Quote# 6597

Just thinking of how severely the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake [bared breast] thing has impacted our society... Men will become more sexually emboldened and aggressive. More rapes will occur... Terrorists are probably more emboldened now. They already see America as the Great Satan, exporting filth around the world. Just more ammo to want to destroy us.

billiefan2000, Christian Forums 41 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 6558

atheists sure seem to fear that ole wager of Paschal (even though it isnt an airtight logical theorem, it is still a wager and a compelling one at that! that's why there are very very few atheists in foxholes and thats why about 95% or so of people on their death beds hedge their bets in favor of theism!

timex, Christian Forums 21 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 6600

This forum is a dumping ground for the Demon-crats. The democrats have developed a disturbing phenomenon that today has gripped almost all of American society: THE FEAR OF OFFENDING BY MAKING A JUDGMENT AND FORMING AN OPINION... Most of the people here have been brainwashed into a debilitating pattern of thought and speech control. And, they call their socialism a new label, such as 'Civil Rights' or, 'Affirmative Action', or, the latest b.s. 'racial profiling'. The Left is the new thought police.

peex2, FirstCoastNews Talk Back! 10 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 6559

17 year olds have a lot more bravado when it comes to talking about death. that will change.

timex, Christian Forums 8 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 6574

Why Is Ethnic Cleansing Of Jews Acceptible? [Ariel] Sharon plans to forcibly remove all Jews from Gaza.

Warrior Monk, Christian Forums 9 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 6579

Sorry but Judea, Samaria, and Gaza have belonged to the Jews since 1967. By your own logic Arabs have zero claim on Gaza, Judea, and Samaria because 'I had it a long time ago' doesn't hold water...

Warrior Monk, Christian Forums 7 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 126084

The temptation with this book is to go full Macaulay and write a ten thousand, fifteen thousand, twenty thousand word review that tells you much more about me and how clever I am than about the book. This temptation I will try to avoid. At least a bit. If you are reading this review I expect you are familiar with its thesis: Legutko has lived in Communist Poland and in Post-Communist Poland and has written this book about the worrying similarities he sees between the two. Everyone must think the same, or else; and the false gods of the ‘Liberal Democratic’ West are not so very different from the idols of the Communist East.

“The atmosphere the systems produce is particularly conducive to engendering a certain type of mentality: that of a moralist, a commissar, and an informer rolled into one. In one sense, this person may think that he performs something particularly valuable to humanity; in another, the situation helps him to develop a sense of power otherwise unavailable to him; and in a third, he often cannot resist the temptation to indulge in a low desire to harm others with impuntiy. For this reason tracking opposition and defending orthodoxy turned out to be so attractive that more and more people fail to resist it.”

Like most of my countrymen, I am used to thinking of ‘political correctness’ as an American disease, so it is salutary and sobering to read a book such as this which is primarily concerned with the impact of the same disorder on the European Union.

The odd thing about reading this book was that as I went on I found myself growing more cheerful and optimistic. It started from the question I have learned to ask myself, whenever I write a long screed complaining about something: ‘What positive alternative is there to this bad thing I am complaining about?’ I think it makes a difference if you can propose a solution, as well as describing a problem, even if (like Dostoevsky) nobody ever remembers your solution and only applauds how elegantly you have stated the problem. So, I thought, what is the alternative to this ‘liberal democracy’ which Legutko does not like, and which I do not particularly like either?

For almost all places, at almost all times, have enforced an irksome conformity. We who lived when Communism collapsed have been lucky enough to have lived through one of those stages of rapid flux from one to another, in which for a brief period of time all the walls seem to vanish like the insubstantial fabric of a dream, and endless vistas of possibility stretch out in all directions. ‘What joy it was in that dawn to be alive...’ But the steady-state condition of human society is not like that.

Legutko never spells out clearly what sort of society he would like to see instead. Is there any time we can point back to and think, that was definitely better than this one? I think if we read any history at all we have to say, no. Was the Poland between the wars a society where hierarchical structures guided people towards high ideals while letting them speak and write freely, harmoniously combining the best features of Christendom and the Enlightenment? I don’t think so. Or is Legutko looking back nostalgically to the glory days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth? I think, though he never says so explicitly, is that something like that is what he would like: an aristocracy, a constitutional monarchy, respect for western culture, and an overarching Church that tolerate minorities magnanimously rather than being a tolerated minority itself. It would be nice to have more detail of this positive vision. He does say: “Christianity is the last great force that offers a viable alternative to the tediousness of liberal-democratic anthropology” (And I wish this were true; but atheist statist authoritarianism that puts bread on the table is still going very strong; and Islam is a force looking stronger every day).

Christianity had nigh 1500 years to work on Europe, and very rarely reached the heights of the Most Serene Republic in its best years. I am sure that the average person plucked from a field or street anywhere in Europe between the time of Constantine and the French Revolution had more to fear from speaking their mind if they disagreed with the prevailing orthodoxy than an average person you were to pluck out nowadays. So if Legutko’s preferred vision is a Distributist neo-mediaeval republic on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonealth model, I would expect, from a philosopher and political scientist, more detail about how will get there, and how we will incorporate checks and balances to avoid all the flaws we know Christendom was prone to.

It is not clear how Christianity differs in essence from Communism and ‘Liberal Democracy’, as described by Legutko: “Once a man joins an ideological group all becomes clear to him and everything falls into place; everything is either right or wrong, correct or incorrect.” Except that everything will fall into place in the way Legutko approves of. Furthermore, offering God to Man only as a means to the end of ordering society seems to me to somewhat sacriligious. It is like offering Victoria Falls as a means to make a cup of tea.

Ah, I have worked it out. This is primarily a Euroskeptic polemic, the goal of which is to fire up as many Euroskeptics as possible within a ‘broad tent’ of opposition to the nihilistic vision of European Union. As such, too much of a detailed positive vision would be counter-productive.

Where was I? Ah, why I got more cheerful the more I went along reading this book. Trying to think about where and when, if anywhere and anywhen, humanity was better off reminded me of all the other places besides Central Europe where things were much better than they were thirty years ago. There were a lot of them, and they were places where ‘Liberal Democracy’, broadly understood, was definitely on the side of the Angels. The problems Legutko talks about are problems of Western Europe and its overseas offshoots in the Americas and Australasia. All those places put together have a population less than that of China. While I yield to no man in my loathing for the unelected unrepresentative swill who tyrranise the Renegade Mainland Provinces, things are undoubtedly better than 30 years ago in China by a very great extent, and not only in material terms: people have more access to all the good things about Western culture that Legutko is keen on, there are many more people who, as Christians, are active participants in the Western culture that Legutko is keen on; and the worst excesses of ‘liberal democracy’ seem pretty harmless compared to the things that people have to put up with. In Korea, also, the growth of Christianity and liberal democracy over the past half-century have been positively rather than negatively correlated, as far as I can tell. In India, which again has about as many people as Europe and the Americas put together, people are also not only materially better off, but have much greater exposure to the good bits of Western civilisation, and the switch from ‘Third Way Socialism’ to something more like liberal democracy was a major driver of this. Indonesia has gone from dictatorship to something like liberal democracy; a peaceful and democratic transfer of power is not big news in Nigeria, which also has moved in the direction of liberal democracy with good results; ‘liberal democracy’ is still something people look at as a source of hope in places further to the periphery of Europe, like Turkey and Ukraine. In all these countries of course there are big problems, but political correctness does not rank highly among them. As I read through Legutko’s book, I thought about all these places more and more, and the declining relative importance of Europe and the Americas made me more and more cheerful about the way the world is going.

Legutko valuably points out the pernicious over-emphasis on ‘entertainment’ in the West. We are all doped up on electronic soma 24/7 so we never stop to think about the Ultimate End of Man, or the Nature of Reality, or What Constitutes the Good Life. But I guess, honestly, not too many of us ever thought about those things back when we were tilling our barley fields and occasionally seeing someone who could read in the distance.

It would be gutless of me to review this book without empirically testing its hypothesis. It is obvious from evolutionary biology that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered, as the Catholic Church teaches, and that it is almost certainly a mental rather than a physical disorder.

Chris Fellows, GoodReads 6 Comments [4/7/2017 7:23:39 AM]
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Submitted By: pyro

Quote# 126081

[Are the alt-right turning on their God-Emperor? Will he be dismissed as yet another tool of the globalist establishment? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!]

Plot twist: the REAL "4D chess" Trump was engaging in was convincing far-right nationalists to enthusiastically support what amounted to a third term for George W. Bush.

Matt Forney, Gab 27 Comments [4/6/2017 1:14:44 PM]
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Quote# 125724

[Bolding is mine; I filed this under FSTDT rather than SSTDT because even with the radical feminist ideas, it doesn't seem to hate any particular sex]

Heteronormativity made me lesbian: Femme, butch and the production of sexual embodiment projects

Queer theory argues that ruling heteronormative discourses are productive of sexualities. How then does heteronormativity produce lesbians? We theorize femme and butch as sexual embodiment projects—processual, relational responses to patriarchal heteronormativity incessantly textually threaded throughout our lives. Drawing on radical feminisms updated with Foucault and Dorothy Smith, we offer autoethnographic accounts of our sexual embodiments of butch and femme, arguing not that rape experiences, but the constant threat of rape in everyday life can produce lesbian desire and embodiment. Ultimately, we understand sexual embodiment as not based on a fixed ontological ground but always in the relational, everyday doings of people and, hence, malleable within the social context, discursive moment, and individual intersections of one’s life within relations of power (gender, race, class, religiosity, nationality, and so on).

Sara Crawley and Rebecca Willman, Sage Journals 5 Comments [4/7/2017 7:06:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Nemo

Quote# 125784

[Does Satan do a good job of remaining unnoticed while he works through atheism, satanism, scientology & doctrines of pleasure?]

yeah to your question, although not for scientology, scientology is legit... you can substitute nasa for scientology... nasa is a government agency that put the globe model in every classroom knowing that the earth is flat... nasa lies about space, moon missions and the universe making up lies about the sun, moon and stars knowing that we are in the center of the universe laid by god's hand- all this while faking movies about space, satellites and mars rovers - pocketing some 18 billion dollars per year paid by the federal government...

so then if we were a cosmic accident, we don't have to pray... we don't have to rely on god, we only have to rely on our satanic government who preaches lies about space and the fake news to tell us when the next meteor is coming to hit earth and then the next zika fake virus and fake terrorist shooter is in your town selling you fear; mind control through your television and telling us what mental inhibitor drug to take with side affects of death among others,- to feed our children with poison and shots that case exponential autism so that we would rely even more on them unable to stand up and fight against an oppressive satanic government hellbent on control of its people in every aspect... this is a strike against faith and i've had enough...

Cynthia, Y! answers 5 Comments [4/7/2017 7:09:33 AM]
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Quote# 125982

Get ready for you future white folks...
Nuclear fire & eternal slavery!

Unknown Hebrew Israelites, Up in the Valley 16 Comments [4/4/2017 7:32:04 AM]
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Quote# 2244

If God did not exist, why do we have the word in our language?

malookiemaloo, Internet Infidels 35 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 126052

[On Trump considering a harder stance against Assad due to the recent gas attack]

No one actually gives a damn about Syrian children, except that they not be permitted to reside in the West. It's unfortunate that the God-Emperor appears - appears - be falling increasingly under the sway of the Washington wormtongues whispering about being presidential in his ears.

He needs to get out of the White House and start listening to the American people again.

It's really rather remarkable how "the international situation" operates as a "hey shiny" distraction for politicians. People have been getting brutalized and slaughtered in the Middle East for 6,000 years. If humanity is really fortunate, they'll be getting brutalized and slaughtered there 6,000 years from now. To believe that it is any concern of yours, much less that you can do anything about it, is the height of folly.

And, of course, that's assuming that the whole "chemical weapons attack" isn't a false flag in the first place, which is very, very far from a safe assumption

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 22 Comments [4/5/2017 1:09:23 PM]
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Quote# 125832

Single White women want male attention, despite their protestations to the contrary. That will never change. White men therefore have leverage over the political views of single White women. Men can shun libshit women. But it will take courage and ZFG, something in short supply among White men.



The mark of a good parent has changed. Then, a good parent exposed his kids to his culture's offerings. Now, a good parent shields his kids from the influence of his own nation's culture. That speaks volumes about where America was, and where she's heading.


Heartiste, Gab 1 Comments [4/7/2017 7:11:45 AM]
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Quote# 125836

[Under "On this day in 1939, Francisco Franco physically removed the communists and anarchists from Madrid"]

A couple of days ago I read an article about two historians that have published a book with clear evidence that proves what many Spaniards like me suspected already, the Frente Popular rigged the elections with all manner of disgusting methods including death threats after demanding a recount so people from the right wouldn't be there to call them out on it. It was the right that won the elections of 1936 with a difference of 700.000 votes. The left has been twisting and lying about the truth for entire generations, smearing the right about it when they were the ones who started the war. Now we all know that Franco was a hero that stopped the coup from a horde of psychopaths and saved Spain from becoming a satellite country of the USSR, probably saving the population from suffering some sort of disaster like the Holodomor taking in consideration the important geographic position of the country.

At this point I'm extremely furious and fully convinced about my political position about this, I think Franco only did one thing wrong: he didn't kill enough vile leftist monsters, he should have killed them by the millions.

If you are red, you must end up dead.

Article: http://www.elmundo.es/cronica/2017/03/12/58c3b8bb46163f9f338b457d.html

Book: https://www.amazon.es/Fraude-violencia-elecciones-Popular-colecci%C3%B3n/dp/8467049464

LeftismLowestCommonD, Reddit - r/Physical_Removal 2 Comments [4/7/2017 7:12:10 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 126079

Malaysian parliament has passed a new law on child sex crimes, but voted not to amend the Sexual Offences against Children bill to include a ban on child marriages.

The amendment to the bill had been proposed by Kulai-Democratic Action Party (DAP) member Teo Nie Ching.

The law criminalises “grooming” – touching and befriending children as a prelude to abuse. The maximum penalty for possessing, making or distributing child pornography is 30 years in jail and six strokes of the whip, and a special court will be set up to deal with child abuse cases more quickly.

Shabudin Yahaya, a member of the Barisan Nasional coalition said that girls as young as nine are “physically and spiritually” ready for marriage.

Mr Yahaya said “They reach puberty at the age of nine or 12. And at that time, their body is already akin to them being 18 years old. So physically and spiritually, it is not a barrier for the girl to marry”.

He also said there was “nothing wrong” with rape victims marrying their rapist as they would not face a “bleak future”.

In a Facebook post on the subject, Malaysian minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan condemned Mr Yahaya’s comments.

He wrote: I just came across an article about the comments of Tasek Gelugor MP Datuk Shabudin Yahya in Parliament in respect of underage marriages and marriages between victims and rapists with utter shock and disappointment”.

He continued by stating that in accordance with Malaysian Penal Code Section 375 (g) “it is considered statutory rape for a man to have sex with a girl under 16 years of age – with or without her consent”.

Civil law sets the minimum age of marriage at 18, but those above 16 can be married with the permission of their state's chief minister.

Several opposition MPs are calling for Mr Yahaya to resign.

In light of the mounting criticism, he attempted to clarify matters and claimed that his comments were taken out of context, and said that marriage was not a “back door exit to legalise rape”.

Shabudin Yahya, The Independent 11 Comments [4/6/2017 1:14:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 126058

Street art is often banal or nonsensical, but when it hits the mark it can exert a subliminal influence on the national psyche. Branding, symbols, and slogans are airily dismissed by the convention-bound Right, which is their loss. Leftoids have had a monopoly on street art for at least half a century, and enough of it has infiltrated the public consciousness that it’d be a mistake to think their propaganda hasn’t been a factor in their endless procession of institutional takeovers.


Nice! The shitlord who made that sign really put effort into the execution. Very realistic. So good, one may wonder if it’s an official Malibu welcome sign (it’s not….City Manager Reva Feldman was quick to correct the record).

More of this, please, and faster. The Alt-Maul-Right has PLENTY of material in their rhetoric arsenal; there’s no reason a thousand points of shiv can’t pierce every shitlibopolis beating heart. Shitlord street art like this one will upset shitlibs, perhaps even cause some of them to question their faith, and most importantly, hearten and embolden Heritage America.

WE ARE THE MEME-LORDS NOW. The Left is artistically destitute, intellectually bankrupt, and exhausted with the fight. They have Soros-funded, scattered skinnyfat schlock troops putting up a token whine on their home turf, and concentrating their fire on the few public realtalkers they can occupationally and socially ostracize from their campuses and tech jobs. But underneath the bluster, they have NOTHING. Dead inside. And they know it.

The Left has had no answer to the Maul-Right’s memes and paradigm-busting gusto. They were caught completely off-guard, reduced to an amen chorus for thecunt and her tone-deaf deplorables counterattack. This is a lesson for any on the Right willing to hear it: You have the Truth, you have the Shivs, now all you need are the Balls. Big ones. Yuge. Unsheathe your throbbing zest for reconquest of your stolen nation and take it to the enemy, and when you have xir in your rhetorical sights, don’t stop triggering your juicy target with anti-equalism heresies. Make the phagggots’ ears bleed, or from their wherever. If shitlords begin moving their revolution in ideas with unstoppable momentum in all directions and at all points of contact, the Left will fucking CRUMBLE to a shattered mess faster than you would have ever guessed. That’s because the Left has never known a fight. Not a real one. Now they’re getting a taste of it, and they are scared like they’ve never been scared before. I can smell their fear.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 18 Comments [4/6/2017 12:40:09 AM]
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Quote# 126063

If by “punishment”, you mean consumers exercising their free market muscle, then yes, that’s punishment. I haven’t been to a movie since 2000, because I got sick and tired of going into a movie theater and being insulted by the movie makers. Whether it’s due to just plain bad movies or liberal moralizing, I grew frustrated by giving my money to people insult me and fundamentally disagree with me.

I went to movies to escape and be entertained, not told I’m a rube for believing in certain values that Hollywood disdains.

Hollywood has no problem alienating half its audience, and their bottom line is “punished”, to use this article’s parlance.

verbatim, Deadline Hollywood 10 Comments [4/6/2017 12:41:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 126071

If we only accept the rather obvious idea of an independent Self or Subject ...nothing is more simple than reincarnation!!!!

Sriram, Religion and Ethics 17 Comments [4/6/2017 12:42:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Nearly Sane

Quote# 126066

Hmmmm, I recommend they continue to remake old hits only this time infuse them with ideological messages and sub-themes. All leftist of course. Lecture your countrymen for their benightedness on a whole host of your causes de jour, sexual obsessions and PC bugaboos. Have your leading lights harangue their fellow citizens from the podiums of all of the self-regarding, mutual congratulation parties that seem to proliferate year after year.

But whatever you do don’t do as they did in the past, the so-called “golden era” of movies when all those hits were made, by writing creative scripts that tell a straight-forward story, if you’ll pardon the locution, pretend to a new age sermon of the mount. After all, harkening to the past certainly wouldn’t be “progressive”, would it?

Carry on!

Fed Up, Deadline Hollywood 10 Comments [4/6/2017 12:41:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 126045

While speaking last week on the Last Days radio program “Understanding the Times with Jan Markell,” former GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann linked political advocacy on the left with the rise of the Antichrist.

Bachmann said that Donald Trump’s opponents, much like the people who built the Tower of Babel, are rebelling against God to bring about “the creation of a manmade, one-world system. And scripture tells us that in the End Times, that is what Antichrist will be, he will be a part of a one-world system.”

“There are people who reject Judeo-Christian truth and instead want to insert and usurp control of all of our lives with a global, economic and political government,” she said.

Michele Bachmann, Right Wing Watch 15 Comments [4/5/2017 1:06:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126044

Last week, televangelist Jim Bakker listed several “signs of the Last Days,” which he said includes not only people blaspheming God but also those who are “blaspheming a president who wants to do good.”

Bakker said that many people want have “blasphemed” Donald Trump, who Bakker described as a righteous man who wants to “help us not bring drugs into our country,” “stop murderers and rapists” and “literally to bring America back to a place where your kids can still walk the streets around your house at night.”

Jim Bakker, Right Wing Watch 24 Comments [4/5/2017 1:06:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126048

Psychopaths share these qualities:

Believe in atheism/evolution.
Usually above average intelligence, but not always. Anyone who has the ability to comprehend the philosophical implications of atheism/evolution is capable of becoming psychopaths.
High self-esteem and narcissism: They view themselves as smarter, "the evolutionary man of the future", ahead of their time, better than others.


A psychopath is anyone who has make themselves their own standard of authority. Evolutionary theory, atheism and humanism have created fertile ground for a large crop of psychopaths to germinate, grow and come to maturity. Most of them are not really dangerous, but they have adopted their own personal version of morals and made themselves their own god. Whatever they have decided is ok to do, is ok to do! They can murder, and it doesn't bother them because after all, they kill mosquitoes and rats and cows all the time. Man is just another animal.

Psychopaths not only believe in the theory of evolution, they have understood its implications for the purpose and meaning of the existence of man. Since there is no God, then all morals are determined by the collective agreement of mankind. There really is no such thing as right or wrong, since sin is defined by a God they do not believe in. Sure society has rules, taboos etc, but they are smart enough and perceptive enough to notice that these rules are changing. Whereas adultery and homosexuality was once a capital offence, today it is openly promoted. A psychopath is someone who is lived in a time when adultery was a capital offence, but was able to look ahead to the present time when he realized adultery would be the norm and accepted without consequence. Living in a time when adulterers were stoned in the public square, they are able to look forward to the present time when TV commercial openly say, "Life is short, Live it up, Have an affair, Call us today." A psychopath is able to do things others view as wrong and it does not bother them because they believe that whatever they have personally decided is right, is right and they don't care if others have determined it is wrong.

They can murder, and it doesn't bother them because after all, they kill mosquitoes and rats and cows all the time. Man is just another animal. We are only here by random changes and have not real purpose. They have comprehended that the animals they kill suffer just as much as men. They have noticed that social animals that live in communities, like Meerkats experience depression when they kill one of the pack members. They notice that animals and man both grieve over the "death of a loved one". Since Darwin and humanists teach that man is just an "animal", if you can kill an animal, you can kill a man. If killing mosquito, rat, cow, chicken, fish, meerkat, lion or dog doesn't bother you, why would it bother you to kill a man? This is actually very rational thinking.


You would think the psychiatry industry could make a lot of money off psychopaths. In fact the psychiatry industry do not treat the various psychopathic personality disorders since they understand they cannot be fixed and are determined to be untreatable. They have also discovered that no matter what they try, nothing changes the psychopath into a "normal person". The reason the psychiatry industry cannot fix the psychopath, is because they are unwilling to do the only thing that would cure them: Attempt to convert their belief system from atheism into Christianity. Until you address the underlying "faith" of the psychopath from atheistic Darwinism, into bowing down in worship to their God and creator, Jesus Christ, there is no hope for the psychopath.


It is impossible for a psychopath to be a Christian. Indeed they are usually atheists! They view themselves as their own highest power and god!
When mentally ill people confess their sins to Jesus and repent of their sinful lives and put their faith and trust in God, they will be almost instantly cured of mental illness. Why not visit a good, Bible believing our local church in your own home town.

(no name given), The Interactive Bible 17 Comments [4/5/2017 1:07:29 PM]
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Submitted By: ScrappyB

Quote# 126065

Disney’s still has the biggest potential [to dominate the box office in 2017]. Except for BATB, they save most of their leftist crap for their TV shows. That may change, however. It was one of the first studios to load up on LGBT staff.

tlsnyder42, Deadline Hollywood 9 Comments [4/6/2017 12:41:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 51567

[On how we "survive" an Obama presidency.]

We do nothing. This country is doomed. Its over. Goodbye America. I am not downtrodden or being negative.

I mean it.

We are done.

The Rapture will happen, and the end of the earth is upon us. And yes I am being perfectly serious.

PrezLeeFun, FreeConservatives 61 Comments [11/6/2008 10:25:45 PM]
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