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Having a happy COLUMBUS DAY. If you think you're a descendent of interlopers, then get the fuck out. This was not a nation until Europeans created it. Before then, it was just a land mass.

lel817, Realabortiondebate 19 Comments [10/16/2017 6:27:40 AM]
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[(1/04/07 - HOUSTON) - Police and family members said a 10-year-old boy who died by hanging himself from a bunk bed was apparently mimicking the execution of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Sergio Pelico was found dead Sunday in his apartment bedroom in the Houston-area city of Webster, said Webster police Lt. Tom Claunch. Pelico's mother told police he had previously watched a news report on Saddam's death.

"It appears to be accidental," Claunch said. "Our gut reaction is that he was experimenting."]

That kid is going to Hell. If you believe what the Bible says, what the Talmud says, what the Koran says, what any major religion says you know that kid is going to fry in Hell for his actions and God will have less mercy on his despicable soul than any words on a message board could condemn his worthless act with.

Gdoane, Hannity 44 Comments [1/6/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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[In reply to a post questioning the 'inspiredness' of the bible. It can only describe this one as: 'I dont think therefore I am']

I can only attest to what the Holy Spirit told me to say to my unsaved husband. We used to argue alot. He enjoyed arguing and knew that he could get me "going". He wasn't saved then and said, "Men wrote the Bible" and suddenly I blurted out, "Yes, but they had a Ghost writer-the Holy Ghost". He was speechless and never said that again. When I thanked the Lord and said, "That was so good. Why didn't I think of that before?" The Holy Ghost responded "Because you didn't think of it this time." Then I was speechless.

not given, Christian Worldview Network 43 Comments [1/6/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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[FSTDT/CTSTDT twofer. That website is a goldmine of these.]

By the way, there is no such thing as an alien from another planet. Beings that pass themselves off as aliens are demons or even holograms. (Holographic technology does exist and it is possible that such images will be passed off by the media as UFO's or aliens. Seeing is not necessarily believing. We must walk by faith, not by sight, and test all things.) The reason so many books, television programs, and movies have alien themes (Star Trek, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars, Alien, etc.) is because the New World Order programmers are conditioning the populace to expect to see demons (which they call aliens) and to accept the idea of interacting with them. The New World Order is a satanic regime and the people serving it must be induced to expect and desire to interact with demons. If you entertain yourself via books and television programming with alien themes, you are choosing to fellowship with devils and are giving Satan the opportunity to spiritually destroy you—both now and during the Tribulation.

Gary and Lisa Ruby, LibertyToTheCaptives.com 41 Comments [3/23/2010 3:58:43 AM]
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Can we prove that evolution is false without using the Bible? Certainly we can! Evolution is a scientific theory that stands or falls on the physical evidence. In fact, one can be an atheist, a person who doesn’t believe in God, and still not believe in evolution!

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, as taught at school, is a biological explanation of how creatures have supposedly “evolved” or developed progressively through natural selection and variation (now known as mutation) over eons of time from the tiny cell to the largest creatures on earth today. What is taught in classrooms is not mere micro evolution—small changes within a species—but macro evolution, the change from one type of creature to another quite distinct life form.

What many evolutionists are trying to convince you of is that there is no need for a Creator since, as they say, evolution can substitute as the mechanism for creating and transforming life. They teach that life arose from non-life and evolved from simpler creatures to more complex life forms. In other words, the tiny cell eventually became an amoeba, then a lizard, then a monkey, and finally— you !

In order to remember key points that disprove Darwinian evolution—the “molecules to man” theory—we’ll use the acronym FALSE. (A few of these points also disprove the compromise of theistic evolution—the notion that God employed macroevolution over eons in forming the creatures we see on earth today.)

A fossil is the preserved remains of a living thing. The fossil record around the earth extends an average of one mile deep. Below this level we come up with a blank slate as far as living, complex creatures are concerned.

I collect fossils of what are deemed the earliest type of complex creatures with hard bodies—trilobites. No previous ancestors of these arthropods have been found. Similar to some marine “bugs” we see today on the seashore that disappear into the sand when the waves retreat, trilobites had hard shells, all the basic organs, and complex eyes like those of flies, with hundreds of sophisticated lenses connected to the optic nerve going to the brain. Trilobite fossils are found around the earth, and in all cases the level of rock beneath them does not reveal other creatures with similar features.

As one source states: “The dominant life form was the now-extinct sea creature known as a trilobite, up to a foot long, with a distinctive head and tail, a body made up of several parts, and a complex respiratory system. But although there are many places on earth where 5,000 feet of sedimentary rock stretch unbroken and uniformly beneath the Cambrian [layer], not a single indisputable multi-celled fossil has been found there. It is ‘the enigma of paleontological [fossil studies] enigmas,’ according to Stephen Gould. Darwin himself said he could give ‘no satisfactory answer’ to why no fossils had been discovered. Today’s scientists are none the wiser” (Francis Hitching, The Neck of the Giraffe , 1982, pp. 26-27).

Question: If, after almost two centuries of digging beneath all the world’s continents, no previous ancestor of this first hard-bodied creature has been found, how then did the ubiquitous trilobite evolve? There should be some previous ancestor if evolution were true.

It’s like finding an exquisite watch on the seashore and yet never finding any previous primitive models of the watch on earth. If you reasoned as an evolutionist, you would deny there was a need for a watchmaker at all, maintaining that time, water, sand, minerals and actions of the elements are sufficient to producing a fully functional watch that runs. This is part of the reason it takes more faith to believe in evolution than in a Creator!

Further important evidence from the fossil record is the absence of transitional forms between species. Darwin was concerned that the thousands of intermediate stages between creatures needed to prove his theory were not in evidence, but he expected they would eventually be found. Yet those thousands of missing transitional forms are still missing!

Another reference explains: “If throughout past ages life was actually drifting over in one continual stream from one form to another, it is to be expected that as many samples of the intermediate stages between species should be discovered in fossil condition as of the species themselves … All should be in a state of flux. But these missing links are wanting. There are no fossils of creatures whose scales were changing into feathers or whose feet were changing into wings, no fossils of fish getting legs or of reptiles getting hair. The real task of the geological evolutionist is not to find ‘the’ missing link, as if there were only one. The task is to find those thousands upon thousands of missing links that connect the many fossil species with one another” (Byron Nelson, After Its Kind , 1970, pp. 60-62).

The absence of transitional forms is an insurmountable hurdle for theistic evolutionists as well. It also fits with our next point.

When there is no real evidence, evolutionary scientists simply make assumptions.

If evolution were true, then where is the evidence of different types of animals now “evolving” into other types? Where is the evidence of cats, dogs and horses gradually turning into something else? We do see changes within species, but we do not see any changes into other species. And, as mentioned, we see no evidence of gradual change in the fossil record either. Yet evolutionists continue to assume that transitional forms must have existed.

In Darwin’s landmark book On the Origin of Species there are some 800 subjective clauses, with uncertainty repeatedly admitted instead of proof. Words such as “could,” “perhaps” and “possibly” plague the entire book.

Evolution is still called a theory—a possible explanation or assumption—because it is not testable according to the scientific method, as this would require thousands or millions of years. Evolutionists will counter that a theory is not a mere hypothesis but is a widely affirmed intellectual construct that generally appears to fit all the facts. Yet evolution in no way fits all the facts available. Evidence does not support it—and in many respects runs counter to it.

The law of biogenesis as taught in biology class states that only life can produce life.

You’ve probably heard the famous question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a real dilemma for an evolutionist to answer. An egg comes from a chicken, yet the chicken comes from an egg. How can there be one without the other?

To complicate matters even more, the chicken has to come from a fertilized egg that has the mixture of two different genetic strains from both its parents. So the problem of the origin of life and initial reproduction is still a mystery that evolutionary science cannot adequately answer.

Yet for someone who believes in special creation by a Creator, there is no dilemma here. First God made the male and female chickens, which produced the first fertilized egg—and the rest is history.

When one living thing needs another different living thing to survive, it’s called a symbiotic relationship.

A good example of this is the relationship between bees and flowers. The bees need the nectar from some types of flowers to feed while these flowers need bees to pollinate them. Both depend on each other to exist and survive. The question for evolutionists is: How did these plants exist without the bees, and how did the bees exist without these plants?

Again, atheistic scientists are stumped. Theistic evolutionists are perplexed as well. Yet if you believe in a Creator who specially created the various forms of life on earth, the answer is simple—both were created at about the same time.

All living things are exquisitely engineered or designed. Qualitatively, a bacterium is as majestically built for its purpose as a human body is for its function. Yet evolution says it’s only an illusion of design—that there is no real designer behind it. Reality is not an illusion! Living things are multi-functional, which means they do many complex things at the same time, something evolution with its step-by-step process has never been able to demonstrate.

One example of a living thing with exquisite engineering is the tree. It provides breathable oxygen for us while processing carbon dioxide, which would in high amounts in the air be toxic to us. It supplies wood, housing for birds, roots to limit erosion, fruit and seeds to eat, is biodegradable and gives shade. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “A healthy tree provides a cooling effect that is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.” How could something so complex arise from a random, undirected evolutionary process?

Again, you need more “faith” to believe in blind evolution than in an all-knowing Creator who designed the marvelous tree in the first place.

Now you have five proofs that evolution is F-A-L-S-E and that special creation is true—and we didn’t even use the Bible. Remember the acronym FALSE when you read or hear about evolution—and do take time to read our Creator’s great book of truth! It has much to say regarding origins.

Mario Seiglie, United Church of God 11 Comments [8/22/2017 10:50:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Furthermore, as America becomes increasingly polarized and white people begin feeling the full force of non-white hatred, they won't care about the alleged "violent" past of the Ku Klux Klan. The one thing they know for sure is that the Klan stands for white people. When they begin to realize that the alleged violence of the Klan of the past was in fact lawful executions of murderers, rapists, and child molesters, they will understand that it has been an anti-Christian force in this nation that has tarnished the once immensely popular and beloved Ku Klux Klan. They won't care what the agenda driven entertainment media has to say about this truly Christian and family oriented movement. They will only stop to consider...NO ONE is speaking out on behalf of my white Christian heritage and family...NO ONE but the Klan!

Rachel Pendergraft, The Official Website of The Knights Party, USA 80 Comments [1/22/2012 4:30:59 PM]
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Most people don't realize that "gang stalking" is actually spiritual and demonic more than it is organized through government/secret societies. Those who fall prey to it, are those who are vulnerable, and who are bothered by it.

The trick to stopping it is not to care, when the enemy discovers he can no longer control you through a method he stops.. but look out, because he will find another! Those with the mind of Christ will pray for those who appear to be lost or possessed, and say "father forgive them they know not what they do", etc. and will not be bothered. It's all about having the right frame of mind, through the Word of God, and being strengthened by the Spirit and through Prayer.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [10/17/2017 4:13:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 93000

If religion was not real then why would people insist on atheism? I do not want to stereotype but most athiests i have met were gays. Yet they fail to notice that when they engage in sexual activity that goes against procreation they take part in a ritual that worships baal peor. Their flag has a relative symbol of that on the belly of baphomet (where a woman bears her child) thus being against procreation. If symbolism did not have such a powerful influence, would it be ok for your children to attend a kindergarten with nazi symbols all over the walls?

There are many people in this world who go about their day everyday without acknowledging their spirituality. Alot of people in this world are comfortable with this, some have never acknowledged measurement of themselves physically, emotionally, and in this case spiritually.

I have tested god in many ways, many sinful ways, when 'coincidences' happen too often i believe it is a miracle or the work of a spiritual being (oohh weee ooohh) My head was 10cm away from being crushed by a SUV type porsche while crossing great south road i tripped over. I have never believed in luck and i believe just as there is a god there is the devil or people involved in the devils work.

Erana Monica, topix New Zealand 99 Comments [3/6/2013 6:05:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

Quote# 133095

For a couple years now, I have been trying to focus on following Christ and really get my walk right. I have been trying to keep focused on God while also being wholly aware of how warped our reality is and the direction that it is heading. Especially around the 2012-2014ish time when it seemed that the occult and Satanism was everywhere and totally in your face 24/7 with music, movies, TV, awards shows, fashion, etc.

Around that time, while also trying to be filled with the Holy Spirit, I noticed that whenever I would go out in society, there would be at least one random stranger giving this weird knowing, creepy and hate filled eyeball roll/stare type thing while passing by on the street. Different races, cultures, genders, ages, etc. It would be the exact same look and actions. It almost seemed like the same spirit or spirits were coming through all of these random people that I had never seen before.

I started to feel paranoid at first and even started to get worked up about the whole "gang stalking" thing and this and that, but I realized that it is just demons pouring out into people and trying to rob peace and joy from people filled with the Holy Spirit. Since they can't do anything directly to attack and harm us, unless God allowed it for some reason, all they can do is try to launch petty little passive aggressive attacks to make us irritated or lose peace.

Does any other Christian have this happen to them?? For me it started around the 2012 time and has continued. I really think that we are super close to prophecies being fulfilled and the Lord coming for us. This world seems totally locked and loaded, primed and ready to be handed over to the Antichrist and the demons for a short season before it is time to baptize it all with fire and start from scratch!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [10/17/2017 3:57:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 19032

[Dmby's post, followed by this edit.]

Message from Admin - All names of God are to be capitalized! This post has been corrected.

Bro. Randy, Teens-4-Christ 61 Comments [1/6/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 133061

[From "God’s Fiery Wrath Strikes Sanctuary State Of California, Leftist Wine Country Faces Ruin"]

Maybe I’m being a bit too cruel over this, and maybe I shouldn’t gloat over an entire region being consumed by what seriously seems like an act of God, but…

You know what?

I’ve long ago put aside any altruism aside from that reserved for my immediate blood family, close friends, fellow members in the Movement, and those Whites seemingly good, wholesome, and totally undeserving of punishment.

To everyone else, especially if you are [url=]devoted to the causes[/url] that would see us all die in horrible ways, I have no sympathy and no tears if you find yourself surrounded by red-hot flames.


Could it be that I overreacted while writing this article, and did I by any chance wish too much destruction on the good people of California?

Well actually…

For a state that pushes prison for pronoun misuse, I don’t think agonizing combustion is too severe a punishment.

Marcus Cicero, Occidental Dissent 16 Comments [10/16/2017 12:38:47 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 133059

Man spreads HIV to over 2 dozen partners

It is the person's responsibility to ask and make sure their partner is healthy. A person with HIV does not have the obligation to reveal their medical history to someone.

This man should not go to jail.

AHUGECAT, Bodybuilding forums 12 Comments [10/16/2017 12:37:32 PM]
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Once upon a time, cartoons were about coyotes that blew themselves up with sticks of dynamite and cats that would always be outsmarted by mice. But we live in a much different time now, and cartoons, much like virtually everything else in American society, have been infected by the cancer that is progressivism.

The Magic School Bus is a cartoon from the mid-1990s about a class of students and their teacher who go on all sorts of crazy adventures – from exploring the Milky Way to navigating through the human body – in their shape-shifting school bus. Although the show officially ended in 1997, it has been shown for educational purposes in classrooms across the country for years thereafter. Now, the popular video streaming service Netflix has launched a reboot of the series called The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and as you probably could have guessed, it is not without its fair share of liberal indoctrination.

Episode 10 of the series reboot is called “The Tales Glaciers Tell,” and if you think that an episode with a title like that is completely free from political bias or indoctrination, then you are sadly mistaken. In it, the teacher takes her class to a glacier and informs them that man’s inventions are causing pollution that is destroying the planet, and unless we do something about it, Earth will continue spiraling into a slow, miserable death. As a solution, the students in the episode are instructed to ride their bikes instead of riding in cars and to decrease the amount of electricity they use on a daily basis.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Two episodes later in episode 12, which is titled “Monster Power,” the students become terrified when they learn that they might be eaten by a pollution monster unless they use clean energy. Because everybody knows that the first thing kids want to see when they sit down for Saturday morning cartoons is a pollution monster threatening to come after a bunch of school kids unless they adopt an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

But The Magic School Bus isn’t the only kids show that is working relentlessly to brainwash young people with far left rhetoric. Earlier this year, Netflix launched a reboot of the popular 90s show Bill Nye the Science Guy called Bill Nye Saves the World. In the very first episode of the reboot, viewers are warned about the dangers of climate change, and that unless we take immediate action, cute and innocent pandas will die off. (Related: Bill Nye has been slammed by real scientists for blaming hurricanes on climate change.)

Of course, those who understand the left and the games that they play know that the messages conveyed in both The Magic School Bus reboot and the Bill Nye the Science Guy reboot are just scare tactics, but to young, unsuspecting children, the threat of manmade climate change is very scary and very real. They don’t have any experience in politics, they don’t know that there are people out there who will lie to them for political gain, and chances are they can’t even pronounce the word propaganda let alone understand what it is. (Related: Climate change science implodes as the IPCC climate models are found to be totally wrong.)

The sad truth is that the liberals know full well that young people are easy targets, and that with just a few political messages injected into TV shows and cartoons, they can create an entire generation of left leaning, tree hugging leftists. Aside from potentially boycotting programs like The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy, the only real solution to this relentless liberal indoctrination is for parents to step in and teach their children the truth. The future of our country is on the line, and it is our responsibility to make sure that our children grow up knowing the difference between fact and political fiction.

Jayson Veley, NaturalNews 29 Comments [10/15/2017 5:00:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133048

(As part of a discussion on the cause of homosexuality, and in response to another member who said, in reply to the posting of an article from a Christian publication which claimed a lesbian had been "cured" of homosexuality: "Christian publicans are first and foremost telling a Christian story. For whatever reason, Christians do not want to believe homosexuals are stuck with being who they are, would rather hold to the idea that they can be 'corrected'. Such a view does not benefit from science, which is secondary to faith for them. This pretty much disqualifies them from the start. I put in the effort only for stuff that at least shoots for objectivity.") (boldface mine)

It's more than absurd and arrogant for you to claim you know more than a former homosexual.

It's a FACT that there are thousands of former homosexuals. It's absurd for anyone to claim they are lying or can understand what they've overcome.

So, you reject the gay gene? What else would cause homosexuality other than environmental causes? Are you claiming homosexuality is hormonal?

If homosexuality was hormonal, it goes to follow there should be a hormonal cure. That's why homosexual activists are so opposed to that theory being the cause of homosexuality.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com, Realabortiondebate 11 Comments [10/16/2017 6:18:33 AM]
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Quote# 133053

Incels face harassment, discrimination, and oppression than any other minority group in the world; not just in real life, but online as well. And what does society do about it? Absolutely nothing.

People are free to mock and bully Incels however and whenever they please without facing any kind of legal ramifications. Because of this we are consistently subjected to hate crimes on a daily basis thanks to our oppressors -- and unfortunately, we have no way of fighting back against them due to them beating us in sheer numbers. Unless of course, we plan a coordinated attack against them but that's something else entirely.

It is time for society to stand up for what is right and provide Incels with legal protection for the hate crimes performed against Incels, and class us as a protected class.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 11 Comments [10/16/2017 11:03:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132937

we have 23 chromosomes, a Monkey has 24, the reason we have 23 is because 23 is the # of Judgment that God will judge all of the unsaved throughout the entire world if you are not saved. A Monkey has never talked and never walked like a true man, they can not talk and they can craw walk, on all 4 limb.. If we evolved from something that means that we would still be evolving, but we are devolving because of sin, so that is your poof, we were created perfectly, and when Adam an Eve Sinned in the Garden of Eden, than, the whole world fell into sin, including the world and the animals, plants and everything, because in the beginning everything was made perfectly in God eyes, until we sinned and God sold us to Satan and sin and we fell from the grace of God, read Romans 6:23 read Ephesians 2:8 read Galatians 5:17-23

Ralph, Y! answers 15 Comments [10/13/2017 11:33:56 AM]
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Quote# 133031

[Praying for something to fly isn't as effective as working out the principles of lift.]

How did nature manage to work out the principles of lift without science?

Huggy, AtheistForums.org 11 Comments [10/16/2017 1:55:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Stimbo

Quote# 133034

I see nothing wrong with a nation wanting to preserve its culture. I would hate to see London become another New York. We should be thankful for conservatives, including the white nationalists, as they keep the liberals from turning us into a country that would only allow free speech if they found it agreeable, try to push Christianity to the sidelines, and encourage behavior and lifestyles that were considered immoral for centuries.

Aaron Adams, nytimes 10 Comments [10/16/2017 1:56:46 AM]
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Quote# 18877

I put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Let's take a look at what evolutionists put their faith in:

1) Evolutionists put their faith in a mysterious primordial swamp that produced life from non-life.

2) Evolutionists put their faith in the fact that fish can morph into amphibians...that amphibians can morph into reptiles..that retiles can morph into mammals...that apes can morph into humans.

3) Evolutionists put their faith in thousands of common ancestors that have never been found.

4) Evolutionists put their faith in beneficial random mutations which have never proven to be random.

5) Evolutionists put their faith in natural selection, which has never even been tested.

6) Evolutionists put their faith in flawed dating techniques.

7) Evolutionists put their faith in the hopes that humans are actually apes.

8) Evolutionists put their faith in the hopes that a monkey can morph into a human simply by hopping down from tree branches and walking out into wide open spaces.

9) Evolutionists put their faith that a giant explosion could produce order.

10) Evolutionists put their faith that DNA could self-organize from randomly arising chemicals.

westernjoe, Christian Forums 109 Comments [1/3/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: David

Quote# 18876

[in a discussion on whether the speed of light is constant (fundies like to say it isn't)]

Constants seldom are ... pi changes depending upon the strength of the gravitational field involved.

MHGinTN, Free Republic 167 Comments [1/3/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Sinister Minister

Quote# 81327

Archbishop Timothy Dolan: Legalizing Gay Marriage Could Make "1984" Non-Fiction Reading

Archibishop Timothy Dolan blogged that “history, natural law, the Bible...the religions of the world, human experience, and just plan gumption tells us” marriage is between a man and a woman.

“The definition of marriage is hardwired into our human reason,” Dolan wrote. “To tamper with that definition, or to engage in some Orwellian social engineering about the nature and purpose of marriage, is perilous to all of us.”


“If big, intrusive government can re-define the most basic, accepted, revealed truth that marriage simply means one man+ one woman + (hopefully) children, in a loving family, then I’m afraid, Orwell’s works will no longer be on the fiction shelf.”

Dolan denied opposition to gay marriage is born out of hatred and discrimination -- even going so far as to say those who defend traditional marriage have been targets of harassment. He said the Church teaches against discrimination and hatred toward gays, specifying that homosexual acts, not individuals, are not in conformity “with God’s design.”

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, NY Daily News 92 Comments [5/17/2011 3:23:04 AM]
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Quote# 133043

(Mad_manlet); It took me so long to realize, but chad = god.

Chads decide who reproduces with who. Chads decide the flow of humanity Chads decide who deserves happiness and who deserves the rope. Chads decide what technological,industrial,medical,social, and spacial advancements get made. Chads decide who lives or who dies.

Next time you see a 6' + male with hooded eyes, robust nose, square jaw, full lips, full framed , small hips, and a full head of hair, realize that this is the god all religions speak of. The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient being who watches over all humans.

(justforlulzandkeks); All Chads today are descendants of the Seven Primordial Chads, progenitors of all genetically superior males, carrying superior bloodlines and the first men on earth, created by God himself to spread divinie seed and multiply the human race.

(OrangeFez2311): This is literally true. God, in almost all religions, is portrayed as a Chad: tall, muscular, thick and billowing hair, intense and predatory hunter eyes, strong jaw, large hands.

(FAloner): Yup. Chads are the rulers of the world.

Mad_manlet, OrangeFex2311, justforlulzandkeks, and FAloner, r/incels 11 Comments [10/16/2017 6:17:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133066

(Comment on article posted entitled "This College Professor Is Under Siege for Challenging Transgender Orthodoxy" http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/13/college-professor-siege-challenging-transgender-orthodoxy/ boldface mine):

See how they call transgenderism diversity instead of a mental illness. If you dare say it, you are under siege like this professor. This country has gone nuts. It is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. Telling the truth that this is not healthy for society is now considered bigoted. Telling the truth that transgenderism is loaded with problems is attacked. They don't want the truth. It's so disheartening. Telling the truth is now called "hate". I am so sick of this.


FairSharFairShar, Realabortiondebate 10 Comments [10/16/2017 1:15:09 PM]
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Quote# 18905

[Err - we use the same currency you do. We are still Americans - and being atheists doesn't make us pigs. Or liberals. Or terrorists - and certainly not Muslims.]

Then stop acting like it. Of course, you'll hold your nose and use our currency - little hypocrite. Somehow, God never troubles an atheist when money is involved.

The fact you're an atheist doesn't mean the rest of this country has to change to make you feel better about being a selfish pig. Now find the rock you were under after your previous post in December of 2002 and crawl back under it.

Hane, RonaldReagan.com 34 Comments [1/3/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 132444

Today was the first day at the uni. I went to attend some class about climate change. The room was filled with cute nerdy girls. The sight was too much for my incel d*** to handle. Their quirky personalities, the glasses they wore, their perfect bodies just triggered me.

I'm one year older than the other people at the class so I feel like an old man. The other students are all Normies so I'm the creepy incel of the class. I don't know any of them and it's too late to meet anyone since all social connections are established in the first year.

Now, I have to attend the class and tolerate being in the same room with girls I won't have sex with. All of them are taken and I'm invisible to them anyway. It won't be an easy task but I have to master up some copefidence and do it. If I'm strong I will graduate in 4 months. Then, I can LDAR at home for 6 months with the excuse that no postgraduate program accepted me.

Tbh I don't want to do any postgraduate or work later on. There is no point in wageslaving as an incel. I have no dreams and ambitions. The only thing I care about is sex. Normies have gfs or families they have to work for and care about. I have noone and I have no intention of becoming a slave without the prospect of sex. Working 8 hours a day then coming home to sleep and then go to work again.

The cycle repeats evey day and it seems like a nightmare. I have to find a way to be NEET so that I can stay home all day, avoid the s** fuel that the outside world is and happily cope. It's the best I future I can achieve. If I'm going to be a alone at least I can do it with all the pleasures I can get. Weed, porn, alcochol, games, music and of course, no work.

showerman59, r/incels 22 Comments [10/9/2017 12:37:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie
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