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First ask: http://eeveelutionsforequality.tumblr.com/post/172073700552/im-an-anti-anti-and-belive-in-ship-and-let-ship-am

Why do you keep using the term “gush”? I haven’t seen much that would really go past what only a nun could call “gushing”. Gushing is when you get me talking about one of my best friends, and I can’t finish a sentence because by the time my mouth has gotten out half the words there’s another point trying to spill out of my brain. Gushing isn’t “I saw somebody today, they were pretty hot.”

The MAP community isn’t about talking about crushes either. 99.9% of the posts have absolutely nothing to do with talking about personal feelings about people - like I said, most people are there to combat pro-cs, to talk about psychology, to share studies, to talk about CSA prevention, to give advice on talking to professionals if you need that, to give advice on building willpower and practicing mindfulness, to talk to outsiders about what anti-contact means and how they aren’t bad people, to combat the suicide baiting, and stuff like that. The MAP community isn’t “a safe space to gush”, its primary goal and function is conversation on a particularly hard topic to aid in achieving the goal of preventing the abuse of children, and that’s what it does, that’s what posts in the community are mostly about. The miniscule fraction of posts that do talk about kids exist because it’s also a support network, to get thoughts off your chest and get the support you need to get through things.

What you’re saying is that they only deserve to be able to voice those thoughts in the secluded and cruel forums of pro-cs on the deep web, rather than being able to voice them somewhere where there’s an explicit goal of protecting children and providing practical mental health support for them - which, in turn, also has the goal of protecting children.

It seems “redflaggy” because you’re misrepresenting what it is.

eeveelutionsforequality, tumblr 2 Comments [3/22/2018 11:20:46 AM]
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in august they're having a meeting to amend the constitution to take white farmland by force. the way liberals for years have said would never happen. now liberals seem to think this is going to nit destroy the economy and lead to famine and mass violence because reasons. because some black guy in SA wrote an article about how taking the land by force from the productive white minority will be a good thing.

south africa disproves every
notion of blacks being able to maintain a modern industrial society handed to them. let alone build one.

and they're already attacking whites. now they will be able to do it in uniform with official documentation. then, when the nation collapses entirely and my family and friends are all brutally murdered by black mobs, i'll get to read about how it isn't about race and what a great guy mandela was and how this is just as bad as apartheid (my people ever wanting to be kept separate from the black communist hordes that have ruined my country entirely and still want more)

Not_shadowbanned_yet, Reddit 10 Comments [3/21/2018 11:41:57 AM]
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[Comment on an article entitled 'Why the Bible allows forced sex in marriage']

What women need to realize is that a man that would only use this if it was truly necessary. I know that may sound harsh but it can be done as an act love, done any other way and the man is playing with his wife and with God and that has serious consequences.

I grew up in a small religious sect that believes strongly in male autonomy and headship. One thing that young men were taught early on is to make a woman submit and extract her obedience. The reason we were taught this was because marriages were arranged and girls would often cry from their wedding to weeks down the line, but they didn’t know that we as men weren’t always happy about it either however we were cultivated to suck it up and accept our futures.

I tried to convince her that I wanted to know her and this didn’t have to be a bad thing and I tried to be patient but she wanted nothing to do with me. I did this and it broke her and I regretted it because I thought she wouldn’t recover and would view me as a monster forever, but with the humiliation, hurt pride and hurt feelings a wall came down. I was able to raise her up, show her who I am truly and I got her to show me who she really was and then we became happy.

I’ve never had to use this throughout our marriage because I do understand that sometimes she is tired or not feeling well so I allow her to rest, but if you know your husband and he does this believe me it was probably his last resort.

Dane, Biblicalgenderroles 8 Comments [3/21/2018 11:42:01 AM]
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I say the Spaniards learn their lesson that multiculturalism/multiracialism is a poison that destroys civilizations. After all, the Reconquista and the Inquisition was to rid of the Jewish and Islamic elements from the Iberian peninsula so that Spain could become a unified nation with one set of norms. Colonizing Latin America was a mistake on their part, hence a moment of delusional greed that turned out to be a disaster. Unlike England and the Anglosphere world, which continues to march on to the multipolar drumbeat, Spain has distance themselves from the New World, and restricted 3rd world immigrants from coming in.

JS, Lion of the Blogoshpere 8 Comments [3/20/2018 10:44:25 PM]
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Parasite Pride Award

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Doesn't matter. I came to the conclusion that the best way to live your life as incel is to ldar and drain as much resources from society as possible.

If you kill yourself normies, chads and stacies win, don't let them win.

Be a pain in the arse to the society that rejects and treats you like shit. Do everything to fight against this status quo and always remind other people that you exist and inconvenience them.

grayjedi90, incels.me 13 Comments [3/21/2018 11:42:45 AM]
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But I probably would not let my hypothetical kids play with violent video games, even if I had no guns.

Nor would I.

Though, there's another way to go about that:

"For every person you shoot in that game, you have to look at a picture of a real shooting victim and watch to a real video of the victim's family, immediately before going to bed.” (This will predictably cause nightmares where the kid is the victim of violence. Good. Dreams aren’t “real” either, but they do have teaching-value.)

G2geek, Daily Kos 13 Comments [3/20/2018 9:18:08 AM]
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Lady Checkmate's headline: "Today's atheists are bullies -- and they are doing their best to intimidate the rest of us into silence"

(Cut and paste of Fox News story, link is here: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/03/20/todays-atheists-are-bullies-and-are-doing-their-best-to-intimidate-rest-us-into-silence.html

Lady Checkmate:
An atheist sock troll (who has multiple sock accounts to issue death wishes and death threats) used one of his sleeper socks to lie and attack me on a third party channel, here, note I was tagged from there , so in response, I posted this on our resolution channel, exposing the sock troll's dishonesty and sharing other background information, including the fact that the channel he used to target and harass me on has allowed the same sock troll using different socks to issue death wishes to me, there. I even provided screen shots of the death wishes sent to me and posted on Mack's channel, because as channel owner, he's responsible for ALL activity on his channel. Initially, he vehemently denied that such activity takes place on his channel, but when confronted with truth, he let loose with the attacks, LOL. Here is just bit of that exchange:
Me, again, presenting screen shots of a sock troll wishing death on me on Mack's channel:

Me, again, presenting screen shots of a sock troll wishing death on me:

Me exposing his deception and clarifying events:

Keep in mind that Mack is an elderly man and I respect my elders so I tried to reason with him, but as you may imagine, trolls don't respect reason. Well, the old feller then started an attack thread on his channel, targeting and harassing me, lol, here. Note, his claim to fame (besides written insults) was posting a picture of a man in a dress in front of a stained glass window...if there was joke there, I didn't get it because I'm all woman, but I digress):

Nevertheless, I've been chuckling at the thought of the old feller really doing his best to target and harass a lady who has done her best to show him respect...you can read our exchange at the link I provided to you to see that I did my best to respect him as an elder and share truth with him even after he was dishonest and repeatedly insulted me. STILL, (and this makes me LOL every time), I keep imagining him thinking he's coming across as this super tough guy for insulting, targeting and harassing a Christian lady online (actually assuming his Saturday Night Live memes are SUPER effective, bwahahaha) AND allowing a clinically insane sock troll to issue death wishes about me on his, Mack's channel. Well, between you and I, I keep imagining that wanna-be-tough-guy that likes to attack women online, as...

...and all I SINCERELY want to do is pray for the ol' feller. There are a million insults and memes I could post, but...nah. I sincerely hope the old guy gets right with God and finds peace. He was actually offended by the relaxed, respectful atmosphere on our resolution channel, but feels at home where women are issued death wishes, and targeted and harassed, lol. Talk about calling good evil and evil good. Somethings not right in that camp.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 19 Comments [3/20/2018 11:19:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

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If religion was not real then why would people insist on atheism? I do not want to stereotype but most athiests i have met were gays. Yet they fail to notice that when they engage in sexual activity that goes against procreation they take part in a ritual that worships baal peor. Their flag has a relative symbol of that on the belly of baphomet (where a woman bears her child) thus being against procreation. If symbolism did not have such a powerful influence, would it be ok for your children to attend a kindergarten with nazi symbols all over the walls?

There are many people in this world who go about their day everyday without acknowledging their spirituality. Alot of people in this world are comfortable with this, some have never acknowledged measurement of themselves physically, emotionally, and in this case spiritually.

I have tested god in many ways, many sinful ways, when 'coincidences' happen too often i believe it is a miracle or the work of a spiritual being (oohh weee ooohh) My head was 10cm away from being crushed by a SUV type porsche while crossing great south road i tripped over. I have never believed in luck and i believe just as there is a god there is the devil or people involved in the devils work.

Erana Monica, topix New Zealand 105 Comments [3/6/2013 6:05:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

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Welcome to Powder Mountain – a utopian club for the millennial elite

When these young entrepreneurs bought a remote ski resort in Utah, they dreamed of an exclusive, socially conscious community. Is this the future, or Mt Olympus for Generation Me?

by Paul Lewis

Jeff Rosenthal is standing near the top of his snow-covered mountain wearing a fluffy jacket, fingerless gloves and ripped jeans. “It’s surreal, man!” he says, shivering as he surveys the landscape of newly laid roads and half-built homes. “That’s Ken Howery’s house, the co-founder of PayPal. Awesome house!”

He lists the other investors who are turning this remote Utah community into a crucible of “generational ideology, innovation and entrepreneurship”. Richard Branson will have a house here, and so will the world’s most powerful marketing executive, Martin Sorrell. The Hollywood producer Stacey Sher and the actor Sophia Bush will be their neighbours, as will Miguel McKelvey, a co-founder of WeWork, and the renowned technology investor and author of The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss.

The audacious real estate project – branded Powder Mountain – is becoming a mecca for altruistically minded members of the global elite. “The goal will always remain the same,” says Elliott Bisnow, Rosenthal’s business partner: “To be a beacon of inspiration and a light in the world.”

Bisnow, Rosenthal and three friends, all entrepreneurs in their 30s, dreamed up the scheme after spending years running Summit, an exclusive gathering described by insiders as a “Davos for millennials”.

Applicants to Summit are screened and interviewed to ensure they display the correct “psychographic” (or mindset) for the events. It is pitched as an entertaining ideas festival, comparable to TED and Burning Man, featuring speakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Jane Fonda, Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos. Guests pay $3,000-$8,000 (£2,200-£5,800) for access to three-day flagship events, hosted everywhere from beaches in Tulum, Mexico, to cruise ships in the Caribbean.

Having finessed the art of persuading rich people to pay to join these getaways, the founders convinced their friends to help them buy an entire mountain in Utah, complete with 10,000 acres of some of the best ski terrain in the US.

They bristle at the idea that they’re trying to build a high-altitude utopia for plutocrats, but then casually refer to a segment of their clientele as “the billionaire set” – and don’t hesitate to mention that their mountain happens to be located between towns named Eden and Paradise.

The beautiful surroundings and unique blend of people, Rosenthal believes, will create the “exponential opportunities of the future”. “I have this whole rap with Gertrude Stein, Katharine Graham, De’ Medici, Bauhaus. There’s this rich history of groups coming together, where the whole is more than the sum of the parts, right?” he says. “I think that’s what’s happening here.”

Such hype might seem detached from reality, but it is much in vogue among the technology sector’s new generation of millionaires and billionaires, who seem keen to distance themselves from the selfish excess of their predecessors from 1980s Wall Street. They show less interest in super-yachts or sports cars; instead they speak about spiritual enrichment, connections to nature and purpose. It is against this backdrop that countless Summit-like festivals, retreats and communities have emerged in and around California, promising to help wealthy clients find a better version of themselves.

Further Future, a gathering in the Nevada desert attended by the ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, which has been described as “Burning Man for the 1%”, promises a culture of “mindful optimism, wonder and exploration”. Scott Kriens, the chairman of the technology multinational Juniper Networks, recently opened a retreat for self-improvement and introspection in a redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California, recognising that, despite its great advances, the internet “did not help people connect to themselves”. And Esalen, an institute perched on a cliff in Big Sur that has been a magnet for a bohemian set searching for spiritual enlightenment for half a century, is now directly courting guilt-laden tech executives. “The CEOs, inside they’re hurting,” the director, Ben Tauber (a former Google product manager), recently said of his clients. “They wonder if they’re doing the right thing for humanity. These are questions we can only answer behind closed doors.”

Summit prides itself on its progressive “content”, with talks about global warming, inequality, racial divisions and the war in Syria, but there is a celebrity draw, with talks such as “Jessica Alba on defying expectations” and “Andre Agassi on scaling change”.

During the February weekend I attend (a smaller retreat on the mountain, which costs around $2,000), there are only three talks, each lasting an hour; the remaining three days are spent skiing, snowshoeing, eating and drinking, relaxing in yoga or spa sessions, or partying in crowded hot tubs.

For all its intellectual bravado, a big appeal of Summit has always been recreational. Food is provided by Michelin-starred chefs, and top musicians are flown in for dance parties; the Summit crowd contains a dedicated contingent of Burning Man aficionados, known as “Burners”, who are adept at adding fuel to the festivities. (Rick Glassman, a comedian flown from LA for a 10-minute set, prompts howls of laughter when he says Summit had taught him that “everyone does mushrooms”.)


The story of how Bisnow and his friends – Rosenthal, Ryan Begelman, Jeremy Schwartz and Brett Leve – came to occupy their bubble on a mountaintop in Utah has become something of a legend. It began in 2008, when Bisnow, with the boundless confidence of a 23-year-old businessman, cold-called entrepreneurs he admired and invited them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Utah. Bisnow shouldered the cost of the 19-strong gathering on his credit card, then repeated the trick with another get-together in Mexico, racking up $75,000 in debt. Bisnow and the others quickly coalesced a sort of “mutual aid society” for young, well-connected businessmen, which in the early days included the co-founders of Twitter and Facebook and the real-estate heiress Ivanka Trump.

Soon, Bisnow and his friends were running dozens of closed-door events dedicated to creating “positive impact” – and hosting their flagship conferences on cruise voyages that sailed from Miami to the Bahamas. Those events acquired a reputation as booze cruises for white, male tech bros, so a few years ago Summit decided it was time for a rebrand. They introduced cheaper tickets for women to improve the gender ratio, and abandoned the Caribbean for a more down-to-earth location: Los Angeles. “Not Santa Barbara. Not Beverly Hills,” Rosenthal says. “But downtown LA – where you’re literally in the throes of gentrification and homelessness.”

For years the team worked remotely in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, New York, Miami and Barcelona. They would combine work with snowboarding in Montana and surfing in Nicaragua. But by late 2011, the friends were approaching 30 and starting to travel less. They were living and working out of a mansion in Malibu and, Rosenthal recalls, hosting “amazing dinners that became pretty culturally significant in LA at that time”.

t was around this time they heard from a Utah-based venture capitalist that Powder Mountain was for sale and hatched a plan to transform their considerable social capital into real estate.

The plan was enacted months later, after a gathering they hosted in Lake Tahoe. They chartered a Boeing 737 and flew about 75 of their wealthier patrons from northern California to a tiny airport in Utah’s Ogden Valley. From there, it was just a short drive to the top of Powder Mountain. They arrived in time for sunset, lit a bonfire in the snow and laid out their vision.

Each investor who helped them buy the mountain would receive a plot of land – and, assuming the plan worked, their money back at a future date. They bought the mountain for $40m in 2013, but it is only in recent months that the wooden shells of the first 26 properties have mushroomed out of the mountainside, along with roads, bridges and ski lifts.

Much to the frustration of some locals, machines have been drilling wells deep into the mountain in search of water. One day there will be 500 homes on the mountain, and a village with coffee shops, juice bars, restaurants, a sound studio and a five-star hotel.

Rosenthal takes me on a driving tour of the mountain, to explain how they plan to create a community that is different from exclusive resorts such as Aspen, Colorado. Restrictions prevent anyone from building a home larger than 4,500 sq ft, and residents must use vetted architects to ensure that their home is “subservient to the land” and in a style that has been called “heritage modernism”.

“None of the architecture should express taste or wealth,” Rosenthal says, nodding to the spot that will become a central promenade. “That is a very walkable main street – we will have soft Italian kerbs.”

I steer the conversation to the subject of how utterly detached from the real world elites seem to have become. “Elitism, the way I would define it, is obtainable,” he replies. “All that stands between you and being elite is your own investment in yourself.”

I tell Rosenthal that I’ve met many people in America who work as hard as him and his friends – harder, in fact – but struggle to make ends meet. He acknowledges that he’s benefited from considerable advantage, but insists we now live in an era in which “the internet is the great equaliser”.

“What are you doing to create the utility for yourself? Are you introducing people so they can collaborate?” he says. Struggling Americans, he adds, might want to “host a dinner. Invite 10 strangers. See what happens.”

Jeff Rosenthal , The Guardian 8 Comments [3/20/2018 9:15:16 AM]
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Quote# 38443

[This is comment #37, responding to comment #30 in the thread under the blog entry.]


I think atheism leads to killing people, in exactly the same sense in which people say "religion leads to killing people". Not always, not necessarily, but there is a clear causal link here.

My reasons are that

(a) atheism depends on, and hence leads to, Darwinism (atheists have no other explanation for the origins of biological diversity).

(b) Darwinism, as an account of the origins of man, casts doubt on our moral intuitions and thoughts (this was argued by Darwinist Michael Ruse).

(c) Anything that casts doubt on our moral intuitions and thoughts also casts doubt on the moral prohibition against killing people.

Richard Kilgore, Pharyngula 37 Comments [4/29/2008 7:34:02 AM]
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Submitted By: David D.G.

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This is what a Subhuman During Puberty Looks Like (Pic of Me, Age 12, Must Zoom in Close)

Now before you say something stupid about how I look "cute" or whatever (I am 12 years old here), zoom in and look very closely.

On my right cheek (Your left) you will see this blotch next to my side burns. That is a huge acne scab. Look closer, and you will see acne all over my chin. You will also notice my wideset eyes and the gross curly hair on the sides of my head. Also major NCT.

If you think this is bad, I will try treat you guys to a pic of me at age 15 later. Ages 13-15 were when I was most subhuman, when I felt immense humiliation, and develoed severe mental problems, as well as attempted suicide.

ItheIthe, incels.me 16 Comments [3/20/2018 9:08:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 38244

So where in the Bible did God say:"Let there be a slow evolutionary process over millions of years"?

RejectedDreams, DeviantART 69 Comments [4/28/2008 11:37:38 PM]
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Submitted By: mngamojemo

Quote# 38434

I am Christian and I go to a Christian college. So I may be biased. But I know for a fact that an artifact has been found on Mt. Sinai that SCIENTISTS HAVE proven to be Noah's Ark. The dates and details match that of the description given in the bible. Look it up. If this guy had any argument against Christianity he would know what he was saying. He obviously doesn't.

guitjoc, YouTube 64 Comments [4/29/2008 2:24:23 AM]
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Submitted By: funky fresh salad

Quote# 137295

[LifeFuel] Man beats a woman to death in public and no one tries to stop him [NSFW]

Men would kill women if it wasn't for sex.


wtf that was so random too, they were just like talking and then he fucking beats her to death.

insane normies are very strange to me, its like a switch flips in their heads.

Beating up people is low IQ.

beating up women is high IQ as fuck

seems like a bad idea in china, they already have a population imbalance of males.


Knew it'd be in China before I entered the thread. Reminds me of that video where some Chinese guy just starts kerbstomping a 4 year old for no reason.

No, that's just China. Liveleak is full of Chinese videos where they just don't give a fuck when someone was beaten, ran over or just died in some random way.

Lmao fucking sociopaths


Dis some research on this. The reason people don't want to help is to avoid being scammed, if you help someone in china they can easily blame you for hurting them and you will be forced to pay alot compensation

Killing people is wrong but she probably left him for white Chad or Chang

This. She most likely announced she was seeing Chang or something, otherwise I don't see a reason for him to flip out.

It's basically against the law to intervine in those situations. In China, you should let people lay down and die. Trying to be a good samaritan can cause you a penalty or even time in prison.

Asians are high T.

(hehe xd)
thats just overpopulated distressed chinks, avg chink is soyboy level T in the west

various commenters, incels.me 4 Comments [3/20/2018 9:05:27 AM]
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"The callousness of those who support comprehensive sex education is astounding - they are putting the interests of huge money-making organizations ahead of the well-being of the nation's children and adolescents. Planned Parenthood is dependent upon federal funding for its survival, and it is now a billion dollar industry that profits from providing abortions to those it is supposed to be serving. It is beyond time to expose the financial records and highlight the lack of effectiveness of all those leftist non-governmental organizations that claim to work 'for the children,' when their policies and programs are so detrimental to children's futures."

Janice Crouse, Concerned Women for America 43 Comments [4/29/2008 7:34:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Captain Janeway

Quote# 38293

I was watching a discussion with a few atheists recently, and it brought up something that I often fail to remember. The question was asked if the atheists believed that atheism would ever be spread across the world, if they would ever "win" all their fights. Half of them said, "No, but I think it's something worth fighting for," and the others answer something close to "With time, we might win." There was no "Yes, our cause will win."

If someone asked you, "Do you think one day, Jesus will be known across the world, will win all His fights?" how would you answer? I hope you'd answer with a plain and simple "Yes" because that's the truth. So remember, next time you think you've lost or think there is no hope in winning, those thoughts shouldn't endure for long because we're on the winning side.

Morrell, RaptureReady 42 Comments [4/29/2008 7:35:50 AM]
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Quote# 137376

This is a brilliant application of what Big Social is doing, only instead of allowing the hand-picked SJWs of the Twitter Trust and Safety Council or the Facebook-endorsed SPLC to do the restricting, the Chinese government will do it. And why not? The basic principle has been established and broadly accepted, from Twitter to the Her Majesty's Government. As Q said, "why are trips allowed?"

Imagine if the God-Emperor and his Grand Inquisitor were to launch a similar program in the United States. After all, who has proven themselves more untrustworthy than Facebook? How could the SJWs legitimately complain if Mark Zuckerberg and his executives found themselves placed under permanent restriction? This principle of "once untrustworthy, always restricted" is merely an adaptation of Facebook's own approach to banning thoughtcrime and legally controlling the public discourse, and it represents a welcome return to pre-Enlightenment philosophy on the part of a people who were always rightly dubious about it being genuine. There can be no "freedom of speech" in any non-Western, non-Christian, non-American society, because the concept doesn't even make sense in any other context.

If you wanted to keep what passed for free speech in America, then you shouldn't have permitted entry to Catholics and Jews, followed by wave after wave of various peoples whose beliefs and cultural traditions are entirely antithetical to the concept. And given those waves of immigration, you can't be surprised that it's no longer even possible to publicly state that a man is not a woman without negative legal and social and employment and financial consequences.

[Wait, Catholics aren't western and Christian now?]

The devil, of course, is in the definitions. But the devil is out. Let's not shed too many tears for the SJWs once they discover the difference between "influence" and "power", for as another Chinese leader once said, "power comes from the barrel of a gun". It does not come from control of a momentarily popular software application.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 23 Comments [3/20/2018 9:19:31 AM]
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Quote# 137309

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking died today at age 76. He once said, "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark." I wish I could have asked Mr. Hawking who he thought designed the human brain. The designers at HP, Apple, Dell, or Lenovo have developed amazing computers, but none come even close to the amazing capabilities of the human mind. Who do you think designed the human brain? The Master Designer—God Himself. I wish Stephen Hawking could have seen the simple truth that God is the Creator of the universe he loved to study and everything in it.
The Bible says, "You alone are the Lord. You have made the heavens, The heaven of heavens with all their host, The earth and all that is on it, The seas and all that is in them. You give life to all of them And the heavenly host bows down before You” (Nehemiah 9:6).

Heaven 'is a fairy story': This is what Stephen Hawking says happens when people die
"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail," he told the Guardian. "There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers;…

Franklin Graham, Facebook 14 Comments [3/20/2018 9:11:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 137356

A Michigan candidate for US Senate has proposed arming homeless people with pump-action shotguns in an effort to reduce crime.

Brian Ellison, who is running against Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow, says homeless people are “constantly victims of violent crime” and providing them with firearms would provide a deterrent.

Ellison, a Libertarian who is expected to be the party’s candidate in the November midterm election, said he had settled on pump-action shotguns for practicality purposes.

“Frankly I think the ideal weapon would be a pistol,” he told the Guardian, “but due to the licensing requirements in the state we’re going to have a hard enough time getting homeless people shotguns as it is.

“Getting them pistols is probably next to impossible. The pistols need to be registered, people have to have addresses.”

Carrying a concealed pistol is illegal without a permit, Ellison said, “whereas open-carrying a long gun is completely legal”.

“So we thought that pump-action shotguns were a suitable alternative to a pistol.”

Brian Ellison, MSN.com 25 Comments [3/20/2018 9:17:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas

Quote# 137354

This "diversity" sounds positive, but it's the expression of a profoundly totalitarian ideology that defames every critic from the welcome and tolerance culture demanded from the higher-ups as racists, xenophobes and "nazi". This is very similar to the state propaganda of the GDR, which labeled critics of the socialist system as "fascists" and "imperialist capitalists". The same can be said about the Goebbelish people dressing in National-Socialism, where democratic pattriots such as the white rose were branded as "People traitors". National and international socialists are very similar in their fight against people with different viewpoints.

Original German:
Dieses „Bunt“ klingt zunächst positiv, ist aber der Ausdruck einer zutiefst totalitären Ideologie, die jeden Kritiker der von oben verordneten absoluten Willkommens- und Toleranzkultur als üblen Rassisten, Ausländerfeind und „Nazi“ diffamiert. Dies ähnelt frappierend der diffamierenden Staats-Propaganda in der DDR, als Kritiker des sozialistischen Systems als „Faschisten“ und „imperialistische Kapitalisten“ abgestempelt wurden. Ebenso der Goebbelschen Volksdressur im National-Sozialismus, als demokatische Patrioten wie die Weiße Rose als „Volksverräter“ gebrandmarkt wurden. Nationale und internationale Sozialisten sind sich in der Bekämpfung Andersdenkender absolut ähnlich.

MICHAEL STÜRZENBERGER, PI News 4 Comments [3/20/2018 9:17:25 AM]
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Quote# 137308

We should create an incel state on the unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan

This would be the perfect spot for an incel state. Since whites won't be able to survive in this climate, it would ensure that there are no fakecels among us.

That's literally my dream.

The just be white meme has to end already

You wouldn't be saying that if you were curry.


The Jews have Israel, incels need a state too because of how much persecution we face everywhere else.

we need to be like ISIS and start a revolution to establish our caliphates around the world

This. We are being genocided by not being allowed to reproduce, gene-ocide. A real genocide unlike the Holohoax.

walahi my brothers we will find women in the desert, come, follow me.

We can kidnap sex slaves from neighboring nations.

I will sacrifice my life to fight for an Incel homeland.

We'd need a strong defense force to keep out any invading militaries, if we can do that, we'll be able to kidnap whores from all over the world and enslave them in the safety of our nation.

various commenters, incels.me 9 Comments [3/20/2018 9:10:38 AM]
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Quote# 137282

[Venting] It's over for Egyptiancels

I went to grab some coffee today and there were two Egyptians in line behind me (their accent is unmistakable). These guys were so subhuman, they were manlets with norwooding curly hair, big ugly noses, and recessed everything. I might be a notch above them because I'm 6' tall with all my hair, but they don't look much different than me and it just reminded me how subhuman I am. I've known some handsome arabs, some of the biggest slayers I've known were leventine arabs. I've even known a few normie tier Indians and a couple Chad Indians. But I've never seen an Egyptian Chad, a few high tier normies but the majority of us are ugly as fuck. We are some of the must subhuman people, probably on par with Indians.

tehgymcel420, incels.me 6 Comments [3/20/2018 7:36:52 AM]
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Quote# 38399

We're in a spiritual war. This war is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual powers of Satan and his demons (Eph. 6:12). For most Christians it's a little hard to get worked up about this war, since we don't have the threat of real bullets zinging past our heads every day. But wait, there are real bullets being aimed at us! Did you ever stop to think that the immorality and false ideas of much of today's entertainment media are the ammunition in this war?

Al Menconi, almenconi ministries 32 Comments [4/29/2008 7:43:26 AM]
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Quote# 137342

"Managed Decline"

Lady Checkmate:
Excellent clip, Mick!! Thought-provoking and spot-on. I can only understand the foolishness (of the alt-left) through the lens of the gospel and end-time prophecy.

Mick Williams:
During the Ubama years, one of the liberal magazines ran a pair of articles. It was either Times or Newsweek. This may not be verbatim, but the titles were 'There's nothing to fear from Sharia law', and 'The benefits of managed decline'.

Lady Checkmate:
Complete and utter lies, promoted by the far-left to lull the masses into a false sense of security AND (sadly) those who do not know Truth fell for it.

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 14 Comments [3/20/2018 9:16:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 133552

Polygamy was never endorsed by the Bible, the true definition of marriage is found at the end of Genesis 2 and where Jesus reiterates this in the gospels.

Martin, Premier Christianity 17 Comments [10/28/2017 11:24:40 PM]
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