and in the last century became part of mainstream speech. However, it's context has no justification nor place in modern society, nor can it be adequately argued why particular races of people are labeled minority, while only a single race is labled majority.

Royal_Priest, CARM.org 94 Comments [3/18/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Why are scientists out to get Christians? ... why do scientists always try to disprove that the Son of God walked on the Earth. I never have heared anyone try to disprove Buddha or Mohhamed. It's like non-believers are trying to find evidence that supports their theories, when there is documentation that supports the fact that God came to Earth in human form. That documentation is the Bible.

Joseph Christie, Facebook 39 Comments [3/18/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Fili

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Moore would have won if the cucks and the Republican establishment hadn't joined forces with the Democrats to bury him. Now the cucks are crowing, cuckishly, in the belief that they have managed to turn back the nationalist, populist tide. After all, a defeat in the reddest of so-called "Red States" means that America is back to business as usual, right?

Wrong. All this new Tripartite Alliance accomplished was to alert millions of Americans that the Republicans and the Democrats are a single bi-factional ruling party whose interests are diametrically opposed to American interests. It also underlined the obvious fact that there will be no political solution to the identity politics that divide the American nation from the various other nations now striving for control of the imperial capital.

We are now one small step closer to the dissolution of the US empire. Not because Roy Moore was going to prevent, or even delay, that, but because the complete charade of representative democracy is that much more apparent to average Americans. We can safely anticipate more women, boys, and animals coming forward, decades later, in every election that the Democrats feel they have to win. The ever-forgetful media will be exultant over its restored electoral veto, unaware that there are now investigative reporters and information channels that are entirely outside its control.

Steve Bannon isn't going anywhere. Neither is the God-Emperor. And neither of them has even seriously begun to fight. And then, there is the fact that the special election is not actually over.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 13 Comments [12/14/2017 6:12:48 AM]
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The lengths that white people on this site will go through to defend a racist and his family is astonishing. Everyone keeps saying Keaton isn’t his mother, that he’s just a kid, & he’s too young to be a racist; as if older kids cant develop ideas and prejudices of their own. Y'all will infantalize big ass kids and throw their victims under the bus just to protect whiteness ????

I hold you in every bit as much contempt as I do the alt-right and anti-SJW crowd. See, I’ve long stopped expecting basic human decency from the alt-right and anti-SJW folks - but I should be able to *expect* better behaviour from you, who claims to be in opposition to those shitheads!!

Oh, I get it!! You’re an alt-right shithead pretending to be a social justice blogger in order to make social justice bloggers look like reprehensible hateful bullying assholes!! Game well played, Donald Trump ass-kisser!! Almost had me fooled here…

please go outside for once

If you truly claim to have a higher moral ground to the Donald Trump shitheads, then I would expect you to behave better than them.

sadgalsaint, Tumblr 3 Comments [12/13/2017 4:09:25 AM]
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(The editor was blocked for this rant.)

Hold your horses cowboy! You need to issue a warning first. Plus, you cannot judge me on my convictions on the lie called the "Armenian Genocide" and that they were only massacres. You don't see me vandalising articles, do you? If you ask me, you are the partial and biased one who interferes in matters concerning scholars and historians. You need to remove the ban immediately.

Dominator1453, Wikipedia 1 Comments [12/14/2017 6:07:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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The world's numerous religions are evidence for the spiritual source of our conscious human awareness.

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 15 Comments [5/19/2017 11:28:46 AM]
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Seems many are more concerned with whatever financial loss Britain will suffer in exchange for it's sovereignty from the EU.

Sad, to see so many willing to sell their nationalist birthright for a mess of collectivist pottage doled out by elitist bureaucrats.

Freedom costs much, but pays off for generations to come.

Why would any sane population shackle themselves to a polyglot of nations with diverse cultures and liabilities? To have leaders who have no understanding in the local affairs or concerns of a people dictate and prescribe regulations on how to run their lives and economy? The American colonists suffered this same long distance ruling by King George, and it became so onerous that they revolted against him.

One could make the same argument how much they lost financially and economically from cutting themselves off the most prosperous and powerful empire of the world. But history proved America not only survived but thrived. And I am confident the British people can not only recover, but are capable of also prospering without the EU's red tape and bureaucrats telling it what to do from their desks in Brussels.
And most economists are full of baloney. if they were so smart, how come they are not billionaires betting on the market trends they foresee? Krugman and Greenspan's adherence to outdated Keynesian fiscal theory that advocates spending one's way to prosperity is fatal to the health of the US economy. Mises had it right.

So easy to say that, and then you leave us bereft of any facts from you.

But here's an fact based on both experience and history---Large groups of people thrown together by government edict and not by choice creates friction and resentment. People are the happiest when on their own volition can how to run decide when to join and leave associations. People also don't like being told by others who share no common blood, bond, or language telling them from long distance how to run their lives. The EU is not a democracy. It is social planning by unelected technocrats.

Ireland is an case example of EU dissatisfaction. The people held a referendum leave the EU decades back. They voted as a majority to leave. But their own government refused to honor their vote. That is not demcracy. But go ahead, tell me that is a fantasy story without a telling moral to why people don't like to be forced into unions.
I concede my error on the Irish referendum, but still hold to my other position that supports why the the majority of Brits voted to leave the EU, as well as understanding why several other nations are considering to also follow suit.
I don't understand what the fuss is about. A so-called "Free market" that the EU totes as a hallmark should mean any nation should be able to trade with other nations freely. Instead, I get this vibe that the EU requires a cover charge and membership subscription to do so, which amounts to nothing less that a legalized gangster protection racket where Brussels and their favorite corporations get a cut of the action to profit themselves for permitting said "Free Trade" to go on.

Exit Only, NPR 19 Comments [7/1/2016 3:04:11 AM]
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[On the football players taking a knee]

The NFL has become the nation’s largest and most powerful hate group. And it is America that they hate.

Bryan Fischer, AFA 16 Comments [9/27/2017 11:54:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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